VLANS For Internal Servers - Is It Worth It?

May 22, 2008

We offer colocation & dedicated servers as well as shared & reseller hosting services.

Our colocation customers and dedicated server customers are definitely on their own VLANs for obvious reasons.

Up until now, we have been using separate VLANS and ip allocations for each of the servers in our shared & reseller server fleet. I'm starting to question this policy for many reasons:

1) We directly manage all of the servers and it is very rare that any servers are compromised to the point where they can steal an IP address.

2) We are wasting IP addresses - network, broadcast and gateway addresses are required for each vlan. Additionally, if a server needs 1 more IP address, we need to add a whole new block.

If all of the servers are under our direct management, does it make sense for us to use any vlans at all? It seems that it only serves to complicate things, waste ips and add management overhead.

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Adding Internal IP's To Servers

Dec 12, 2007

I'm in the mid of working out some issues I have with linked servers. I was wondering what the best method is to add internal IP's to my servers?

This is what I did:


In there, I placed:


Saved, and then:

/sbin/service network restart


Have I done this correctly? If not, what's the correct way of adding the internal IP addresses? My servers are linked together via an Ethernet cable.

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How To Add Different IPs In Different VLANs

Nov 5, 2008

how to add different IPs in different VLANs

My customer requests different IPs in different class C, that are belong to different VLANs in the switch. Let's say

- they have already on their server with gateway value is
- now they want to have too.

I have no trouble to provide them a new IP, but wonder how to setup on server now? Different range will use different gateways.

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VPS Providers And VLANs

Apr 16, 2009

Is there a VPS provider that will sell me a VM , and put it up somewhere, and can make me another VM in the future, on the same VLAN as the original VM ?

For example, pretend VM #1 has a NIC at

in the future, I want another VM with a nic at

I was looking at Go-Grid , but I'm not sure how their pricing works.

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L3 Switch That Does VLANs?

Sep 5, 2006

I need a basic L3 switch for maybe 25 mbps that will do hopefully up to 50 VLANs and which will not require me to hire someone to configure it.

As much as I like Cisco, that rules them out.

The reason I'd like a Layer 3 switch is so that I can run my backups and inter-server transfers without adding to my bandwidth bill. Also, VLANS are a critical requirement as i have a lot of customers with root on their managed servers.

So i am looking at HP [gasp] switches. How "easy" is the web-based configuration widget? [I'm an advanced unix admin but networking is a mystery to me.]

This is a starter switch and once i have a full cab of servers I'll be able to spend $7K on a pair of 3560s and hire someone to configure them for me ... but until then what can i get to meet my requirements?

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Port In 2 VLANs

Sep 22, 2009

My switch 3COM 4500 (Layer3) ;

I want port 1 of switch work in all VLANS!

I created vlan2, vlan3 and add this trunk/hybrid port in all vlans and ping no work por port1.

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Vlans In 3COM

Jul 13, 2009

I orded today new switch 3COM (48 port + 2giga + 2 fiber).

In WebPanel i created:

vlan2: port1 - port 20
vlan3: port21 - port40

I want configure switch for port 41-48 access all ports;

What solution for this cenary?

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VLANs Routing Help

Feb 11, 2007

I'm trying to implement VLANs on my network and can't get connectivity to host servers. Here's how the network is configured. Pardon the bad ascii diagram.

In this example my upstream is providing two subnets: (I'm using an IP from this subnet to manage the 3550)

I am attempting subdivide the /29 into two /30's in order to place a server into it's own /30 subnet & VLAN ............

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Private VLANs

Jul 24, 2007

What's the benefits of these private VLANs I've seen advertised around? Anyone have a good understanding?

I've read a few things about them but have yet to fully grasp the concept.

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Network Boot Across Many VLANs

Dec 4, 2006

I'm not sure exactly how to phrase the question. But, I'm researching how to PXE boot a server without having a DHCP/PXE server in each vlan.

Scenario: Datacenter with dozens of servers. 1 VLAN per server. Cisco switches and routers. Each server has a serial console available for remote management (OS and BIOS are configured for serial console). If an admin wants to re-install OS, they should be able to reboot the server and tell the BIOS to initiate a PXE boot request. A central install server is available to provide the DHCP and PXE boot images.

Has anyone tried this? I have been reading about the 'ip helper-address' for Cisco to relay DHCP requests. Interested in hearing about real-world setups. Or is there a better way to accomplish remote OS installs?

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Ping In Vlans Not Working?

Aug 10, 2008

I have two servers both in a same vlan. Both may access Internet and be acceessed from Internet I setup db server and web server internal IP each as follows:

step 1: on web server:

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0

add following:


save and /etc/init.d/network restart

step 2: on db server:

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0

add following:


save and /etc/init.d/network restart

I used ifconfig to check both status, both of them are up. both of them may ping google, but when I try to ping their each other through internal IP, nothing returns.

