Starter/Low End Server For A New Proxy Website

Jul 3, 2008

I am recommending to a friend who is starting a proxy site, to do a successful launch by getting a dedicated server to host the single proxy domain.

He does not want to spend more than $40 per month.

Should he be considering a VPS, or are proxy usually against TOC of a VPS?

I have found a low end server at with plenty of bandwidth allocation for $29.95. Is it powerful enough to sustain traffic from a proxy site that is just starting out?

Specs: Refurb P3 1.0, 256mb ram, 25gb IDE, 2500 GB

Another comparable server for $29 is offered by server4you.
Specs: AMD Duron, 512MB Ram, 60gb IDE, 500GB bandwidth

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Mysql Server Optimization Starter

Oct 30, 2007

i run a fedora server with plesk 8 on it i was wondering if some one can help me to find the best way to optimize the databases on the server at once my servers contains many clients with unicode data in the database.

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Host For My First Proxy Website

Dec 7, 2008

i would like to put Glype proxy and some ads on it.

So which host should i choose.

I was considering TMZhosting for $5.99/month. 110gb/month.

How does that sound?

Any better hosts for around this price?

BTW i already registered a domaine at

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Affordable Hosting For A Proxy Website

Jun 26, 2007

any affordable web hosting for a proxy website?

what i mean affordable is as cheap as possible, and this is a proxy site, not a proxy list.

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Apache :: Open Proxy On Website

May 23, 2015

I'm trying to fix a problem with open proxy on my website. It's running ubuntu & apache2. I also run pfsense for a firewall with snort. I have a SSL for the website, so I have regular port 80 redirect to https.

At first I did notice right away when I checked & saw this happen that proxy was turned on. So I got that turned off.

My firewall is still allowing these bad IPs to port 80. I would like to figure out what I could turn on the firewall or snort to stop those connections in addition to what needs fixing in apache. I've read the solution is to make the redirects go to a 403 error page.

I also tried adding a mod_security rule but ended up blocking all people from website, though I may have accidentally turned some other rules on too.

There are a few different problems it looks like.

First - It looks like they're trying to connect to my HTTPS then redirect to an ad through my domain name?
Second - It looks like they're still trying to use my website for open proxy but directly accessing through my port 80. My logs indicate I'm redirecting to a 301 page.

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Apache :: How To Create Proxy Tunnel For A Website

Mar 11, 2013

Some of websites like youtube and facebook are blocked in my country and we can't access them .in addition most of tunneling protocols like PPTP are blocked too . I want to create a website that tunnels between our network and this website like proxy or other ways. Scripts like phpProxy are not secure and many websites don't permit the visitors who come with this scripts. A very good sample for my idea is . This websites is like alternate for blocked addresses like facebook, but it's premium and require charging cash .

How can I create website like . I have my own VPS and Host for this issue. Is that possible to serve this blocked websites trough proxy by configuring apache settings?

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Do I Have To Have Proxy Hosting For A Proxy Site

Aug 14, 2009

I have a proxy site which is hosted with a proxy host, do i have to use proxy hosting as i have an account with another host i might want to use. The proxy hosting has run out.

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Proxy Server

Oct 17, 2009

I'm outsourcing some works overseas and my oversea employees are directly contacting the customer to discuss his needs. Everything is fine except when a client sees the email IP address (he is dealing with a local company, how come he is being emailed me from India or some similar places).

So I decided to create a proxy server for the oversea employees. I need the one that requires the browser setting change to have all the traffic passing through the server/VPS, therefore the IP will be the IP of the server and there's no way to find the original IP (of course no problem is it exists in the proxy server, but not showing in any way to the customer).

The problem is I absolutely have no idea how to do this.

- Can this be accomplished on a VPS or a server is required?

- Do I need a Linux or Windows OS?

- Do I need any software? If so, could you recommend some.

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What Is A PROXY Server

Nov 30, 2008

I have heard those words hundreds of time an never have asked or read about.

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Proxy Server

Oct 6, 2007

Does any one know any good proxy program other then Squid proxy, It seem to have higher load on the when Squid

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Run A Proxy Server Up

Jul 9, 2007

I would like to run a proxy server up on a VPS which listens on 8080 for example to serve users,

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Proxy Server With IIS 6: How

Oct 12, 2007

I have a Linux VPS where I set up Squid to use it as a proxy server from my laptop.

On a VPS with Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6, how could I do the same thing I already do with Squid on Linux?

I knew that there was an application called Microsoft Server Proxy but it was discontinued by Microsoft.

