Anyone Know How To Get Affiliate Payments Out Of Hostnine

Apr 25, 2008

I have $100 in affiliate payments showing in my affilate panel with but they wont pay me. I logged tickets which they ignore, I posted on their forum and they told me to email an address that doesnt exist then locked the thread. I posted another thread which they deleted. I PM'd a guy called Ben there as one of the agents told me that only he can deal with it, he never replied.

I chatted online and as soon as I tell them what I want they dont reply to me.

They owe me money from August 2007 and wont pay me.

What do I do? How do I get them to pay.

They provide a great service in ALL other areas but how do you get money from them?

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Picky Payments

Oct 30, 2008

Out of pure curiosity, if i were to say that my company only accepted googlecheckout.

Would you open a googlecheckout account to purchase say hosting off of me?

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Is Montly Payments A Lot Work More

Sep 7, 2008

I ask itseems most of the hosts I have checked a lately offer and annual fee instead of montly charge .I would have much pefer to a montly bill at this point than to come up with a large amounts .plus i have been burned before by the host going under before my term is up.

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Montly, Quarterly Or Annually Payments?

Nov 3, 2009

As a customer, which payment terms you are more prefer to follow?

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Secure Credit Card Payments

Jul 9, 2008

Is it secure to pay through credit card for a webhost?

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Accepts Debitcard/solo Payments Without Using Paypal

Jul 7, 2008

is there any web hosting out there that accepts debitcard/solo payments without using paypal? ive been lookin about but there doesnt seem ot be any.

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Driver License And Credit Card With PayPal Payments?

May 30, 2008

When paying for my server, I prefer to pay with PayPal. Is it normal when I want to pay with PayPal (if they except this), the hosting company also wants my CC number and CVV2 code. What's the use then of paying with PayPal.

I don't mind to identify myself with copies of driver licences, but CC is different story.

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Sep 4, 2008

Not a question exactly related to HostNines hosting ability (have read a bunch of reviews, most seem good - and we all know that the pleased people rarely speak compared to the not so pleased), but how is their affiliate program? I've seen a few worried reviews on here concerning getting paid, but seems like they were updating their system and the people did infact get paid.

They seem to be one of the only hosts (if not only?) that offer such a nice payout on referrals that may only pay $4/month. I've sent in a few tickets about the program (and received fast responses) so I'm inclined to think they're a good host as well. Every other affiliate I've looked at will pay nice comissions but only after the referral pays large upfront fees (usually yearly accounts). So, hows HostNine guys?

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Nov 13, 2008

I know the title of this thread seems a little hokey, but it's true and this is why:
Ben (operations manager) basically dropped everything to help me downgrade my account.

Here's the long story:

I have been with HostNine (h9) for about 18 months. I have hosted everything from ecommerce sites to forums and static sites. Recently, I needed to make a change to my account and downgrade from reseller account to a 'regular' account. Anytime I need to upgrade/downgrade my account I always do a little host shopping.

Sometimes I even just 'host shop' to see what else is out there.

A few months ago I tried media temple. What the heck right? I mean all the 'trendy' sites I went to seemed to have the {mt} badge on the site, plus the 'grid server' seemed to make sense to me. So I tried it. While it might have been ok for some people, the MySQL response time seemed slow. I also didn't seem to get the service I was used to at HostNine, so I went back.

Recently, when I needed to downsize my account from reseller to regular hosting, I decided to go host shopping. My criteria for a new host was cost, support, and the ability to host a good number of domains (around 20). I also wanted a solid host that wasn't going to go belly-up during this crappy economy. Unknowingly that HostNine changed their hosting packages, and after a couple of days looking, I went with HostGator.

Now, Hostgator and Hostnine both offer 'Unlimited' space, domains, and bandwidth. I'm smart enough to know that nothing is unlimited and also aware of hosts overselling server resources (which is why I left hostmonster to go to h9 18 months ago). I knew that on a good day my sites might take up a total of 3-4 gigs and I've never had bandwidth issues. But I get 'inspiration' frequently to buy a domain and start a new website.

