Should Location Of Host = Location Of Targeted Visitors?

Sep 19, 2008

Just a question about hosting your site in the same country where your main targeted visitors is located. It is my belief that I should host my sites in the same country where I the targeted visitors are. Am I correct in saying this??

US Focus Site should be hosted in the US
Canadian Focus Site should be hosted in Canada
And UK Focus Site would be hosted in the UK??????

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Does IP Address Location = Server Location

Nov 6, 2009

I have a VPS and when I signed up I was told by the provider that the server was based in a UK datacentre. However, I've just done a search on the IP address for my VPS and it comes up as 'The IP address is assigned to France'.

Does this mean the server's actually located in France?

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Location Of Host

Mar 16, 2009

A quick question:

Does it matter where my Host is located?

Personally, I live in Scandinavia so would buying a hosting from a company located in the US (all across the Atlantic) in any way affect my site?

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Co Location Host

Oct 31, 2007

I was wondering about these questions for a co-location server to make it easy

i.What is the best Os in your opinion, preferably an open source=lower expenses and licensing

ii.What should you look for when looking for a provider e.g power/bandwidth and how would go about doing that? Can these providers give international coverage?

iii.What is your best estimet of cost it would take to build a 3U rack server with firewall..switches the whole lot?

iv.Do you find that your servers are extremely noisy?

v.What is your recommened network topography works best with these servers e.g start, ring,bus etc?

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How Important Is Host Location

May 5, 2009

I am in the process of finding a host for my website (as I am not very happy with the current one).

My statistics shows that most of my visitors are from Europe and Asia and not much from US.

My question is, should I think of a host in Europe or Asia?

does it actually make a lot of difference where is your host located ?

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How Important To Get Web Host Close To Users' Location?

Feb 12, 2009

I am in the UK, all my users are in the UK.

How crazy would it be to get a web host in another country?

I like the look of an American company.

There are plenty in the UK, but they don't tick as many boxes.

What would difference in speed be? (approximately)

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Host Location, Storage/bandwidth,

Jun 29, 2008

I have a few questions:

1. I was wondering whether my choice in web host is limited to the particular country where I reside, or whether I can choose a web host from any country? If the latter is true, are there any disadvantages to this?

2. Also, I would like to set up a website and from what I understand of my investigations so far, there exist two possibilities. The first is to download all the necessary software and do it all by myself which will also involve finding a good host that meets my needs and also optimising the website for Google. The other way would be to subscribe to an online company which provides all of these services in one package at a determined price. Which would be better?

3. Has anyone ever come across a site called, or also known as Would this be a good option and are they or do they do what they claim? If it is a good option, are there any other sites similar to SiteSell? Therefore, would it be more practical to subscribe to a company like SiteSell where I can get all my hosting, web design and SEO needs all under one roof or would I be better off going it on my own?

4. With regard to my hosting needs, how much storage and bandwidth will I be looking at in order to run a small real estate website?

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Xen Vps Location

Jul 5, 2009

I need to move a file from a xen vps to main node /root directory.

How can do it?

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Co Location.

Sep 11, 2007

what does it mean?

right now i am under the impression, i can buy a server from dell or so for say $1200 - $3000, and then pay like 20 - 50 to have them placed at a datacenter with a dedicated internet line and all that?

if that is true, can i take my equipment at home (making sure there the right size box, obviously im guessing , dc's do not take full towers to be placed), and send them out?

I am thinking that this way, I can load linux, or whatever OS on it, install whatever extensions I need, do whatever, and have a dedicated server to my self for less then 50$ /month.

What happens when it fails? do they send it back to you? i would like that, since I can recover my files and stuff.

People dont do this because:
1) parts are not warrantied
2) its too costly and time consuming to load them with control panels and security software/hardware.

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Apr 8, 2007

I have some idea of what it is, I make contract with a data center and have my server located on their place.

What I need to know about is, how does all of the fees work, and what does some of this stuff means?

