Free Webserver That Supports Php And Mysql

Dec 28, 2007

php mysql programmer...can anyone point me or site me a free webserver that supports php and mysql?

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Free Webhosting That Has MySQL And FTP?

Nov 18, 2008

Is there anywhere that I can get free webhosting that has MySQL and FTP?

I need somewhere for testing other than my current webhost.

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Free Hosting With PHP, MySQL Support

Mar 10, 2009

Does somebody knows free hosting with PHP, MySQL support? And without banners on the page

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Setting Up Free Email Service And Storing Mails In MySQL

Feb 14, 2007

I have a busy dating website with 30 000 registered users and ~200-600 users online all the time. I would like to offer free email with ~10 MB mailbox to all users.

I have an idea to use scripts provided by Its similar to Hivemail or Socketmail. It uses only one POP3 catch-all mailbox and stores all emails in MySQL database, including attachments.

My worries are about MySQL. If I have 30 000 users and each user has some 5000 messages in his/her mailbox:
30 000 x 5 000 = 150 000000

That's 150 million rows in one table!

I know, not all users will have 50000 messages in their mailboxes, but the number of users increases about +2000/month.

I can't imaggine how long time will need MySQL to find messages for each user in the table with 150 000000 rows.

I don't know - maybe it's not a problem at all. I just never had such large tables and I don't know if it's possible at all.

Another problem: I have Fedora Core 2 installed and even don't know yet if it supports files larger than 2 GB.

Maybe it's better to set-up normal POP3 mailboxes for all users instead of using one catch-all box and storing data in MySQL?

do not post warnings about spammers. In the beginning I'll provide email addresses only to "gold" members. I opened this thread because I don't want to set-up a system which will hang after a couple of months because MySQL will not be able to handle it or I will have other unknown problems.

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Supports Wordpress Mu

Mar 15, 2008

I had no problem installing Wordpress Mu with iPower. Unfortunately iPower really sucks for performance (I have paid one full year though so I have to keep them ).

So I have moved to Hostgator but I'm struggling: there are many things that need to be done to be able to install it and I can't even do it myself only the admin can.

At the moment I'm still waiting.

So I'm looking for another webhosting service again - though I will stay with hostgator because of their outstanding support service - just for being able to install Wordpress Mu.

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Webhots That Supports .htacess

Aug 8, 2008

Can anyone recommend a webhost that supports .htaccess feature.

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Linux Plan: With PHP That Supports Mssql_connect()

Aug 7, 2008

I need a linux hosting plan that has:

- MySQL Support
- PHP 5.x Support which has the mssql libraries loaded.

Its extremely hard to find, like 90% of them are Windows plans- but I know it can be done and i'm pretty sure someone out there has it.

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Looking For Host That Supports $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']

Sep 14, 2008

I am finishing up on my clients site and the ecommerce software we use has an option for search engine friendly URL's but your server must support $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] . My client is hosted by GoDaddy and my host (HostGator) does not support it unless you go dedicated.

Dedicated IP, PHP, MySQL, .htaccess support
preferably CPanel - not Plesk
Less than $120 / year

I am looking for a well established company like the ones I previously mentioned because my client wants peace of mind and I don't want to screw him over.

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Supports Mod_perl And Template Toolkit

Aug 23, 2008

web host that offers a shared hotsing account that allows users to install or already have installled perl modules like mod_perl and template toolkit using cpanel.

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Is There Any Mother Board Supports 2 Intel 8XX / 9XX CPU?

Feb 8, 2007

since i have few of them, doing nth but eating dust there. How can i make most use of them?

