Forward One Address, Fail The Rest?

Jan 6, 2007

I have a dedicated server with cPanel/WHM and on it is a site with for example user name: domain

The main email user name is of course domain I'd also like to forward to the domain user account then any other emails would fail. So say if someone sent an email to it would fail unless of course I had an account setup.

Currently I can get to foward to the main account box, however in doing so it will also forward everything else.

Is this possible?

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Forward All Domains To An IP Address

Aug 16, 2008

I'm looking to set up a DNS server for parked domains that anyone can use. How do I have the DNS server accept all domain lookups and resolve them to a particular IP address?

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Can Your Hosting Address Be Seen When You Forward A Domain?

Feb 10, 2006

For example, if I forward my business domain to my domain where I have my hosting,, is it possible for people to see where my business domain is forwarding to. Basically, I am doing a business website, but I don't want anyone to be able to see that it actually is forwarding to a folder on my main where I have my hosting. I am masking it, so it will only show, but I am wondering if even the "tech saavy" has tools to figure this out. I just don't want anyone to be able to see this.

Like, I know how sites like show all kinds of stuff on the domain. Is there something like this that people can use to see if domains forward?

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NGinx Vs Apache Vs Litespeed Vs The Rest

Apr 20, 2009

According to the latest trend and technological advances, which server software should people go with from the very beginning. Which do you recommend as on today?

btw anybody has experience with all 3 (apache/nginx/litespeed) webservers?

I have -

On a common shared environment, I started off with Apache - was fine until some load started generating and it became crapache.

Then litespeed - Totally awesome, could seriously feel the difference, but its cost is something not everybody can afford.

Then nginx - Very nice, felt like litespeed only, the only difference was it got quite complex in configuring it at a later stage BUT its free'ness made me love it badly.

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Mod_cache Does Not Cache The Homepage But The Rest Is Cached

Mar 23, 2009

As many of you may know mod_cache does not cache directory index
files, this can be fixed with mod_rewrite but the index page of the domain (the homepage) seems to be impossible to cache it. The following rules cache the folders but not the homedir (this means that is cached but is not):
DirectorySlash Off
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ([^.*])
RewriteCond "%{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_URI}/index.htm" -f
RewriteRule "^(.*)$" "$1/index.htm" [NC,L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^([^.*])$
RewriteCond "%{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_URI}/index.html" -f
RewriteRule "^(.*)$" "$1/index.html" [NC,L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^([^.*])$
RewriteCond "%{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_URI}/index.php" -f
RewriteRule "^(.*)$" "$1/index.php" [NC,L]

Note that DirectorySlash should be off (or mod_dir not loaded) in
order to work also with URL that end with no slash

As I said before this will work for any folder but it does not work for public homedir
directory. So when a user visit [url] it does not
work (unless you type the name of the index file: [url]

For me it is critical to make this work in someway, the index homepage
is the main page that needs to be cached in my case (and in many

Do you know any solution for this? I found the first message about
this in the Internet in 2002 but I'm using last version of apache
httpd and still does not work.

If you have no idea about how to fix it, maybe you know some other easy alternative. Lighttpd + mod_cache + mod_deflate are not compatible: "mod_cache can be used in conjunction with other lighttpd plugins (except mod_deflate and mod_secdownload)"

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Apache :: How To Use Virtual Host IP Address In Request To Remote Address

Feb 6, 2015

My customer has an external facing Apache server that is acting as a reverse proxy to two internal applications. They have:

- external addresses for each app which resolve to different ip addresses, so and resolve to and respectively.
- the Apache server has two network interfaces with ip addresses and
- the external ip addresses resolve to the above internal addresses
- the firewall between the Apache server and the internal app servers is configured to allow traffic from to reach app_server1, and traffic from to reach app_server2, both using port 7777.

I have configured a virtual host in httpd.conf for each ip, i.e.


