Any Free Hosting Options That Are Worth Looking At?

Jul 12, 2008

So far I really haven't found any free hosting options that I would personally use for any of my websites. Are there any "full-featured" free hosting options that a lot of people don't know about?

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Is It Worth It To Buy The Cheapest Hosting You Can Find

Sep 17, 2008

What are the most important things to look for in a hosting company?

Network Speed?
Quality hardware?
Quality Support?
Fast Support?

Most people would say all of above right? Well, if you had to stack each of the above in order of importance, where would you put cost at? Is it at the top for you or at the bottom? If I had to rate each of them it would look something like this:

Network Speed and reliability
Redundancy of power, bandwidth, cooling
Reputable Tier 1 carriers of bandwidth
Quality Support
Fast Support
Quality hardware

The problem is that I see many people on WHT acting like Cost if the #1 factor in determining a host. And when you let cost be your #1 determining factor, you will be usually sacrificing on some or all of the other factors that you should be looking at. The higher up the list you put cost in deciding where to host, the more you will sacrifice quality in these other important areas.

"But", you say, "I see many quality companies offering cheap pricing. Shouldn't I choose to go with them?" Consider this, hosting companies like any other business need to be able to make a profit. Sale prices are great but there are reasons for sale prices and you need to consider these reasons when choosing to buy a cheap server. Some common reasons for selling servers for extremely cheap are;

- The hardware is used and old and the hosting company is just looking get something for it. ANYTHING!
- They have an excess of inventory for one reason or another that they need to get rid of.
- They buy their servers used on Ebay and can therefore afford to sell them cheap.
- The cheap server is merely a loss leader used to bring business in order to sell other products and services at full price but is not a regular price that you can expect from this company.
- The company is new and is looking to attract prospective clients on price alone and is dropping the price just to get their client base increased quickly.

There are companies selling servers on WHT who fall into each of these categories so you need to think about this when you make a decision for who to go with. The common denominator with the above list is simple... It is Unsustainable! Not one of the reasons listed above can be sustained for a long period of time.

If you can get a good deal on a server with a solid company, and there are many on WHT that are great companies who have great deals on servers at times, then that is wonderful. But do not expect that you will be able to get insanely cheap pricing on a regular basis from this company and don't be surprised when you want another server if the price is significantly higher. Every hosting company has certain costs that are unavoidable:

- Rent
- Power
- Bandwidth
- Payroll
- Employee Benefits
- Server Hardware Costs
- Software Licensing
- Marketing and Advertising
- Maintenance Contracts
- Network Equipment
- Infrastructure Replacement (a/c's, generators, UPS units, etc.)
- Other Utilities

The point in bringing all of this up is that if you plan on finding a hosting company that you can stay with for the long haul, you need to look at their regular pricing for retail servers and for reselling servers. Cheap prices are great, but no business can stay in business if they only offer cheap pricing. And if a hosting company is only attracting you by their cheap pricing, then it shows that they are most likely weak when it comes to the other essential factors mentioned above that need to be considered. Any hosting company selling servers for under $80 per month for instance is loosing money in some way. Eventually, the price will be raised to cover those costs (like at LT this year) and then you are left to make up that difference.

As with most things in life, good quality cannot be sold cheap, and that which is cheap is usually not good quality.

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Free Hosting And Free Domain

Sep 17, 2009

Do you think if a company offered free web hosting and free domains people would snap them up like there is no tommorow?

Also does anyone one how much ICANN acredited registrars pay ICANN when they register a new domain?

any feedback would be great!

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Is It Worth The Extra Cost Of Using A UK Hosting Company For A UK Site

Mar 28, 2007

I'm just about to buy my first commercial hosting package. I'm leaning towards 1 and 1 hosting, but I don't know whether to go for the US or UK version.
The US version:
costs $2.99 a month
with 10GB storage and 300GB transfer

The UK version:
costs 4.49 a month (about $8)
with 1.5 GB storage and 20GB transfer

Are there many big / important advantages to going with a local host, and is it worth the extra cost?

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Hosting Options For Video

Sep 30, 2008

Just curious if any of you know of good ways to handle the bandwidth costs associated with hosting high traffic video sites.

For a future project I plan a dedicated server, but was hoping there might be a cheap way to avoid bandwidth costs - such as Amazon S3 (however from my calculations this is an expensive option).

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Pro's And Con's For Web And Database Hosting Options

Mar 26, 2008

I'm currently working for a company who are looking to migrate there current business system and also create an e-commerce website.

The company (Company A) who were doing the migration were also going to originally take care of the e-commerce side of things aswell, but after looking at the website solution they have now decided to give it to another company (Company B) to deal with. But seem to be sticking with the original company to do the business system migration.

Now this has created a bit of a problem with regards to the hosting side of things (amongst other things ).
Originally this was all going to be hosted by Company A. This would keep it all nicely integrated.
But now Company B are doing the e-commerce side of things it needs to somehow integrate with the business database.

