Bluehost Or Lunarpages Which One

May 17, 2007

Out of these two host which one would you guys pick they both seem like solid hosting companies.

Any coupons for these hosting companies without signing up for there annual plans.

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Bluehost Hosting & Bluehost Review

Mar 10, 2007

I signup bluehost early this month, i am very satisfied with bluehost hosting.
Bluehost established since 1996, and hosted more than 250,000 sites.

I had no problem of any until now, FTP access is reliable and fast, website is loaded fast, and no downtime detected yet.I also find their very useful in getting helps.

Bluehost $6.95 plan allow me to host up to 6 domains My domain i mentioning here is:

Time to time i perform speed test using online test,
the result can be view at here:

anyone had experienced with bluehost are welcome to post here

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Lunarpages VPS Or Servint VPS? What Is Your Opinion On Lunarpages VPS?

Aug 23, 2008

I am looking for a new VPS and once again I think I am going to ditch Servint VPS in preference of a cheaper VPS. I know Servint is well known and they have a very good reputation here in this forum. I been longing to sign up with them but Lunarpages' offer looks very attractive.

What about Lunarpages?

It is $10 cheaper than Servint.

Lunarpages has 1000 GB bandwidth but Servint has only 500 GB.

Lunarpages has 20 GB storage but Servint has only 15 GB.

Lunarpages has 500 MB RAM but Servint has 384 MB guaranteed RAM (1 GB burst RAM).


The only thing that Lunarpages lost to Servint here is the number of IP address. Lunarpages comes with 1 IP but Servint offers 4 IP which is good for SEO.

I wanted to contact Lunarpages but couldn't find their contact email. Anyone know their contact email?

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Bluehost - What Do You Think?

Feb 29, 2008

I'm looking to get hosting and domain names.

Does anyone know anything, or are there any other hosts you'd recommend? (I don't need anything too expensive)

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Is Bluehost Really That Bad?

Jun 13, 2008

There seems to be a lot of negative press for bluehost... are they really that bad? Or was it a short period they went though? The bigger a service is, the more people there are so the higher the odds are of someone having a bad experience... have they really gone downhill?

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Don't Use Bluehost

Jan 25, 2009

So when you got a website for a service and it says "$6 per month for 3 years" would you take that as they charge you monthly, $6?

Well Bluehost doesn't. They charged me $250 and I didn't realize what they were doing until the charge went through.

I called within 24 hours and spoke to billing. I cancelled the entire service. She said it was only a "hold" on my account and she would make the hold credit me back and it would be done within a few hours and that I would receive an email from her confirming. Well, I got another confirmation email NOT a we are cancelling the service email.

Then, one $250 charge dropped off... AND TWO MORE APPEARED.

In one of the confirmation emails they sent there was an email address for the help desk. So I emailed this to them. I am not speaking to them on the phone. I want it in writing this time. Two seconds after I sent the email I got an auto response telling me they don't read the email and I must formally put in a ticket.

I didn't think I would be able to since my account was supposed to be cancelled. Well, it did let me log in. She didn't cancel it and if she did she went and put it back in again twice.


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Does Anyone Here Use BlueHost?

Dec 1, 2004

I am looking into and I was just wondering if her anyone here used it.

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Bluehost ... Has Anyone Ever Used Them?

May 28, 2009

Has anyone ever used them. They claim to host 825000 domains?

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Lunarpages 1.5 Tb?

Apr 21, 2008

What's the feasibility of getting 1.5 tb out of them.. anyone know?

I'm not looking for that much.. just 200 Gb or so at the moment and 300-400 Gb in a couple of years.. I run a gallery2 site with no traffic, think they could work as a host?

(I would be coming over from dreamhost.. which seems to give you the space)

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Go Away From Lunarpages

May 4, 2008

I want to share my terrible experience with one of most famous hosting - Lunarpages.

I'm on Lunarpages (basic account) more than 3 months and I sent them few email that my server is often down.

Thay didn't want to move my accunt to some less overloaded server and send me each time automatic message

In order for us to investigate the issue, please capture three separate instances when the site is down and provide a Traceroute to the server for each instance. After we have documented three separate instances of the site being down we will be able to look into the situation and possibly offer you a server move...

So, thay asked me to sit next to computer and wait my site to be down and make traceroute.