I canceled my account with HostNine and went with HostGator.

Here's the kicker with HostGator and why I went back to HostNine: While Hostgator says 'Unlimited Space' they do keep a count on how many files you have. After 50,000 files they will remove your account from backups (and hence not back-up your site). At 250,000 files on the server they could suspend your account. It was no big deal at first. But then I started moving over my wordpress, expression engine, phpbb, and custom sites and realized that with the files in these scripts, plus e-mail, temp files, cache files, and images (even little icons), I could hit the 50,000 mark rather quickly. CRAP! Even if I stay at 3 gigs, I could still go over the file limits.

Realize that I moved all my sites to hostgator and all propagation had been completed.
At this time I did some more research on hosts and realized that HostNine changed their hosting packages and offers what Hostgator does without the limitations.

So (watch the order of events as I screwed this up) I submitted a cancellation request to HostGator. I THEN went to HostNine and started a live chat with Ben. I explained to him that I needed to downgrade my old account and not cancel it. I also explained to him that I needed to open up my new account ASAP because I was scared that because I canceled my account at HostGator I would miss any cancelation verification or any support tickets at either place.

Ben (HostNine operations manager), at that moment, took the time to personally downgrade my account and make sure I had all the information I needed to transfer my domains back to HostNine before I lost any important emails. My hosting issues were resolved in 10 minutes.

And, to look back, it's been like that with support since I started with hostnine. Unless I step away from the computer, support requests were responded to quickly and usually resolved painlessly.

Once I get more clients, I will go back to reseller hosting with H9. I just wanted to write a positive review for a great experience. If anyone is looking for a great host, try

Like I said to Ben - after being with bluehost, dreamhost, hostmonster, hostgator, and media temple, I think hostnine is the best for what I need.

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Hostnine Review

Apr 17, 2009

I was going to wait on this until I heard back from HostNine about my backups, but I'll go ahead and review them. By the way for anyone interested, you can view their F rating for yourself at the Better Business Bureau: [url]

I have used 6 hosts during my 9 years on the internet. Of those 6, HostNine is the 3rd longest at 9 months. It did seem to be the answer to what I was looking for. Back then the price was only $3.95 a month with no contracts. I could pay by the month, and I was a bit gun shy back then after going through 2 back to back bad situations, so I didn't want to pay for another year in advance and fear not getting my money back if I needed to leave.

I'm sure you've all heard the phrases, Don't judge a book by its cover and/or If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Well, HostNine fits both of those. You can't assume the company is reputable because they seem to be what you want and need. True, they have a very good uptime. I only had one problem in the first month, but my site was only down for a few hours, and I've had no problems since then (until I was suspended that is). I was assured it was another user that was taken care of. Well, I now know what they mean by "taken care of." My site has grown a little bit during those 9 months, but I never got even close to the max storage space or bandwidth allowed.

This host will suspend you after one thing that they feel violates their TOS. They don't care if it's fair. They don't care if the problem is easy to fix. They don't care if it's never happened before or that it won't happen again. Hostnine is a One Strike You're Out company. They act like it's to protect their other customers, but they wouldn't delay suspending any of those customers for the slightest reason. Is this what you would want to trust with your business?

They have a community forum that is comprised of their friends and loyal followers. If you dare post anything even slightly negative on that forum, a member will tell you that it's wrong...or your post will be deleted. HostNine expects all their members to visit this forum on a daily basis to read about any maintenance or server downtimes. Unless you join that community and become friends with the staff, they show you no loyalty if a problem arises. I don't want to be friends with my host. I just expect them to run in the background and provide the service I pay for.

