Buy Dedicated From Burstnet Via Reseller

Jun 10, 2008

Whats your experience when buying a server via a burstnet reseller?

How long does it take to respond back to you or any ticket/question you submit?

Also if it takes too much to get any news by the reseller can you contact burstnet directly? If you cancel the account while pending do you take refund?

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Running Xen With A BurstNet Reseller

Mar 11, 2008

I ordered a dedicated server for Windows VPS testing (XEN). I ordered it with CentOS 5.

I got it 4 days later with Fedora. I just thought, it doesn't matter they function the same, so I just let it go. I installed Xen/HyperVM and rebooted. It didn't bounce back so I created a ticket: ....

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Burstnet Review - Burstnet / Nocster Experience

May 5, 2008

I used Burstnet dedicated service for more than 2 months & would like to post a review here:

Initially I ordered a server before two months from Burstnet, Burstnet (Nocster) took more than a week to setup. After waiting for a week I got the server. Never received remote reboot port , though they billed me for it every month.

Initially it was working fine. After 7 days approx , my server was inaccessible , I added a support ticket to reboots & got reply that my server was suspended due to lack of reply of the abuse warnings they sent me , while I had got an abuse alert before a day informing me about spam mails somebody sent from a vps, I had already replied to the alert that I suspended the vps of spam mail user & had also got email from Burst saying: " Thank you for taking the time to contact the BurstNET Abuse Dept.
BurstNET in no way condones any spam related........"

it was confirmed that they had received my reply for abuse alert. I informed them this in ticket, they replied they did not receive any reply from me. I provided them email headers & it was clearly showing that the mail was delivered to burst, later they said that the mail was delivered but was not reached to their support desk & they reactivated my server. There was 5 - 6 hrs down time , while there was no fault from me.

See the screen shots below: ....

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Dedicated And Reseller?

Dec 8, 2005

I was wondering where I could find some cheap dedicated servers for webhsoting and some cheap reseller web hosting packages?

Over 40 gigs!

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Dedicated, VPS Or Reseller

May 11, 2007

Dedicated, VPS or Reseller?..

I have done a lot of research and I am trying to get good reviews and opinions.

I am going to make this short.

My Specs:
-Location : Chicago
-Platform: Windows or (Windows and Linux Package : I have seen some hosts offering it)
-Bandwidth: ~ 200- 1000 GB (I probably donít need as much but you never know)
-HD Space: 20- 80GB
-Use: hosting web sites , e-mail, development (PHP, ASP.NET, ASP)
-Domains: 50

-Other Req. Software:
oGood Web Based interface with no mail box size limits or at least high limits
oScripting: PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP

Here is a list of the most important things that I am looking for in a host:

Another important thing to me is : Web Email and Spam Protection, Yes, I need a fast, reliable web based email for all my domains. I am use to IMail web interface because itís simple and fast. Most hosts offer HORDE or SquirrelMail and those are primitive.

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Vps Vs Reseller Vs Dedicated

Jun 28, 2007

seems Odd but i do really need to know a little about it.

Please answer the following:

1)VPS VS Reseller VS dedicated. Which One is most suggested/Stable why?

2)VPS provides ROot access like Dedicated whats the Basic Difference Between both? Is the CPU shared between the both?

3)I see VPS are cheaper than reseller.How do you justify this?

4)As like reseller does VPS comes with RVSKIns etc or we should buy them and install it?

5)Which Do you suggest me to start for?(i cant afford dedicated).

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Best Dedicated Company For Reseller

Nov 5, 2009

Hi, Guys can you pls recommend me some reputable companies who are offering reseller discounts for selling dedicated servers.

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Going From 2 Reseller Account To Dedicated Box

Mar 6, 2008

Me and a friend decided to switch from 2 reseller accounts and get a dedicated box.

What is the best way to set this up? If I understand right we will need a root domain and then create 2 reseller accounts under that.