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How Can I Set Up My Server As A Private Proxy For My Own Use

May 17, 2009

I'd like to set up my server as a proxy for my own private use, where in my home PC's browser I can tell it the server's IP, port, and the password that I set, and it will function like a normal proxy. How can I do that? What software do I need and so on.

All my servers are on Linux machines.

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Reverse Proxy Server

Oct 3, 2009

a simple reverse proxy server but with good re-write rules engine.

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Dedicated Server For Proxy

May 6, 2009

Does anyone have services to recommend? I simply need a proxy server so I have a private IP. Right now, my ISP assigns IPs as a pool among a lot of people, so downloading sites like rapidshare or megafile doesn't work for me.

What I need is a socks5 proxy that is available 24/7, dedicated private ip, and a fast server. Does anyone offer these types of information? What I am afaid of is that people may install keyloggers over free proxies or even some companies may do that as well,

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Dedicated Server For My Proxy

Dec 15, 2008

Will i need a dedicated server for my proxy site,

If so, are there any cheap ones?

Uses about 1gb/day
400 unique visits in the past week.
About 100 visits/day

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Dedicated Server As Proxy

Apr 25, 2007

what rules should I add to IPtables on my dedicated server to use it as a proxy for my own IP only?

For example: my dedicated server IP is:
My local IP is:

I want to setup on my browse: proxy server, port 3128

What rules should I add to iptables for my dedicated server to act as a proxy but allow this only to my local IP (

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Recommend Proxy Server

May 21, 2007

I operate a co-located server in a US datacenter (dedicated to projects of my small business, not a hosting service.) The OS is Windows 2003 Server.

I wondered if anyone could recommend proxy server software which I could use to access the web from a US-based IP address even when I am overseas. (This would be helpful for getting streaming internet radio, which has started to block access from non-US IP addresses.)

I know there are endless proxy servers available, but most are big and complicated, with 255 irrelevant features intended for regulating the internet access of a small business. I need something much simpler, preferably placing little load on the machine. The only feature needed is access restriction so only I can use it.

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Setup A Proxy Server

Feb 23, 2007

i have an dedicated server in USA

I wold like to install a proxy server on my dedicated box so when i surf the net i must have the dedicated server IP (from USA) not home european IP..

How i do this?

I've tryed to install squid but i can get-it to work..

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Reverse Proxy For Server-A Through Server-B Using Squid

Jun 10, 2007

Is it possible to implement reverse proxy for Sever-A through Sever-B.

The issue is let's say, Server-A is located in Network-A, and the Sever-B is located in Network-B. And the users in Network-B are allowed to access only to Sever-B while the Sever-B itself can access to Server-A. So, when the users from Network-B access to Sever-B, the traffic will be proxied through Sever-B to Server-A transparently without letting the users notice about how's the traffics go. The Server-B will be linux, thus squid is the primary proxy application to deal with. Is it possible to do with squid or it needs some other application?

How about a comparison of mod_proxy for apache vs. squid as all Sever-B should do is forward the requests coming from Network-B to forward to Sever-A and acting as a middle box between the two network scopes transparently. All the users in Network-B should do is accessing the Sever-B and the requests will be transparently going to Server-A without any configuration is done at their browser or any kind of NAT/Firewall rules on either of the networks.

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Open Proxy Mail Server

Oct 24, 2009

I have a server that is running linux with WHM/cPanel , some of servers are rejecting mails through server and says that your server is open proxy mail server.

how to check that our server is open proxy or stop open proxy and how can i prevent our server from spammer?

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Unmetred Server From Fdc For Proxy Sites

May 13, 2008

i just receive an email from FDC they have this offer for me AMD 2400 2GB RAM 80GB HDD 10TB/month bandwidth CentOS DirectAdmin Proxy allowed and i have a server now it,s opteron 246 dual core with 2G ram with DA panel and 1000 G bw the proxy network i have reach 20.000 UV per day can that server from FDC well do what i need it to do or .. .. .. and can i reach 10TB with them?

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Reverse Proxy - Protect A Web Server

May 31, 2008

Background (so you know what I am planning)

I will be storing personal customer information in mysql, so security is driving all my requirements. I was thinking the architecture will be :-a dedicated web server within a DMZ and placed behind a firewall and border router.

a dedicated database server inside the internal network behind another firewall,
All running Linux

building out and management of the servers to be done by hosting provider or third party
Please feel free to comment on this setup.

QuestionsIs a reverse proxy a benefit for security.

Am I right in saying that a reverse proxy hides the OS and server details from prying eyes and provides another layer of security

if a reverse proxy server is a benefit, is it normally the default architecture at most reputable hosts.

