Toronto Bandwidth

Jun 7, 2007

I was wondering if there is any good but not pricey colo in Toronto that I could use a ATX tower for server.

Also, includes 1000 in 1000 out and CPanel....

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Bandwidth So Expensive In Toronto

May 15, 2007

Ive been comparing prices from between montreal bandwidth and toronto bandwidth and i dont see why there is a HUGE difference in price.. Could anyone clear this up for me ?

I am looking to co-locate a server in the toronto area but everything is like $100 for ~160gig of monthly bandwidth.

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Primus IDT Toronto

Sep 25, 2009

Does anyone have any experience with Primus?

I went in, not expecting much, but i can say they exceeded my expectations and that I am pleased with them.

They are definitely not as fancy and over the top impressive as q9. But i do think they offer alot of value without many sacrifices.

Does anyone have any experience with Primus? Is there anything that doesn't meet the eye about them?

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Toronto Colocation

Sep 11, 2009

What do you guys suggest as the best facility in Toronto, Ontario ? How is 151 front street ? How about Level 3 Toronto or Peer 1 Toronto ? I am really looking for a prime data center in Toronto.

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DataCenter In Toronto

Feb 19, 2008

I want to get a server in Toronto and am looking for some datacenter recommendations for the area. I seen a thread from last May but would like some more current info. I’ve been looking at either ColoHotel or 3z, does anyone have any experience with either of these locations? Also does anyone have any other suggestions on who to look at or who not to?

My requirements are pretty basic 100Mbit would be better then not, remote reboot, 24/7 access.

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Toronto Servers

Apr 30, 2008

Anyone have any suggestion for Toronto Servers?

Please don't say as their network has been up and down for the past 2 days and they refuse to answer the phone...

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Toronto Servers

Jul 8, 2008

Anyone with previous experience working with these guys (preferably existing customers),

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Toronto Colo With 99.99% SLA

Jan 17, 2007

Does anyone know of a Toronto colo provider with minimum 99.99% network uptime SLA? I'm currently located at a toronto datacenter, but network hiccups are unacceptable and the SLA is only 99.9%. I know 151 front street has a great connection with 99.99% SLA.

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Peer1 Toronto

Jun 25, 2007

Has anyone had any experience with Peer1's Toronto datacenter?

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Toronto Canada Recommendations

Nov 12, 2008

Toronto Canada recommendations

I'm about at my end of dealing with Toronto providers but before we pull the plug on our T.O location, I figured I'd request a couple more - Used them in the past and had some issues with downtime / response times. Would rather not use them - Amazing Toronto host but they're killing us by charging 95th percentile.

We're after a standard dedicated box (not celeron) with 1500-2000GB monthly limit.
Know of a company? Maybe a neighbour with a rack in 151?

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Source For C19 Power Cords In Toronto

Jun 4, 2007

Does anyone know of a source for power cords in Toronto with a
C19 connector on the output end?

The preferred configuration is

input: NEMA 5-15P (regular 15 amp plug)

output: IEC C19

The C19 looks like this:

-- --

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LF: Toronto-based Win2003 Hosting W/Req.

Oct 31, 2007

I'm trying to find a reputable dedicated host whos datacenter is located in toronto (no Quebec DataCenters plz) and can meet my below requirements:

1) Windows 2003 Server ()
2) 1~2 TB Bandwidth
3) allow/offer up to /24 ip block (with IP jurisdiction of course)
4) Private VPN hosting allowed
5) Managed preferred

Does anyone know of a company that can do the above?

Please do not PM me regarding your offers, as I will not check PM that often.

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Colocation Of VoIP Gateway In Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Metro Canada City

Feb 19, 2006

We are looking for co-location in all big cities of Canada. To start with we are looking for Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary. The space required is 1U to 2U. Monthly bandwidth consumption will be around 5MB or slightly more. The Gateway will be connected with PRI's coming from telco. We'll take care of Telco.

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Bandwidth Monitoring :: Create Bandwidth Charts Of Network Objects

Apr 3, 2009

I have a Sonicwall NSA 3500. Does anyone know if you can use it to create bandwidth charts of Network Objects (e.g. IPs or Groups of IPs)?

