VPS Providers With Both IPv4 And IPv6 Connectivity?

May 2, 2007

for a linux VPS package provider that can provide both IPv4 and IPv6 (not tunneled) connectivity. IRC client/bots are not a priority but would be a bonus.

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Ipv4 To Ipv6

Apr 13, 2008

If you took every dns A record that exists for an ipv4, converted it to an AAAA ipv6 address record, what would the disk space difference be amongst every computer that hosts a dns server today?

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Possible To Have An IPv4 AND IPv6 On Same Server

Jul 26, 2008

In terms of dedicated servers how does this work? Is this something you can ask for, and is there any advantage to having it? Is it also possible to have an IPv4 AND IPv6 on same server?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Domain Name Resolve Ipv6 But Not Ipv4

Jul 23, 2014

I added a AAAA ipv6 zone to my dns the idea was to run the SPF validation by google (who checked the ipv6 and not ipv4 (??) )Out today I have a client who called me and because it can no longer connect to my site...I take his computer in hand by teamviewer and actually the ping of my domain solves the ipv6 not ipv4 in the management of IP in plesk I

Mask IP address subnet Retailer Sites Interface
178.xx.xxx.xxx (shared) eth0 0187
2001: xxxx: x: xxxx :: 1 (dedicated) 64 0 0 eth0

therefore 187 sites under the ipv4 and ipv6 0 on..I actually do not care about ipv6, it's just for spf..I lack some knowledge with dns I think...must I do something on dns to indicate that ipv4 is that actually hosts the site? or at plesk for all requests to be redirected to the ipv6 on ipv4?

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Apache :: Listen On Port 8080 For IPv4 And On Port 80 For IPv6?

Aug 8, 2013

I'm runnung a server with Apache2 (Apache/2.2.16 (Debian 6.0))

I would like Apache2 listen on port 8080 for IPv4 and on port 80 for IPv6.

This is what I have now:


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Limited Or No Connectivity

Mar 11, 2008

im trying to remotely install WS2003 EE R2 on a dedicated server I have purchased and have an issue. I'm installing it via KVM IP which is cool

however, after installing the network card drivers, I get a "There is no or limited connectivity" etc... so I cannot access the internet or anything on that box.

what do I do from here? how can I make the card work? It is configured to obtain the IP Address automatically as well as using the default DNS. I do have 2 IP Addresses "assigned" to me/my account but dont believe I need to configure them in WS2003?

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CoLocation Connectivity

Feb 6, 2008

Is it better to have a rack in a carrier neutral datacenter and get feeds to the rack from various diverse carriers.


Is it better to have a rack in an ISP datacenter where they provide the connectivity for you?

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Burst.net Connectivity

Sep 17, 2008

is anyone else having trouble with burst.net at the moment? from two locations, i'm having problems where anything that will elicit a large response just hangs indefinitely. i can ping my server just fine, i can shell into it... if i do "top" or "dmesg" or anything else that might dump back more than a few lines of response at a time, the ssh session hangs. i can do "ps x" as a regular user, because i only have two processes running. "ps ax" will hang ssh.

none of my websites work, and i can't get on the burst.net website from either location. i tried calling but no matter what sequence i try for (even tried reboots) i can't get ahold of a live person, but then again it is almost midnight.

anyone else experiencing this?

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Dedicated With Top Connectivity

Nov 25, 2008

I have tested so many compagny I can't even remember and with all of thoses compagny my customers had lagg pikes or this kind of things.

I am hosting a gameserver service which required a top connectivity , most of my customers are in europe and I looked for the best dedicated provider in europe.

I tested OVH , ngz-server , bestserver.eu and much more but it was the same problem.

If someone know a good dedicated server provider in europe using premium bandwidth with good carier and not only with peerings .

I have looked a bit at serverboost.nl they seems serious but I have no feedback about them.

If you have any provider with a top connectivity it would help me a lot to choose what deserve my customers.

A DDos protection is a must also (not for bigg ddos but littles one ).

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Bandwidth/connectivity Brokers

Aug 25, 2009

Anyone worked with legitimate bandwidth brokers?

someone that can provide pricing for multiple providers (Level3, Global Crossing, and Cogent at a minimum) that I know are available in a building we have service in.

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Best Connectivity Price In Europe

Mar 4, 2008

for you what country of Europe has the best prices in connectivity?

So far the best thing I have found is in Amsterdam with 10 / Mbps (100Mbps) or 7 / Mbps (1Gbps).

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Layered Technologies Connectivity

Jul 19, 2008

Is anyone else having issues with Layered Technologies. For the past 18+ hours they've been 'down' from the Global Crossing network. Does anyone know anyone at Savvis and/or Global Crossing that can check and see what's wrong with their routing?