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Best Setup For A Proxy Site And Server

Jul 29, 2008

I plan on purchasing a dedicated server to run a few proxy sites. However, i don't have a lot of Linux skills to administrate my own server. But i've always been able to figure stuff out so i feel pretty confident that i can get it going on my own. Anyways, My original idea was to use cPanel to run the web server for the proxy sites however i feel that using cpanel is not a great idea since i also wanted to maximize my servers performance and i hear cPanel can take heavy resources. So anyways, I just wanted to know what some other people here might think and if possible any recommended guides on setting up a linux webserver would also be appreciated as well.

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Open Proxy Server Blacklists

Apr 10, 2007

I'm having problems with users using open proxies accessing, abusing, and defacing my website.

I'd like to get a list of all open proxies and incorporate it into my site (i.e. block open proxy accesses)

I've already looked at SORBS, but that is DNS based, and I'm not sure I want to go that route. (I am running one DNS server for my own webserver to use. Don't want to mess with adding another zone for the dnsbl).

I've be much happier building my own php/mysql lookup of the proxy blacklist.

So I'm looking for somewhere I can simply download a proxy blacklist, and update it periodically as needed.

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Optimizing Server For Proxy Hosting

Mar 21, 2007

i have a Pentium D 820, 2GB Ram at LT where i am hosting a few proxies. Using Centos and Directadmin.

It's realy fast and i am happy with it. The only problem i am facing is that load is jumping up to 60 sometimes but just for a few seconds. Especially when a lot of people are using the proxy and it slows down a bit. That affects only the proxified pages and not a few personal html sites i also host there.

At the moment i am seeing in top that the CPU usage varies from 0,2 to 8, 12, 21 etc but just for a second or two

here is the top output


[root@server ~]# top
top - 12:46:18 up 23 days, 2:36, 1 user, load average: 0.36, 0.44, 0.29
Tasks: 353 total, 1 running, 351 sleeping, 0 stopped, 1 zombie
Cpu(s): 1.2% us, 0.5% sy, 0.0% ni, 98.3% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Mem: 2066668k total, 1297168k used, 769500k free, 53192k buffers
Swap: 2040244k total, 0k used, 2040244k free, 273108k cached

and another output


[root@server ~]# top
top - 12:58:34 up 23 days, 2:48, 1 user, load average: 0.58, 0.39, 0.30
Tasks: 209 total, 4 running, 205 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 16.9% us, 5.1% sy, 0.0% ni, 77.9% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Mem: 2066668k total, 1100760k used, 965908k free, 53196k buffers
Swap: 2040244k total, 0k used, 2040244k free, 276744k cached

and the number of connections on port 80


[root@server ~]# netstat -an |grep :80 |wc -l
[root@server ~]#

is there any way to tweak or optimize the server so than it can cope better when a lot of people are using the proxy.

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Setting Up SOCKS Proxy On Dedicated Server

May 10, 2009

I just bought a dedicated server with 64 Additional IP's. My question is though, how would I go about setting up SOCKS proxys on them? I've setup some before on some linux box's, but never before on windows.

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German/European Proxy Server/Service

Aug 5, 2008

I am trying to test a website and see 'exactly' what a person viewing from Germany sees. We have implemented some programming that looks at the clients IP address and then changes the content based on the region of the world they are located in.

In order to fully test it, I need to access the site via a proxy server in Europe (preferably Germany), so that the IP address will show up as originating from Europe.

I have used here in the states, but I have not been able to find one based in Germany. The site has some flash on it, so it will also need to support flash. The one proxy I found bombed on the flash.

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Setup Proxy Server On Shared Web Host

Jun 24, 2008

Does anyone know if it's possible to setup a proxy server on a shared web host w/ cpanel? I just want to be able to browse using FoxyProxy from the IP of that shared web host.

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How To Install A Socks Proxy For Web Browsing On My Own Server

Aug 6, 2007

what webpages we can view using proxies at the ISPs.

Currently when I am on the internet port 80 will sometimes not work, i.e. MSN, email, FTP is still working, but I can't browse any pages. This has led me to believe that the proxies they are using to check what sites we are visiting are buggered. It is fruitless trying to get the ISPs to improve...

Anyway, I have a couple of my own servers in the US and am looking at installing some sort of socks proxy on them so that I don't have to use port 80 to surf webpages. Then there wouldn't be any more downtime for me.

SECURE program that would be ideal and safe for my intended use?

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Create Private Proxy Server On VPS (Linux)

May 8, 2007

I'd like to make a private proxy server on a Linux VPS. That way, I can use the VPS's IP address when surfing (I would configure it as a proxy in my local browser). What software would I need for that, and how do I allow only access *from* my local computer's IP address. And can this also be done for non-HTTP traffic?

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