I would never go back to HostNine, since I cannot trust them. BUT they promised me a backup, which I have in an email:

> From: HostNine Abuse <>
> Subject: [#ITH-505861]: Account Suspended: judelb
> Date: Monday, April 13, 2009, 7:02 AM
> We can provide a backup and please stop emailing support for
> a restore.
> Regards,
> Alex Jankuv
> Hostnine Support

I have waited and still have not received the backup. I have emailed and asked, but they are now ignoring me. Well, I won't be ignored. It doesn't hurt my feelings that they don't want me to be a customer anymore. I have a feeling I know why. They recently raised their prices to $6.95 a month to be prepaid for a full year. They are probably trying to weed out those of us that were paying $3 less on a monthly basis. Whether or not this is true is moot, though. I don't care what their reasons are, but I do care about not having received the backups they have promised me...and believe it or not, this could happen to you as well. I read all the negative reviews for HostNine out there, but I felt I would give them a chance. Until someone has burnt me, I try not to judge, but I'm here to try to save anyone else from this. My website is currently running on an old backup. I've had a lot of personal issues the last year, so I haven't downloaded any backups in awhile. It hurts my site and online business to be running on an old backup. How hard would it be for HostNine to give me the promised backups? I wouldn't think it that hard...would you?

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My Story With Hostnine

Feb 7, 2009

I've been with Hostnine for over a year now. Overall comment: service is good and support is OK but needs some work. HOWEVER, today I was threatened that my reseller account will be terminated in 72 hours. An unknown person, at the time, ddosed my website. I never even heard of the attacker until recently after the attack was made when other members from my community told me who he was. I run a gaming community, and the attacker apparently ddosed my website because I'm "stealing his players and reputation". Our community is bigger than his and perhaps he was a bit jealous, I'm not sure, but back on topic...

Hostnine claimed that "I am a danger to other clients and I'm putting them at risk".

This was their reason for shutting down my main account (the one that was ddosed). I contacted support via phone explaining the issue and I was inquiring why my account should be terminated over something I was completely innocent in and a victim of. They claimed it wasn't their decision to cancel the account and that is was strictly up to the abuse department. Text may sound louder than words, but all I said to the technician was it was "bs" (edited to bypass filter, sorry admins). I didn't say it in an angered voice nor was I yelling, cussing at, or being rude or insulting anyone. I said it in a calm voice and the next thing I hear is "You know what, you have a good day" and he hung up on me. Understandable I suppose, he took my words offensively even though I wasn't being rude about it.

Anyways, another technician replied to an open ticket I had open previously about the attack. He stated that I was completely rude and insulting the tech, and that they feel my entire reseller account should be terminated. They said they are here to give me support, not to be abused and insulted. I understand that, but I wasn't being insulting to the guy. The tech had no right to hang up on me, the other tech had no right to accuse me of "insulting and being rude to another tech", and he also had no right to completely remove my account for something so stupid. It seems they take everything offensively and just flip out over the slightest thing.

I can verify that as well. There was an earlier incident where a tech was being completely rude to me and he got fired because he randomly snapped at me. Anyways, putting aside the phone call, they completely misunderstood that I was the victim of a serious attack. They're basically taking it out on me for being a major risk to other clients and they're going to terminate my account, when what they should be doing is leaving me alone and pursuing the attacker. After all, I was the victim and the attacker was the one doing wrong.

I feel like I'm being punished for something I didn't do. What could I have done to prevent this? I tried explaining that to the host but they don't care -at all-. They have no sympathy and have been completely rude during the entire issue. And during the phone call, even if the tech did take offensively to what I said, that still doesn't give them a reason to completely terminate my account. My payments are usually always made on time, I'm patient when having issues, and I'm just an overall average good client, in my eyes.

So to sum it all up, I WOULD NOT recommend this host. If you're looking for good servers, go ahead and go with Hostnine. But the support can be terrible at times because some of the techs are really moody and have short tempers. And if you get ddosed by a random person, forget it, you might as well just think you did the attack yourself, because either way your account will be terminated because you'll become a risk to other clients.

Hostnine has A LOT of negative reviews. Some good too, but the majority of all reviews, I'd say, are negative. Search for yourself, there are dozens of topics on this forum about them.

