What Would Prevent A File Being FTPed Immeidately And Showing Up On Website

Jan 29, 2007

I am trying to ftp some changes to my site. The strange thing is that while the FTP client (Filezilla) is accepting the new file, it will not show up on the new site. I've tried caching, refreshing browers, and rebooting but nada.

I then went back into my FTP client and checked the timestamp of the file being uploaded. For whatever reason, it will not show the most recent time of the file being uploaded, much less accept the most recent upload.

Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

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Update Php And Website Showing Php Code

Apr 10, 2009

I have update php successfully 5.2.6 to 5.2.9.

-bash-3.2# php -v
PHP 5.2.9 (cli) (built: Apr 10 2009 00:53:01)
Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Zend Technologies

i already restart the httpd but everytime I go to my website, php page is now showing my php page as php code. :/

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Apache :: Website Showing Blank Page?

Apr 30, 2015

I recently configured a Centos 6.5 server with Java JDK1.8 and the bundled Tomcat server X64 application. I confirmed the web server port is not already in use and also installed the Tomcat APR libraires. The application starts fine and all the logs show no severe errors however when I navigate to te URL I see a blank page. All the configuration files are in tthe correct place and whether I use just :8080 or /licenseserver the page is still blank. If I run the element inspector in the browser it shows 404 file not found.

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File Showing Limit

Feb 27, 2008

my server runs centos with whm/cpanel,

some folder may contain over 1000s files,

and the ftp only can show 1000s files well,

where can i large the value and let it show more?

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Prevent PHP Files Used For File Uploading

Jul 3, 2009

It appears that some people like to take advantage of those files for online web applications such as Wordpress which have php files with permissions set to 777. They use those as a means of creating an upload file. The upload files that they create then have access to the whole server somehow... Is there anyway of preventing this from happening?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: AWStats Not Showing Stat Since Website Is Secured Via SSL

May 4, 2015

I have installed an SSL certificate on my website since last saturday the 1st of May, and forced redirection to https URLs via .htaccess.

Since then, I cannot see any statistics in AWStats. All values stops after the implementation of the certificate. How can I continue to have statistics for my secured web site ?

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How To Prevent People Upload Unwanted .php File

Oct 22, 2007

I have a 777 cmod folder open. It needed to be writable so that legitimate users can upload their picture. However, i do not want people to upload .php or .php.pjepg etc to the server.

There are times that they do not use the form in my site to upload the php file. How can they do that? via perl command? And how to prevent such thing from happending?

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Apache Not Showing Full File Size

Aug 15, 2007

I have a 2,3 and 5GB files that I need to download but everytime they appear as 1.4GB for some reason. I've tried IE, Mozilla and opera and the same result each time.

Is there some sort of limit to the size of a file that apache will serve?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Prevent Removing Files On File Manager

Jun 4, 2014

How Can I prevent users removing file web.config on FileManager?

I try set attribute read-only, but not effect.

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File Size (content Length) Not Showing When Downloading Files

Jun 30, 2009

When I download a file from my server, only specific extensions are working. This is really annoying since I want to be able to see how much time left to finish a download.

For example I uploaded a video with .vob extension
file.vob --> does not show filesize when downloading

If I rename the same file to different extension:
file.avi --> works fine shows filesize when downloading
file.mp3 --> works fine shows filesize when downloading
file.rar --> works fine shows filesize when downloading
file.mp4 --> does not show filesize when downloading
file.wmv --> does not show filesize when downloading

These are direct download links, not using any download scripts or anything. Why are some extensions displaying the filesize and some not displaying them? I am using Apache 2.x server.

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Apache :: Modified Excel File In Docroot Not Showing If Its Accessed

Aug 7, 2014

We have few application which serve static information to the users like excel sheet.

We used to place the .xls file in the docroot and it will be accessed using URL

for example, I'll place a file named test.xls and access it through [URL]

Problem here is if i modified the file content and accesed it through [URL] , it is showing the old content. New content is not displaying.

But the same if i did with .txt file , it showing the updated content for .txt file

Dont know why only xls files are not reflecting.