Is there anywhere I can find a tutorial on this, or can someone point me in the right direction.

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Reseller To Dedicated Server

Dec 25, 2007

I had a reseller account long back , I'd like to move all its accounts to my dedicated server , I dont have SSH on that reseller..

How to proceed with it?

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Reseller Account How To Assign Dedicated Ip?

Apr 23, 2009

If im on a vps when i create reseller account how to assign dedicated ip? the ip is must buy from my vps provider so i can give out extra or?

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What Is Safe Hosting: Dedicated, VPS Or Reseller

Aug 17, 2008

I had VPS from SolarVPS a year ago and I found that it requires full attention since it wasn't stable like dedicated server. So, I had to keep an eye on the server and websites where some technical problems happened. These problems like websites stopped working suddenly, email problems, Mysql permissions etc.

I totally agree that SolarVPS has a fantastic support and very quick. They supported me all over the past period. But, a week ago one of my clientís website was used for phishing Paypal customers and it seems like a hacker used the mailing script for this website. Therefore, SolrVPS stopped my VPS immediately and I am still keep on contacting Abuse Department to clarify the situation and resolve the problem. However, all my clients are down now because they are affected by stopping my VPS.

My question here, since I wasn't be able to administrate security or look after the websites at my VPS, what shall I do to have a rest of mind from these problems and concentrate on sales and light support?

Shall I go for dedicated? VPS again? Reseller? However, I always need root access to my server for my technical purposes.

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Reseller Hosting, VPS, Or Dedicated Server

Nov 12, 2007

I have a WordPress site, over 10,000 unique visitor, 3GB-5GB bandwidth per day.

What type of server is good for me? I try to use shared hosting, but that looks not powerful.

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Need Dedicated/Reseller/VPS Hosting Which Fulfill My Requirement

May 28, 2008

I'm new here and want to find a hosting for running my first internet mktg project which that can fulfill my requirements.
FYI, my products are all video and not less than 50 video products.

A reseller/dedicated/vps hosting
- Disk space between 50-100 Gig
- Data Transfer (Bandwith) >1(TB)
- SSL Certificate enable
- Super quick Support
- Free for 1st month and have money back guarantee
- Service Uptime 99.9% never down
- Can install the complicated service like JV Manager, other membership script
- Budget is $19.90 monthly.

Hope friend can post your opinion too about your experienced with hosting. Sound like Innohosting good but certain thing is disable. Please help for this.

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Hostgator Reseller Vs MediaTemple Dedicated-virtual

Mar 28, 2009

I have several small websites that I currently host with HostGator without any issues (although I wish customer service was better).

The websites are very small and currently don't require any significant disk space or bandwidth requirements (we currently have less than 10.000 visitors every month).

The problem I currently have is that these websites were all set up in different accounts which are a pain to manage and probably more expensive than required.

We plan to grow both in number of websites and bandwidth capacity requirements in the near future.

I have come to two options: Stay with Hostgator and get a reseller account(<dot>shtml ), or switch to MediaTemple and get a dedicated-virtual account ( http://www.mediatemple<dot>net/webhosting/dv/ ) (I have heard good things about MediaTemple).

Can you guys suggest which option would be better? Or a different one? Below are the characteristics I'm looking at.

Price - As long as itís within market standards according to service I don't mind paying more for a better service. It is important that payment is easy from outside the US. Customer service - fast, effective, available 24x7. Ease of use / reseller - Easy to maintain several independent websites in a single plan. A plus if they have a good reseller setup.

Long term company stability and management - I wouldnít like the company to disappear or be inconsistent in its business practices. I would like to avoid making changes in hosting provider.
Scalability - We shoot to grow and develop additional businesses that require more capacity. Don't want to change later of host provider when this happens.

Security - Known reliability of external attacks and good backup model Known reliability running the latest version of Drupal and Expression Engine.