I sent them monthly report from :

Total uptime:99.14% Downtime:17 hour(s) 49 min(s)
Monthly uptime:98.34% Downtime:11 hour(s) 32 min(s)

Day 2008-04-30 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-29 Uptime:93.17% Downtime:1 hour(s) 38 min(s)
Day 2008-04-28 Uptime:98.23% Downtime:25 min(s) 31 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-27 Uptime:99.92% Downtime:1 min(s) 11 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-26 Uptime:98.64% Downtime:19 min(s) 37 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-25 Uptime:97.44% Downtime:36 min(s) 49 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-24 Uptime:98.28% Downtime:24 min(s) 47 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-23 Uptime:97.58% Downtime:34 min(s) 50 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-22 Uptime:96.43% Downtime:51 min(s) 22 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-21 Uptime:92.43% Downtime:1 hour(s) 49 min(s)
Day 2008-04-20 Uptime:99.77% Downtime:3 min(s) 17 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-19 Uptime:98.83% Downtime:16 min(s) 18 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-18 Uptime:98.51% Downtime:20 min(s) 27 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-17 Uptime:99.71% Downtime:4 min(s) 5 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-16 Uptime:98.92% Downtime:15 min(s) 36 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-15 Uptime:98.76% Downtime:17 min(s) 53 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-14 Uptime:99.47% Downtime:7 min(s) 41 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-12 Uptime:98.85% Downtime:16 min(s) 33 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-11 Uptime:99.92% Downtime:1 min(s) 7 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-10 Uptime:99.84% Downtime:2 min(s) 17 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-09 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-08 Uptime:99.73% Downtime:3 min(s) 56 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-07 Uptime:98.30% Downtime:24 min(s) 26 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-06 Uptime:99.89% Downtime:1 min(s) 32 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-05 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-04 Uptime:93.52% Downtime:1 hour(s) 33 min(s)
Day 2008-04-03 Uptime:99.16% Downtime:12 min(s) 7 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-02 Uptime:99.10% Downtime:12 min(s) 58 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-01 Uptime:97.40% Downtime:37 min(s) 26 sec(s)

But thay told me that monitoring services are not good...

Anyway I use host-tracker to montor other accounts on hostnine and hostforweb and both of these providers have 100% uptime.

Today I wanted to move some files (3GB of images) from another hosting to one of folders on Lunarpages.

I asked support just to do 2 SSH commands for me, but thay told me to buy SSH access, that is $2 per month.

On the end when I wanted to buy it, thay told me that thay need to move my account to another server that has SSH and that will cost me $75 (per hour of work).

I really understand what is business but this is terrible customer care.

I use other two hostings - Hostine (reseller) and Hostforweb (VPS) and each time I aksed them for this kind of help thay do it without any charge.

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Oct 30, 2008

I checked my email this morning and had a spam email from Lunar Pages (See below). Not only did they spam me, they obviously have a list which they used to spam others. Not only that, but anyone who received their spam email can reply back to the email and their email reply then is sent to everyone on their list.


Lunar Pages, I don't appreciate your spam emails. If you run your hosting business as well as you run your spam operations, then I am sure you will be out of business soon. That gives me some satisfaction.

From: Domain Name Support []
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 10:17 PM
Subject: Notice Regarding Your DOMAIN NAME
Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)
Dear Webmaster, .....

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What Do You Think Of

Apr 14, 2008

Do you guys like and are there similar or better options?

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Bluehost Vs 1and1

May 11, 2008

Which one is better in shared hosting between bluehost and 1&1?

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Drupal And Bluehost

Aug 23, 2008

Of the many sites I have, I have one hosted at Bluehost. In the beginning I was very sattisfied and happy. Lately due to workload and stuff, I changed the sites scripts into Drupal.

This seems in retrospect a bad choice because I get CPU exceeds suddenly. Now because I was new to Drupal I thought it was mistake. But with caching enabled agressivly, a minimum of mods enabled and FastCGI on there are still reports of CPU exceeds. This is something which ticks me of. Google Analytics says (I have hosting stats disabled) I get about 300 unique visitors per day.

So the real question is, whats suxors the most. Drupal or Bluehost? Bluehost says Drupal is a falty script made up of bad coding...

I find 300 visitors per day a little low to move to a VPS host. So my question is, is there another host where I can host my site(s) that has equal settings as Bluehost?

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Bluehost Scam

Oct 18, 2006

They are scammer, we sign up with them and they ask us to submit credit card detail which we do.

Guess what , they use our credit card to purchase server for their own use, we contact them and they ask us to charge back if we wish, I think as they are now no longer need for the server

They are a scammer Scammer and poor DC will suffer a lost becasue I will chargeback all the charges for the server

May I Know is there any way to report this company (I am not in US) cause they must be punish for this issue

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Is Bluehost Good?

Jun 6, 2009

I heard many blogger appreiate this company, but I a little hestitate to use their service because I have to pay one-year fee once.

