Dec 22, 2007

What are anonymous hostnames and nameservers?

They seem to be quite popular among the larger hosts. Is it simply a non-branded domain, not associated with the business name/main domain itself.

I take it, this generic domain that is used for the anonymous hostname/nameservers is not hosted to any site?

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2 VPS, Hostnames On Same Domain

Apr 15, 2008

There is Server US. it's hostname is
the ns pointing to it are and

There is Server UK. it's hostname is
the ns pointing to it are and

however, the resolves simply because I added a dns zone on Server US, which points to the IP of UK. If server US goes down, is unaccessible, so UK VPS is accessible only via IP.

How can I fix this issue and make the second server respond on that URL without depending on the US server?

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APF: Allowing By Hostnames

Feb 8, 2007

It's possible to allow certain IP ranges to access certain ports by adding to allow_hosts.rules, but is it possible to allow certain domain names?

Eg: I want to allow all users of to access port 41125-41130, and block all others from inbound/outbound.

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Sharing The Same Domain With Different Hostnames

Aug 11, 2007

I am wondering is there a possibility for below:

I have a established host on a dedicated company1 like and I want to get another dedicated server from company2 like

Is this possible? Like sharing the same domain with different hostnames? Does whm allows this? And how they negotiate each other?

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Plesk Automation :: Choosing Hostnames For Service Nodes?

Mar 23, 2015

I can't seem to find if there is a way to specify what hostname is used for a service on a service node. For instance, if one creates a service node named web01, and makes it a DNS service node, is web01 what will be used when creating NS records in zone files, or is there a way to change that?

The site is offline (and was unlicensed again last week).

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Unable To Establish Connection. License Server Hostnames Could Not Be Resolve

Nov 5, 2008

I got a new server from uk2, has whm but i just couldnt get the server to work, i changed hostname and made nameservers etc but couldnt get it to work i pointed ips to hostnames and everything no response, domain is and i havent used cpanel for 2 years now and i used to have alot of experience in it before these days i just stick to directadmin and other control panels.

I just need to ask a few questions and i need help too to get my server up and running as im losing alot of time and money here

i remembered when i changed hostname on whm i need to run this through ssh:
So i did, and this was the result:


login as:'s password:
Last login: Sat Nov 1 01:39:07 2008 from
root@server1 [~]# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
Updating Internal cPanel Information........................................quer y failed: query timed out
[]: No working dig found!
Unable to establish connection. License server hostnames could not be resolve to IPs.
root@server1 [~]#

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Will The Nameservers Work If The Nameservers Are Pointed To A Parking Page

May 26, 2008

Will the nameservers work if the nameservers are pointed to a parking page?
For example:

I need to change my nameservers to and

(nameservers are made up)

These nameservers are from my web hosting service provider. When I visit the nameservers, it shows up a parking page from a domain parking service (let's say NameDrive parking page)

Will the nameservers function correctly and will my websites work? I have this question because usually the nameservers that I use, they always point to a CP page or something like that rather than a parking page.

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Oct 29, 2008

Will domains still function if they have differing nameservers at the registry from what they do on the server side? i.e. pointing to ns1/ at the registry but on the server the DNS zone has it as ns1/, baring in mind both sets of nameservers are pointing at the same server.

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Nameservers...what Do I Do Next?

Jul 22, 2007

I have purchased a reseller account from (not real names) They provide me with and, as well as the two associated ip addresses. They tell me to use these 2 ip addresses to set up my own custom nameservers.

I want my own nameservers - and Tech support at tells me thay cannot help me. They tell me to go to the company where I purchased and manage the domain name

I do, and find the control panel page where I -CREATE NAME SERVER-. This I do, and I use the above mentioned ip addresses. This seems to work. When I go back to this control panel page the next day, the entries I made are still there. Yet, I cannot "ping" my nameservers.

Now what? I have tried "google-ing" and not being a super-tech, I get lost. It appears that I must make some changes in my WHM, (I have a WHM...), but I have no access to any "Server" settings.

I have another reseller account with a totally different company, and when I asked them to set up custom nameservers, they just "did it" for me. Again, the hosting company was not related to the domain registering company.

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Best Way To Set Up My Nameservers

Dec 7, 2007

I am experimenting with setting up my first unmanaged dedicated server.

