Protect Folder In Cpanel Server

Aug 14, 2008

How to protect a folder in cpanel server without using slash

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How Do I Password Protect A Folder On The Server

Jan 15, 2007

Is it possible to do it through a standard FTP package?

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How To Protect Cpanel And Whm

Dec 28, 2007

what is the best way to protect whm and cpanel from unwanted login?

If i change the port they still can sniff, is there away to put another layer to protect it or assigned specific ip to be able to login ? I'm on a dedicate server and only hosting for 1 site so there no customer that i should worry about.

can i change /whm and /cpanel to something else just to hide it form novice users.

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Transfer Files From One Folder On Server To Folder On Different Server

Jul 16, 2008

I have two servers.

One server has a folder named 'vidfiles' and I want to transfer this entire folder (all 70gigs) to another server I just got.

Both servers are linux and use CPanal/whm.

What would be the command to get the files to transfer direct from server to server?

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How To Pwd Protect Directories Without Cpanel

Jul 28, 2009

how to pwd protect directories with when using no control panel, I am planning to change the login details of the protected directories every few days as well as its top secret data, so I would like to know how to protect directories with pwd, I know how to do using control panel such as cPanel r Plesk but I am having no control panel at this interface

I intend to share the files under this protected directories only to my team, so plz help me with codes if there are any

its cent 0s5, apache handler

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Web Protect Not Working In Cpanel

Mar 2, 2008

I have protected one folder on my domain from Cpanel using function "web protect" also its asking for password but the password is not working.

I did checked the .htpasswd file in users home directory and it have the user created for protection.

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How To Protect Access To Whm/cpanel

Aug 4, 2008

is there a way to protect whm/cpanel access?

At the moment anyone can type or or server/cpanel or server/whm.

I would like to limit access to these pages by adding additional password (like folder password) or restricting IP.

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Protect Index File With Cpanel

Oct 26, 2008

I have subdomain, the index file was hacked

Who know how to protect the Index files with cpanel

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Bot Attack, How To Protect Server

Oct 22, 2009

how to protect an linux dedicated server from bot attack. Im using linux server with cPanel, using CSF firewall + DOS Deflate.

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How To Protect Windows Server From Mpack?

Apr 6, 2009

how to protect Windows server from Mpack?

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Better Way To Protect My Server From DDos Attack?

Jun 25, 2008

today i have DDos Attack in my server in port :80

what is the better way to secure my server from DDos Attack

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Reverse Proxy - Protect A Web Server

May 31, 2008

Background (so you know what I am planning)

I will be storing personal customer information in mysql, so security is driving all my requirements. I was thinking the architecture will be :-a dedicated web server within a DMZ and placed behind a firewall and border router.

a dedicated database server inside the internal network behind another firewall,
All running Linux

building out and management of the servers to be done by hosting provider or third party
Please feel free to comment on this setup.

QuestionsIs a reverse proxy a benefit for security.

Am I right in saying that a reverse proxy hides the OS and server details from prying eyes and provides another layer of security

if a reverse proxy server is a benefit, is it normally the default architecture at most reputable hosts.

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Protect My Windows Server 2003

Dec 22, 2007

I got my game servers hosted on a windows server (with w2k3).

I want to know what software u guys advise me to use on it to protect it!

Someone told me that keep windows up to date wont get me any problem, but i just dont believe.

SO i want oppinion from wht members.

And since im here i want to report other thing... For an email service? Windows mail server, or something like exchange mail server?

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Apache :: Way To Protect Server From Overload?

Feb 19, 2014

Is there a way to protect apache server from overload? For example Nginx has a module called SysGuard when system load or memory use goes too high all subsequent requests will be redirected to the URL specified by the 'action' parameter.

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C99Shell :: Protect My Server For Shell Attacks Via C99 And H57?

Sep 1, 2008

I have few scripts, but hackers again upload at some way c99, and hack some SMF forums at server. Server like server they cannot hack, but user account they can. So please tell me what you advice?

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What Is The Best Method To Protect My Server From Data Lost

Jul 3, 2007

I have dedicated server at GoDaddy and I am hosting very important web service for our company. We have only one HDD on server and no FTP backup. What is the best method to protect data and whole server from HDD crash? Is it enough to add second HDD?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: How To Protect VPS Server Centos 6 64 Bit

Jul 4, 2014

how to protect Linux Server from Ddos Attack (Botnet, Loic)

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How To Password Protect Web Pages, I Can Protect Directories But Can't Put Pages In

Mar 4, 2007

i did make a big message on here but it deleted when i back spaced

my website is aviation cafe dot net / sample and i need you to help me with password protecting a webpage, i wanted the address to be / the silver sword and definitly not to look like it does now.

username: webforum
pass: password

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Flushing /tmp Folder On Cpanel/whm VPS

Aug 2, 2007

was wondering whether you thought it would be a good idea to flush my /tmp folder on a daily basis (rm -rf /tmp/*).

Do you think this would cause more issues than solutions? Seems my server could have potentially had some scripts in the /tmp that brought it down this morning...

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Redirect Whole Folder In CPanel To A File

Jul 9, 2008

a way to set up a redirect in cPanel so that every file within a particular folder is redirected to a specific file.

For example: I want to redirect every file in to

Is this possible in cPanel?

If not, is there another way to do this?

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