DKIM W/ CPanel/Exim Linux Server

Apr 4, 2008

Does anyone know if it is possible to implement DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) on a Linux server that uses cPanel/Exim? I am interested in getting this implemented but not sure how, or if it's even possible yet on my setup.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Get DKIM To Add In DNS Records?

Jul 5, 2015

I have a new server centos 7 with plesk 12. I want to add dkim records to my domains, how I can get dkim records from plesk, as we do in WHM?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: How To Configure Dkim

Dec 7, 2014

how to configure dkim in plesk12, spf and domainkeys its ok, but dkim dont configure automatic.

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How To Set Up Exim On Linux Server To Not Allow More Than One Recipient Per Command

Nov 28, 2008

how to set up exim on a bare linux server to not allow more than one recipient per command?

I don't want to allow, for example, mail lists.

Example of exim command
2008-11-19 20:14:11 [2135] cwd=/path/to/account 3 args: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
2008-11-19 20:14:11 [2135] 3L5JXP-0001bH-MF <= U=apache P=local S=1091 T="Bla bla" from <> for ETC ETC ETC

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Company Exchange Server & Linux Exim Best Practices

Apr 3, 2009

On of our clients use an MS Exchange 2003 SBS server, with exchange for their internal email. We provide them with a domain, ADSL (which uses dynamic DNS) and POP3 email. They don't have an spam filter program on the exchange server itself due to costs, so I have setup each user on the Exim server, which runs ASSPX for anti-virus / spam filter / etc.

Then I setup the SBS 2003 server to pull the email via POP3, but this doesn't seem to work too well, cause the exchange server doesn't always download the POP3 email, and then the users often sit without email until I go there to manually download the mail again.

I have tried changing the MX record to point to their DynDNS address, and it works well, but then they get a lot of spam. And the cost of a server-side spam solution is just too expensive, and they also pay for the bandwidth uses when spam comes in. So, I moved their MX record back to the Linux server. But now I sit with the problem of the POP3 connector failing from time to time.

So, I would like to know, is there a way to "push" (not forward) mail from the Linux server, after it has arrived and spam been blocked, to another domain, but with the same email address? i.e. the domain in question is and I've setup as the dynamic domain, but the exchange serves email for Forwarding email doesn't work, since there's no such user as, but rather

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: DKIM Not Available / Marking All Emails As Spam

Dec 22, 2014

So, I have been searching everywhere online and have not come to a fully working conclusion with the issue regarding outgoing emails going to spam via gmail, hotmail, etc.Domain keys are activated, but it seems that domain keys is deprecated, making it useless when it comes to spam detection for email servers such as google, aol, etc.

The only alternative found was here: URL.....But that means that every customers DKIM will have to be created manually via command line. This would be a mission when having over 500+ ongoing customers signing up.Will you guys be implementing DKIM automation for Plesk? I am pretty much against trying to use c(p)anel + Centos and just love Plesk. So I prefer Plesk any day..

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: 11.0.9 - Setup DKIM Default For Each Domain

Oct 3, 2013

Is it possible to know how can I setup the DKIM default for each domains without manually activate it each time?

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How To Make Central EXIM Server With CPanel

Oct 30, 2007

Anybody done this like one or two email server running especially Exim and all other cPanel servers are using them as email proxies to send email?

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Exim.conf Missing (cpanel Server)

Jan 7, 2007

Broadcast message from root (Sat Jan 6 15:52:08 2007):

cPanel Layer 2 Update Commencing

Broadcast message from root (Sat Jan 6 16:01:09 2007):

cPanel Layer 2 Install Complete

I got this message while leaving my computer on over the weekend. And suddenly find that my mail server aint' working. So i tried to restart exim

root@kuching [~]# service exim restart
Shutting down exim: [FAILED]
Shutting down antirelayd: [ OK ]
Shutting down spamd: [ OK ]
Starting exim: 2007-01-07 20:47:43 non-existent configuration file(s): /etc/exim.conf
Starting exim-smtps: 2007-01-07 20:47:43 non-existent configuration file(s): /etc/exim.conf
Starting antirelayd: [ OK ]
Starting spamd: [ OK ]

I tried to reinstall exim by # /scripts/exim4 --force

It doesn't work again, so I tried to update again # /scripts/upcp --force

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How To Set DKIM And Domain Keys On Centos 5.2 With CPanel

Jun 30, 2009

how to set DKIM and Domain Keys on centos 5.2 with cPanel?

1. as my friend is using it for an IPB forum, some of his mails r rejected to especially

2 famous email providers, on research found, they are checking with DKIM or domain keys to verify the mails..

I came to know from some where tht domain keys aren't updated any more, so is it safe to use the last available release and is it bug free?

2. Can we add both DKIM and Domain Keys for the mails been sent on the server?

3. how to add them,

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Sub Domain On Different Server Exim Unroutable Address - WHM/cPanel

Jul 28, 2009

I have two servers running cPanel/WHM, with BIND and Exim. I have my main domain running on one server ( and wish to host a seperate helpdesk on a subdomain (on a second server,

The subdomain mail account works fine with hotmail, i can send and reveive between my server and hotmail without any issue.

The problem is when i try and send mails from accounts hosted on, to the subdomain server, i get the following unroutable address error fired back by the local exim process:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
Unrouteable address

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------


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