ProxyPass /app http://app_server1:7777/app
ProxyPassReverse /app http://app_server1:7777/app
RewriteRule ^/$ /app/app1 [R,L]



ProxyPass /app http://app_server2:7777/app
ProxyPassReverse /app http://app_server2:7777/app
RewriteRule ^/$ /app/app2 [R,L]

This works fine in that the external address are being routed to the correct application, however the firewall is blocking requests to the second app as it appears the requests are coming from the Apache servers 'primary' ip address instead of

Is it possible to send requests using the ip address from the relevant VirtualHost?

Windows server 2008
Apache 2.2

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Virtuozzo Firewall :: Is It Possible To Enter Two Different Ip Address In Source Address?

Aug 4, 2008

I am using virtuozzo firewall to secure access.

I enter for Source Address and Netmask for port 22.

But still I can connect using or

Second is it possible to enter two different ip address in source address?

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How Do I Setup A New Ip Address As My Server's Main Ip Address

Jul 26, 2007

I just bought a new ip address and want to setup this new ip as my server's main ip, making the 'existing main ip' as the secondary ip.

Which means, this new ip will be the server's default ip address for all services, including when connecting to other server.

I'm using CentOs 4.5 and swsoft's panels: HSPcomplete & Virtuozzo Power Panel, and Webmin.

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Will This HDD Fail

Jun 13, 2008

My messages log is full of such type of messages:

... smartd[2493]: Device: /dev/sda, 5 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
... smartd[2493]: Device: /dev/sda, 5 Offline uncorrectable sectors
... smartd[2493]: Device: /dev/sda, 5 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
... smartd[2493]: Device: /dev/sda, 5 Offline uncorrectable sectors

I run: smartctl --all -d ata /dev/sda2
and got this table:

1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 118 093 006 Pre-fail Always - 195271338
3 Spin_Up_Time 0x0003 094 094 000 Pre-fail Always - 0
4 Start_Stop_Count 0x0032 100 100 020 Old_age Always - 48
5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct 0x0033 100 100 036 Pre-fail Always - 0
7 Seek_Error_Rate 0x000f 084 060 030 Pre-fail Always - 259244139
9 Power_On_Hours 0x0032 090 090 000 Old_age Always - 9516
10 Spin_Retry_Count 0x0013 100 100 097 Pre-fail Always - 0
12 Power_Cycle_Count 0x0032 100 100 020 Old_age Always - 51
187 Unknown_Attribute 0x0032 087 087 000 Old_age Always - 13
189 Unknown_Attribute 0x003a 100 100 000 Old_age Always - 0
190 Unknown_Attribute 0x0022 056 044 045 Old_age Always In_the_past 740163628
194 Temperature_Celsius 0x0022 044 056 000 Old_age Always - 44 (Lifetime Min/Max 0/14)
195 Hardware_ECC_Recovered 0x001a 067 049 000 Old_age Always - 145805438
197 Current_Pending_Sector 0x0012 100 100 000 Old_age Always - 5
198 Offline_Uncorrectable 0x0010 100 100 000 Old_age Offline - 5
199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count 0x003e 200 200 000 Old_age Always - 0
200 Multi_Zone_Error_Rate 0x0000 100 253 000 Old_age Offline - 0
202 TA_Increase_Count 0x0032 100 253 000 Old_age Always - 0

Machine freezes several times a day.

I have this machine with FDCservers. They kindly replaced power supply but I'm worrying that it's not caused by power supply but HDD.

take a look at table and let me know your opinion.. Is this HDD ok or will it fail soon ?

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DNS Fail-Over

Oct 22, 2007

way to get a complete DNS Fail-Over solution for my website.

Currently I'm hosted at one Hosting Facility in NY, and I'm thinking on getting a backup location either in TX or CA but my biggest problem is visitors as even If I will get the secondary location and set the TTL to 10-20min some ISPs are caching the ip address for 24hrs, so even If I will change the IPs from the old range to the new, some ISP's around the world will still cache the old IP and the visitors will get nowhere in case the main location has an issue.

