LiteSpeed Webserver

Mar 27, 2009

Due to heavy load, our web server get crashed. We have plan to use LiteSpeed web server, is anybody used these server. I like to know performance of these.

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Config And Run LiteSpeed Webserver

Dec 6, 2008

i would like to use Litespeed webserver from my server.i installed and run Litespeed from my server. but i dont know how to config. when i start the Litespeed webserver i have an error to please install Zend. Please help me to install zend and if you know whats my need for install please help me to done.

I use cPanel - Dedicated Server
i can control the Litespeed from the cPanel WHM.

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Testing New Webserver

Nov 4, 2009

I am looking for some decent tools to test a web server that can run large scale web sites running Windows and Linux.

I am more interested in the underlying hardware at this point to see if the servers them selves are capable of withstanding the loads without choking.

I am most interested in Disk testing and Network testing but the server but of course the server as a whole is important to since cpu and memory bottle neck can affect everything.

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Suse Webserver - Who Does Them

Apr 17, 2008

I am having trouble finding any providers that provide Opensuse on their configs. So far, the only one seems to be 1&1 and I certainly do not want to be going near them anytime soon.

Does anyone know of a reputable company that can provide Opensuse based servers?

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More Than 1 Webserver Behind Router

Apr 15, 2008

Is it possible for forwarding ports for simultaneous use of web servers on the same LAN behind router?

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Webserver Is Very Slow

Jun 17, 2008

I had configured webserver on one of my CentOS server. It worked fine for few months but after sometimes it started giving problem. I was not able to browse website. The I found that it was timing out so I increased timeout period from php and the website started working.

But still the website is taking 30-35 seconds to load. I checked the server but I couldn't find any solution. Please guide me to get this resolved.

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Windows XP Pro Ok For A Webserver

Oct 27, 2008

We have 2003 Server here at work, im thinking about getting something to play around with at home, but don't want to upgrade to 2003 Server?

Is there going to be any issue with me running it on an XP Pro Server?

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Lightspeed Webserver

Nov 20, 2007

I have a server that hosts only 2 accounts, and the accounts are very active so we want to presume the best situation for it.

So what if we use [url] instead of apache?

what is it's differences with apache?

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No Remote Ssh Access To Webserver

May 19, 2009

I have an Ubuntu server and have installed AMP. The server is behind a router (2wire).

I have a static IP address which i use for the webserver. I have enabled the router firewall to allow all the typical webserver ports. When I am on the network (in the vicinity of the network) i am able to connect wirelessly to the server via ssh and also access the domains via my web browser.

But when i connect to the net via another router I am unable to gain ssh access or access the websites from a browser.

When i initiate a connection with putty all i get is a black screen and when i connect to the website i get


The operation timed out when attempting to contact

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New Webserver How To Transfer Ftp Users

Aug 24, 2009

I had to rebuild out web/ftp box so I built a new one. Now how do I transfer all the ftp users to the new system without change of their passwords?

I am able to trasnfer their directories and i added a line to the /etc/passwd of the new server but it fails.

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Installing A Webserver From Home

May 1, 2009

I only know a little bit about ports and web-servers, I'm going to try to attempt to setup a home webserver with Ubuntu, I am curious would I need to point ports 80 and 21 (http and ssh) to my machines internal IP address, also what is a proxy and how do I know if i'm using one.

I'm following this tutorial here:

and i'm using Comcast ISP

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Webserver Load Balance

Mar 30, 2008

I have a forum that is growing fast ( using 1 webserver and 1 mysql server now), and i am planing to add one more web server to load balance.

What options do i have?

Which one is best for Forum vbulletin load balance?

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Webserver Load Balancer

Mar 8, 2008

traffic has been surging lately and is expected to continue surging. i am already on the fastest chipset my webhost has.

current configuration
single server (centos), webserver (apache), single filesystem. many dynamic pages (perl script) but no mysql database. no php.

ideal configuration
multiple webservers (apache), single file system.

assuming my scripts do not write to the filesystem (read only), what do i need to install or do in order to send a request for to or or according to the load of each? it should look the same at the front end. anyone know what i need to get?