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Bluehost Or MediaTemple

Mar 27, 2009

I want to run couple of sites which are ajax and GWT based. I can spend upto 120 bucks for at least 6 months great service.

So far I have googled, I think I may have to choose between mediatemple or bluehost(unless someone comes out with real and better offer).

I was wondering why I will choose MediaTeple with double the price than other one. What are the advantages do they provide over others?Do they provide exactly what they say? Like 1TB bandwidth, GPU unit usage , 100GB space, fast MySQL ?

I found a lot of people moving from bluehost to mediatemple and vice varsa talking about their issues. But what is the recent performance status of those 2 hosting sites?

My (must to have) requirements are -
1. Is not too much bandwidth sensitive (expected grow in 3 months to consume upto 1TB/month )
2. Is not too much sensitive on resource usage (must not block users)
3. Is fast in response. (Ajax site)
4. Has fast MySQL server.

Please suggest me best possible web hosting suitable for my requirements.

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Bluehost Review

Apr 21, 2009

IMO.... Stay far away from Bluehost... not worth it.

Actually, I took notice of all the discussion over on phpBB about bluehost. They quickly close and locked such discussions. It's obviously due to there income from Bluehosts advertising through them.'s how I ended up here since this is where they tell us to come. lol

Here is my letter I sent to their admin since I know I can't post it on their site....


I couldn't happen but notice the extensive advertising of Bluehost on your site. I also took notice of the quick closing of discussions pertaining to hosting companies, especially of Bluehost. It's obvious that they help support phpBB financially, but please take into consideration the companies you promote to your users. This could in return have a negative effect on here.

With my personal experience with this company, I have nothing good to say about them. I am the executive director of an ad agency that had several clients hosting their sites with them. Due to awful experiences over and over again, we now fully and highly recommend that no one hosts with them. Actually, we are located in the same town as this company and it's well known throughout the community to stay away from them.

An example of what we dealt with..... One of our largest billion dollar clients had several accounts hosted with them. One lovely evening, we took notice to an awful notification of suspension on this clients site. According to them, the site was shut down due to an automatic response that reacted to a bad piece of script. As such, without warning, it shut the entire site down. With immediate phone calls, no one was willing to help us out nor explain the situation. No one cared and there was no more information beyond a bad piece of script. It took almost 48 hours to get all of our files and data copied over so we could host it on another server. 48 hours with a huge account is like eternity and a loss of significant income and reputation. There was never an explanation nor any attempt to help. Once we moved the site over, we never experienced any issues. Couple weeks later, two more sites that this client hosted through them had the same exact issue. Not only did they pull ALL of their sites off their servers, but so did the rest of our clients due to our recommendation.

No money is worth supporting and aligning oneself with a company of such a negative reputation and statistics that prove it.

I truly hope you take this into consideration.

(BTW...I forgot to mention the awful notice they put up on the site. In huge letters it says "This site has been suspended" Then it goes into about having the owner of the site contact them. Sorry...but it's a very negative message that was display. They could've at least posted something along the lines of... Sorry for the inconvenience, xxxxxx is currently unavailable due to technical server issues" Then they coulda called us to inform us of this issue Better yet..they could've warned us about the message and situation and given us a chance to do something about it beforehand.... but absolutely no customer service what-so-ever. Very poor business practices.)

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Bluehost / Hostgator

May 27, 2008

I conducted a couple of questions for each host and this is what was said, it seems HG is abit shy on giving out details, where bluehost didn't mind telling:

Please wait for a HostGator operator to respond.

Welcome to HostGator Live Chat! You are now chatting with 'Jefferson S.'

Jefferson S.: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you?

Stuart: evening Jefferson

Stuart: could you tell me how many shared accounts use the same ip address

Jefferson S.: no, i don't have that information

Stuart: couldn't you find out?

Jefferson S.: no, I can not see how many accounts are on a server and we do not give that information out

Stuart: ok its just a performance related question i thought you could answer and to many accounts on the same ip isn't good really as you must know... for your information Bluehost have 500accounts per server and a couple of hundred that use the same ip.

Jefferson S.: we fill our servers 80% capacity

Stuart: ok thank you for your help Jefferson

Jefferson S.: You're welcome!


Ann A. [5:48:14 PM]: Thank you for contacting the Sales Team. Please give me a moment while I review your question.

stuart [5:48:14 PM]: could you tell me if you have any uptime stats and do you own your servers or lease?