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Looking For Low Cost VPS That Supports VPN & Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

May 1, 2009

I'm looking for low cost VPS service that supports the following:

1. Can be used to setup as a VPN (virtual private network) server.
2. Can be used to setup as an IRC server.
3. Host one or a few small websites that are mostly static, and serves no more than 1000 page view daily impression.
4. Host email POP3/SMTP services
5. Physically located in the U.S., Japan, or Korea
6. Linux platform

The VPN and IRC service will be used by a private group of no more than 20 people. So does email. The server itself will serve as a gateway for us to work together, and maybe serve as a test platform. The services won't be open to the public. The IRC server will be for chatting only, and it won't be used for file distributing. There will be no P2P or illegal file sharing involved. We expect space usage of less than 5GB, and monthly bandwidth usage less than 200GB.

I'm still not sure which virtualizer is better between Xen and OpenVZ.

My bid is $10/mo, or $15/mo if it's really good.

Which VPS service will you recommend?

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Host That Supports PHP And Ffmpeg, Flvtool2, And Mencoder

Mar 31, 2009

I've been using SiteGround for about two years now and want to upgrade. Here is what SiteGround offers:

I would prefer a shared server that meets the following requirements, but if this isn't possible, directing me to a site with dedicated servers would be great.

- Must have PHP/MySQL support with at least a few MySQL databases

- Must support ffmpeg, flvtool2, and mencoder (I want to add a videos section on my site using a script that requires those)

- I'd really really like ASP support along with PHP support, but the above requirements are more important to me

And I'd like it to be about even or better than my current hosting, overall. Good customer support, very low downtime, etc.

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Webhost That Supports Microsoft Exchange Server

Dec 13, 2008

webhost that supports Microsoft exchange server

I have a client who needs a solid webhost that supports MS exchange server for his email.

I usually recommend Bluehost , but I guess they don’t do this. Quick turnaround time on email tech issues (2-4 hours) and phone support is also needed. The client is definitely a phone person.

It should be Wordpress friendly. My CMS that I'm using is actually Textpattern, but most people don't know it so I just opt for the default popular version, Wordpress.

At the minimum, it should support; PHP 4.3+

MySQL 3.23+

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Dedicated Server Host That Supports Bridged VM's

Sep 22, 2008

I'm desperately looking for a dedicated host that supports/guarentees that bridged networking VMware workstations will work on their network. Reason being is Zenix5ive bridged our VMware workstations fine with external IP addresses perfectly but their service is terrible! So I'm looking for a provider with a much faster network that supports bridged networking, and they know for a fact it works because I'm tired of paying money to do trial and error on whether it works or not!

If anybody uses bridged networking on their VM's and their network is fast please let me know which provider you use...

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Host That Supports Video Encoding On A Shared VPS

Apr 12, 2008

I have a video site (just embedding) that is pretty small right now. I do not need a dedicated server just yet.

I am currently using westhost and they do not support the typical suite of video software needed to convert videos to flvs. I would like to know if there are any reliable hosts with good support that offer installation of the following software on a shared vps:

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Any VPS Provider Supports Clone Of Virtual Machine

Sep 19, 2007

I want to be able to clone a existing virtual machine image(whether it's openvz or xen) and deploy it.

It's sort of like Amazon EC2.

I want to set up a virtual machine image once. Then deploy it(it doesn't matter whether it's on the same physical machine or not) to a new machine or overriding existing image on a existing machine. It's fine that the VPS provider charge me a monthly charge for every virtual machine I deploy.

This way, I only need to maintain one master virtual machine.
It'd be even better if I can export a image to my own machine, modify it locally, then upload it for deployment.

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Free Hosting And Free Domain

Sep 17, 2009

Do you think if a company offered free web hosting and free domains people would snap them up like there is no tommorow?

Also does anyone one how much ICANN acredited registrars pay ICANN when they register a new domain?

any feedback would be great!

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SSL Certificate (free Install + Free Ip)

Aug 5, 2009

Simplehelix offers a 128/256 bit RapidSSL Certificate for just $99.95/year. In addition, this certificate comes with a year of dedicated IP address with free installation.

Do you think the conditions are normal?

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Testing New Webserver

Nov 4, 2009

I am looking for some decent tools to test a web server that can run large scale web sites running Windows and Linux.