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Being Bullied HostNine...

Apr 10, 2009

Received the following letter of the account I was completely stopped, without any warning, there is no opportunity for improvement

More absurd is that they contain is not my CPU log files is fantastic! My site daily maximum 160,000 views (Google Analytics)

Been two months this way, and there is no problem. Today, the issue of a sudden, but the number of only 10 million,

My site is composed of very simple php content html not more than eight, and almost static!


This message is to inform you that a domain under your account had to be suspended due to excessive CPU usage. We regret that this action was necessary, however, it had to be done for the greater good of the other users on that server. We have included the relevant server logs below for your perusal.

Regretfully, due to the severity of this case, we will not be able to reactivate this account. However, we can allow you the option of upgrading to a Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server, or provide backups.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Abuse issues are ONLY handled via email. Please do NOT call or chat regarding an abuse matter as you will only be directed to email us. ***

Domain Suspended:
This domain is located on: node66

NOTE: This account continually violates our defined Resource Limits and is not suitable for a shared hosting environment.

Please review the logs of abuse listed below for assistance in resolving this issue:

GET /SpryAssets/SpryCollapsiblePanel01.css HTTP/1.1
149-0 24219 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 0 13.2 0.01 0.01
GET /SpryAssets/SpryCollapsiblePanel.js HTTP/1.1
150-0 24220 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /images/ol-mu.gif HTTP/1.1
151-0 24221 2/2/2 K 0.00 2 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /flash-player/player.swf HTTP/1.1
152-0 24222 1/1/1 K 0.00 2 828 37.2 0.04 0.04 GET /comic.htm HTTP/1.1
153-0 24223 2/2/2 K 0.00 1 479 103.2 0.10 0.10 GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1
154-0 24224 0/0/0 W 0.00 3 1862214900 0.0 0.00 0.00 GET / HTTP/1.1
155-0 24225 2/2/2 K 0.00 3 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /mu-test-08.swf HTTP/1.1
156-0 24226 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 1 0.5 0.00 0.00 GET /forum/style.css HTTP/1.1
157-0 24227 0/0/0 W 0.00 3 1862214892 0.0 0.00 0.00 GET /flv/DC162.flv HTTP/1.1
158-0 24228 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 14 0.3 0.00 0.00 GET /forum/style_images/n.gif HTTP/1.1
159-0 24229 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 1 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /gold.gif HTTP/1.1
160-0 24230 2/2/2 K 0.00 2 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /mu-test-08.swf HTTP/1.1
161-0 24231 1/1/1 K 0.00 3 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /SpryAssets/SpryEffects.js HTTP/1.1
162-0 24232 7/7/7 K 0.00 1 0 0.0 0.00 0.00
GET /mu-test-08.swf HTTP/1.1
163-0 24233 6/6/6 K 0.00 0 0 49.5 0.05 0.05

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HostGator Or Hostnine

May 20, 2008

We have already too many servers in ThePlanet and CyberCon datacenter. So i want to change my mouth taste and looking a Managed dedicated server with Linux Based etc.

So i know these two companies last few years (HostGator, Hostnine). Can anybody tell us which company is better for dedicated server then i will signup them.

+ HostGator is Best? or Hostnine is Best?

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HostNine Opinions?

Sep 10, 2008

I have found Hostnine hosting company! These guys seems to provide the most suitable conditions for my future website, could you please leave your opinions about this company if you have ever had a deal with them!

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HostNine - They Do Seem To Care

Jun 29, 2008

On Thursday, I posted a review (on anther host review site)* of H9 which was not very complimentary to say the least. To my surprise on Friday morning I had an email from Ben Gabler the Operations Manager with H9 and his email expressed some concerns about what I had written. He asked if he could call me to discuss my problems and to cut a long story short, we spent 45 minutes on the phone on Friday afternoon and he gave me the impression that he is a guy who is really concerned that all H9 customers get what they want in terms of both price and service.