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File Sharing Website

Oct 10, 2008

It would be private, accessed by about 40-200 students from my faculty. We would share scanned documents and Powerpoint slides that we receive from professors, as well as the latest news such as changes of lecture times etc.

Optimal would be something like Google Groups, but with larger storage (5 GB min). I am therefore considering running ubuntu LAMP on a basic Linode.

what software can i run that provides my group with a Google-groups-like web interface? RSS capability is a plus, so is an easy setup.

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File Hosting Website

Jul 2, 2007

A friend of mine and I are developing a new File Hosting website. Growth of data is huge and we'd need a way to welcome million daily users.

What do we need? We have already 4 servers on hand ready to go. We are coding a kind of multi-server script to make our life easier.

What about the specs we'd need for our main server? Do we need a load-balancing system?

And for hardware replacement, is there anyway to get life easier if any hdd (hard drive disk) are broken?

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LISTERROR With My Website Backup File

Jun 17, 2009

I have created a Cpanel full backup of my website. The file is 2.65GB in size, but when I log in with my FTP client, I get a LISTERROR - [filename] and the filename doesn't appear in the directory window.

Can I still use a custom command to download this file?

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How Do I Password Protect A File On My Website

May 28, 2007

im trying to password protect a single txt file on my server, but instead its password protecting the whole directory

so for example

i want to password protect the file 123.txt in directory "sample" but instead its password protecting the whole direcoty "sample"

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Server For A Video/file Sharing Website

Mar 10, 2008

I have no intention of trying to make some video/file sharing website.

Some people might recognize me as being somewhat cynical in my replies to the people who post these sorts of messages.

What I'm curious about is, after having occasionally told people "You'll make significantly more money throwing the money you intend to waste on this project into a traditional investment..." I still see new people every week asking for the same help.

Now, I understand very few people are going to give up their dream and just throw in the towel because some random guy says their dream is stupid, they are stupid, and may god have mercy on their soul...

But, I don't (always) necessarily try to dissuade people from starting this sort of project simply to be a prick.

What I'd like to find out is if there are any people out there who've created a successful video/file sharing website who'd like to help others out...

Like, what advice they would have for people who want to get into starting a similar site.

How much bandwidth does your site use?

What's the URL?

How are you making money from the site?

How long did it take for your site to make a profit?
etc etc...

Alternatively, if you've tried to start a video/file sharing website and given up on those plans...

Why did you end up giving up?

What problems did you run into?

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Proper Hosting Configuration And Company For A File Sharing Website

May 14, 2009

We had written a free file sharing website like rapidshare,2shared,4shared n .... .

We let people add as many file as they want to upload.
People also search and browse among files.

Do we need a dedicated server or a dedicated VPS ?

How much should the configuration be? i mean How much Ram?

We need to add extra hard disks in the close future.

Maybe sometime we need to add clustering and ... .

Please tell me in detail about the initial configuration needed to run this website so we ll be sure that the site will never be down or lacks of hard disk and ram or CPU.

and tell me your experience in best dedicated services with online support which will be good friends.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Deny User Upload File Via File Manager Or Hidden File Tab?

Feb 10, 2015

I'm build Plesk Panel for Linux and Presence Builder, I don't want my user can upload their website to hosting via File Manager. How can I do it...

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1.com/file.php, 2.com/file.php Where File.php Is Hosted On Main.com/file.php

May 26, 2008

Say I have 2 websites and they all use file.php which is located on mainserver.com/file.php.

I want to use the file like this:

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How To Point Www.website.com To Website.com (or Vice Versa)

May 3, 2008

If I type google.com in my address bar, it forwards me to www.google.com. This is not happening for my website right now. I think its a good idea to do this, since then search engines will have only 1 main URL for the website to index.

My question is:

How do I implement this? I think this may involve mucking with CNAME settings...

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How To Prevent Rm -rf /

Jul 4, 2009

Does anyone know anyway that "rm -rf /" can be disabled? OR any selinux rule or something to prevent this?

Or if I wanted to prevent a certain directory from being deleted like backups but something unlike chattr that someone can figure out quickly.

Im sure LOTS of people would like to know about this. Ive searched around and only somewhat useful thing I have found is an rm wrapper that sends everything to a trash file in the root of the mount point.