Ann A. [5:48:52 PM]: Hi! We average 99.9% network uptime. You can google bluehost uptime, there's several sites that monitor uptime for different hosts. We manage our own servers, which are located in Orem, Utah, USA

stuart [5:49:47 PM]: how would you say you are as a company compared to hostgator?

stuart [5:50:59 PM]: thinking of an answer lol

Ann A. [5:53:23 PM]: Our hosting packages are pretty similar. The way we run our scripts is more secure. Bluehost's scripts run using user:user based permissions, which means your scripts and files are as secure as Linux itself. HostGator runs scripts as nobody:nobody, making the individual script security not as secure.

Ann A. [5:53:46 PM]: We also offer free backup restores, which I think hostgator charges for.

Ann A. [5:54:08 PM]: They also use cpanel, which is what we use. I'm not certain what their cpu and process limits are,

stuart [5:54:31 PM]: excellent answer thats what I call good customer service! even though you had to ask a collegue lol
[5:54:53 PM]: how many people share the same ip?

Ann A. [5:55:43 PM]: On average we have 500 accounts per server. Each server has multiple ips, let me see if I can find a more exact number. one moment please.

stuart [5:55:55 PM]: thank you

Ann A. [6:01:35 PM]: Thank you for waiting. There's probably a couple hundred that share the same ip address.

stuart [6:03:16 PM]: thank you Ann for answering the questions ohnestly..hostgator wouldn't tell me theirs they just said they fill their servers 80%

Ann A. [6:04:06 PM]: Have a good day Stuart!

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Bluehost Limits?

Aug 21, 2008

Bluehost apparently offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space (so they say). This seems suspicious. Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

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Bluehost Opinions?

Aug 21, 2009

Based on my experience with their twin brand, Hostmonster, I would say that they should be just fine for a hobby site/playing around. I don't know about their support, as I didn't use it.

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Hostmonster VS Bluehost

Dec 9, 2008

Hostmonster VS Bluehost

Whats different about the two. are they the same company. it looks like it. if so which would you chose?

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Bluehost, Dreamhost And More

Mar 7, 2009

some largeish download file links to test my download speed with. I need some from Bluehost and Dreamhost. If you have a link for another host on the west coast feel free to post it.

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Comment About Bluehost?

Aug 23, 2008

im planning to get bluehost web hosting, can anyone give any comment about bluehost?

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Anyone Use Lunarpages Or 1and1?

Apr 29, 2005

I am trying to launch a website for a youth group. Since this is a non-profit organization I am trying to host the site for a reasonable price but I am not sure which company to go with. I have looked at lunarpages and 1&1. There are so many out there I am not sure which one to chose.Has anyone dealt with these companies and if so how are they?

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DO NOT USE Lunarpages (scam)

Aug 2, 2008

Lunar pages is a scam

DO NOT USE Lunarpages

From Me to Support I noticed that my inodes are set abnormally low to 200,000 we just upgraded to VPS plan per lunars request at we are at 160,000 on second day of operation on new vps server. From Sarwan singh Jassi to siteadmin(ME) When you reach 200,000 inodes you will need to upgrade to dedicated plan However and Email from the sales guy states the following. We do not force upgrades do to inodes, we just increase your inodes as you need them. Server crashes occur all the time about 1-3 times a month. Do not use lunar

They also run the old 90's upgrade scam, they claim your script utilize high resources for php, mysql.

Their claim

CPU%: 3.15
MEM%: 1.70
MySQL: 0.9
Top Process %CPU 50.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 48.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 44.0 /usr/bin/php

After fighting with these people telling them that their server is configured incorrectly because we have load tested each and every script and that these scripts are used on 1000's of sites and the traffic we have does NOT warrent the useage they claim we went a head and upgraded per their recommendation.

So we get a brand new vps plan(see complaint above) and on the VPS server our usages look totally normal with proves they don't know what they are doing.

Directly from Pesky Plesk on the second day of getting our upgrade

CPU%: 0.15
MEM%: 0.19
MySQL: 0.2
Top Process %CPU 17.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 19.0 /usr/bin/php
Top Process %CPU 15.0 /usr/bin/php

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Has Anyone Used Lunarpages Webhosting?

Nov 4, 2007

Has anyone used Lunarpages webhosting? How is their support and up time?

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The Pathetic Lunarpages

Jan 5, 2009

This is from my practical experience:


1. I have chosen Windows hosting from Lunarpages, I have hosted 3 websites in a shared hosting.

2. Among the three, 1 site is alexa 100K website, 2nd is an asp website which is under development, 3rd is a simple HTML site.

The "tortoise" support:

- Lunarpages doesnt provide a Chat support for any urgent issues!! Imagine if your site has gone down and you are losing 100$ because of that and you wanted to contact the support! Major hosting providers give Chat support so that the issues can be resolved immediately. But you must raise a ticket in lunarpages which will be responded within 24 hrs during business days !!!