I am more interested in the underlying hardware at this point to see if the servers them selves are capable of withstanding the loads without choking.

I am most interested in Disk testing and Network testing but the server but of course the server as a whole is important to since cpu and memory bottle neck can affect everything.

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LiteSpeed Webserver

Mar 27, 2009

Due to heavy load, our web server get crashed. We have plan to use LiteSpeed web server, is anybody used these server. I like to know performance of these.

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Suse Webserver - Who Does Them

Apr 17, 2008

I am having trouble finding any providers that provide Opensuse on their configs. So far, the only one seems to be 1&1 and I certainly do not want to be going near them anytime soon.

Does anyone know of a reputable company that can provide Opensuse based servers?

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More Than 1 Webserver Behind Router

Apr 15, 2008

Is it possible for forwarding ports for simultaneous use of web servers on the same LAN behind router?

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Webserver Is Very Slow

Jun 17, 2008

I had configured webserver on one of my CentOS server. It worked fine for few months but after sometimes it started giving problem. I was not able to browse website. The I found that it was timing out so I increased timeout period from php and the website started working.

But still the website is taking 30-35 seconds to load. I checked the server but I couldn't find any solution. Please guide me to get this resolved.

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Windows XP Pro Ok For A Webserver

Oct 27, 2008

We have 2003 Server here at work, im thinking about getting something to play around with at home, but don't want to upgrade to 2003 Server?

Is there going to be any issue with me running it on an XP Pro Server?

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Lightspeed Webserver

Nov 20, 2007

I have a server that hosts only 2 accounts, and the accounts are very active so we want to presume the best situation for it.

So what if we use [url] instead of apache?

what is it's differences with apache?

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Config And Run LiteSpeed Webserver

Dec 6, 2008

i would like to use Litespeed webserver from my server.i installed and run Litespeed from my server. but i dont know how to config. when i start the Litespeed webserver i have an error to please install Zend. Please help me to install zend and if you know whats my need for install please help me to done.

I use cPanel - Dedicated Server
i can control the Litespeed from the cPanel WHM.

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No Remote Ssh Access To Webserver

May 19, 2009

I have an Ubuntu server and have installed AMP. The server is behind a router (2wire).

I have a static IP address which i use for the webserver. I have enabled the router firewall to allow all the typical webserver ports. When I am on the network (in the vicinity of the network) i am able to connect wirelessly to the server via ssh and also access the domains via my web browser.

But when i connect to the net via another router I am unable to gain ssh access or access the websites from a browser.

When i initiate a connection with putty all i get is a black screen and when i connect to the website i get


The operation timed out when attempting to contact

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New Webserver How To Transfer Ftp Users

Aug 24, 2009

I had to rebuild out web/ftp box so I built a new one. Now how do I transfer all the ftp users to the new system without change of their passwords?

I am able to trasnfer their directories and i added a line to the /etc/passwd of the new server but it fails.

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Installing A Webserver From Home

May 1, 2009

I only know a little bit about ports and web-servers, I'm going to try to attempt to setup a home webserver with Ubuntu, I am curious would I need to point ports 80 and 21 (http and ssh) to my machines internal IP address, also what is a proxy and how do I know if i'm using one.

I'm following this tutorial here:

and i'm using Comcast ISP

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Webserver Load Balance

Mar 30, 2008

I have a forum that is growing fast ( using 1 webserver and 1 mysql server now), and i am planing to add one more web server to load balance.

What options do i have?

Which one is best for Forum vbulletin load balance?

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Webserver Load Balancer

Mar 8, 2008

traffic has been surging lately and is expected to continue surging. i am already on the fastest chipset my webhost has.

current configuration
single server (centos), webserver (apache), single filesystem. many dynamic pages (perl script) but no mysql database. no php.

ideal configuration
multiple webservers (apache), single file system.

assuming my scripts do not write to the filesystem (read only), what do i need to install or do in order to send a request for to or or according to the load of each? it should look the same at the front end. anyone know what i need to get?

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