Exim Mail Spool More Than 20.000 Messages... / Spam

May 8, 2008

exim queue is always being filled by millions of spam mails...

In 5 minutes more than 1000 messages..

I have removed all several times but they insist in coming back..

In 1 one min:

1Ju7q6-00039t-031mDeleteDeliver Now
1Ju7q6-00039w-161mDeleteDeliver Now
1Ju7q6-0003A0-2s1mDeleteDeliver Now

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Plesk Mail Spool Maxed Out

Jul 9, 2009

I upgraded to Plesk 9.2.1 and found that between the security upgrades they moved all the contents of /usr/local/psa/handlers to tmpfs, the problem is that I have a small swap file ( about 500 MB ) so all thos folders got inside that space, so far Ive managed to make the tmpfs more than twice the original size, but mounted points ( /usr/local/psa/handlers/spool ) remains at the same size of 500 MB any idea how can I make this larger?

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Exim Failed Messages

Nov 15, 2007

We're on a VPS and lately we've been getting a few 'exim has failed...A restart was attempted automagicly.' messages. Support indicated that we're hitting our limits and suggested that we move to a bigger package or remove accounts. I only have 2 active sites on this account. We're new at this and don't know if there's anything else we can do.

Does anyone know what could be causing exim to fail?

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Exim Keeps Sending Thousands Of Messages To Non-valid Email.

Feb 14, 2007

For the last 5 days, exim has been retrying to resend email to a recipent every
1 millisecond.

As result, logs are huge, and load is being affected.

So I'd like to know how can I set/configure exim to ingore sending to any
email I'd tell it.

I mean is there any config file I can look into, to set a ignore list, or even
how to have it so that it retries sending every 1 hour, instead of every 1 millisecond.

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Email Problem--gmail Messages Go To Spam Folder And Not Inbox

Feb 25, 2008

I have a problem with my server. If you send any message to any gmail account, that message will only arrive in spam/bulk folder. I tried changing subjects, and no use any message that you send only goes to the bulk folder. Ip of the server is not blocked in any know database, I checked.

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Exim ACL To Send Mailer Daemon Messages To ":fail:"

Apr 18, 2007

One of my users is receiving way too many Mailer Daemon messages and his mailbox is full. I've had this problem from time to time and I am trying to figure out how to block mailer daemon messages for a specific domain so that they do not even get on the mailing queue...much like when you set a default address to ":fail:". So I came up with this:

deny message = The original message did not come from this site.
condition = ${if eq{$sender_address}{}{yes}{no}}
condition = ${if eq{$local_part}{userdomain.com}{yes}{no}}
log_message = Refused a bounce message for userdomain.com

However, this doesn't help. The emails are still going to the mailing queue and when I look at the Exim log I see the usual error message saying that the email was blocked because the account has run out of space.

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Exim Server - Being Used To Relay Spam?

Dec 3, 2008

Exim server - being used to relay spam?

Hoping someone can help here. I have a web server running a couple of sites, has been for a couple of years now. With one of the domains, I have an email forwarder setup through cpanel to forward mail sent to a specific address at that domain to my gmail account (it's a "contact us" type address). I don't think the email address is listed on the web anywhere.

Anyway, I am noticing a lot of spam emails being sent to that address, from that same address and they all appear to be relayed through my exim server legitimately. Obviously they aren't (as I am not sending them).

I am only familiar with sendmail, and am unsure about where to look for any possible hacks to my exim server. Can someone point me in the right direction? I want to stop these spam messages being sent, asap.

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Exim Load Is High And TONS Of Spam

Mar 8, 2008

after noticing the SQL errors on my sites, I went in to take a closer look.

First thing I noticed was my server load was at 200! This was all due to EXIM!

I stopped exim and then watched my load go back down to like 1... then started it, and it gradually rose again.

After using the Exim Cheat Sheet...

I discovered I had over 7000 messages frozen in my que and a few thousand not frozen.

After erasing all of the frozen messages because they were all spam, I am left wondering what I can do to stop this from happening again...

1. Is this spam being SENT FROM me? Or TO me?

2. Regardless of the answer to #1, how do I make it stop? I don't host any significant sites, and the server only has a few sites on it. None of the domains match up with anything I have anything to do with, so its all worthless and nobody on my server heavily uses their email through me.

What do I do? This is the second time I have had my system with a load this high and after the first time, I paid a chunck for more RAM.

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