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Running A Web Server On Tor Connectivity

Feb 23, 2007

Is it possible to install tor on a server, and serve up websites using the Tor connectivity/proxy IP (not the server's real IP)?

If yes, what's the procedure for setting this up?

And should all nameservers continue to resolve to the server's "real" IP(s) or...?

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Connectivity Issues To VPS Server From Certain Locations

May 27, 2008

We have a VPS with Media Temple. Their data center is somewhere on the westcoast. From time to time we have severe issues to connect from our Brooklyn/NY locations. We experienced the connectivity issue from 2 physical locations. Doing a tracert gave us a good result.

There are usually 4-8 users using our shop admin for order processing or the shopping cart for manual order entry. While they are having problems connecting from there, I can connect just fine from Calgary/AB, Canada. Most of the time no issues at all.

how to debug that?

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Intermedia Hosted Sharepoint Connectivity

Feb 28, 2008

Is anyone having a problem with Intermedia's Hosted Sharepoint (WSS 3.0) Service? For the past couple days I've had sporadic service. Finally today, None of my pc's can get to my hosted sharepoint site. I even tried my site from 3 other locations, all with different ISP's, networks, and even geographic locations. (2 Corporate spots in OKC, Tulsa, Dallas).

Anyways their tech support says they can log in fine, and it's just a problem with my ISP. (I tried to emphasis the fact that it's 4 different ISP's all having the same issue).

Ping's good, I even get an authentication window. Just when I put in credentials I get The connection was interrupted.

Anyways phone support could only offer to open a ticket for me. Can anyone else using Intermedia Hosted Sharepoint let me know if they too are having problems? I realize Hosted Email is probably working fine.

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Understanding Hosting Network Connectivity

Apr 26, 2007

1) All VPS hosting services emphasize their high level of network connectivity (Tier 1 etc.) but how to learn about this topic and choose the fastest service?

2) What is really the state of the art and fastest network connectivity available?

3) Is there a map/list of the biggest US network hubs and which web hosts are connected to them?

4) Is the old ping response time the best metric to verify a web host speed connectivity?

5) Is there an indipendent and unbiased website that reviews and report web hosts ping response times?

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Experience With Savvis And Net2EZ Hosting And Connectivity

Jun 30, 2008

I am interested in finding out any experiences people have had in the last year or so with Savvis or Net2EZ.

I'm primarily interested in experience with the IP connectivity they provide, as well as their co-location, reliability, etc.

I have experience with Savvis from quite a while ago, but presumably that experience may no longer apply.

It's likely we will end up buying transit from multiple carriers and deal with BGP, etc.

But I am also interested in hearing about Savvis's Diverse Internet availability product.

As for Net2EZ, I'd be primarily interested in hearing about their colo services and if anyone has had experience connecting to Carriers in the next door Equinix facility.

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Server Box Incoming Connectivity Issue!! (keyweb.de)

Oct 17, 2007

I ordered yesterday, and got it today! But I have the box, 100 MB unmetered line, I downloaded utorrent, donloaded a file at 10 MB/per sec, but For some reason the box wont seed, and the tiny little yellow banner on the bottom says there are no incoming connections (this is usually green if your port is open) It wont seed... the DL is great, is there a box setting that is blocking this? there is no installed firewall, and the ports are all open....

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Out Of Band Connectivity- IPMI- Serial Console- KVM Over IP

Sep 23, 2008

When you can't access your server via SSH or Remote Desktop, what do you use to fix the problem without filing a ticket?

Serial console?
KVM over IP?
Dial up connection?
Backup network connection?
Get up and walk to the server? :-)

If you had a choice between them, what did you pick and why?

Does your dedicated server provider give it to you for free, or do you have to pay extra for it?

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Tools To Measure Server Connectivity Times

Nov 6, 2007

I've got a housed server within my customer's datacenter. I consider application runs ok, but it goes very slow.

I consider it's due to their connection (DSL) and installed another provisional server with a simple "Hello World" and no traffic. I'm to install the same server within another datacenter, and would like to find an external tool to certify connectivity times.

Do you know any of these tools? I'm not searching tools like 'Apache AB' or 'HP httperf', but public online services.

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Prefered Method Of Network Redundancy (Server Connectivity)

May 16, 2007

There are several methods of offering network path redundancy. The basic decision for me has come down to:

Do it at Layer 2
Do it at Layer 3

At the moment we have layer 2 redundancy to each server. 2NICs on the server up with one having the IPs for apache/mysql/etc. each nic going into a seperate switch and the switches connected together, with 2 routers running VRRP to handle the gateway.
Everything is Vlaned.