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How To Redirect.. Www.website.com -> Www.website.com/forums

May 15, 2009

I want my users to be redirected directly to my forum

so when they type in www.mywebsite.com it will redirect instantly to www.mywebsite.com/forums

I know this can be done on Cpanel... any other ways?

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How To Prevent DNS Flood

May 28, 2008

Can anyone share tips how to prevent DNS flood on a cPanel and Directadmin server platform on Centos?

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Prevent Phishing

Jun 1, 2008

I'm not that techy I'd like to ask why this person downloaded the file below before uploading some phishing webpages on my account ? I've changed my password numerious times from different computers and even from mobile phone just to check if the person can still get in. But again it is no use the person were able to upload phishing pages.


May 25 21:50:42 server100 pure-ftpd: (weblogin100@ [NOTICE] /home/weblogin100//.htpasswds/update/Login.php downloaded (21251 bytes, 755.78KB/sec)

Right now I deleted all other scripts on the account and remain some htmls. Folder were also set to 644 no 777, while waiting if the person can still upload his phishing pages please help me why he downloaded the file above. I've check the file on my account and I cannot see Login.php. By the way I have a root login and only two accounts were a constant phishing victims.

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How Prevent Hackers Away

Feb 21, 2007

I am giving few tips on securing your server against hack attempts. You must check these inspite of other securities like firewall, rootkits detectors etc.

1. Most Important, do not disable safe_mode under php.ini. If any customer asks to disable it, turn it off on his account only, not on whole server.

As most of the time attack is done using shellc99 (phpshell) script. In case safe_mode is off on server and there are public dirs with 777 permission, he can easily hack through.

2. Compile apache with safe mode as well.

3. In cpanel under tweek settings, turn on base_dir, if someone requests to turn off, turn it off on his/her account only. As using phpshell one can easily move to main server dirs like /etc, /home.

4. Do not allow Anonymous Ftp on your server. You can turn it off from ftp config under WHM Service Configuration. If its allowed, one can easily bind port using nc tool with your server and gain root access. Always keep it disabled.

5. Make sure /tmp is secured. You can easily do that by running this command /scripts/securetmp using ssh. But do make sure, /tmp is secured. Else one can upload some kind of perl script in /tmp dir and can deface or damage all data on the few/all accounts on your server.

keeping your server secure from hack attempts.

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Prevent Php Script Run As .gif Or .jpg

Oct 28, 2007

Does anyone know how to prevent some shell, php script change file name from file.php to file.jpg or file.gif and upload to server and run it to attack server?

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Prevent Ddos

Sep 11, 2007

from 2 days ago until now my server be ddos and i stay in my computer and block ip but it is not finish is a program to do block ip automatic?

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Prevent IPs Unallocated IPs Being Used

Sep 13, 2007

We have been using our L2 switches functionality to only allow IPs that are assigned to a particular server to be accessed for sometime. However, the latest version of this particular switch no longer includes this feature. Moreoever, it is quite a labor intensive task which is not good for "budget" servers.

I am considering moving the rules to the main router, but am afraid of the scalability of this. Will it hold up with a few 1000 servers?

How are other hosties going about this? I have heard that some just don't bother at all, which leaves their clients open to having their IPs duplicated by others on the same subnet. This can't be good....

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VZA Not Showing Vps's In Pim

Nov 5, 2009

If you run into the fun error of Parallels VZA not showing your vps's

might try this

# Compatability fix for the vza from pim to vza
# Nicholas Rose nick.rose@nobistech.net

for i in `locate /ve.conf`; do
$vehost=`cat $i | grep HOSTNAME | grep HOSTNAME | awk -F '"' '{print $2}'`
sed -i 's/VE_TYPE="regular"//g' $i
echo 'VE_TYPE="regular"' >> $i
echo 'I just fixed '`cat $i | grep HOSTNAME | grep HOSTNAME | awk -F '"' '{print $2}'`

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Prevent Mass Download

Sep 21, 2006

i need any thing to prevent mass download

my server is cost a huge bandwidht monthly . because mass downloading?

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