I am thinking something like Cacti, but I don't know the code to pull that info or if it's even technically possible.

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A Shared Web Hosting Service With Unlimited Space/bandwidth, Or A Dedicated One With Limited Space/bandwidth

Jul 29, 2008

which case is more preferred: a shared web hosting service with unlimited space/bandwidth, or a dedicated one with limited space/bandwidth?

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How Much Is Enough ..Bandwidth

Nov 27, 2006

Hey can anyone tell me How the whole bandwidth thing works? like lets say..if i get 100k views a month, how much bandwidth would that take?

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VPS Bandwidth

Jun 13, 2007

How will I assign the bandwidth for a VE in virtuozzo power panel. I could not find any fileds that corresponds to bandwidth in the steps during creation. I could find how to restrict memory(vmguarpages) and disk space. But where will I assign the bandwidth that a VE can use.

Also what is this bandwidth rate 8kb/s or so?

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Bandwidth Hog

Dec 27, 2008

Now I keep very close tabs on my site stats. Just tonight one of my sites suddenly showed 167gb for "traffic not viewed".

That was a jump from 5gb over the course of a day.

That was done in 604877 pages and 607138 hits.

Can someone explain to me what "traffic not viewed" actually is within AWSTATS.

Next I located where most of the bw went and it appears to be http code 206 showing 159gb. My latest visitor report for the addon domain only showed one ip with an odd couple direct requests. The referring site was my own cpanel but registered to a ip in India.

How can i locate where the leak is, latest visitors isn't being much help, I have since denied the india ip which i suspect was the problem maker. How can I prevent instances such as this in the future? Being a streaming video site I have the bw to spare but it is still a bit un-nerving.
Now on top of everything Virtuozzo isn't showing anything of the sort, what do i believe?

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LSN Bandwidth

May 5, 2009

I like the LSN server company and have a server there that I plan to keep forever, they do a great job just that I am confused about their bandwidth. Also the prices aren’t exact!

Just wondering what everyone else here thinks about this:

So... LSN are doing a Q9300 server at the moment for $130 “ish” with 2TB of bandwidth. Now let’s say someone wants an extra 0.5TB of bandwidth they pay around $50 for it and if they want 1TB they pay about $95.

So you buy a server for $130 and get 2TB of bandwidth and also the costs of the hardware, space, power is covered for the hardware. Yet they charge nearly the same price for 1TB extra to a single server, which uses no extra space, hardware or power. Another thing is they charge $25 server to pool the bandwidth between your servers.

So what I see:

2 Servers 4TB B/W @ $260 + $50 (pooling charge) = $310

1 Server 3TB B/W @ $230

1 Server 4TB B/W @ $300

So as you can see from the above you can get twice the space, RAM, CPU and Power for only $10 more? Surely it costs them more than the $10?

Also my final point is LSN have a private network, that is not bandwidth monitored and your servers can use, I asked LSN if you could tunnel the traffic from one server to another, their answer was “yes if you have the technical knowledge to do so”... Well that would get rid of the $50 pooling costs... making it actually alot cheaper to get two servers.

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How Much Bandwidth Is Too LITTLE

Apr 19, 2009

I'm looking to get a VPS offshore (please look at my other threads/posts to learn why) primarily for email for 4 or 5 domain names (most of which I'd download to my desktop but would also backup on the server) as well as perhaps to run a virtual desktop through and/or store some data.

For ease of use (for ME at least), I'd install (or have installed) a CP and probably run Centos 5 or Debian as the OS on the VPS. I won't be running websites from the VPS and I'll be the only user.

I've seen offers of all types related to bandwidth but, in some countries, bandwidth is expensive and they offer little as a result. How do I determine how much bandwidth I need for what I want to do and how do I know what's too little?

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How To Set Max Bandwidth Per VPS

Jun 5, 2009

I have a server with a 10Mbps connection. Is there a way to limit the connection of my VPSs?