Ben's call came at a very opportune moment as on Friday morning I had spent several hours with my new hosting company trying to get tech support from a supposedly 24/7 tech support team - it just didn't happen - and 48 hours later, it still hasn't!

He gave me several good reasons to have another go with H9 - none of them monetary! One of the things we discussed at length was tech support. Ben explained to me why they were trying to get customers to use tickets rather than the telephone, the reasons are to long to go into here but I do now believe that for 99% of everyday problems it is actually better to use a ticket system rather than the phone. I am surprised at my own reaction here because I far prefer to pick the phone up than tap away at the keyboard, but as Ben pointed out, with a ticket system, you have a full trail of what was said by by yourself and the person dealing with the ticket - ain't no arguing with that!

I have to say that I was very impressed that he looks at the reviews posted here and he was concerned enough about my complaint to actually do something about it personally.

So, I decided to give H9 another try. During the early hours of Saturday morning, H9 transferred several accounts from the other web hosting company to my H9 account, For the most part the transfers went without a hitch and the one problem there was was sorted within 10 minutes of my seeing and reporting it to H9.

So from a good start to a patchy week, I have come back to being a very satisfied customer.

If no one objects, I'll post regular updates here.


*I have since tried to add a correction to the review that I wrote but is seems that it canít be done and I have had no reply to the email I sent to the siteís admins asking to add to the review. That is why this is being posted here.

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Becoming A Hosting Affiliate

May 16, 2009

I am planning to signup with one or more web hosts as an affiliate to make some money and would like to get some suggestion from you guys. (BTW, I have read plenty of old posts here at WHT and reading more when I find time).

- What is(are) the hosts that provide top recurring payouts (20% and above)? anyone in particular to avoid ?

- Is it wise to join only one or join atleast a few (2 or 5 ?) to spread the risk ?

- lastly, can money (mid 4 figures per month) be really made by being an affiliate ?

Anything else you would like to share.

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Startyourserver Affiliate

Apr 10, 2009

startyourserver rip scam their affiliate member, they not PAYING!

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Affiliate Program?

Mar 21, 2008

From 5% to 20% commissions - is it a good deal? Plan to become an affiliate from

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Any Feedback On Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

I'm thinking of hosting a bunch of domains with, I'd hate to set them all up and have to transfer later to another host. I'd appreciate some feedback on them, either positive or negative.

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Does Hostnine Suuport Always Stink Like This

Dec 26, 2008

I've tried to contact twice now, the first time I waited over 15 minutes and the system hung up on me. The second time I'm on the phone for over 20 minutes as I type this and all I hear is music. Man their phone support really sucks. Anybody else experience this? I'm cancelling my subscription.

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Hostnine - No More Live Support

May 31, 2008

Just in case you missed it, Hostnine is no longer offering live support. Live chat is sales only, and I was inform that support was only being provided by ticket

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HostNine.COM - Fraudulent And NOT Trustworthy

Apr 14, 2008

I'd just like to tell you about my experience with from a web development point of view.

I have recently coded their new website from PSD to HTML files, for the agreed fee of £177. 50% has been paid upfront, and a further 50% paid upon completion.

The work was completed 6 days ago, and since this I have been in contact with the company on a daily basis. I have been ignored and shunned away. I have been blocked from viewing their website (prooven), blocked from their AIM accounts (proven) and their online and telephone supports have been highly dismissive.

Only today, when I put pressure on the Operations Manager (whom I was dealing with - Ben Gabler), by ringing him directly, did I get a proper email response:


At this point we are not satisfied with your work and have no need for the layout. We have had several professional coders look at the code and have said it's not professional at all. I'm sorry things did not work out and we wish you the best.

I'd like to point out two things - my code is of the utmost excellence as many of you will know. I'm awaiting to hear what his professional coders have to say. Also, a deadline was never set in any of the E-Mail correspondance or MSN correspondance, all of which I have logs for. I completed the work in 3 days - timely enough one should think.

