Want To Update DNS Entries Of Multiple Account

Feb 27, 2008

How I can update DNS entires of multiples accounts in Cpanel.

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Multiple DNS Entries

Mar 16, 2008

I have been searching through threads on WHT, but have not found anything really conclusive regarding this.

If I were to list two A records for the same domain name on my nameserver, such as:

www.mydomain.com ->
www.mydomain.com ->

How would most browsers handle this?

Would it only try the first entry, or would it try the first entry, and if the specified IP is unavailable it would try the second entry?

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Multiple Vps's On One Account

Dec 22, 2008

I saw a while ago a company selling vps's such that you pay for the amount of resources you use and then you can divide that accross as many vps's as you like.

I cant seem to find this anymore, has anyone heard of it?

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Multiple URL’s With 1 Web Hosting Account

Jan 1, 2009

I am trying to determine the best design approach for this business need.

There are multiple URLs:


The URLs are going to be specific to a topic but the displaying of the pages is template based. For example, there is 1 JSP page that will display the content for a topic based on an ID.

[url]is ID 1 in my database table.
[url]is ID 2 in my database table.
[url]is ID 3 in my database table.

So I could do a form post to display the specific content for a topic.

<form name="frmTopic" action=”/topic” method="Post">
<input type="hidden" name="topicID" id="topicID" value="">
So by populating the topicID and posting this form, it directs to my JSP page and displays the content specific to the topic ID. So if I pass 1, content about cats is displayed. If I pass 2, dogs and 3, birds.

I want to keep the URLs specific to the topic but I do not want to pay for hosting for each site since the only difference from one site to another is 1 page. The 1 page is the page that tells the JSP page which topic to display (I realize I have to hard code the ID number after I add the topic to the database).

Here is my question.

Is there a way I can have a specific index.htm page for each site [url]with one hosting account (I am using GoDaddy)? Then I could have this page redirect to the template JSP passing the ID. I could then put very specific items about the topic on this page to hopefully improve its page rank in search engines.

If this is not possible, I could create an initial JSP page that checks the ServerVariable for the specific URL and then passes the ID… something like this:


I am looking for feedback on the best approach so if there is an option that I have not listed that is better, please let me know.

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Multiple Sites On One Account

Jan 5, 2009

What are the pros (other than saving money) and cons of having multiple sites (4) on one hosting account? Is it recommended to have separate accounts?

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Can't Update WHM Account Disk Quota

May 19, 2009

Using cPanel/WHM to administer Accounts.

I've been allocated additional disk space by my host, but can't seem to use it -- the existing (original) Account quota won't update.

I've tried changing the quota for the existing Package, as well as creating a new package with the desired quota and 'upgrading' the Account to the new Package, but the Account's quota remains the same.

It's as tho' the Account quota value is cached somewhere, and isn't getting refreshed.

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Multiple Account CPanel Transfer Without SSH

Nov 6, 2009

I have a new dedicated server, and I want to transfer multiple accounts from a reseller package I have with a third party to the new server.

I only have SSH access on the dedicated server so I can't use the Multiple Account Transfer feature of WHM, only the single account transfer feature.

Is there anyway I can transfer multiple accounts without SSH access?

Another question - how can I mass change the MX records of accounts once they are transferred over?

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Multiple Sites, What Kind Of Account?

Sep 18, 2008

i have about 80 domains with godaddy and about 30-40 with 1and1. i have two hosting packages with 1and1 a "home" package and a "business" package. i have a main site up on the business package right now. the home package has tons of files from an old forum that really could just be wiped out.

My question is that i have a few sites being developed right now. 3-4 to be exact, can i host them all on the same package? i want each to not be a sub of anything. What do i do? Calling tech support yielded worthless answers. Do i need a different type of account?

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VPS Account With Multiple Domain Setup

Apr 11, 2008

I have a VPS account with WHM/Cpanel console access. I have three domains that I am trying to setup. Within WHM I have setup three different accounts, one for each domain. I am able to login to the cPanel for all three accounts. This also created a new web directory for each domain in /home/domain_name/public_html/. I have placed my default index.php in all three public_html with the same permissions. But only 1 domain is working the other two are not. What am I missing? I have confirmed that all three have the correct DNS servers with godaddy and I can do an nslookup on all three. My provider told me to share the IP so that is what I am configured as..

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Cpanel Multiple Account Transfer

Apr 15, 2007

how to fix cpanel multiple account transfer issue. When i use the tool, it logins to my other server but when i select the multiple accounts and click copy it gives error of ssh timeout or password not right.

How to fix this as i need to move alot of accounts.