And I was wondering if thereís a way to send people to one direct IP letís say and from there to load the pages / db or mask there connection under the domain name to a different location without them noticing it so the SSL certificate wont produce error messages.

As I'm sure that Yahoo, CNN and other major websites donít use one web server for accept connections all over the world to their websites.

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FTP Fail.

Nov 19, 2007

My server getting huge number of anonymous user.

Even I had disabled anonymous login at the WHM.

When the max user reach it will make the ftp fail and restart.

It usually reach max user within a 5 to 10 minute.

How to block this?

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Redundancy DNS Fail

Oct 7, 2006

what happens when I have 2 DNS servers on my domain and 1 fails?
around 50% of the access fails... or they detect DNS timeout and try the other one, so 50% of the access would just take more time?

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CentOS Yum Fail

Apr 12, 2009

cpanel tech staff say my server


in a broken state halfway upgraded from centos 4 to centos 5. You'll need to either complete the update to centos 5 or revert to centos 4. Easyapache and some other cPanel functions require that yum be working, but "yum update" on your server currently fails due to the mix of centos 4 and 5 rpm's you have installed


i want to ask how can i fix the issue?

because i run "yum update",it fail.

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Yum Install Always Fail

Jan 27, 2008

i try to install packages using yum, but at the end yum always say nothing to do

Reading repository metadata in from local files
Parsing package install arguments
Nothing to do

OS centos 5

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Speakeasy = Fail

Aug 29, 2008

So speakeasy decided to jump on the dedicated server business, and I tried them. My recommendation: Do not sign up for a dedicated server with them - that is unless you want to wait more than a month on your server (took them 35 days) in which they will lie to you and make up excuses for why they take so long. Then once they set up your server, expect it to get piss poor bandwidth and not function properly. The customer service takes 72+ hours to respond 10% of the time. The other 90% they don't respond at all. My sales rep apologized more than 15 times to me in the 35 day period I waited on my server claiming they are "new to the managed services business." This was more than obvious - I basically handed them $600 and got a worthless piece of junk which sat idle for 30 days in return.

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Ban After X Time Fail

Dec 26, 2007

I have APF and Brute Force install on the server how can i set so if the same IP try to login ssh 5 consecutive time and it fail it will be ban.

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Liquidweb - Migraiton FAIL

Oct 8, 2009

I am only writing this post here because I used webhosting talk to research my recent purchase of a dedicated server with liquidweb.

I have been a happy liquidweb VPS customer for the last year and have grown my business with them. Last week I decided to upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server and that is where things went wrong.

Stefan in sales was nice in taking my order and had my new server setup in very little time. I got an email that everything had been migrated and they would do the cut over Friday morning.

Friday morning I awoke to phone calls from my clients saying they were not getting emails, their site was down, etc.

I do some initial research and find out that liquidweb sold me a new dedicated server with old used dirty ip addressees that were blocked by ATT / sbcglobal / pacbell. To compound this problem a week later and three ip changes all of which were blocked I am still being blocked and on their blacklist. See below for list of other problems.

I was transferred to Bret my account manager who has done nothing for me and hung up on me through web today while pleading with him to get someone to help me.

I can only talk to a support supervisor and no one will let me talk to a real manager. I went on vacation to Boston this week and have been dealing with these issues the entire time.

I feel like I have been pawned off and shuffled around from person to person and can not get my issues resolved.

And to throw salt on the wound they billed $209 for a $159 server and then charged me a seperate $10 for 2 days from last month. Stefan assured me this transfer would be done at the end of the month so there would be no additional charges. Another lie.

Below is the short list of all the issues I have had with liquid web over that last since my migration.

Mysql databases were copied over

Email forwarders were not copied over

Email was being blocked by ATT/SBC/Pacbell

SPF records were not copied over

A records were not copied over

They sold me a new server with old drity blacklisted ip addresses.

After three sets of ip addresses I am still being blocked.

I was billed for both my old VPS and my new server when stefan the sales agent told me it would be a seamless migration and I would be billed for the server starting next month.

