Supermicro IPMI Card - (AOC-IPMI20-E) Or 3rd Party Remote Reboot Port

Jun 26, 2008

Any experiences with Supermicro IPMI Card - (AOC-IPMI20-E)? I need basic Power managment like APC reboot ports.

Since its very likely that we will get some Supermicro servers, I thought why not add the IPMI card.

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Setting Up Supermicro IPMI.

Feb 17, 2007

I am having alot of difficulty trying to setup supermicro IPMI.

I am using motherboard PDSMI+.

Ok, so this is what I did:

1. I flash the IPMI card with the cd-rom that is included. I set the correct IP and MAC address.

2. I then install OpenIPMI-tools

I was able to successfully issue the command locally:
ipmitool sensor

but, when I try to connect remotely I always get a connection failed. I tried everything I know, which is nothing and got no progress.

I set the ipaddres and gateway by using this commands:
ipmitool -I open lan set 1 ipaddr [IPADDR]
ipmitool -I open lan set 1 defgw ipaddr [GW IPADDR]
ipmitool -I open lan set 1 netmask [NETMASK]
ipmitool -I open lan set 1 access on

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SuperMicro IPMI IP Space Assignment

Dec 13, 2008

I have a bunch of servers with IPMI cards with KVMoIP capability and I know how to configure IPs and everything using IPMICFG.EXE while the system boots.

Now, I am facing a dilemma as to how to create the IP space.

When I create a user I specify the user has no access to change the network (IP) info.

But say the user has windows server, are they able to change the IP from there using IPMICFG.EXE?

This will determine how I create my VLANs.

If the client with USER access is able to change the IP settings using IPMICFG.exe then I have to create a /30 VLAN for each KVMoIP. I dont want to do this cause 3 IPs are wasted.

If the user will not be able to execute IPMICFG.EXE then I can just create one big VLAN and assign one IP per IPMI card with the gateway being the same for the entire big VLAN.

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Text Console Not Working -- Supermicro IPMI

Apr 9, 2008

I have a SuperMicro server with AOC-SIM1U.

I was able to login from IPMI View just fine, and everything works as expected except
"Text Console ". I was able to hit the start button and get the black screen on IPMI View, but that was just about it.

Only a cursor blinking without texts.

Is there something else that I should do in order to get text console working? I've tried all baud rates.

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Supermicro 1U PCI Riser Card

Apr 22, 2008

Currently I am building a new server based on this chassis:


In this chassis, I am going to be using an ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard [url], and I'll be installing a 3ware 8006-2LP RAID card.

I just want to make sure that that RAID card will work with that motherboard, and also I want to verify that the Supermicro CSE-RR1U-X riser card is the correct model for this motherboard and RAID card.

I've got a couple of basic servers built in the supermicro mini 1U (CSE-512L-260B) chassis, but I've never had to deal with riser cards before, so I wanted to make sure everything is compatible and is going to fit correctly before I purchase them.

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Raid Card For SuperMicro 1U ( 6016-MT)

Nov 7, 2009

we have some supermicro 6016-MT with 4 x SATA2 Harddrives, and would like to use raid 1/5/10.

On Dell, its very "easy" to find a raid controller, and i have never been worried about this before, but with supermicro im a little confused.


I was looking at Adaptec 3405, ( ) but are not sure if this is the right card for this server. Is this overkill or to small a card for a 4 disk 1u server?

About cabling: On Adaptec's site they state

"Cable: one Mini SAS x4 to (4x) SATA fanout cable w/ sideband (2247000-R), 0.5 meter"

But are this cable the correct one for a server like this with backplane and everything, or should i look for a special cable? if so, anyone know what i need to order?

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Remote Reboot

May 6, 2007

way to make remote reboot/start/shutdown?

it could be cool to be able to do it from a web interface in stead off by hand

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Remote Reboot

Nov 20, 2007

I know there are tons out there, but what's the best bang for your buck?

What's a good remote reboot that allows client to do it themselves that doesn't hurt your pockets too much?

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LA Colocation And Remote Reboot PDU

Oct 26, 2009

Does anyone have any recommendations for colocation providers in the LA area or recommendations for a PDU that has remote reboot capabilities (small budget, nonprofit organization)? We have a total of 9 servers.

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Remote Hard Reboot

Feb 26, 2008

Any advice on setup of remote hard reboot/reset on colocated server.

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APC Remote Reboot On Blade

Jul 30, 2007

Is it possible to use a APC remote reboot power strip for a server in a blade?

Like for example, say there are 16 servers in a blade, can you remote reboot them individually?

Because blade servers have only like 3-4 redundant power supplies and I am assuming all the 16 servers are powered by the onboard power supplies in the blade enclosure. So...if thats the case, how is it possible to reboot each individual server?

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Remote Reboot Switch

Feb 27, 2007

I was suggested to post my q in colo forum (it was posted in hosting lounge).

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Remote Reboot Requirements

Oct 9, 2007

I want to setup KVM over IP/remote reboot for my server. Do i need datacenter support or just need to install the hardware?

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APC Remote Reboot Programming

Feb 25, 2007

Is there a way to remotely use APC remote reboot's features rather than logging into APC control panel and doing it?

Like you know how softlayer and ev1 servers do.

Like write a small php script to access the power strip and execute the orders. May be an API or something.

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Dec 8, 2008

I'm here to ask a few questions, and hoping any burst resellers/customers can possibly answer them for me.

Q1.) How long do additional Ip's take normally?

Q2.) How long do remote reboot details take normally?

Q3.) Do Staff ever ignore your tickets?

I've been waiting for both Remote/Ip's since Saturday ( was told Friday they would be sent within 24hours) and tickets being ignored by the looks

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Cheap/Reliable IP Remote Reboot (+KVM A Plus)

Jul 3, 2008

What is a good value IP remote rebooter? Looking for one I can place in a cabinet, hopefully to control 12-16 servers.

