How To Program In Shell ?

Oct 11, 2006

I'm trying to program a very simple shell script that does 2-3 things.

1) checks for the number of a script running say, "ps aux | grep php | wc -l" returns that number.

2) deletes temp files folders "cd /to/that/directory/; rm -fr *&" every 90 seconds IF that number in check #1 is below say 50....

and then have this shell script launched in shell every so often, not sure on the frequency but first is how to program in shell is a TIME DELAY....

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Change Jail Shell To Normal Shell

Jul 8, 2008

Do any1 know how to change jail shell to normal shell?

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Your FTP Program?

Apr 29, 2008

What ftp program do you use?

I use FileZilla

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Free FTP Program

Jan 14, 2009

Does anyone know where I can get a free FTP program?

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Webstats Program

Feb 13, 2008

Can anyone suggest a good webstats program? My AWSTATS aren't picking up all the stats over the past two days.

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Ftp Program For Server

Jun 9, 2008

i forgot the name but what is the name for the ftp program to login to the server root

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Affiliate Program?

Mar 21, 2008

From 5% to 20% commissions - is it a good deal? Plan to become an affiliate from

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Installing A Program In VPS

May 16, 2008

can I install a new application in my VPS?

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Ftp To Ftp Transfer Program

Sep 30, 2007

I have a old server and a new server....

the old server's hard drive is maxed so when i tried to use cpanel transfer account thing it worked, but obviously alot of things were missing

so now i need to transfer the rest of the data that is in his home account

my old server account ends at midnight tonight so I cant try to download stuff to here because my internet is about the speed of good dial up

so i need something that will transfer from one ftp account directly to another so my bandwidth isnt a factor

to me this is a technical issue ; ) im just a server hobbyist so I don't know much about linux commands to make this happen if this is possible to do on the command line

easiest way would be a windows based ftp to ftp program, and the one I have claims to do that but it wont work

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LimeStone's Reseller Program

Jun 7, 2008

I was reading through the reseller roles and responsibilities section, and I saw this bullet:


Revenue commitment: Reseller is required to purchase a minimum of $200.00 per month from Limestone Networks. Reseller will be billed the amount of $200.00 or the difference in Reseller's monthly purchases less than $200.00. Reseller will have 90 days to ramp up from date of signed Limestone Networks Reseller agreement to $200.00 per month in purchases from Limestone Networks.

I then joined live chat, and inquired about what it meant and they weren't helpful. Is there anyone on this forum that is in the reseller program and can help me understand what this means?

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Webhostingbuzz Affiliate Program

Jul 1, 2008

I joined Webhostingbuzz(WHB) affiliate program on Nov. 2007

And made 3 sales before Feb. 2008

And all these 3 sales are APPROVED after 1 or 2 months

But still I am not get paid in April

Then I wrote an email to them ask about this issue
and after about several days they told me that it was still not the time for the payment

I just had to wait

And May came, I wrote the secod email,
they told me


Please note that for a commission to become valid the referred website has to be active and running.

I am not sure why the customer I referred did not run his site on WHB, but I guess one possible reason might be like this

Then, in June, I wrote the 3rd email ask about the same issue

And now this time is even better, they totally ignored my email!

How time flies, here comes July

Let's see how they will surprise me and us

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Hostgator Affiliate Program

Jun 10, 2008

I've seen everyone and there grandma promoting Hostgator. I was wondering if you can share if you're converting sales or not. I'm guessing the Hostgator program works if everyone seems to have an affiliate account.

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FTP Program With Instant Editing

May 2, 2008

I am currently using WinSCP to edit files on remote servers on the fly without having to download them and then open them. WinSCP works fine, but today I experienced a severe problem for a second time.

When saving a file (a css file), WinSCP gave me an error something to the effect of "Lost connection - Could not list directory"...or something like that. When I reconnected, the file has gone corrupt at 0 bytes. Ultimately, the file is history!

Thankfully, I had a backup of the file, but more specifically, I am a fan of "Ctrl+A " then "Ctrl+C" before saving any file when doing live edits. This is what saved my butt!

I have a continuous problem of losing my connection with the remote servers, but when I connect via SSH to my local servers (either locally here or when I am mobile), I do not believe I have EVER lost my SSH connection.

My question is this...

Is there another FTP program out there that anyone can recommend that will allow me to edit files over FTP that does not require download, then open? Filezilla works great, but to my knowledge, I can only download each file, then open.

I have reported the problem to the host and we have gone through the settings with WinSCP and I have also been to WinSCP about this issue...all to no avail.

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Channel Partner Program

Jul 15, 2008

I am in the middle of creating a channel partner program for the web hosting industry and was looking for both good and bad feedback from anyone who has attempted the same.

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RedHat Hosting Program

Mar 28, 2008

Does anyone know how to sign up for the RedHat hosting program where you have to pay monthly for the licenses as opposed to yearly?

I called their support number but that guy asked me to sign up online for the Yearly license. But I know a lot of dedicated server companies have a monthly commitment.

Can anyone recommend their sales rep to me who knows exactly what I'm talking about? You can PM me their details if you want.

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Motherboard Monitoring Program - Which One Is Better

Oct 30, 2007

From your personal experience which one should I choose for FEDORA 6 ?