So basicaly the switch redundancy is done by spanning tree and the IP redundancy is done with a process on the router/server to move the IP to the other router/server NIC if there is an issue.

I am thinking about going with 2 fully seperate networks. in differant subnets. where each router would have a gateway. the routers would talk to each other and they would speak OSPF or ISIS with the servers. This way I would move hosting onto loopback IPs on the servers and those loopback IPs would be advertised to the both routers through seperate networks.
Again everything would be Vlanned.

This has the advantage of getting rid of spanning tree which has caused issues from time to time. It would keep redundancy up and we could standardize on the routing daemon ran on the servers allowing all of the various OSs we run to have the same basic config for network redundancy. Where now each OS tends to have its own solution. This would make life easier from a config and troubleshooting point of view.

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Virtuozzo - Ipv6

Aug 6, 2008

I've read that Virtuozzo 4.0 supported ipv6. I'm having problems finding anything to help setup the node for ipv6. I can't anything on the web except for some people talking about how to disable ipv6. So I was just wondering if anyone else has seen anything.

Edit: I don't think I posted in the correct section. Opps. Could a moderator move this to the right section?

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IPv6 Implementation

Jul 28, 2009

we would like to extend our services with providing IPv6 for dedicated servers.

Our colo will provide us /48.

Am pretty new to IPv6. Can anobydy give some hints about IPv6 addressing for such scenario.

How should we cut that /48? How much IPs shoud I provide to every server?

Any real hosting world scenarios?

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L3 Switches With Ipv6

Sep 12, 2007

to buy some more Layer 3 switches but I'd like to get ipv6 support. I like the Cisco 3550 but it does not support ipv6.

Can someone recommend a switch in the same price range (less than $1400 for 48 ports) that supports ipv6? This will be used for connecting to customer servers.

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Native IPv6

Jun 20, 2008

I did a little research about availability of dedicated servers with native IPv6 and my results are... Well, let's just say that they are worse than I expected them to be.

Only providers that I found (with IPv6 carriers in brackets) are:

- OVH, FR (Teleglobe, Global Crossing),

- CoreIX, UK (Tiscali, Teleglobe),

- Goscomb, UK (NTT/Verio, Global Crossing),

- FDCServers, US (NTT/Verio, Hurricane Electric).

There is also LeaseWeb (and I found one IPv6 server running on their network), but I didn't find any information regarding IPv6 on their page.

If you know others, please update the list (with IPv6 transit providers if you know them, no peering/IX please).

As you can see, there are at least 5 carriers who provide native IPv6. What bothers me is the fact that most of the US providers use NTT/Verio, Global Crossing or both of them in their BGP mix. Why don't they enable IPv6 connectivity? All their hardware supports it as IPv6 isn't anything new, so I really don't see a reason why they don't do it... Anyone want to enlight me?

As this isn't 'offers request' thread, I guess it wouldn't be against the rules for providers to say 'we do IPv6'

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Private Data Centers With FCC Satellite Uplink/downlink Connectivity

Aug 30, 2009

Does anyone know of a private Data Center with Satellite uplink/downlink connectivity in addition to Fiber?

I know the government depends on them for military purposes, but I was wondering if anyone is aware of a private, FCC liscenced data center with the capability to transmite/host data via satellite in case of disasters, remoteness etc. It seems complimentary for a data center but I haven't heard of it.

Is there any market research on this? What is a good source of information to find out about how many data centers there are, how much revenue they bring in, costs, etc? What is the data center bible?

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Ipv6 Security Implications

Apr 15, 2008

Using CentOS server hosted with The Planet.

When I do an ifconfig I see a regular IP as well as an IPv6 one.

Does this mean my server is accessible via IPv6 as well, and would that bypass any firewall I have set on the regular IP? I noticed theres a ip6tables as well but I don't have it started. I'm fairly new to iptables in general so I'm not touching ipv6 now, unless I have to. Would it be safe to just block everything through ipv6 or would that be bad?

I'm kind of interested in learning more about IPv6 and eventually actually supporting it, but for now I rather not until I learn more about it.

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Ipv6 Shared Hosting

Apr 28, 2008

if there are any shared hosting providers offering ipv6-based hosting right now?

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VPS Provider With Ipv6 And Irc Support

May 25, 2007

I want to start a private ircd that is only accessible to ipv6 clients, but I can't find a provider who can provide me with this. I've contacted FDC Servers about this, but they can't provide me with an ipv6 address on a vps.

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