I have directadmin as a cp.

I have 5 separate IP's available to me.

I went to my domain registrar and set up host as and using my first two IP's that are available.

My question now is what is the best way to use my three remaining IP's? Do I set them up as completely different domain nameservers ie. etc.? Out of those three, I thought you need two IP's per nameserver domain? Is that wrong thinking?

I don't want any relationship shown in a whois dns info between the ips.

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DNS - Nameservers

Apr 11, 2009

How to configure DNS(nameservers) without cP/WHM and any other Control Panel. I can use your only SSH for it.

OS = CentOS5
DNS Server: Bind

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Vps And Nameservers

Apr 20, 2009

If i create a vps using openvz and use a new ip for that vps e.x:

What nameservers i must use to point my domain to that vps?

NS1 <--- 123.456.789.0

NS2 <--- ?

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Some VPS With Same Nameservers

May 15, 2009

how can i run some VPS(diferent ip's) in a DedicatedServer with same nameserver.

all sites in VPS1 using ip:
all sites in VPS2 using ip:
all sites in VPS3 using ip:
all in a DedicatedServer
now i want using for all sites.
xen/openvz on Centos/RHLE used.

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Jun 1, 2007

I recently bourght a dedicated server, and found out I don't know whta my name servers are, the company gave me there nameservers, I was fine, but when I input my name servers in namecheap or godaddy ect, I get this:


There is some problem updating the NameServers
The problem is: nRRPResponseCode 541

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Nameservers Set Up In WHM

Aug 7, 2007

I just have a question on setting up Nameservers in WHM. Is it necessary to add an "A" entry to the name servers, and if so, do I need to do so on both nameservers, or just the first one?

What's the reason/ necessarily for adding a A entry to a nameserver, and can it be skipped?

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Nameservers Forward?

Jan 22, 2008


i really rely on your expertise guys please help me!

a cpanel server A has some domains on host 1
a new cpanel server B is set ready for migration on host B.

the greek registrar i use,
by accident (As they say) switched ips for my nameservers from A to B and the migration has not been done!!!!

can i set up a record or something on server B to forward all traffic back to server A ???????

Sorry i'm not a network expert. That's why i'm here



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Forwarding To IP Rather Than Nameservers?

Feb 21, 2007

I have a domain at Enom and I have a use for it which would require it being assigned an IP address rather than nameservers in order to reach the server it would be hosted on - I have 2 questions please:-

Would doing it this way bring any penalties in search engine ranking, PR or any other problems?

How would it best be done at Enom?

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Register Your Nameservers

Dec 6, 2006

i have started moving domains from Cpanel/whm server to my HSphere server that uses a new nameserver, but have come up against problem with the new NameServer.

When moving .biz .info i get error about nameserver not being resgistered, after doing some seaching it appears that some domain resgistrars (in this case 123reg) are starting to enforce a security feature whereby All registrars need the name server registered before you can point any domain name to the name server.

Diggin further i found this at which where i have my HSphere service domain:


Registering a Child Name Server as mentioned above is just the first step. The Child Name Server needs to be registered at the Registry to only serve as a non-authoritative Record should your Child Name Server not be resolvable in some extreme condition.

This Name Server would start working only after you have added an Address (A) Record or Canonical (CNAME) Record for this Name Server within the Zone for the domain name (of this Child Name Server) at your own DNS Server, thus binding the NS to the IP Address.


i. If you are running your own DNS Servers then you would need to add a Zone for the domain name and create an A Record like 38400 IN A 111.222.333.444

ii. If you wish to simply point your Name Servers to another Name Servers, you may add a CNAME Record to those (while ensuring that those Name Servers have an A Record within the Zone created for your Name Servers as well). 38400 IN CNAME

Also at there should be an Zone for with an A Record for, making it authoritative for resolving

In most cases your ISP would have already created the above for you and you need not bother about the same.

My service domain, and one i am using for nameservers, HSphere dns settings looks like

Name TTL Class Type Data Action 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete 86400 IN A Click to delete

So from what i tell i have furfilled critria?

I have to say i am a little confused over this!

I am thinking that maybe i have to make some changes at or maybe get my co-lo provider to make changes?

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Which Domains Used By Which Nameservers?

Jan 19, 2008

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to enter a Nameserver, and it would then return the Domains that use that Nameserver in its DNS.

