Windows 2003 And ASP

Aug 17, 2007

on the server I have ASP access sites and ASP with SQL server sites.

When I load the sites they are fast, but then after a random period of time, I click a link but the page just sits there saying waiting for host, I can refresh but no difference, then all of a sudden the site will start working again and be fast until the next time.

Does anyone know why the site can be fast then sort of just hang for a while and if so, any suggestions on fixing this would be brilliant.

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Windows 2003 Vs. Windows 2008 - What Is The Difference For Windows Media Services

Oct 2, 2008

I was actually curious about this since Windows 2008 version came out.

What is the difference between Windows media services on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008?

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Windows Licenses :: Rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition?

Nov 17, 2008

Any company rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition ?

SPLA and External licenses ?

With Micfrosoft need pay 2,000$

I wait your answerds.

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Windows 2008 Versus Windows 2003 Server

May 26, 2009

With Windows 2003 server, there are comprehensive lists of what you need to do to secure the server before use. For Windows 2008, I wonder is there such a list? Or is it true as what I heard from Microsoft that it is already secured out of the box?

Anyone has any resources on the hardening or preparation of 2008 for server hosting uses?

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Is Windows 2008 Slower Than Windows 2003

May 8, 2008

I'm making a reasonably uninformed comparison here. Since Windows Vista is noted to be more resource intensive and slower than Win XP, are we right in assuming that Windows 2008 is slower than Windows 2003?

For instance, with two boxes with an identical hardware setup but the two different server OSes, will the same application like, say MySQL run slower on the Win 2008 machine?

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Windows Xp Rather Than Windows Server 2003?

Oct 30, 2008

Is there hosting that use windows xp rather than windows server 2003? What is the advantage of using windows server2003 anyway?

Most of the time I just need to run some programs that need huge bandwidth. If I want to host sites, I'll just use xamp.

I think windows xp license is cheaper.

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Windows 2003 VPN

Jan 16, 2008

how to setup a vpn on windows 2003 web edition server?

I have setup ras, and letting me to login to the server using PPTP, but its not allowing me to route the Internet using the connection there.

I m having One NIC card, and as far i know its possible to route public network too.

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Is Windows 2003 Necessary

Mar 5, 2007

I was contacted by a small company manager who want to setup an online common work place for his employees.

He needs a Windows server with the possibility for up to 10 users to connect remotly and share files and software.

Do you think that Windows 2003 is compulsory for such basic needs? I want to go with Windows XP because it is less expensive.

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Windows 2003 + 2 IPs

Mar 22, 2007

Can I configure windows 2003 to use multiple IPs?? Is it necessary to have a separate ethernet connection for each IP? Loopback, does it help? What about Linux?

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Windows 2003 X64 Firewall...

Apr 23, 2007

I am trying to find a firewall for windows 2003 64 bit edition. So far I have tried Visnetic, which doesn't work, and comodo will not even have a beta version out until May. Anyone know of another that will work on 64 bit windows?

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Available RAM Windows Enterprise 2003

May 11, 2009

I am running a server with Windows Enterprise 2003 installed, it has 32GB RAM installed but in control panel I can only see 15.5GB RAM, I understand graphics cards etc will take some of the RAM so I suspect Windows is only seeing 16GB, instead of the installed 32GB, anyone any idea as to why I do not see all 32GB.

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Windows 2003 And 2008 Web

Jan 9, 2009

i wanted to buy a dedicated server and when i had questions about 2003 web, i talked to hivelocity live support and i think it was dave who told me that Windows 2003 web has a restriction for mysql which was 512 KB. I myself is planning to own a gameserver that uses java and mysql and i know for sure uses much much more space than 512 KB. Is this true that 2003 restricts the size of your DB and when your DB reaches 512 kb, it can no longer be used? Also, is the windows 2008 web licensing fee the same as windows 2003 web?

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Windows Server 2003

Jun 9, 2009

My client have a windows 2003 Sever, we install xampp there to run his site because he gave us hosting information late on and we done all his work in mysql php,

so every thing is working but the main problem is this that queries are not going through email.

i don't know how can i set his mail setting.

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Windows 2003 To Other Hardware

Jul 8, 2009

I have a Windows 2003 Server with DotNetPanel.

Server have old hardware, and I want to change complete server to a new hardware, but saving all current data, users, configurations, etc...

I don't want to use backup and restore utility of DotNetPanel, because is very slow.

I want to do a complete migration of data, users, configurations, etc...

I see Parangon Software, that allow this, but I need to see more options.

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Windows 2003 Firewall

Apr 12, 2008

In exception, I add ports (21,110,25,3389,80) all the ports work good, in Appearance.

I use MailEnable. When I visit the webmail for example I can't see it.

Do you have any idea what is happen?

What port is necesary?

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Oct 19, 2008

I'm sure there is an easy answer to this, and i'm probably being a little lazy, but the google searches i did didn't really help.

As I need to have windows hosting, apart from the price, is there any difference between setting up the server with windows 2003 standard edition and web edition?

I want to run MS SQL and My sql databases, run asp, .Net 2 and php on the server.

I'd also want to connect with RDP which i'm assuming is fine.

Most of the searches seem to talk about the fact that you can't set up active directory,or making it a domain controller but not much else.

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Windows 2003 / 2008

Jul 21, 2008

I would like to get a windows 2003 or 2008 dedicated server to run some software and give some friends hosting locally.

