APF: Allowing By Hostnames

Feb 8, 2007

It's possible to allow certain IP ranges to access certain ports by adding to allow_hosts.rules, but is it possible to allow certain domain names?

Eg: I want to allow all users of bell.ca to access port 41125-41130, and block all others from inbound/outbound.

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2 VPS, Hostnames On Same Domain

Apr 15, 2008

There is Server US. it's hostname is US.domain.com
the ns pointing to it are ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com

There is Server UK. it's hostname is UK.domain.com
the ns pointing to it are ns3.domain.com and ns4.domain.com

however, the UK.domain.com resolves simply because I added a dns zone on Server US, which points to the IP of UK. If server US goes down, UK.domain.com is unaccessible, so UK VPS is accessible only via IP.

How can I fix this issue and make the second server respond on that UK.domain.com URL without depending on the US server?

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Dec 22, 2007

What are anonymous hostnames and nameservers?

They seem to be quite popular among the larger hosts. Is it simply a non-branded domain, not associated with the business name/main domain itself.

I take it, this generic domain that is used for the anonymous hostname/nameservers is not hosted to any site?

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Sharing The Same Domain With Different Hostnames

Aug 11, 2007

I am wondering is there a possibility for below:

I have a established host on a dedicated company1 like hostname1.mydomain.com and I want to get another dedicated server from company2 like hostname2.mydomain.com

Is this possible? Like sharing the same domain with different hostnames? Does whm allows this? And how they negotiate each other?

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Plesk Automation :: Choosing Hostnames For Service Nodes?

Mar 23, 2015

I can't seem to find if there is a way to specify what hostname is used for a service on a service node. For instance, if one creates a service node named web01, and makes it a DNS service node, is web01 what will be used when creating NS records in zone files, or is there a way to change that?

The ppademo.com site is offline (and was unlicensed again last week).

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Unable To Establish Connection. License Server Hostnames Could Not Be Resolve

Nov 5, 2008

I got a new server from uk2, has whm but i just couldnt get the server to work, i changed hostname and made nameservers etc but couldnt get it to work i pointed ips to hostnames and everything no response, domain is www.uploadline.com ns1.uploadline.com and ns2.uploadline.com i havent used cpanel for 2 years now and i used to have alot of experience in it before these days i just stick to directadmin and other control panels.

I just need to ask a few questions and i need help too to get my server up and running as im losing alot of time and money here

i remembered when i changed hostname on whm i need to run this through ssh:
So i did, and this was the result:


login as: rootroot@server80004.uk2net.com's password:
Last login: Sat Nov 1 01:39:07 2008 from proxy-sov.uk2.net
root@server1 [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
Updating Internal cPanel Information........................................quer y failed: query timed out
[cpkeyclt.pl]: No working dig found!
Unable to establish connection. License server hostnames could not be resolve to IPs.
root@server1 [~]#

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Allowing Large Downloads

Mar 9, 2009

I'm selling downloads of music files. The zip files are quite large. I've had several people complain that they get a message that the server resets their connection before the download finishes.

What can I do to allow these large downloads?

I'm on IIS.

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SMTP Only Allowing Connections Via SSL

Jan 24, 2008

I have a CentOS server running WHM/cPanel and have just had a recent problem pop up:

My SMTP server will only accept connections if the client has their SMTP settings set to use SSL. It won't accept regular, non-SSL connections. Ordinarily I'd welcome the added encryption, however, most of my users who rely on the SMTP server have their mail clients set not to use SSL.

Is this a setting somewhere? If so, can someone direct me as to where it would be, because I've been looking for hours and can't find a thing!

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Softlayer Not Allowing Us To Cancel Server

Jun 9, 2008

we've been with Softlayer for a little over a year. The service has been good but their support has been a nightmare for us. There was a time that we were under a dos attack and they refused to do anything about it which is what forced us to switch.