I see has a tool that does it, but it costs. Is there a free one available?

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Nameservers Are Not Reachable

Dec 16, 2006

I have created 2 nameservers and assigned unique IPs to them and I have my domain using them. Everything was fine until today when suddenly I cannot reach

I restarted BIND, Apache and even my server but still the same issue. I checked that Apache is still running.

My DNS reports for says:

A timeout occurred getting the NS records from your nameservers! None of your nameservers responded fast enough. They are probably down or unreachable. I can't continue since your nameservers aren't responding. If you have a Watchguard Firebox, it's due to a bug in their DNS Proxy, which must be disabled (31 Jul 2006 UPDATE: several years after being informed of this, there is a rumor that there is a fix that allows the Watchguard DNS proxy to work).

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How To Add SOA Records For New Nameservers?

Aug 1, 2006

I have added a new ip for my nameserver3 and now it is pingable... But when I try to point a domain it says something like "check SOA record for your nameserver3" etc...

How can I add SOA records for this new nameserver via whm or?

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Setting Up Your Own Nameservers

Sep 8, 2006

Just got a new dedicated box (Fedora 5/CPanel/WHM). I didn't realize I had to set up my own nameservers with it. Definitely not a subject I am well versed in. Anyone know where I can find out how to get started?

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Configure Two Nameservers?

Feb 16, 2008

I have a question on how to set up (clone) two nameservers.

I have two VPS' with two IPs that are totaly independent of each other. Both running ispCP with Apache2, mail, ftp, mysql, AND bind9 as DNS managment.

So. I want these two server to be as independent as they are, BUT they should share NameServers with each other.

Something like this:

host1: = host1 = host2

host2: = host1 (or host2?? = inverted) = host2 (or host1?? = inverted)

A lot of domains are running more then one NameServer, but I could not find any tutorial on how to "clone" the NS from one to an other. Is it enough to just add some kind of "transfer to IP setting" in bind, or do I have to have scripts that download settings and files from one server to an other regularly?

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Webmin & Nameservers

Nov 18, 2008

Webmin ...

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Configuring DNS And Nameservers

Jan 22, 2007

I got dedicated server with plesk 7.8 installed on it. Can anybody tell me what to do next to add new website.

I have ip through which i can login to plesk control panel.

I want to know how can i create name servers which i will use for my domains like

What setting i need to create by use DNS button in control panel to run my sites properly.

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Nameservers Change

Apr 13, 2008

i have changed the nameservers in one of my domains and now on it is loading from new server but only when i type When i type my site stills loading for the old have passed 12 hours from the time i made the is something else i must do to have my site also available from the new server when someones type ?

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WHM Custom Nameservers

Jun 24, 2009

We just got a dedicated server, my first time messing with anything dedicated though I've had WHM before. I have 4 domains I'd like to setup to point to this. But I'd prefer our company URL to host the name servers. Domains are registered through enom who will allow me to setup the name servers.

I'm trying to use the "Nameserver IPs" section in WHM to setup the name servers but it just sits and "works" but never actually finishes. Does my company URL need to be pointing to the server before doing this?

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Possible To Have More Than 4 Nameservers In Cpanel

Apr 23, 2009

Am just wondering is it possible to have more than 4 nameservers in cpanel.

I know in server configuration you can add the 4. Is it possible to add more?

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2 Ips - Nameservers IP Addresses

Sep 7, 2007

Recently we add a new server,so we register ns3 and ns4 to 2 new ips,of the new server.

Then,in the old server,we set ns3 and ns4 as A records to the new ips.

Doing a dns reverse to ns3 and ns4 they report the correct ips. BUT When make a dns reverse for the nameservers ips,it makes a loop.....

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How Do You Trace NameServers?

Nov 5, 2009

How do I trace name servers back to the web hosting company?

There is a website that is sharing my copyrighted information and I want to contact their hosting company.

They are using nameservers

Anyone have a tool for this?

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Configured Nameservers

Jul 7, 2009

i installed on my server csf firewall.

After review security server.shows message error the Sections of warning .

This indeed is a topologically error.

How is this to repair and correct.

Check nameservers

At least one of the configured nameservers:
should be located in a topologically and geographically dispersed location on the Internet - See RFC 2182 (Section 3.1)

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