Can someone please explain what must be done and HOW (win server newbie here) *after* the intial o/s install?

- dns setup (how, ns1/ns2, etc)

- apply IP range assigned to server

- serious security (the big one)

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Windows Server 2003 Dns

Apr 5, 2008

This is my first dedicated and I am plugging away at it.I am running windows server 2003 web edition and I have my database, website, and ftp setup and everything is working so far. Now if you go to my site that I'm working on will show up. My question is my domain and site that I am in the process of moving is hosted on a shared server on 1and1. Now I need that domain to point to that ip. Do I need to set up name servers on the server? If so can someone point me in th right direction.

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Windows Server 2003 - Log Off

May 25, 2008

When we login our windows 2003 server and download some file / or run any process, whatsoever ; and then we log off the server.

The download / process, ends itself.

How can we keep running the download or any process, even when we log off?

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Windows Server 2003 AD / DNS

Apr 24, 2008

We have two Windows Server 2003 machines as active directory controllers and DNS servers for our in-house operations. For our purposes, let's say the domain name is

Both servers have DNS, and is stored in Active Directory to allow us to use the benefits this provides. Our issue is probably simple, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

Let's call server one EX1, and server two EX2. These have local IPs of and, respectively.

We want to be resolved to an external IP address (for web hosting), let's say The problem is, the two domain controllers keep registering with their internal IP addresses .111 and .112, so the DNS round-robins between and the two internal servers, which aren't web servers.

Is there a way we can get those DNS controllers to stop registering their internal IPs as

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Permission On Windows 2003

Mar 5, 2008

I noticed very strange file permission behaviour, which not always intherid child permission from parent. Detailed problem description is below.

I have "c:File" directory with IUSR permission.

If I run one .NET application(exe) from Administrator account and try to create new file with that application in c:File directory, the newly created file with that application do not has IUSR permission.

If I run notepad and save txt file into that directory, it has IUSR permission.

Can anyone explain what is going on? Why file created with first .NET aplication do not inherit permission from folder?

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Linux Vs Windows 2003

Jul 28, 2008

I've gone through 3 servers lately, upgrading each time. All three have been linux this far, but I'm really not accustomed to it and don't like running on something I'm not familiar with.

On the other hand, I'm very familiar with Windows 2003.

So, what are your experiences running a vbulletin forum website with windows 2003? Any huge security flaws with Win2k3 compared to CentOS? Would I be able to use SSH to tunnel and remote desktop into the Win2k3 box? It'd be so refreshing to be able to use a gui instead of command prompts.

I see a quad core with 8gb for under $150 right now, compared to my current dual core with 2gb of ram I think it'd definitely be a huge improvement.

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Windows 2003 Server ...

Jan 23, 2008

Some of my factory guys can log on the same user name at the same time, so I want a situation where a user name may be able to log on, one at a time.

in case this forum cannot treat this, kindly direct to another site.

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Feb 18, 2008

is there any huge difference between the two?

I'm primarily going to use the server for gaming.

After researching, the only thing I saw was that Web only supports up to 2GB of ram.

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Installing Windows 2003 SP2

Apr 25, 2007

Has anybody faced problem in installing Windows 2003 SP2 over SP1? I want to know what problem can be faced before I start with the SP2 installation.

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Mysql,php And Windows Sbs 2003

Dec 13, 2007

I have recently finished designing web pages using mysql and php on my laptop. What I am now trying to do is install the software onto the windows sbs server. I pressume in order to do this I need the various permissions to install the php and mysql software. I take it then I need to adjust the php config file accordingly.

I would be grateful if someone could let me know if this is correct and whether any has ever carried out this procedure on Widows SBS 2003 Standard Edition.

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Windows 2003 SE - IIS : I Can't See My Website

Jan 13, 2007

I have a new server with windows 2003 SE on it and without a control panel; I install IIS & the FTP, I can't see the pages or the files on the internet when I call them example: [url]

All that I have done on the server is:

1/ Changing the admin password & add a new user
2/ installing the antivirus
3/ installing IIS & FTP

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Windows Server 2003

Dec 22, 2007

i am starting up a buisness running my own web servers and the licensing system for windows Server 2003 standard is really confusing and i was wondering if someone could give a simple explaination if possible.

I will be using these servers for Plesk web hosting.

and with CALs if i am renting out Dedicated servers and they use win server 2003 would i pre install CALs on it or would customer do that.

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Windows 2003 Server 32 Or X64

Dec 10, 2007

Just purchased a Quad Core Xeon Server with 4 gigs of ram and trying to decide if I should run Windows 2003 Standard 32bit or 64bit?

Basically I have a few 1.1 C# application and I want to make sure they will work properly.

Also does anybody know if Plesk 8.2 supports 64 bit?

Also I would assume and hope Microsoft SQL 2005 Express suppports x64?

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Windows 2003 DNS Client

Sep 11, 2007

i want to know if anyone know a DNS Client software for Windows 2003 DNS Server?
i cannot find anything about it all i get is DHCP Clients but this is not what i searched for i did search for a Client Software like the updater for DynDNS or something like that.

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Windows 2003 Server SP2

May 21, 2007

I have a server running Win 2003 server at a data centre.Microsoft has released SP2 but mine is SP1.I have no access to the server physically and I wonder can I install SP2 using remote desktop?Will I get logout halfway?

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