Can't View Man Pages

May 16, 2009

I can't get any man pages. For some reason when I try to use it, I continue to get this error:

XXX WARNING: old character encoding and/or character set

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Why Non-ssl Pages Are Blank, Ssl Pages Work

Feb 1, 2008

I am moving to a new server. At first the [url]version of the site was fine. I had trouble getting [url]working. Once I had the path to the certificate file correct, I was good to go. So, I started moving data. I also ran some updates on the new server (installed mysql, php, related pkgs). I don't know when the [url]pages stopped working, but I didn't realize it until I had everything moved over and tried to go live. The pages are completely blank. If I view source, I get this: ....

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How To Password Protect Web Pages, I Can Protect Directories But Can't Put Pages In

Mar 4, 2007

i did make a big message on here but it deleted when i back spaced

my website is aviation cafe dot net / sample and i need you to help me with password protecting a webpage, i wanted the address to be / the silver sword and definitly not to look like it does now.

username: webforum
pass: password

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Cant View .asp Files

Oct 30, 2008

im in the midst of doing my school final year project and i done some codings of asp pages but when i tried to upload to a linux server, i can only view the webpage with codes instead of the gui interface....i tried to upload my files to free asp host but same thing i cant view my webpages...

to upload this files online and present it to my teachers for grading...

the files are here [url]I hope i can find a free host dun need domain name with free ftp to upload these files and work properly...

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Remote View

Apr 3, 2008

how can I view the desktop of my server remotely through ssh.

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Can't View My Files.

May 21, 2007

Im with easyspace, we ordered an ssl with them a few weeks ago, after a few days they finally installed it for us, then they gave us some ftp details to reupload our site to, we did that but when we try and access our site now it forwards to

our website is

i went and looked at my domain control panel, i see that the nameservers are pointed to and

but in the dns control panel the nameservers were and

anyone have any ideas whats going on?

Im summary, i am able to (this works)
Im able to upload files
Im able to view
but im unable to see my index page or anything else (any files or directories on my root or any other folder

I already created a www folder, public_html folder etc. etc. changed permissions on files and folders, nothing worked, anyone have a clue whats going on?

I did an dnsreport on the site too on

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Can't View My Files.

May 21, 2007

Im with easyspace, we ordered an ssl with them a few weeks ago, after a few days they finally installed it for us, then they gave us some ftp details to reupload our site to, we did that but when we try and access our site now it forwards to iomartinternet[dot]com

our website is thescotlandkiltcompany [dot]co[dot]uk

i went and looked at my domain control panel, i see that the nameservers are pointed to and

but in the dns control panel the nameservers were and

anyone have any ideas whats going on?

Im summary, i am able to ftp[dot]thescotlandkiltcompany[dot]co[dot]uk (this works)
Im able to upload files
Im able to view www[dot]thescotlandkiltcompany[dot]co[dot]uk/images
but im unable to see my index page or anything else (any files or directories on my root or any other folder

I already created a www folder, public_html folder etc. etc. changed permissions on files and folders, nothing worked, anyone have a clue whats going on?

I did an dnsreport on the site too on dnsstuff[dot]com

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Softlayer - The European View

Apr 7, 2009

This review is based on my subjective experience with this service provider. Please take into consideration that each customer experience is unique in nature and can be heavily influenced by circumstances and cultural differences. My reviews are more prone to usability aspects rather than mips and milliseconds.

This review has not been financially influenced by the provider in question.

SOFTLAYER from the European perspective


I work for a value-added reseller hosting company in the Northern Europe and take care of server provisioning, offer request and service definition for our company needs.

We have used this company for the business hosting needs for over a year - we do yearly offer rounds and move our services should the need arise. Currently we are not hosting with Softlayer.

Experience is based on one dedicated server AMD Opteron 1216 with 4GB, 2x500GB RAID1 and Plesk 100 - location Dallas and Washinton DC facility. Reviewed services; control panel, private networking, help desk, sales support


Softlayer has been in business for a while. They offer wide range of servers from single processor multicore to quad processor multicore servers. They have 3 different facilities in U.S; Seattle, Dallas and Washington DC. There are no Softlayer facilities available in Europe, but they do offer services to European customers as well. ( which is not the case with all the U.S based providers )
They offer fully automated services, an integrated control panel, developer API and wide range of software solutions for their server range plus number of other services that we have no experience with.

Privacy Policy:

Standard privacy policy with one side note; Softlayer follows the EU privacy protection laws and participates in the EU Safe Harbor program. This is more important for us Europeans; we are obliged to treat customer data in a specific way. (It's a long story, I'm going to spare you from the details)

Contract terms:

Monthly contract with server cancellation, at the latest 3 days prior the monthly anniversary. The cancellation can be done with the customer control panel. No questions asked - you do get a sales rep email and confirmation enquiry surely, for your own protection.