- 1u vs. Full rack vs. cabinet vs. tower

- BGP network

- what is Bandwidth billed on port speed or on 95th percentile.

- Tier 1 and Tier 2, and the Level 3 label

- Amp Needed

- Installation (Is this the process of connecting the server with wires and power, or is
this also software installation?)

- What other costs are there?

Thank you anyone who can help. If you have an article with this kind of info, I be happy.
I will try to find this info on my own, but I might not find everything I need to know so I am also asking it from here.


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Co-Location Outside The US

Apr 2, 2007

I'm interested in experiences and recommendations for colocation companies in areas outside the US, namely:

South America/Central America
Eastern Europe/Russia
Middle East/Israel

I'm sure there are only a few of you with experience here, so I'm very interested in what your experiences were/are.

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How Important Is Location

Oct 11, 2009

I live in Turkey. I'm gonna buy a reseller package from Hostgator which is located in Texas. I will mostly make websites in English language for business(affiliate websites) but I decided to make 2 websites in Turkish language for a hobby of mine. Should I buy hosting from a company in Europe or can I still go with Hostgator? I really like Hostgator's package but how much disadvantage would there be in terms of speed? Would people be able to tell by speed whether the server is close or not? Is there a way to test it? All my friends' computers have a speed around 100kb download per second.

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Location Of The Server

Oct 9, 2009

Is location of the server important?

Does it influence the loading speed of the forum and SE rankings?

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Add Network Location Over VPN Possible

Jul 6, 2009

We have two servers, one in our office, and the other in a colocation. There is a site-to-site VPN connection between them. I want to add the server in the office as a network place/drive to the server in the colocation, but I can't get it to work. I tried putting the local ip of the server in the office, didnt work.

Then I tried OFFICESERVERNAMESHARENAME and that didnt work either.

Office Server Local IP:
Colocation Local IP:

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Does Location Always Matter

Jun 1, 2008

I have seen a number of threads that specify location (mostly US) as a critereon for VPS selection. I am based in India and looks like there are vew VPS providers here and most of the VPS providers are located in the US (some in the UK as well).

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VPS Server Location

Nov 14, 2008

I've noticed that several VPS providers note the actual location of the servers.
Does the location really matter?

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Companies By Location

Jul 27, 2008

Anyone know of a listing of hosting companies based on the location of their offices? I donít care where their servers are but I would like to know that I am dealing with a company that is local. (By the way, I live in the northern part of Virginia and I consider metro DC and all of Virginia to be local.)

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IP Resolving To A Different Location

Apr 7, 2008

I have a local server named as 'EPBX' which monitors the working of the telephone system and makes their log entries. Recently its HDD partition got crashed due to which it was formatted and had re-installed Windows server 2003 after which I am facing some problems as given below:

- The IP address assigned to this server is I am able to ping the IP but unable to take the console of the software from some other local PC.

- Also when I try to trace the IP using the tracert command first it resolves to the ISP's router and then to the server. But the router is not at all asigned a local IP. I have assigned a global IP to it. (Screen shot of the same has been attached)

- It would be very difficult for me to change the IP address

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Co-location In Philadelphia

Mar 19, 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations for co-location in Philadelphia, Conshohocken, or South Jersey?

I need to co-locate a 2U Windows 2003 Server machine running SQL. Good managed services would be nice. Customer access to facilities a must.

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Co-location Is Economical

Oct 3, 2007

i have 3 server with SoftLayer.

is it economical to get colocated for 3 server?

if yes how can i buy the servers?

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Texas Co-Location

May 22, 2007

With my New York location settling in, I'm now looking for a new host to Co-Locate with in Texas.

We host game servers, so I'm looking for premium bandwith. We currently host with softlayer, and I couldn't be happier, but we really need to cut the costs of renting hardware.

I know that Texas has numerous options for co-location, but before I search through hundreds of sites, I thought I would ask here first.