It needs to allow me to create users and assign them to manage X ports on. If it has KVM IP it would be a plus.

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Control APC Remote Reboot Switch

Aug 7, 2007

I have read all the recomendations about the APC 793* series of PDU's. I have bought 2 but I cannot figure out how they do the powering off/on of ports. I did see some reference to mib's but haven't been able to figure out how to use them.

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Remote Reboot Switch For Dual Power Supplies

Jun 30, 2007

on remote reboot switches that will allow us to cycle power on two plugs at once for use with servers that have redundant power supplies.

Brands and models welcome. We should also be able to access the units remotely to cycle power.

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Recommend A Good 8 Port KVM With Display And Remote IP Addressability

Feb 7, 2008

I have a 19" rack in a remote datacenter. I will be installing a rack-mounted KVM with an LCD display for 8 servers. It needs to be remotely addressable by IP over the internet.

I've done some searching, but haven't really found what I am looking for.

Can someone recommend a good 8 port KVM with display and remote IP addressability yet at a reasonable price?

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Aug 4, 2009

What are the benefits of IPMI with KVM Over LAN? Is it more of a benefit for the datacenter? Or does it have benefits for someone that has collocated there server a far distance away?

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Apr 16, 2007

This may appear to be a stupid question, but I just wonder if the Supermicro IPMI cards work only with Supermicro hardware (or if it works also with other hardware, but without warrantly)?

In case does it exist some hardware independant, or something similar?

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IPMI & On-board Ethernet?

Mar 21, 2008

Say a server has 2 gig-e ports on board, and the OS

is using both. Can I still use IPMI feature? Or do I have

to get an additional ethernet card?

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Intel VPro/AMT? IPMI?

Mar 1, 2008

I'm in the market for a new server for colocation, and to save myself some of the headaches I've had with my current one, I'd like it to have a good remote management system, specifically one that operates independently of the operating system, or ideally one that can be accessed even if the machine is powered off. What exactly should I be looking for? I've read a lot about IPMI and Intel vPro and AMT, and I'm not quite clear on how they all fit together.

At the very least, I need something that will let me power-cycle the machine and remotely access its serial console. All the hardware environment monitoring things in IPMI sound useful, but not essential for my purposes. Anyway, it sounds like vPro is part of many (or all?) current Core 2 processors, or am I mistaken? I'm looking mainly at machines with Core 2 Duo or Quad, so can I expect they'd have that built-in, or would I need to specifically request it or look for some particular chipset or CPU?

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IPMI Is Enought Or Should I Add KVM For One Server

Apr 21, 2007

I am going to purchase SuperMicro server with IPMI card which I can do remote control...but should I add KVM swtich for extra backup?

If so, what kind should I get for 1-3 servers? IP based? Any recommendation?

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Tyan B5161 + M3291 IPMI

Mar 10, 2007

I have here 3 servers of Tyan with M3291 IPMI boards installed. I hooked it up as per instructions of Tyan, but am unable to get it to work.

I have tried contacting Tyan about this, but after a few messages they stopped responding to my questions. I think they are convinced it is working with me....

The setup is;
- Ubuntu 6.1 x86_64
- System BIOS is the original version
- IPMI card is flashed with the correct firmware
- The network port which is shared with the IPMI card has a different IP address then the IPMI card.

Settings IPMI card:
box:~# ./uh8l -d
BMC Utility on Linux For M3291 version 0.9.1
Copyright 2003-2006 TYAN Computer Corp.
IPMI Ver: 2.0 Firmware Rev: 0.11 Vendor ID: 6653 Pdt ID: 5161
DHCP Disable
BMC IP Address:
MAC Address: 00:E0:81:42:4C:51
Net Mask:
Gate Way:
Broadcast ARP: Enable

This server has on the IPMI shared port the address ...
When I try to ping the IPMI board from the server itself or from a different server I get an incomplete address in the ARP table;
? ( at <incomplete> on eth2

(Also after pinging it for 1 minute...)

If I use the IPMI utilities I am unable to contact the board and do anything with the server....
I tried several settings of the IPMI board, including DHCP / ARP on and off...

Does anyone have this combination working, and how did you do this?

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Central Management For Servers With IPMI Cards?

Apr 13, 2009

We've been investigating software and appliances that would allow us a central, web based login to manage access and users to all the servers with IPMI cards. Does anyone use anything other than appliances from avocent or raritan?

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IPMI Management Cards, Setting IP Address

Apr 3, 2007

I have a question maybe someone can help with. Is it possible to set the IP address on a IPMI card before a system ships? That way when the customer gets it, it already has the IP address set to whatever was agreed on and they can log right in using that IP address?

The card is a supermicro Supermicro AOC-SIMLC

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Out Of Band Connectivity- IPMI- Serial Console- KVM Over IP

Sep 23, 2008

When you can't access your server via SSH or Remote Desktop, what do you use to fix the problem without filing a ticket?

Serial console?
KVM over IP?
Dial up connection?
Backup network connection?
Get up and walk to the server? :-)

If you had a choice between them, what did you pick and why?

Does your dedicated server provider give it to you for free, or do you have to pay extra for it?

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1AND1 Party!

Mar 28, 2008

I guess they have a system in place so that they will automatically be directed calls if the "rep" is not busy and my call got directed to a desk with no operator and I heard them having a party in the background. How completely professional!

Also, their telephone system is completely broken and you'll always get a pissed off sales rep in the middle of the day because they will automatically be directed calls because their hold system is broken.

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Must Have 3rd Party Software?

Apr 30, 2009

I'm 1 week into my first server and I need to know, What are some must-have 3rd Party Software for my server?

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