Lets say I have 10 VPS on that server, is there a way to limit them to 1Mbps each? Or do something like:
VPS_01 = 0.5Mbps
VPS_02 = 0.5Mbps
VPS_03 = 0.5Mbps
VPS_04 = 0.5Mbps
VPS_05 = 1Mbps
VPS_06 = 1Mbps
VPS_07 = 1Mbps
VPS_08 = 1Mbps
VPS_09 = 2Mbps
VPS_10 = 2Mbps

And/Or is there a way to monitor the data transfer of each VPS (how many GB/month)?

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T1 Of Bandwidth Too Little

May 13, 2008

I've found a colocation company that gives me as the default 1.544Mbps as the initial bandwidth. I think this is OK for me most of the time, the problem is their bandwidth isn't really 'burstable', and If I want to expand to more bandwidth, my options are something like buying another T1's worth muxed in for $250.

Is this strange? Old-fashioned? Should I be worried about this?

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How Much Bandwidth Is 1Mb/s

Mar 31, 2008

i'm not familiar with colo. help this noob out.

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Any Way To Know How Much Bandwidth I Used

Oct 23, 2008

I have a dedicated server and I would like to know how much bandwidth I use each month, this information is not provided in the control panel, is there any way to find out?

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Where Is My Bandwidth Going

Sep 11, 2007

my plesk control panel for my dedicated server and with all 3 of my domains FTP and HTTP transfers I'm getting below 500MB this month. However, GoDaddy's control panel says that I'm using 486GB. So where could the other 499.5 GB of bandwidth be coming from? I don't have that much email going on. No file attachments or anything.

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Jan 6, 2007


what is tis error?:

my monthly bandwidth ussage and Partial Content 206 erros is same. what does it mean?

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Best Way To Pay For Bandwidth

Feb 5, 2007

Is it better to pay for 95th percentile or (what ever that is) is it better to pay per GB used.

I pay per 100GB used and I can upgrade it at anytime during the month which makes it very easy to manage but I would like to more about the differences here.

My issue is and not really that big of one but when I have paid for 400GB and then on the last day of the month I go to 410GB and have to buy 100GB more so I do not get charged overages. I end up with 90GB left unused which someone is banking my cash on.

Besides that I think this really works well for me.

Which way do most co-lo users pay?

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How Much Bandwidth Do I Need

Jan 25, 2007

Hello all, I run a popular Canadian site called CKA at
I am trying to improve the performance of the site and I am looking at getter another server to offload many of the other smaller sites I also host on my main Dual Xeon rackserver. At the same time I am looking for a new Colocation host, because I feel im paying way too much at my current host.

But something I am confused about is how much bandwidth I need. I am not talking about bandwidth in the data transfer sense, but in the connection speed.

Many hosts have options/packages ranging from 1Mbps to 100Mbps. Many packages with 1,3,5,10Mbps are "unmetered" where are 100Mbps is usualy metered. I'm not sure what speed I need for my site so that there is no bottleneck at peak times. Because the price difference changes a lot between these options, so if a 10Mbps won't have any noticable difference over a 3Mbps, why pay more?

I'm not really that imformed on all this, but i have MRTG setup on my server here: [url]
so someone more knoledable than me might be able to better acess what I need?

As far as data transfer, the server uses between 300GB - 500GB a month.

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Aug 5, 2007

I am interested in colocating somewhere in the US. I'm looking for cheap bandwidth, like cogent, but tons of it, like 100-1000mbits. Let me know where I can find the best deal for 100 and 1000mbits.

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Sep 13, 2007

I've always wondered this. Where does bandwidth ACTUALLY come from, and how do they get it? Why is some more expensive than others?

I've looked on Google and Wikipedia but I couldn't really find anything explaining it.

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Running Out Of Bandwidth

Jan 19, 2008

I have a question that's been bugging me for a few months now (which has gotten worse as traffic increases). I run a site that gets some decent traffic (about 9-10M pageviews per month), and is mostly made up of HTML pages with a lot of images (some pages have about 200k of images, others have maybe 1.5-2MB of them). I have a dedicated server that has 2TB of bandwidth per month, and I'm quickly approaching the 2TB point... what should I do?

Normally, I'd buy more bandwidth... but the host I have charges $400/month for 10mbps unmetered bandwidth -- more than the cost of the server each month! What other options do I have?

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