I'm trying to build a list of 5-10 hosts so I can send off for quotes.

Anyways, here are the details of what I need, any assistance is always appreciated.

Looking for:

2U (2 x 1U servers)
2-3 Amps Per Server

Ideal Price: $150/month - $300/month

I figure this is a safe price range in Texas

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Location Of Error Log

Jul 12, 2007

where the location of the error log is.

It's in the same directory with access_log

I think it's /usr or /etc something

How to use a find command to find files containing the letter log anyway?

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Determining Location

Aug 14, 2007

im planning to setup a loadbalencer system soon and im wanting to redirect users based on their location, im wondering if anyone knows how best to do this (servers will be hosting streaming media and load balancer will be la linux based server

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Boston Co-Location

Jun 5, 2007

Co-Location / Dedicated hosting but it wouldn't work out as I didn't live close enough. Well I'm moving into boston (Wentworth) for college so now I'm looking at renting a Dedicated Server or a Co-Location spot and was wondering if anyone on here worked in boston at a data center or had any to recommend. I'm also looking to get sometype of internship / job at one as that's the field im studying at Wentworth.

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How To Ban Our Blocking IP Location

Feb 10, 2007

how to ban our blocking IP Location in my server like country range?

and how can i know the IP's country range?

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Co-Location With LiquidWeb

Jun 7, 2007

I have never tried co-location before, I was looking at the 10U co-location with a 10Mbit/s unmetered port [url]

What I wanted to know was if anyone has had experience with LiquidWeb in general and more important with their co-location facilities?

I'm in the U.K. - what couriers do you guys use to ship your server(s), I assume it can be quite costly?

Does anybody have any other recommendations for co-location providers? I'm also looking at co-location in the U.K. but with more expensive bandwidth etc I'm thinking its best off hosting my servers in the USA as I do with most of my dedicated.

Another question - where do you buy your hardware/servers from (looking at places in the UK)?

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MSSQL Backup Location

Aug 2, 2009

At the moment our MSSQL defaults to backing up db's to C:/Windows/Temp. On some occasions it backups up to the sql backup folder. Any ideas where these settings exist in MSSQL Management Studio?

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Does Location Of Datacenter Matter

May 18, 2009

We currently have two vps's one in chicago and one in dallas. We have our primary in chicago because we figured fewer hops=faster load times for website. is this really true?

right now we get pings around 35-60ms to chicago and 60-170ms to dallas. does this major difference really amount to anything?

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WHM Backup File Location

Mar 30, 2009

My basic VPS backup plan is to have WHM create a backup for me, save it somewhere on my local VPS, and then rsync it off site.

As a beginner with linux, I'm not sure where to have WHM put this file. Is there a recommended place to place this backup file -- it will only be there temporarilly, but I don't know a secure place to put it.

e.g. /home or should I create a new directory called /backups? (and if so -- once again, where in the directory tree do I put it?)

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How Important Is Hosting Location

Oct 4, 2009

I work for a company that does business mainly in California but we have people all over the country including Boston and NYC. I'm looking for dedicated servers and found good pricing/service in Chicago but worried about response times for my Cali folks. I'm hosting a non public web app that everyone needs to use so the load is low and response times are not super critical.

Will my users experience noticable latency?

Also people that manage the servers may be in Cali as well. Will they find it fustrating to remote into these windows servers and manage them or will it be acceptable or should I find something closer to california?

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Hosting Same Site In Two Location

Apr 14, 2008

we want to host a dynamic(php+mysql) site in two location one in server with in our country
and next in usa server .....

so what steps do we need to take..(...we have found server in both place)

1)how do we manage replicatation we do incremenatal backup like thing...
so we need to lock the database file ..for file transfer ..will how site will be down for long hours...

what kind of internet speeed is desired...

2)how do we make the site to be served from nearer it all about putting two server ip in nameserver of domain..
or we need to do lot more

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