This company is rude, obnoxious and does not operate in a professional manner. Their telephone support answer the phone as "Hey, whats up?" and end the conversations with "Alright Jonny, see ya.." when I introduced myself as Jonathan Nathanson. Overall, I wouldn't reccomend them to anyone, and I am currently seeking guidance as to what I can do from here.

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Affiliate Tracking With Ubercart OR

Jan 9, 2009

Does anyone knows if ubercart has embended affiliate tracking capabilities? Do you know if any other open source e-shop has this feature? Could you suggest something you know from experience or heard of?

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Worldwide Affiliate Advertising

Mar 23, 2009

I'm currently looking for another affiliate network other then motive interactive. I'm trying to find more advertisements for other areas in the world. I love motive interactive so far but it's focus is mainly on US. I have a few ads that I'm using for AUS, UK and Canada but what about the rest of the world.

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New Type Of Hosting Affiliate

Apr 9, 2009

on my internet travels today I found a site that provides a warranty on web hosts. I'm not entirely sure of the details so I can't really comment on it but I found it rather interesting.

Anyway, some deeper digger found that this site is merely a rebranded hosting affiliate, with their top provider rank held by the one and only, Bluehost!

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Webhostingbuzz Affiliate Program

Jul 1, 2008

I joined Webhostingbuzz(WHB) affiliate program on Nov. 2007

And made 3 sales before Feb. 2008

And all these 3 sales are APPROVED after 1 or 2 months

But still I am not get paid in April

Then I wrote an email to them ask about this issue
and after about several days they told me that it was still not the time for the payment

I just had to wait

And May came, I wrote the secod email,
they told me


Please note that for a commission to become valid the referred website has to be active and running.

I am not sure why the customer I referred did not run his site on WHB, but I guess one possible reason might be like this

Then, in June, I wrote the 3rd email ask about the same issue

And now this time is even better, they totally ignored my email!

How time flies, here comes July

Let's see how they will surprise me and us

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Affiliate Programms, Which Pay For Traffic

Apr 5, 2008

if there are any web hosting providers, which are ready to pay both for sales and for increasing traffic to their web sites?

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Hostgator Affiliate Program

Jun 10, 2008

I've seen everyone and there grandma promoting Hostgator. I was wondering if you can share if you're converting sales or not. I'm guessing the Hostgator program works if everyone seems to have an affiliate account.

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Vps Hosts With Affiliate Programs

Oct 21, 2008

if you are vps hosting company with an affiliate program can you contact me,

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Affiliate/Reseller For Webhosting

Oct 2, 2008

I am wanting to get in to the webhosting/Server selling world. Now I want to start with something that won't cost me money. If it will cost money, it should be a one - timer and no more.

What did I have in mind?

Well, some kind of affiliate program where I get a form that sumbits data to the hoster that i'm affiliated with. This way I get a (small) fee.

What am I looking to sell then?


All I need is a company that offers this kind of plan.

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Hiding Affiliate Links

Jul 3, 2007

I'm creating a site similar to slickdeals & bensbargains and I'm trying to find a script that I can integrate into my text editor (tinymce.moxicode) that will create a tiny url as well as the redirect page automatically using php & mysql.

Looking at the following mouseover link from slickdeals:

slickdeals dot net/?pno=6999&lno=1&afscr=1

where it always starts with slickdeals dot net/

?pno=6999 each deal added gets a +1 to this number. The next deal would be 7000.

&lno=1 each link within a particular deal. Where the first link to the deal is lno=1, the next link (rebate) would be lno=2, etc.

&afscr=1 I'm not sure what this is for, I moused over a bunch of their links and they are all =1.

But the bottom line effect is that when you click on one of their links, it brings you momentarily to a blank page and then bestbuy dot com/etc/etc/etc comes up. The user never sees the funky affiliate link.

The best I've found so far is gentlesource dot com/short-url-script/

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