The server provisioning was really fast - in a few hours we had fully functioning server available with the specs as ordered and tested. This was a great service, we've had experiences with 10 day provisioning times.

Control Panel ( Customer Portal):

Softlayer customer portal is a comprehensive one. You can handle everything related to your server with a click of a button; reboots, OS reloads, reconfigurations, support requests and sales orders. One of the notable features was the ability to test firewall settings with external scanning provided by SL; easily done with a novice understandable report and suggestions.

You can give different access rights, access levels to users and share the control panel with the system administrators and support people. Overall usability of the control panel is good, navigation is simple, the screen is calm and there are no distractive elements. Softlayer has done a rather good job in handling comprehensive set of features in customer control panel.

For a beginner, the control panel can be a bit overwhelming though - it has been designed for the professional administrators with tens/hundreads of servers and whilst supporting this purpose well, a novice user would feel more confident with more narrow set of features. My preference for the novice user would be the server-centric usability focus; choose the server you manage and then the tasks related to that specific server. Help could be more easily available; there is a comprehensive knowledge base, but task oriented help is not necessarily available where the task is at the control panel.

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deservers 8,5 to the customer portal

Private Network

This is one of the brand marks of the Softlayer. They offer an excellent private network with PPTP & SSL access. The bandwidth is unlimited between you and your servers and even between your servers. You can truly shut down the external traffic to your server and still manage it from the background. The access is granted using PPTP (1 user) or SSL browser access with (Java plugin?). I used the PPTP, so the experience with SSL is limited.

This feature is free, which is exceptional. The true value comes when you have several servers with Softlayer and you interchange data between server. For single server owner this is of a less benefit, but surely a secure feature to access your server. The setup for private networking is seamless, easy to understand for a novice and wins my vote hands down

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 9 for their private networking.


Softlayer network is well connected, a connection to Northern Europe is around 80 - 100 ms from the WDC data center, it is barely noticeable for standard web user. During the year with SL, we did not experience any problems with their network connections. Some minor issues with private networking side ( nothing to do with SL )

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 8 for their network connections to Europe

Help desk

Support ticket system; the response times are adequate, but you can sense that there is a night in the U.S and day in Europe. The response time improves at our night time and the tone tends to get more cheerful in the evenings. The responses were always professional though, and we never had a problem that wasn't resolved in a matter of an hour. The hardware was replaced and problems solved efficiently.

Out of 10 points, Softlayer deserves 8 for their helpdesk (If I were in U.S, I might give a 9)


Like with any service provider contact their sales before ordering; you might get lucky and get unlisted offers and pricing for your server. Softlayer has a good sales staff, but the service level is not consistent . If you are lucky, you might get a sales person not the "I just working here" - type. Their sales people are cheerful, genuine problem solvers and would like to find you the best alternative - the "I just work here" will read their price list and give you exactly what you asked; ie. they might have a great offer on AMD opteron 1216, but you asked for 1212. You'll get what you asked for - not the great offer available. Reason being, "you never asked".

Out of 10 points, I give 8 for the Softlayer sales.

Server pricing

Softlayer is not cheap and not even competitive always. The have a new outlet for bargain servers, but their pricing seems to start with USD119 what ever the case or name of the bargain is. Before signing-up with them, you should always do your own shopping around.

Out of 10 points, I give 7 for the Softlayer pricing


I would suggest Softlayer to any business owner with some experience and with several dedicated servers. For the novice user, with some reservations - maybe a smaller hosting provider would be better to start with. Their technical service is professional, coherent and they certainly know what they are doing.

Softlayer has an impressive service offering, especially with their private networking, but you need to be prepared to pay for it as well.

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How Can I View The Email Queue?

Jun 29, 2009

How can I view the email que? I have no control panel using CentOS5

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How To View All Ip Addresses On My Server

Aug 29, 2008

How to view all ip on the server ?

os linux

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How To View History Log Of Server On WHM

Mar 14, 2007

Is there a way to see what was happening on the server the last 24 hours for example in WHM ? A log or something.. To see if there was any high loads etc..

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Canīt View Flash On Server

Jul 23, 2007

Here you can see the problem and I am unsure how to fix it.

I am using a phproxy script on this domain

When you browse through this site, and look at and try and watch a video, it does not allow you to view the flash.

I know this script works as I was using it on my past server.

My server is running on CentOS, with WHM

Does anyone know how to fix this on my server so people can view flash through my proxy site?

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How To View Who Has Logged In To MySQL

Sep 20, 2007

Am running FreeBSD and MySQL. How do i check the login history for MySQL?

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View Kernel Logs

Aug 15, 2007

How do I few my server's kernel logs created by klogd?

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How View Error Log Of Server

Aug 24, 2007

I try view error log of server with this command





but it tell me permission denied

so how I view it?

can I view it with WHM or CP?