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Dedicated Or VPS Or Reseller Hosting For Business Site

Jul 30, 2008

I'm managing our business websites and we're presently using budget shared web hosting.

As the business grows, the uptime of our websites (and web server) is important to the bosses.

I'm wondering whether we should go with managed dedicated web hosting (expensive), VPS hosting (not too familiar with it) or go with a reseller hosting account?

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Migrating From A Dedicated Server To A Reseller Account

Jul 30, 2007

I have a dedicated server which I need to migrate all sites to a reseller account on a different host.
It comes down to 6 sites that I must not lose any emails.

On the source server, I have full access to it. It's CentOS, WHM, cPanel, etc. On the destination reseller account (downtownhost), I have access to WHM, and individual cPanel. But I can't see any transfer or restore options on the WHM, though on the individual cPanel account, I see a restore option which states:


This feature allows you to restore parts of your cPanel by uploading your partial backup zip file(s) that you downloaded from the backup feature.

The following can be restored:

* Home Directory
* MySQL Databases
* Email forwarders configuration
* Email filters configuration

My plan is so far:

1) Generate a full backup for each site on the source server.

2) Create the accounts on the destination reseller account. (Is it possible before I update the IP of the nameserver to point to the new server?)

3) Restore the sites with this wizard I mentioned above in each cPanel.

4) Change the nameserver host IP to the new server.

5) Hold my fingers and bless every living creature for a smooth move.

if I could do this any better, trying not to lose any emails in the process.

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Creating A Reseller Account On Dedicated Server

Nov 25, 2007

how i can create a reseller account on my new dedicated server? i am using c-Panel/WHM for my control panel

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How To Combine Dedicated Server With Reseller Account

Nov 26, 2007

I just bought a new dedicated server, set the nameserver to and, and have moved all accounts from my reseller to my new dedicated server.

Now, the reseller account still has 10 months before expired. Can I use it for something like and

So, for example for A user, I want to put him on my reseller server, tell him to point his domain to ns3 and ns4, but for B user I want to put him to my dedicated server, and tell him to point his domain to ns1 and ns2. Is this possible?

Or, is there any other thing, I can make my reseller account useful?

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Moving Accounts... Reseller To Dedicated Server

May 13, 2007

Just wondering the many different types of ways to do this..

I been trying to do it via cPanel, but it seems my Reseller for my old site, has disallowed ssh for me.

Just wondering ,if its possible to do with ssh, or any other way!
thanks so much

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Difference Between Shared, Ecommerce, Dedicated, Reseller, Colocation And VPS

Apr 29, 2008

I've had a look at the different types of hosting, and had a guess at the description,

A machine with many, many domains on each for individual customer.

Same as above with SSL?

One machine to yourself, one domain?


You have a dedicated potion of a machine to use as many domains on as you want?

You own the server, someone else looks after it.

Hard Disk space and Bandwidth to be apportioned to each domain as you see fit, cpanel with each domain so that you can 'resell'

So what type of hosting would I want to host 5 to 10 of my own websites that use around 100GB a month bandwidth?

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Dedicated Server Resellers - Private Vs Authorized Reseller Branding

Mar 3, 2008

Dedicated Server Resellers - Do you prefer to apply private labeling when marketing your services or do you let your customers know you are a reseller of "xyz" products and services?

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Dedicated Or Reseller Setup With Virtualization Or Decent Chroot Setup

Jul 31, 2008

As my clients' needs expand, they're asking for chroot ssh/sftp setup. I'm currently on a dedicated Linux setup but don't really have the time to set up a whole new box with full virtualization or investigate a full chroot solution (baby on the way), and to be honest it would be less hassle to move to a new provider than worry about down time with sites.

What I'm looking for:

- linux hosting
- hosting for 30+ accounts, some with several domains
- at least 6 IP addresses for SSL certs
- each account in a full chroot environment (ssh/sftp/ftp) so they can't poke around each others' files, or each account set up in a virtual machine setup (ie: openvz)
- maildir
- spamassassin
- php 5, mysql, perl 5.8.8
- suexec apache would be nice

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Sep 26, 2009

I ordered two servers from burstnet three days ago.