Scenario 1:

Ok.. Some of you will feel that a support within 24 hrs is quite fine. But you know what happened to me in most of the cases when my site was down? - The customercare responded after 24 hrs asking me to provide the verification details.

Then I gave the details immediately but the customer care responded after 20 hrs asking for more information!!! and my site was still DOWN !!! They really dont seem to understand the criticality!

Scenario 2:

Once they have suspended my site and I received an automated mail that I must contact support to know why they have suspended it. I contacted them, BUT I KNOW THEY WILL ASK FOR VERIFICATION DETAILS and I proactively gave all the information in my ticket itself!!, but Surprisingly, I got the standard mail asking me to provide the verification details!!! I really got pissed off and replied back, which took one more 24 hrs. Then they replied back saying that there are a lot of visitors coming to my website and is affecting their server! But I have not exceeded the disk space, bandwidth,or whatsoever mentioned in the plan during the signup!!

They asked me to take a VPS or Dedicated hosting.

Then I had few arguments and finally agreed to take a VPS hosting and sent a mail to the customer care, but 3 days later they have suspended the site again saying that the account usage is more. I really doubt if the customer care reads the mails properly!!
I have lost a lot of money due to this!!

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Experience With Lunarpages?

Sep 24, 2006

Do you have some experiences with ?

I purchased win host and I have some negative experiences with them at this time.

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Lunarpages [problem]

May 16, 2009

I maintain a single blog in wordpress in the subdomain I continually had problems with their servers. They suspended my account without any logical reason. Their reasoning is that i overconsume resources. CPU usage: 6.49 MEM usage: 0.42 MySQL usage: 1.0 Top Process %CPU 64.0 php Top Process %CPU 56.0

We are talking here about a single blog in Wordpress. The theme was not mine but was one used by many blogs out there.

I find their excuses lame. My blog is neither wikipedia nor techcrunch to have such resources consumption. They are incapable of giving trustworthy support to a single blog in Wordpress.

They are asking me more money to move my blog in a dedicated server! Of course I am not going to give them any money for extra services plan.

Does anybody here now what legal actions i can take? They have occupated my account, i can not control my own data and they are not giving me the services which i paid for.

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Lunarpages - It's A Big Truck

Dec 4, 2008

Lunarpages - it's a big truck

I've been helping a friend with a site hosted at Lunarpages for a few years, a very low traffic business site in a shared hosting account, no real complaints.

But 48 hours ago they got an odd email from Lunarpages describing the relocation of their server to a new datacenter, which involved 3-4 hours of downtime to drive the server from LA to San Diego, plus another hour or so of setup.

Now this was confusing because I thought that the internet was not a big truck -- it's a series of tubes, right? In fact, I thought that the whole point of the internet was not having to move your data by truck. But hey, this is an inexpensive shared account, so maybe Lunarpages does move all their data by truck. Kinda short notice on that, but okay, fine. A couple hours downtime.
The website and email go dead at noon. The exact time was not announced in the notice, and mid-day mid-week seems like an odd time to deliberately schedule downtime, especially when it involves a long drive in traffic on the 5 freeway. But it is an inexpensive account, so... we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Six hours later, we contact Lunarpages support asking what's up with the server. This being my friend's business website, business email, gone for most of the day. Was there an accident on the freeway? Did the truck driver get lost? Did the data end up in a cul-de-sac in Orange County? Were they stopped while making a run for the border?

An hour later, we finally hear back on the ticket -- Lunarpages hasn't heard from their "admins" (presumably due to a bad battery in their CB radio) but they hope to have things migrated "soon."
So we wait.

Eleven hours after the site and email went down, we send a reply on the ticket asking a few more questions. 1) Any update on that migration? 2) Could you explain this whole deal with the truck driving the data from city to city? 3) Do you have any compensation for ridiculous downtime?
An hour later, the Lunarpages reply: Migration done soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. No compensation at all, especially for "scheduled" downtime.

As of now, the server is still down and has been offline for about 14 hours. While I do hope the driver of the truck is okay, I have no such benevolent feelings for Lunarpages. When (if??) the site comes back up, we're transferring to a host that doesn't rely on the the LA freeway system to migrate their data. I hear there's this newfangled "network" thing the kids are in to. We'll probably try that out instead.

Lunarpages sure is cheap. And most of the time, they work okay. But you should probably avoid them if you value advance scheduling of downtime, rapid support, clear communication, or reliable access to your website and email.

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