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View Error Logs

Feb 4, 2007

I am running Plesk on a VPS and a page on one of my websites won't load no matter what I try, I want to view the error logs but aren't sure how to go about it on this system...

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How To View Site Without Waiting Propagation

May 15, 2009

I brought a managed vps but I don't know how I can view my site on my vps? without waiting for domain propagation

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Cannot Edit/view Files In Any Directory

Sep 14, 2008

Command: CWD /public_html

Response: 550 Can't change directory to /public_html: Permission denied
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

That's what I see in FTP, but in File Manager in cPanel I don't see any files.

What do I do?

The permissions is set to 750 for /public_html and I cannot change them

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How To View Domain On Own Local Network

Mar 11, 2008

I am running my own webserver and up untill now checked my sites on a second broadband connection. Due to an accident i can now only afford the one connection.

My question is, how can i view my sites using domain name or static ip (not local)
I am running windows server 2003

I saw a post mentioning host files but did not quite understand if that is what was deeded, I am assuming that i need to loopback somehow.

My router has no loopback

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Is There A Way To View The Error_log Starting From The Bottom

Aug 3, 2008

Is there a way to view the error_log starting from the bottom? My error_log is HUGE.

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From A Technical Point Of View: SMF Vs. MyBB

Feb 4, 2007

I know there are many threads covering similar topics but their answers often do not contain technical arguments but rather subjective reasons and I'd like to know whether there are also some technical reasons to favor one of these two forums over the other.

Does one handle a higher load particularly well or does one have the cleaner code or is there any other reason to choose one over the other?

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Routers Needing Reboots To View Our Sites

May 20, 2008

I have a server with several sites hosted on it. Randomly, a site user will find that they can no longer connect to any of the sites on the server - but they can connect to the rest of the Internet. When this happens, the sites themselves are fine and everyone else can connect without any problems.

The only way the affected user can view sites on the server again is to reboot their router - at which point everything is fine.

why this would happen? I have a CentOS (Red Hat Enterprise) Linux server with DirectAdmin, Apache, PHP/MySQL - the usual. I'm thinking that there must be some kind of network setting which is allowing this to happen, but I can't for the life of me work out what it is.

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Can't View Emails From My Server In Outlook Or Thunderbird

Mar 5, 2008

I have a virtual dedicated server hosted with "Domains Priced Right" I have several domains hosted on the server with emails for each. I used to be able to view my emails in Outlook however recently I've been getting the error (0x80042108) 'Outlook cannot connect to incoming (POP3) email server'

I've switched to thunderbird and still have the same problem. "Could not connect to the server; the connection was refused."

I have about 10 domains and I can't see the emails for any of them.

I know the emails are there I can see them when I use webmail. I know thunderbird works because it can get email from gmail and my ISP. It just won't connect to the server and download them.

Things worked in the past so I'm perplexed. I'm running Windows Vista and maybe a new update has caused a problem. It may be a firewall issue but I've had a look at that. Also I did do a clean up of some old drivers. I think it might be a dodgey email file.

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Live Traffic View By VPS (or IP) Via Command Line

Nov 30, 2008

Back in the day, there was a commandline version of 'ntop' allowing a view of live traffic stats in the format of 'top'.

Does a similar tool exist today effectively allowing us to figure our which VPS or IP address is under DDoS attack?

The only way I could fix this was via KVM access to netstat -an | grep etc... Not too

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How To View Pending Sendmail Emails - And How To Delete Them...

Oct 4, 2008

I am a PHP programmer, working on a script to notify me when a new file is uploaded to my website, thing is it sends on each new file and the database went screwy,

No I am getting a few thousand emails each day from my script, I think my cron job executed it several times,

Anyhow, I deleted the script but I am still getting mail,

I have my own dedicated..

How can I view and or purge the pending mail that is waiting to be sent?

I have rebooted and deleted the script itself, but still sendin me mail

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How To View Plesk Account And Mail Password

Oct 7, 2007

We are planning to move the mail accounts and domains from plesk to other control panel. Is there any way to view the password of the accounts (domain and emails) of plesk.
So we can create the same accounts on new server with same password.

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Apache 2.2 & CPanel :: Some Websites Download Instead Of View

Oct 16, 2007

I'm trying to get setup with Apache 2.2, and did just fine on one server but the second one is giving me some troubles. I'm having an issue with some sites wanting to download instead of display. Does this ring any bells with anyone right off?

httpd.conf appears to be okay as far as I can see, but obviously something is not quite right somewhere.

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View Mail Header Sent By Php Form In Windows

Oct 27, 2007

As stated on subject, how to do it? On Linux, I know I will need to compile php with a patch (for example using Choon's patch) to get it, but dont know how to do on Windows.

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