I was very thrilled when they said they could rush my order within 24hours. And I was floored when I received my boxes hours after ordering.

From there, it's been all downhill.

(1) They installed the wrong hard drive on one of the boxes.

(2) They corrected the hard drive with the correct one. But they created partitions that we did not ask for. Result: reinstall, again.

(3) We found the LAN connection between our two boxes off. We asked them to see and they got back that the cable was disconnected. Scared, we asked them to tell us WHY this would randomly happen. At no point did they apologize. Rather, the support staff simply seems to go back and forth putting the responsibility of the problem from one department to another.(kinda like "we dont know but i'll fwd to networking staff")

(4) This is where it really hit the fan. We ordered hardware ddos protection. I opened a ticket in afternoon yesterday asking them if it had been setup. Our server has been under syn floods which a hardware ddos system should help mitigate. The support staff took over 3 hours and a voicemail before responding.

Since then, the support staff has not yet been able to tell me anything about the ddos hardware. According to them the networking dept. is responsible for that. And by the time the support staff gave up, the networking dept. had gone home(evening yesterday). The support staff said I might not hear back until 9am today.

I told them to cancel my server and provide me a refund if they cannot fix the problems by 10am. It's 11am and I have not heard a thing from them.

I opened another ticket few minutes ago about getting a refund. They quickly responded to it saying support has zero to do with billing and that I should contact billing. They also said billing won't be in until Monday.

I spent every penny I had on these servers. Is my only option to wait till Monday before I can get them to give me a refund and find another host?

In either case, I am super disappointed by BurstNET support's incompetence and response times.

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Oct 6, 2008

I'm not normally one to drag things like this in public but I honestly just wanted to know industry standard for a situation like mine.

So, here is the lowdown. I was originally a customer of this company called They resold BurstNET dedis. After being signed up for a month or two, they went out of business. At this point, BurstNET did a nice thing and offered to carry over any customers from uni-hosts and transfer over to their services. I was paying like $24.95 before for some cheap P4 1.8 or whatever from, but BurstNET said that they couldn't match that. That's fine. They said like $39.99 was the best they could do.

This was all done via service tickets. I never completed a signup or order form or anything like that. I had signed up originally through their support portal and that's it. I told them via this support portal that I would NOT be continuing my service with BurstNET and thanked them for their time. I have all the tickets saved in my email so on and so forth. Everything is cool.

Fast forward 4 months to the present. I see 3 emails from BurstNET sent on the same day and they are for the past 3 months of service. Apparently I owe $120USD or something. Of course, I am like wtf. I log in via their billing window and initiate a conversation regarding this.. They then inform me that I have to pay this fee because I signed a contract with them (non-existent of course.). I showed them all the previous tickets from me talking to their sales telling them very clearly that I was not going to carry over my service. They said that a ticket is not a valid or official form of cancellation, but I also said that I never officially signed up for anything so I thought it was acceptable.

To make a long story short, they've now informed me they're sending a collections agency after me. This is more of a hassle than anything else as I haven't received service, or anything like that for months from them, yet they are charging me for it. Is this normal practice in this industry? Is there something I can do to annoy them through this process, like a counter collections agency? They obviously don't seem to care about what's 'legal' or 'reasonable'.. How does one even deal with this as regular little customer?

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What Do You Think About Burstnet?

Dec 11, 2008

What do you think about burstnet?

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BurstNET XO Fiber

May 3, 2008

Ive just being doing some pings and tracerts on burst and it looks to me they have there new X0 fiber installed i still get around 20 hops and average 120ms ping any body found the new transit any quicker, im still deciding weather to go back to burst or not, the speeds are pretty much the same but it is too early to justify there stability

What do you think so far?