But that's not the reason I'm here. My billing ends on the 12th, their terms require you cancel the server 3 days before billing ends. I pay manually each month by pay pal. I tried to cancel the server today, what I assumed was 3 days before the 12th and they told me I couldn't do it. That I had to pay for another full month. So I told them I just won't pay and they threatened me with a late fee. Is there anything legally these people can actually do to me if I don't pay? All they have is my contact information, I don't think they could submit to collections over that without my social security number.

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Allowing Users To Change Their Passwrods Themselves

Dec 7, 2008

I am providing consultancy for a SOHO type of organization - 6-10 employees. The budget is not much for hosting. So we can't go high end. The current hosting company, in a way addresses more than 60% of the needs. However 1 important need is for users to be able to change their password for their email account. The current host says that DirectAdmin and CPanel fall short on this and nothing can be done. Any suggestions for hosts that address this need?

This is what the current package looks like:

* Directadmin control panel
* Apache web server
* Exim smtp server
* PHP5 scripting language
* PHPMyAdmin database control
* Unlimited subdomains
* SSI server side includes
* Centos linux OS
* Great uptime
* Squirrelmail web mail
* MySQL 5 database server
* PERL private CGI-BIN
* Unlimited domain pointers
* Webalizer statistics
* 1,000 megabytes of space
* 5,000 megabytes of transfer
* Unlimited POP3 and FTP
* Unlimited mySQL databases
* Unlimited sub domains

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Allowing Users To See Only Their Own Processes In FreeBSD

Jul 26, 2008

I ran a shell server on FreeBSD 4.x and was able through (if I recall...) a kernel option to allow users to only see their own processes. For example, if a user ran top it only showed their processes and no others.

I'm racking my brain trying to remember what I did to make that happen and I'm not having much luck with google.

Any other FreeBSD folks here that are familiar with this and care to remind me?

I think it's time I start keeping notes.

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Apache :: Allowing EXE File Download

Oct 3, 2013

We're running a departmental intranet site on Apache 2.2 (on Windows Server 2003, if that matters). I'm trying to figure out how to post exe files on the web site so I can create a link and users can download the programs.trying various changes to my httpd.conf file, but no matter what I tried I get a 403 Forbidden error and the error.log file shows an error "Options ExecCGI is off in this directory:...".

1) I've tried putting the EXE in various folders.
2) I don't have a .htaccess file and I don't see anything in the httpd.conf file that seems to specifically relate to access for this file type.
3) If I put a zip file in the same folders, I am able to download or open it.
4) The httpd.conf file should be whatever was created when we installed Apache.

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Looking For Canadian Hosting Allowing Adult Sites

May 19, 2009

I am looking for a Canadian host who necessarily have their servers in Canada who offer dedicated hosting and who hosts adult sites. I don't have anything particular specifications as of now since my sites are overall small (1k/day).

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VPS Hosts Allowing Unlimited Email Sending

Mar 3, 2009

I am looking for a VPS hosting company that basically allows unlimited email sending without restrictions. Does it necessarily have to be off-shore?

I will be sending about 300k per day, or somewhere in that neighborhood.

The bandwidth and storage I am not too concerned about.

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Allowing Whm Installed And Use In Share Hosting Account

Apr 20, 2009

This is one of my thoughts and a valid one based on my own experience.

One of the problems with shared hosting account that comes with multiple domain/web hosting, is that all the hosted domains shared one single cpanel and one root directory where all the addon domains directories and files are all jammed up together with the maindomain's directories and files.

Notably is some php scripted sites running on addon domains were unable to function effectively. One such example is using imagevue - a photo slideshow/gallery script. The problem of no photos or photos unable to load/show when the site is called directly from the addon domain [url]

However, when accessed through the maindomain [url] it has no such problem and the photos showed up.

With the above incident and having tried on three other different webhosts, it's clear that something has to be done or otherwise, having multiple domain hosting has no real benefits if you consider the above matters.

As such, the only solution I can think of is to install whm on our shared hosting account so that we can have each added domain to have its own independent cpanel.
So long as we are not doing any reselling activities, there is no reason for the webhost to object or refused.