Can never talk to the same person twice. Have talked to about 20 people total over the talk week no one will take responsibility to get my issues resolved.

Can anyone recommend a fully managed dedicated server that will handle my migration with care and take responsibility when issues arise.

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SAN - Fail Over / High Availability

Sep 24, 2009

we are currently planning to implement SAN to our enviroment - VPS hosting.

Al VPS should be placed on the SAN - iSCSI connected to be able live motion etc.

Currently we are fighting with idea of Failover/High avalability.
There has been rumors that dual controller SAN from HP/DELL are much more problematic than single controller versions.

We are also thinking about running some opensource like OpenFiler/FreeNAS/OpenSolaris or NexentaStore on supermicro boxes with SATA or single RAID controller.

But in that case - how make the iSCSI target highly available? Mirroring of the data/space is pretty easy with DRBD or ZFS but when one SAN box goes down, there should be no interruption in iSCSI targe service - no IP change etc..

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Fail: (regarding Email Accounts)

Apr 5, 2008

I know I have seen a command line you can use which will activate :fail: in all the accounts on the server simultaneously so that you don't have to do each account separately, but I can't find that command.

Does anyone here know what that command is? I'm assuming it would involve /etc/valiases/?

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Restore Data From HDD Fail

Feb 23, 2008

I have OS fail , now im install new OS on new HDD, how can i mount and get data from fail hdd ?

Here is info:

[root@server-210-245-124-170 ~]# fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sda: 250.0 GB, 250059350016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sda1 * 1 13 104391 83 Linux
/dev/sda2 14 1971 15727635 83 Linux
/dev/sda3 1972 3929 15727635 83 Linux
/dev/sda4 3930 30401 212636340 5 Extended
/dev/sda5 3930 9151 41945683+ 83 Linux
/dev/sda6 9152 13067 31455238+ 83 Linux
/dev/sda7 13068 14111 8385898+ 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/sda8 14112 14372 2096451 83 Linux
/dev/sda9 14373 30401 128752911 83 Linux

Disk /dev/sdb: 250.0 GB, 250059350016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sdb1 * 1 30401 244196001 8e Linux LVM

Disk /dev/sdc: 250.0 GB, 250059350016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/sdc1 * 1 13 104391 83 Linux
/dev/sdc2 14 30401 244091610 8e Linux LVM
[root@server-210-245-124-170 ~]#

/dev/sdc is old HDD with OS failed. I wanna mount is and all data to /oldroot folder for copy and restore data.

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Proftpd Fail On Start

Oct 6, 2007

I wanted to upgrade proftpd and dit this.

I followed an how-to on directadminforums:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/customapache/
tar xzf proftpd-1.3.1rc2.tar.gz
rm -rf proftpd-1.3.1rc2.tar.gz
cd proftpd-1.3.1rc2
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var/run --with-modules=mod_ratio:mod_readme:mod_tls
make install
perl -pi -e "s/^AuthPAM on/#AuthPAM on/g" /etc/proftpd.conf
/etc/rc.d/init.d/proftpd restart
I changed the proftpd-1.3.1rc2 version to the newest version of

When I run /etc/init.d/proftpd start, I get the following:

Starting proftpd: - mod_tls/2.1.2: compiled using OpenSSL version 'OpenSSL 0.9.7k 05 Sep 2006' headers, but linked to OpenSSL version 'OpenSSL 0.9.7a Feb 19 2003' library
- Fatal: unable to load module 'mod_tls.c': Operation not permitted

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Restart Httpd On Fail

Aug 4, 2007

I'm using this script (I think I got it off of WHT) to restart httpd whenever a file failed to download on my server.



rm -f test.file
wget -q $FILE -O test.file

if [ ! -f test.file ]
/etc/init.d/httpd restart
echo 'ALERT - HTTPD restarted on:' `date` | mail -s "Alert: HTTPD Restarted" user@domain.tld

exit $?
I have it on crontab

*/5 * * * * /bin/nfup > /dev/null 2>&1
but it didn't seem to restart httpd, I got no e-mail and our site was down for several hours.