And now for the question (about time i hear you ask ).
Can you give me the pros and cons of the following scenarios:

Scenario A:
We host both business system (database) and webservers onsite.

Scenario B:
Company A hosts business (database) solution. We host webserver.

Scenario C:
Company A hosts business (database) system. Company B hosts webserver.

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Error: /etc/rndc.key:7: 'options' Redefined Near 'options'

Jun 26, 2007

I've got a dedicated with Centos 4.x, WHM / Cpanel. I have problem when create new account, this is error:

Setting up Mail & Local Domains...localdomains...valiases ...vdomainaliases...vfilters......Done

Configuring DNS...Bind reconfiguring on server using rndc
Error reconfiguring bind on server: rndc: error: /etc/rndc.key:7: 'options' redefined near 'options'
rndc: could not load rndc configuration

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Grid / Utility / Cloud Hosting Worth Pursuing? (vs. Dedicated)

Apr 9, 2008

I'm planning on launching a php-based web application within a month or two and am weighing different hosting options. I was almost certain with my plan to use two dedicated servers (one for web, one for db) but I can't help reading about all of these new grid/cloud/utility hosting solutions that promise instant scalability and deployment - which sounds like a blessing. I know there is a lot of garbage and marketing hype so I felt I should ask what the real deal is. Are these services reliable, worth using, really that easy to use, powerful, etc? I was looking at gogrid's demo videos and to instantly launch a few web servers, a db server, load balancer, etc, in 15 minutes for 30% of the cost - I can't ignore it.

So whats the deal?

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Hosting Deal Gone Wrong. On Options.

Mar 6, 2007

I represent a small software development company out of Bellevue, WA. For the longest time we had our server (3U rack) based in Sunny Southern California. We were paying $150/m for 3mbit connection with six IPs. We use the server for work as well as hosting a gaming community. We'd host half-life 2 servers for friends and family for the longest time.

We began to go over our monthly bandwidth allocation limits late last year and had to shell out for the overage charges. Not a big deal. However, a good friend of one of my associates said he could get us free hosting up here in Seattle if we moved our machine.

I was skeptical, but he said he knew someone who was an employee at one of the major datacenters here in Seattle and that she could get us in as long as we hosted her website. We moved our box in November of 2006. It is now March 6, 2007, and we just received word that we've been had. I guess the employee at said datacenter broke some rules and as a result lost privilages to host her own private machine.

So, while she was busy leading us along, we were basically frozen as a small start-up company as our servers were offline and our ability to function without this machine online was greatly hindered.

So, today I was turned onto this website as a place to find answers to questions about hosting. Well, here's my question.

Does anyone know of anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and/or Northern California that provides affordable hosting and quality service? We're looking for rack space for our 3U server and a 3mbit connection. Ideally we'd like more bandwidth than this as 3mbit wasn't enough at our old location... however, considering the amount of loss we've taken during this disaster, we'll settle for anything. We also only need 1 IP, but more wouldn't be a bad thing.

The key word here is affordable. We are starving college kids and hosting is expensive.

We're quite desperate, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again, we're looking for cheap/affordable hosting sollutions in the Pacific Northwest that meets the above requirements.

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Australian Based Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Options?

Oct 30, 2007

have a number of vps servers with USA based VPS hosts, very happy with these companies but as they are USA based load time could be improved with AU based server. Also search engine considerations as well fictate we need to offer AU based hsoting. So now looking to setup future accounts a little closer to home with australian based vps hosting

Does anyone know of a really good, fast, reliable affordable vps host offering cpanel/whm vps hosting in a top notch australian data centre.

hoping to pay arounf $100 per month, with room to grow when we have more clients on the server...

This is the average package we are on with us based hosts so looking for something as close as possible to this...

$89 Monthly
$0 Setup
2 GB Burst RAM
512 MB Guaranteed RAM
20 GB Storage
500 GB Monthly Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited User Accounts

Minimum Server Specs
Dual Xeon 3 GHz or Better
8 GB Registered ECC RAM
U320 SCSI HD in Hardware RAID 10
Zero Downtime During Drive Failure
Hot-Swap Drives and Fans
Replaceable on the Fly
Dual Gigabit Network Interfaces

If anyone can point me in the direction of some reputable companies id be very happy!

Yes i have searched the forum but cant really find mention of good australian based vps hosts.

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Are There Any Stable Cloud Hosting Options To Replace Dedicated Server?

Oct 4, 2008

I've got a dedicated server through Liquid Web. I can't say enough about how great the reliability and service has been since I switched over to them a number of months ago.

Nevertheless, with the advent of cloud hosting, I'm intrigued by the idea of paying for what I actually use on a server rather than having way more capacity than I need 90% of the day.

I've looked around here and there's a bit of talk about it but it doesn't seem like folks are scrambling into it and it also appears that the offereings are still relatively immature.

I really don't have the time to devote to tweaking, etc or figuring out something really complicated.