I used command tracert to follow, found all packages were sent to Internet rather than an internal IP.

My host tells me to do it by making NAT, I have no idea on it. Anyone may help me out on how to do with NAT?

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Provider That Provides Public Ip Vlans?

Aug 8, 2008

we are looking for a provider that provides public ip vlans' with dedicated server purchases,

so far,,

we have found few companies that offer this at no extra charge or minimal extra charge

1) softlayer (best choice)
2) singlehop
3) nocster/burst.net (not a good provider for business hosting / not reliable / no phone support)

does anyone know of any other dedicated server providers that offer public ip vlans for no extra charge or minimal extra charge?

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Route Between Vlans In Same Subnet On BigIron

Jun 9, 2007

I'm looking for a solution that I can place a firewall between 2 vlans on
a BigIron router with L3 enabled.

For this moment there is one big vlan2 with a ip-route and a router-interface ve2 with the IP of the router, the
address I use as gateway on the machines behind it.

The WAN port has the IP address to communicate with to the GW of the
carrier-router (

Because I want to let the BigIron the routing I was thinking of 2 vlans,
one for the lan-vlan and one for the wan-vlan, but this will be a problem
because I only have one IP-block what I can use.

So the sitiuation must be as follow on the BigIron:

WAN => vlan2 => firewall => vlan3(lan)

Because of the fact that the firewall will be transparent, this should be
no problem to place it between the vlans. The actual problem is how to
manage this. In simple words, I should be able to replace the firewall
with a cross-cable and it should still work.

Cisco for an example has a SVI solution for this, but I can't find such
thing for a Foundry router.

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Addressing VLANs On Extreme Summit 48

Feb 13, 2007

Having a slight problem working with one of our Extreme Summit 48 (ugh) switches - I've figured out most of the basics, but I can't seem to find any way to add a secondary IP address to a VLAN! This, I would have thought, would be a pretty basic feature to have. Typing "config vlan [vlanname] ipaddress" works for setting the primary IP, but I can't figure out how to add any more - and doing the command again just overwrites the first one.

So... does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve, or is this something that Extreme neglected to add to this model switch?

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Impact Changing MST Instance VLANs Range?

Sep 19, 2009

I've read that all ethernet switches in a MST Region need the same Name, Revision number, and list of member vlans for each Instance. So what happens when you need to change the range of VLANs in a MSTI ? Let's say that you need to add a range of vlans to an instance that spans 20 switches? How would you do that?

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Inter-VLANs Router With In/out Policers, Ipv6

Oct 11, 2009

Can you make a recommendation for a switch-based L3 router which can

- hold a moderate number of routes (interface routes, a few hundred statics + default)
- OSPF and BGP
- 1024 layer-3 dot1q subinterfaces (or maybe VLAN interfaces)
+ traffic policing in and out per subinterface/vlan
- IPv4 & IPv6 native
- 2x GigE ports
- Not tip-over under 1gbps DDoS towards a VLAN interface.

I've been using 3560Gs, but they seem to lack the output traffic policing. I'd prefer to have subinterfaces which don't run spanning-tree, versus Vlan Interfaces to a trunk interface which runs spanning-tree. These switches sit at the L3 boundary between two L2 networks.

Cost is a big factor; but I also must carry vendor licenses & support contract, if the vendor asserts that not doing so is illegal in US.

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Does Rackspace Worth To Buy?

Jan 2, 2009

I want to buy Rackspace dedicated server service, but after I search at WHT, I found some said it good and some said it not good.

If I want to don't worrired about security issues. Would you recommand me chose Rackspace? Or do you have any recommand provider?

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Rackspace Worth The $$?

Dec 10, 2008

Rackspace worth the $$?

The name, service and reputation is excellent but their prices seem to be much higher than similar services at other reputable providers.

The client looking at rackspace MUST have a reliable server, backups and security. These are not optional.

Is rackspace worth the extra dollars? Buying peace of mind or buying the name?

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What's Bandwidth Worth?

Oct 23, 2008

So I run a small music forum site. We used to have the ability for our users to download music track sets. We had over 100 files that are generally around 80MB and the users could add more so our space requirements would increase over time.

We initially set this up with dreamhost.com (unlimited bandwidth/space) but they eventually asked us to stop using the space as a data repository and wanted to charge $1 per GB transferred (which at that time was about $100-120/month).

The Problem:

This is something our users want and would probably pay for. I'm sort of asking for advice on how to approach this problem. Need to figure out how we could set this up and what to charge the users for downloading the music files (price per file, monthly plans, etc). Considering we want to keep it cheap enough that users will pay and the hosting costs would probably rise with the demand and exposure of the program. What sort of hosts should I be looking for?

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Worth Getting Reseller

Jun 9, 2008

I'm currently designing a website for a friend of mine for her new photography business.