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 53 ms 98 ms 98 ms api.home []
2 38 ms 36 ms 35 ms
3 35 ms 35 ms 36 ms
4 36 ms 35 ms 35 ms
5 33 ms 36 ms 36 ms
6 139 ms 189 ms 191 ms
7 43 ms 34 ms 35 ms
8 35 ms 37 ms 36 ms [194.72.31
9 40 ms 38 ms 44 ms [62.6.200
10 38 ms 37 ms 38 ms [62.6.200
11 38 ms 37 ms 35 ms []
12 37 ms 37 ms 37 ms []
13 39 ms 37 ms 37 ms []

14 39 ms 37 ms 37 ms
15 37 ms 37 ms 37 ms []

16 110 ms 111 ms 111 ms []
17 118 ms 119 ms 117 ms []
18 257 ms 209 ms 206 ms []
19 128 ms 130 ms 127 ms []
20 120 ms 121 ms 121 ms []

Trace complete.


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=121ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=122ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=122ms TTL=48
Reply from bytes=32 time=120ms TTL=48

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 120ms, Maximum = 122ms, Average = 121ms


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BurstNet Uptimes

Jun 10, 2008

I am considering getting a few low end servers from but was wondering about their network uptime and hardware replacement times? from what little i have read here on WHT the network keeps going up and down at times.

also i would appreciate if you all could point me to a "reliable and trustworthy" burstNet reseller.

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BurstNET Review

May 24, 2008

Firstly, our IP:

We bought a server from BurstNET two months ago, so far it's been excellent.

Often complained about by people purchasing servers, setup was a little slow at about 48 hours, but it's not terrible. It doesn't bother me, perhaps they concentrate on support over sales, which is a great thing. That brings me onto:

Have only had to contact support twice at the very beginning, cPanel threw up a couple of strange errors and I submitted a ticket to cPanel and one with BurstNET. I was expecting BurstNET to send me to cPanel, but instead the fixed the issue (within 15 minutes I must say), much better than waiting for cPanel whom took well over an hour. The other issue I simply contacted BurstNET again and they fixed it extremely quickly Never has a reply of mine gone for over 20 minutes without a reply from BurstNET, it's excellent stuff.

Another thing people moan about. True, there was one *minor* outage, to do with the preparations of setting up their new XO fibre and some BGP routing error, but it was all fixed within 30 minutes as far as I can remember. Other than that the network has been excellent, getting brilliant speeds through the new XO linkup too Uptime has been 99.9% so far, which is brilliant.

From my experience, the BurstNET team is extemely efficient, knowledgeable and in general: awesome!

A couple of things I don't like:
+ the mess of a billing system, it's all patched together, but at least it works
+ lack of an offsite status page, only one outage, but WHT is more of a status page it seems

Support: 10/10 - can't fault it from my experience
Network: 8/10 - normally excellent

So that gives them a brilliant: 9/10!

One last note: I think BurstNET are somewhat "bullied" on these forums, people seem to attack them for a lack of redundancy, terrible support, terrible network, etc etc. Please, if you've never used BurstNET: shutup. Also, lots of the BurstNET resellers are attacked (some are good, lots are quite poor it seems), and people blame BurstNET not the reseller, also wrong.

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Mar 8, 2008

I would like information on who the customer is burstnet / nocster on dedicated servers, as is the quality of service and especially the time to support the cradle.

I can wait 3 days for activation or more what interests me is the quality of service.

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Limestonenetworks VS BurstNet

Aug 13, 2008

Who is better limestonenetworks or BurstNet

I deal with the company BurstNet But the question now

Is limestonenetworks excellent company?

Is technical support fast?

I want enough information on the company limestonenetworks

I want to deal with them

Topic of discussion

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Any BurstNET Support

Jul 3, 2008

wondering after order new server with BurstNET, never reply 3 days about some question email ... How about you? also never reply after order? or delay reply always?

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