Is there anything wrong with the script?

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Fail To Connect To Mailservers

Mar 16, 2007

I have this server with no control panel and dnsreport could not connect to mailservers on all my domains. But the server can send out emails because I'm receiving logwatch emails, etc. I'm also using dnsmadeeasy for my nameservers.


ERROR: I could not complete a connection to any of your mailservers! Timed out [Last data sent: [Did not connect]]

If this is a timeout problem, note that the DNS report only waits about 40 seconds for responses, so your mail *may* work fine in this case but you will need to use testing tools specifically designed for such situations to be certain.

I tried adding the domains on /etc/mail/local-host-names and restart sendmail but the error is still there.

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FAIL DNS Servers Have A Records

Aug 19, 2007

i make a dns for reseller client by edit it from edit dns zone and i put the two nameserver and with record type A and i point them to the two nameserver ip

but when someone host with him and use that dns he got in the that error

FAIL DNS servers have A records

ERROR. One or more of your DNS servers are missing A records (per NS records that may be cached). As a result, they cannot be used. The problem hostnames are:

well i want to know what's the wrong here?

my server CENTOS Enterprise 5 i686 with apache 1.3.37 with whm 11

Another note : this server not running on main site but run only on the dns (two server one domain name )

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Ip Forward

Mar 6, 2009

let's say I'm part of a LAN and i get my public IP through a PPPoE but i also have a wireless router and another station on which I wish to have linux. On that linux machine I will have anther public IP which is not from the same class.

What to do in order to world wide see my server machine(the one with linux and IP not from the same class)

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URL Redirection Without Changing The Address In The Address Bar

Nov 8, 2007

I want to redirect a website to a particular URL so that the address bar shows the same URL and not the destination URL. I know it is possible via URL masking, however, I want it in such a way that whenever somebody clicks on any link in the website, the address bar should still show the original URL. To put it in simple words, Suppose I want to redirect [url] to [url]. Now if there is a link named contact/index.htm and somebody clicks on it the address bar should display [url]and not redirect to [url]

How can it be possible using URL Rewrite method in .htaccess file?

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98)Address Already In Use: Make_sock: Could Not Bind To Address [::]:443

Aug 4, 2007

The problem usually goes like this:

- I can't access the webserver
- I'll try to restart httpd, and I'll get

Starting httpd: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443

To fix this, I run

[root@www1 ~]# lsof -i tcp:443
perl 11307 apache 4u IPv6 476943447 TCP *:https (LISTEN)

There is always leftover process that is causing the restart to fail. Once i force kill the process, I am able to restart httpd properly.

Now it is ok if this just occurs once in a while, but this problem keeps repeating itself almost everyday at 4am server time (cron time?). What can I do to permanently fix this?

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High Load Roundcube Fail

Jun 11, 2009

am having 1.8 load average on a new dedicated Core2Quad q8200 2.33GHz server with only 4 accounts on it i think that's weird, the most busy process using more than 98% of the cpu is:

/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php-cgi -c /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/roundcube /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/index.php

top command shows the most busy process is:

5418 cpanelro 25 0 21460 11m 4116 R 99.0 0.6 527:01.65 php-cgi

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Bind Fail/server Reboot

Jun 7, 2009

my datacenter says that they have not had power failures(lol yeh right) but i cant seem to figure out why my server seems to be rebooting randomly. so far its happened early 3-5am my times today and yesterday, just its happened 4x more times this morning.

im not sure if cpanel is sending me bind start failures because its not set to auto start up on reboot or if it might be related... but the server seems fine.

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CPanel Sites Fail To Load

May 21, 2009

So the other day me and friend installed cPanel on a VPS. Everything seems to be working perfectly however the sites don't seem to load.

I've pinged all the domains and they all seem to be fine and the hostname also seems to be setup I'm just not sure why my sites aren't loading.

I've also loaded the site on multiple computers using different dns servers and still no luck.

I haven't touched apache at all, but from what I understand I don't need to.

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