And she does not know anything about the web, basically I am setting her up with hosting, domain, everything.... I've done this for about 3 people so far.

My question is, Is it worth it for me to buy a small reseller hosting plan, and have her pay me about $5-7 /mo, and since I will be handling everything, I get the support from my host and have her basically pay for my reseller hosting which I may end up with more clients from more web design? or just stick with the traditional recommending her to a company... Is there such thing as me making a few bucks from giving someone else business?

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Is It Worth It To Go 64bit

Jul 30, 2008

I wonder if there is a big advantage if I would go 64bit instead of 32bit. Now I mean standard webserver + mysql. And how about compatibility isses?

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Is $35 Worth Getting I7 920 Instead Of Q9550?

Nov 29, 2008

Is $35 Worth Getting i7 920 Instead Of Q9550?

Please thorw in your opinion on this..
Core i7 920

(Everything else the same)

When the i7 costs $35 more than Q9550, will you choose the i7 or Q9950? Is the extra preformance that i7 has worthy the extra $35?

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Cheap RAM, Is It Worth It

Dec 27, 2007

RAM price is so low nowadays that one could buy 8 GB of cheap ram for 300$ (4x2GB) to build a server. I have a server with 2x1GB cheap ram that has been running for 18 months without any issue.

My bet is that ECC ram is not worth it when you can buy normal ram for such low prices.

How many of you would run a server with 8GB of cheap ram?

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Is Colo Worth It

Dec 31, 2007

I am planning on doing some media streaming (youtube style)

I am debating whether to colo my dual opteron (1u) - I am looking for 100mpbs port unmetered with some quality mixed bandwidth. How much will that run me for? does it make more sense to rent a dedicated server?

How about all those extras I hear about, like managed switches and power consumption..is that big issue?

Could somebody give me a quick quote as to how much colocating a 1u rack with 100mpbs premium b/w will cost? and then how much going the dedicated server route would compare

note: I need something that will get good speeds to asia. I anticipate 15 percent of visitors to be from Asia.

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100% Uptime - What's It Worth To You

Aug 16, 2007

As I've mentioned in other threads, I work in the hosting industry at the support end of things. I can't go more than 10 minutes into my shift each day without seeing a ticket where someone is complaining about or contesting the "99% uptime guarantee". One day a couple weeks ago, I had someone complaining about an Alertra report with 98.7% uptime, and how it was unsatisfactory for their site to be down for 10 minutes every month. What's more, it was just a stupid World of Warcraft forum that probably saw 5 visitors per day.

My co-workers and I have been debating this, though. What worth is there in 99% uptime? Is it something that can be achieved? If so, would people pay more for it? Would it be able to be marketed to the shared hosting community? Would people be willing to pay more for 100% uptime? Would the same answers apply?

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Is Hostgator Really Worth The Price?

Jun 2, 2009

I've read a couple of reviews on similar forums and blogs trying to figure out which hosts are worth their buck. The main points of discussion were:

- Price
- Reliability (up/downtime)
- Support

Most of the providers were either too expensive, or lack proper support.

The most discussed company was Hostgator. I don't understand the hype but maybe you guys can help me out here.

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Ffmpeg Does It Worth The Trouble ?

Jul 12, 2007

I was wondering, if installing ffmpeg-php is worth the trouble for shared hosting accounts or if it is too much of a resource hog. I had a couple of requests for that but I am not used to this extension.

Thank you for giving me your feedbacks on this.

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Worth Getting A Hardware Firewall?

Apr 7, 2008

is it worth getting a hardware firewall?

we have a lot of dos attack ....

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Worth Pay For The WiredTree Services

Oct 3, 2009

Worth pay for the WiredTree services?

Because I'm wanting to change from my Dedicated in GalaxyVisions to another host...

I read everywhere about the good services from WiredTree...

But they're the most expensive, too...

So, there's the question...

Worth pay for the WiredTree services?

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Less Resources And Cheap VPS. Does It Worth For You

Nov 2, 2009

I have seen some requests for cheap Virtual Private Servers. By saying "cheap" I mean under $20/month... However the those who posted the requests meant under $10/month...

I don't think that a virtual machine or container would cost $10 or less, but I've seen some providers to offer virtual servers with a very small amount of resources - a couple gigs of space, not to much bandwidth and 64 MB or 128 MB RAM - and to price them around 10 bucks per month.

Although I'd never go this way I'm curious to read what do you thin about such a marketing policy. Do you think that offering a VPS which can not even have a control panel because it doesn't have enough resources is a good practice? (I realize that there are different scenarios and some people probably don't need hosting automation software, but at the same time need a low cost virtual machine...)

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Is Hostgator Worth The Price

Sep 11, 2008

I have heard that majority of the people use hostgator as their host and i looked at their pricing and its looks very good and reasonable aswell.

I want to know how hostgator is, and how has your experience been with them?

I hope to get some good replies so i can purchase hostgator hosting.

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