I'll stick to my dedicated server if it means tons of extra work or potential downtime or massive frustration but I wanted to get some feedback from the community about whether or not there are some stable cloud hosting options that are emerging that might be worth considering.

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Free Hosting

Nov 28, 2008

What does everyone think about free hosting? Is there always a catch or are there really some good free hosting?

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Best Free Hosting

Aug 24, 2009

I need a good and free hosting with php/mysql support for a personal site i am making.

All the site is database driven so the host needs to have fast db connections.
The site will also have some audio/photos not bigger than 3/4mb.

Any suggestions?

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Looking For A Free Hosting

Oct 1, 2007

I've made my first website and I'm trying to find web hosting that is free and that it will also allows me to transfer my files through ftp directly through an ftp server. (

I've tried using the one for but it doesn't work.. I tried it using port 21, 22, and 80 in both frontpage and filezilla and they didn't work.. I guess it's the ftp server that isn't really working, or the information they provide is inaccurate.

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Looking For Free Hosting

May 7, 2007

I have been searching for free hosts since last few months and I didnt have much success in it,

so far I have tried these sites none work ...

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Free Web Hosting Ads?

Jun 25, 2009

i have seen one website ad on internet, offering free web hosting for 1 year (500 mb) with the purchase of any domain name.

I would like to confirm. Is these types of Ads are original or they are offering a fake offer (hidden cost). Because as i know, the domain hosting cost is very high as compare to buy a domain...

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Free Web Hosting .....

Jan 25, 2008

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose -

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 250 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

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Free Web Hosting

May 7, 2007

Here's a new free web host to check out:


5GB disk space
20GB monthly bandwidth
10 MySQL databases
PHP support

Perfect for sites that aren't bandwidth intensive. Anyway, you can't beat the price, particularly if you need to host lots of small sites. I'm currently using the service to host articles and link pages, and it's working out nicely.

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Free No-ads Hosting

Aug 6, 2008

some companies claim that they provide hosting services better than some paid ones for free and with no ads. Like 110MB Hosting

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Free Web Hosting

Jul 29, 2007

Me and a few friends decided to start a web site but we don't have a very large member base at the moment so we are on free forum hosting. I thought the next logical step would be to get some free or very inexpensive website hosting that offered a domain name. So I got from and tried out their free hosting.

What is really bothering me is that their ad that they put on the top of every page apparently "interferes" with the registration images on PHPBB and SMF forums. I really don't know a lot about web hosts but this just sounds fishy to me. Should I switch web hosts?

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Tell Me A Free Hosting Providers Name?

Apr 26, 2009

I have a domain from go daddy but I want to use free hosting for that domain. any one know any free hosting providers.

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Best Site For Free Hosting

Oct 17, 2007

Can anyone tell me which is the best site for website hosting ? i have used javascript 2 and html for coding. which is the best site ??

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Setting Up Free Hosting With Ads

Apr 9, 2009

Im looking to start giving away free hosting but to be able to place ads on their sites.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

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Free Hosting | What Are The Limitations?

Apr 14, 2009

I know,Free Hosting has various limitations but I wanted to get the communities view to It.

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Free Hosting For Joomla

Nov 2, 2008

I'm hungarian and my english is not very well. So I'm looking for a free hosting with the most space (for videos etc.) and in which Joomla can run correctly. I've been looking for a hosting like this for weeks now but I couldn't find any. I would be really grateful if anyone can show me a hosting like that.

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Free Hosting Server

Jul 21, 2006

im looking a free hosting server, let me explain what im looking for, i have some free softwares on my hard drive, i want to host them so other people also downloads these and its give me also a web location to store them in one place, for this im looking a free hosting server which support a great amount of web space and bandwidth.

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Finding The Right Free Hosting

Jan 21, 2008

I have searched the internet all over , to find a web host that offers :

FREE Domain Mapping
Full support of Wordpress << MySQL , PHP Send mail
Hot linking enabled
Great uptime
Decent bandwidth
speedy servers
NoOo Ads , and the ability to put mine

did it mention it should be?

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Adult Free Hosting?

Sep 26, 2008

Is there a site that shows the different companies that offer free hosting? I have found a few but they never state if the company offers a free site creator or if the site allows you to use ithe free service for adult websites? Please help i need a site creator because i do not know html plus i want to make a adult site!

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VPS To Offer Free Hosting

Mar 25, 2009

I need a VPS with Cpanel/WHM/WHMCS or iHost.

Looking to spend around 25 - 40 month.

The must allow free hosting with legal adult content.

Right now i am with a reseller and the are abusing their downtime.

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Best Free Hosting Site

Jul 10, 2008

i play for a football team and have designed a web site for the team and i am now looking for a free web hosting service and also a good site to buy a domain name, i'm based in the united kingdom.

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Free Web Hosting And DirectAdmin

Jan 27, 2009

why is so hard to find free web hosting space with the DirectAdmin control panel. There are a lot of free web hosing companies who offers cpanel, but I was unable to find any hosting company that's offer free web hosting with DirectAdmin.

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