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Create Email Account Across Multiple Accounts

Jun 3, 2009

I've just put all my own domains on their own server, away from my clients' domains.

I don't really want to go through 60 Cpanel accounts creating an email address for myself in each.

Is there a way to create a single pop account in each account? I seem to recall there's a way to change the default email address to fail: or blackhole: server-wide so I guess there'll be a way to create a mail account.

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Hosting Multiple Domains On The Same Account With GoDaddy

Jul 22, 2008

I have a little question that I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable can answer. I had a hosting account with GoDaddy that just hosted my web site only. I had a few clients need hosting at the same time so I looked into upgrading my account to one that would host multiple domains. (this is my first time with multiple clients, can you tell?) I thought perfect! I can host all of my clients accounts from this one hosting account. I thought there would be multiple account interfaces to support this.

So when I get in there, it lets me add one of the domains I was working on and then I went to upload the files and apparently I had to upload the file to a directory off of my site. So newsite.com points to mysite.com/newsite.

I uploaded it just to test it out and when you go to newsite.com it shows in the address bar as newsite.com, not mysite.com/newsite, even though that is the directory path. I'm sure there's a name for this but I have no idea what it is so I wanted to explain my issue clearly.

So, I'm wondering, is this kosher? Is this bad to do or do a lot of people do this and will it affect my site? From what I've gathered so far, people only do this when they have multiple domains pointing to the same site, or am I wrong?

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Load Balancing A Specific CPanel Account Over Multiple Servers

Dec 4, 2008

Load Balancing a specific cPanel account over multiple servers

I have a couple of my clients cPanel accounts that I would like to load balance over two or three servers. Is this possible?

If load balancing is not available, what about auto failover?

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: How To Manage Multiple Email Aliases For One Account Through API

Jun 25, 2014

I wonder how to manage multiple aliases for one mail account through plesk API.

Here you describe, that alias is a "string" field: [URL] ....

I've tried comma separated values, it didn't work. 

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Multiple IP Address Per Domain In Subscription / Customer Account

Sep 13, 2014

We are looking for a solution to support multible IP's for different domains in one subscription/cusomer Account. Current, we have 4 IP's as shared. the Customer can choose under "Web Hosting Access" , which IP he wants to use.

This setting effect all domains in his Account. So it is not possible to set domain1.tld to e.g. IP and domain2.tld e.g. to

We like to offer the cusomers one cusomer account with multible IP's

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Hosting Multiple Sites On The Same Hosting Account. Getting A Weird Redirect

Oct 26, 2009

I have about 5 sites all hosted on my same hosting account. One of those domains is attached to the hosting account. I place my other domains in a folder of a sub-directory of my main domain. This has been working fine, up until today when i noticed a weird error. I give you a little example of how my sites are setup

my main domain:

My other sites hosted in a sub-directory of my main domain:

How my other sites appear on the web:

This works fine for every page until i go to www.site2.com/index.php
It redirects to www.maindomain.com/sites/site2/index.php for some reason

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Are These DNS Entries The Same?

Dec 16, 2007

I just moved to a new vps and I have "ns1.domain.com" and "ns2.domain.com" entries for my primary and secondary nameservers as well as simply "ns1" and "ns2" .... are these the same thing? Is there any harm in having both? Any feedback appreciated!

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APF Entries And CIDR

Sep 25, 2007

I have been trying to figure out how to allow a range of IPs with APF. I finally came across the CIDR page on wikipedia and read it though, and now I get it. I just want to confirm one thing before I implement this.

I run a gameserver where I want to allow everyone in the world to connect on a certain port, so can I use this entry?

From what I understand, using the /0 CIDR suffix basically means "all IPs". So technically I could use ANY IP address for the source with the /0 suffix and it will work right?

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Nameserver Entries

Sep 11, 2007

On of my client has registered his domain (austasiapackaging.com) with BlueCentral.com . BlueCentral also provides them with mail service.

Now I have to provide web hosting for this domain. Should I change the nameservers entries or should I change the A Record? Or do I change them both?

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Automated MX Records For New DNS Entries In WHM

May 18, 2009

I run my own Mail Server.

Everytime I create a new website account in WHM I am required to go in and manually edit the DNS record to include the MX record of my mail server.

I would like to streamline the process and need a way to make WHM automatically include my MX records every time I create a new account. Is this possible?

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Error_log - Strange Entries

Nov 4, 2009

All accounst in my dedicated server start to show a very strange error_log with the following entries:

[04-Nov-2009 21:28:51] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/php_interbase.dll' - /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/php_interbase.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0 .....

Always when a php script is accessed, new entrie with this error above is created.

I dont understand because php script have not any relation with intebase or pgsql and my server have not this e db installed.

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