1. lmsensors [url]
2. healthd [url]
3. hwsensors [url]
4. mbmon [url]
5. mbm5 [url]

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CPU Quota Hack Program

Nov 21, 2007

A hack program (i do not know what its name is) cause following error via vBulletin or any forum

This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota
i do not know how i can find out accesing ip and block access request


i do not know its runining system ?

i m in shared host (have SSH account)

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Host Gator Reseller Program

Sep 26, 2005

I've been thinking about becoming a reseller for Host Gator. Does anyone have any experience with their reseller program?

Can anyone provide me with any tips about reselling? Is there anything I should know about? Is it difficult to do? Is it time consuming?

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Better Webmail Program That's Compatible With Plesk

Mar 1, 2006

I have a Plesk server. Plesk by default uses the Horde webmail software. I was wondering if there is a more powerful, better tool for webmail out there that also works with Plesk. All feedback is appreciated.

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Is There Any Free Web Service Monitor Program

Jun 27, 2009

I want to setup the monitor service for our client,

Do you know is there any free program can do this?

based on php is preferred.

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Affiliate Program For Virtuozzo VPS (PBAS)

Oct 24, 2008

For those of you who offer Virtuozzo VPS and especially PBAS, what affiliate program do you use that can integrate well with Virtuozzo/PBAS? I have been sending request to Parallels development team regarding the affiliate program integration to PBAS but after serveral years this has been a dead request.

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GREEN Hosting W/Resellers Program

Feb 26, 2008

I'm about to setup a resellers account. The best option on the block, so far, looks to be Host Gator. I would very much like to go with a green solution. I've done a lot of research and I've found very little. Here are the results of that research:


Before I go ahead and go with Host Gator, I wanted to ask if any site pointers knew of a competitive solution that was a bit greener.

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Server Mail Monitor Program

May 28, 2007

if there is a good software for linux servers.. basically I just want to recieve a carbon copy to my email address of any mail that gets sent from my server.. any mail sent whatso-ever, via php or however it gets sent, basically a catch-all.

I am worried about spammers using my server to send mail.

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Program To Monitor Process Cpu Usage

Mar 20, 2008

I have been looking everywhere for a program that can monitor a process's CPU usage and if it exceeds a certain percentage for a given amount of time, kill the process.

Everywhere I look, it's either doesn't kill automatically, or is for Linux. Can anyone recommend me a program that can do this for Windows 2003?

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What’s A Good Control Panel / Whm Program

May 28, 2007

I have used cpanel/whm for around 2 or 3 years and never really thought of looking at any other but till recently.

So what’s another program like cpanel/whm and how easy are they to use.

Also any demo's that I could look at would be appreciated to.

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Offline Website Mirror/Mirroring Program?

Mar 19, 2008

I am trying to find a piece of software that will allow me to mirror the online files of my companies domain. There are a number of contributers to the domain, so files are not stored offline in one location. I want to create an exact mirror of the contents that perhaps I schedule to mirror once every week.

I cant seem to find anything that would allow me to do this.... can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Program/database For Managing Clients Domains

Jun 24, 2008

is there any program for windows that i can put all of my domains and my clients personal info and keep an eye when a domain is going to expire or in which server is a domain... or who client has a domain etc... ?

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Microsoft Junk Mail Reporting Program - Who Uses This

Jul 20, 2008

Anyone else sign up for this?

Did microsoft require your host email them and say "[you] have exclusive sending rights for this IP"?

Here is the part of the email from microsoft:

xx, unfortunately, we have not received an e-mail confirmation from
your ISP, [host], for your IP
x.x.x.x. Please ask them to re-send the e-mail confirmation to [email] with the [id] subject. Please also
ask them to include you on the "To" or "Cc" field in case that we fail
to receive their e-mail confirmation.

Is this a requirement for everybody?

I signed up for AOL's junk reporting program a few months ago and I didn't have to bother anybody about it.

If I recall correctly, all AOL cared about was whether or not my reverse DNS was set properly.

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Linux Console Program For Hardware Monitoring

Nov 3, 2007

Anybody knows a good console app. for monitoring hardware as CPU temperature etc.?

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SSH Or Program How To File Replace Lots Of Files

Jan 14, 2007

I have anywhere between 80,000 - 90,000 webpages that have a single code into this. Unfortunately at the time the web developer I used didn't use PHP includes. So each .html file has the code in it.

I want a way so I can do a single command either a program or an SSH command can find the syntax in the files and replace it will code I have. Its just a single line of code that is basically for an adsense code, so the pub-blahblahblah etc..

Does anyone know of a SSH command I can use, or a program that will find and replace without manually opening up each file? 80k - 90k of opening files then find/replace will take forever!

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500 Error For Compiled Lisp Program And No Trouble For The Equivalent C App

May 9, 2009

I'm trying to setup the Clozure Common Lisp implementation for CGI web programming. I've made a hello application and compiled it.

I can type ./index.cgi at the terminal and the properly formatted header and some text are displayed.

When I try to view the index page though the web browser I get an internal server error.


Couldn't load lisp heap image from
[Sun May 10 09:31:25 2009] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.cgi

I'm wondering if this is a Lisp problem or a problem with the web server/permissions.

I wrote a hello world CGI app in C and ran that through the browser without any problems.

I applied the same permissions from the C app to the Lisp app and still had the same problem.

I *think* this is a Lisp problem, but just felt that I should check with some people who are more familiar with server setups than myself.

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