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DBServer + WebServer For Under 500 - With 100Mbps

Nov 27, 2008

Due to our bad connectivity in our actual French hosting provider (OVH), we need to search for alternatives.

Please post opinions about other hosting companies that can give same configurations at a reasonable price, if possible with related experience with them.

Actually -from 1 year ago- we have the following configuration at OVH:

1xDBServer: Intel Q6600, 1x250GB, 8GB DDR2, 100Mbps (not real on a daily constant), Wind2K3 STD. : 130eur. + vat
1xWebServer: Intel Core2, 1x160GB, 1GB DDR2, 100Mbps (not real on a daily constant), Win2K3 WEB Ed. : 49eur. + vat
All days we have traffic problems, with low real bandwith connection, also with poor pings to/from Spain (where most percentatge of our users come).
We need to find a hosting provider with a same or a litle best configuration with the follow requisits:

-100Mbps per server [If possible, 100Mbps dedicated (non shared, without aggregation ratio)], UNMETTERED.

-IMPORTANT: Good bandwith connectivity

-Preferable Datacenter hosted in Europe

-WebServer same config, but 2GB DDR (also can be an AMD), if possible with W2K8 WebEd.

-DatabaseServer same config. preferable with 16GB DDR, also preferable -optional- with 2x or 3xSAS 15K. (RAID 1 or Raid 5)

-Possible upgrades (specially beacuse OVH is the first to launch a server with Intel 25GB SSL drives that are superfaster (look at for model HG2009). Any other has support or previsions to serve SSL Drives?)

-If possible, with X days break of contract agreement (money back guaranteed)
We can pay some more at a month, but on the first months we can't pay more than around 500$/Euros.

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Webserver Standby Failover

Jul 9, 2007

to do a standby fail over solution for a web server box. I would like the solution to be automated so that in the event of a failure the change happens without any manual intervention.

I have 2 identical hardware boxes and bandwidth is not an issue.

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How's This Combo For Webserver (mobo+cpu)

Aug 22, 2007


look at the Combo deal. basically you buy ASUS M2N-LR Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce Professional 3600 ATX Server Motherboard - Retail and get AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Windsor 2.0GHz 2 x 256KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor - Retail for free.

how's this combo for a windows web server with 4gb none ECC RAM and a 2U case to go with it?

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Linux Sets Up His Own Webserver

Oct 16, 2007

Awhile back I was scouring the site (and the web) to find a single location where I could learn how to set up a Linux webserver on my Windows machine. I found many great references and tutorials -- bits and pieces of some really great stuff -- but not one single location to walk me through the entire process.

So... I created one!

This blog in intended to assist knuckleheads like me in setting up their own Linux webserver. In it are step by step instructions for VMWare on Windows, Linux Debian Etch, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, PHPMyAdmin, GD and more. The goal was to create a real world environment where I could learn how to prepare a Linux webserver, so when the day comes that I purchase my own VPS space, I will be ready to set it up...

This was a great learning experience for me, and I hope a good resource for other newbies like me in the days to come.

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Slow Upload To Webserver

May 21, 2007

Recently I signed up with a new hosts. I am a reseller. I am trying to upload my website - about 155MB. I am only getting 2kb p/s upload taking almost 20 hours to upload.

I tried using a different PC at home (connected to the same internet line) but still same problem. I am not sure what is the problem.

Called my ISP, they ask me to try a few things such as deleting temp files and caches but still no luck.

I also notice my antivirus (Avast) showing - blocked Dcom Exploit very often.

My download speed is fine - getting around 70kb p/s. I am on broadbank 512K download and 256 download.

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Webserver Control Panels

Sep 10, 2007

There's a bit of a project which I am going to be launching hopefully within about a month or so. Its going to be fairly server intensive, and as I don't know what the outcome will be, I wish to host it myself on a few spare machines I have for the time-being.

Now, the issue at this stage is installing all the necessary webserver software and controling it from one page, like a control panel.

I don't mind looking into control panels such as Plesk or any others, but would these automatically install all the software that is needed by the CP - such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl etc?

I'd appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance as far as control panels and web server software is concerned.

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How Can I Install Frontpage Extensions On IIS 7.0 Webserver?

Jul 28, 2009

How can i install Frontpage extensions on IIS 7.0 webserver?