If your webhost is genuinely care about you and truly to provide an enhanced and efficient webhosting experience, then whm is one way to overcome any shortcomings from existing facility of using a single cpanel for all your multiple addon domains.

Of course, another alternative is to use subdomains from the main domain and redirect all your addon domain sites to the subdomains. That would really defeat the purpose of having addon domains in the first place. Also, why should we? since the hosting account is for multiple domain hosting.

Webhosts offering so-called unlimited domain hosting or limited multiple domain hosting on a single cpanel, should review the existing known issues such as the one mentioned above, and consider using whm to overcome such issues, thus truly provide a pleasant and effective multiple domain web hosting experience to its customers.

Webhosts should tweak and enhance its existing features/softwares/hardwares to improve the overall webhosting services.

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Cpanel Main Domain Not Allowing Subdomains

Apr 3, 2009

When trying to make a subdomain on my main cpanel domain, through cpanel, it acts like it is making it, and adds the dns entry, but it does not work. All other domains work fine.

I submitted a ticket to buycpanel, they asked for the login information this morning, and have not heard back from them. This has happened every since they installed cpanel.

I am hoping its something simple that one of you knowledgeable people may know how to fix.

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CPanel Allowing / Disallows SSL Access On Subdomain

Apr 30, 2008

I am going to buy a godaddy wildcard subdomain SSL certificate. Basically I want the ability to enable and disable ssl on certain subdomains from cpanel. Basically I am going to charge customers extra for an SSL enabled subdomain.

Can I create an .htaccess file in the home folder of the subdomain which forces SSL or unforces/disables SSL? Maybe also do mod_rewrite so for example if they paid extra for ssl support:

Also if they didnt pay for SSL

[url] TO [url]

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Cpanel Not Allowing Access To User Accounts

Jul 11, 2008

On a new server we have running CPanel, we have manually created a user account and when i try and log into mydomain.com/whm with that username/password it doesn't let me.

Now my second thought is that I should be logging into mydomain.com/cpanel rather than mydomain.com/whm but I get a 404 for /cpanel.

If i'm logged in as root, i cannot transfer into the user account cpanel either...

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MySQL Stops Allowing External Connections

Apr 3, 2008

Recently I've upgraded my MySQL server. I connect to it via a conection from NIC to NIC (Internal IP addresses). Since the upgrade/format, I've managed to get everything back to the way it was. Everything works fine for 15-20 minutes. Then the PHP server can no longer access the MySQL server.

I tried logging in from the PHP server, I get access denied. I then tried logging in locally, on the MySQL server and I get in fine...

It's not like it's a firewall issue though, it's strange...

I tried updating PHP/MySQL to a few releases, even the RC's to no avail...

Something to note is that when I try restarting MySQL it can take 4-5 minutes, sometimes not even complete.

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Allowing Legit Traffic Permanently (CSF Iptables)

Oct 29, 2007

My server runs on CSF.

Very often the firewall automatically ban some of my customers IP who has fix IP to access to their webmail and website, because they have over 100 staffs, maybe that is why the IP was banned automatically for having too many connections to the server.

Everytime I unban the IP, it keeps being banned again. I have to stop / restart iptables to flush it.

How can I allow the IP permanently?

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Is There A VPS Hosting Provider Allowing Customized Xen Image Upload

Sep 2, 2007

I am a application/systems developer looking for a VPS hosting provider that would allow me upload a customized xen image that I could use as a template for additional VPSs.

Does anyone know of a hosting provider that could do this type of thing?

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Hosting Allowing Chmod? New To Hosting

Mar 24, 2008

I recently got webhosting with godaddy which I have now decided was a bad choice. Its "user friendly" model makes it harder. My main problem at the moment is loading forum php script and such I have to have my permission changed which i know how to do but it wont let me through ftp or godaddy's filemanager (though it says you can). *Does someone know how to do this on godaddy **or what hosting do you recommend for: ....

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