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Free Webserver That Supports Php And Mysql

Dec 28, 2007

php mysql programmer...can anyone point me or site me a free webserver that supports php and mysql?

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Configure Webserver So That The Php Scripts To Be Able To Use The Mail() Function

Mar 12, 2009

I just purchased a vps from rapidswitch, installed lamp, webmin, etc. All is working fine, with one exception. I can't send mail via mail() function.

I have set the MX so that my email addresses are handled by google for domains so i can send and receive mails without problems.

What i cant do, is for example to install a cms and make it send emails for the new registered users, etc.

I have installed postfix via yum, and i've tried to configure it.. but i kind of give up after a few hours of trying.

Someone could point me to the right direction on how to configure postfix for just this ? to be able to send mails via php.

I don't care if it's postfix, qmail, etc.

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Automating Backups From Webserver To Local Computer

Dec 12, 2007

Are there any good methods for getting backups from my host to my home computer in an automated fashion?

a way to sort of "set it and forget it" and get a backup at least once per week.

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Apache :: Allow Access From Webserver - Block From HTTP

Mar 13, 2015

I want to run an HTML webpage that accesses an MP3 resource that's also on my website. However, I only want the webpage to have access to the file and block access from those attempting to access the file directly. That leaves me with two options:

1. Block access through the Apache configuration so that only my Webserver can access the resource, or

2. Hide the URL in the code.

How I can go about doing this?

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Apache :: Website Migration To New / Identical Webserver

Sep 12, 2013

I moved a tomatocart website with its database, www-root. + keeping all its file and folder permissions.The username on the new server is the same, same id same name same permissions ect. The database name is the same the passwords are the same, location of www-root server same.

The website works it fetches and stores in the mysql database.At the old server with the same tomatocart website you could browse to example domain. ex/1-catagory-bananas and you would see a nice grid of bananas you can order. But there is no folder 1-catagory-bananas on the old or new server you just stay on the index.php but the url goes exampledomain.ex/1-catagory-bananas and the viewed website reloads

On the new server with the same URL i get a "NOT FOUND /1-catagory-bananas ect."so the website works perfeclty on the new server?

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Apache :: Looking To Update Entire Webserver Configuration

Dec 2, 2013

production looking to use latest version of apache from apache lounge:

Apache 2.4.7 Win64

Which version of PHP is recommend?
Which version of WinCache is recommended?
Which version of mysql is recommended?

I've looked into WinCache how to install it and hook it up to php, but i'm guessing you add the extensions in the php.ini?

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Mar 31, 2009

In a 2 X Quad Xeon server with 16GB RAM and 2 X 500GB on DirectAdmin.

IOwait is less than 10% most of the times.

So litespeed told me to go with a 2 CPU core license.

1. So since i going with 2 CPU core license. It will only make 2 cores user litespeed for PHP out of 8 cores? what other cores gonna do? only static content? Or other cores gonna use Apache for php? can you plz explain.

2. Do we have to configure cache like mod_cache, mod_disk_cache, and mod_mem_cache etc with litespeed too? Or it has its own methods of caching?

3. Should use their PHP LiteSpeed SAPI over normal PHP?
Is there any compatibility problems with scripts like Vbulletin, jamroom?

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Search For Windows 2008 Webserver Licenses For Rent

Aug 27, 2008

we plan to offer dedicated Server with Windows 2008 Webserver. Where we can get the licenses for monthly rent? Contract month to month? You can send us also your offers with PM or at

possible payment: paypal, moneybookers, wiretransfer

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Unix Plesk: Generate Webserver Config Files

Sep 4, 2007

Is there any command to generate it? The httpd.include is there but httpd.conf is not picking it up. Suppose there is a "middle" man to connect the vhosts httpd.include and httpd.conf

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LiteSpeed Vs Apache

Jul 17, 2009

Anyone happen to know the difference between the two and whether or not I'll notice the difference between them?

For example, many, many, many, many moons ago, in a far away land, there used to be a difference between Windows and Linux for perl scripts. In fact, if you couldn't re-write half the script, some of them just didn't work right on a windows host.

Are there any differences like that between lightspeed and apache, or is it all pretty much the same and doesn't really matter?

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