Does IP Address Location = Server Location

Nov 6, 2009

I have a VPS and when I signed up I was told by the provider that the server was based in a UK datacentre. However, I've just done a search on the IP address for my VPS and it comes up as 'The IP address is assigned to France'.

Does this mean the server's actually located in France?

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Should Location Of Host = Location Of Targeted Visitors?

Sep 19, 2008

Just a question about hosting your site in the same country where your main targeted visitors is located. It is my belief that I should host my sites in the same country where I the targeted visitors are. Am I correct in saying this??

US Focus Site should be hosted in the US
Canadian Focus Site should be hosted in Canada
And UK Focus Site would be hosted in the UK??????

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Apache :: Prevent Unnecessary GET Requests Processed By CMS That Originate From Mutating IP Address Location

Apr 10, 2015

I'm trying to prevent unnecessary GET requests from being processed by my CMS that originate from mutating IP address locations. This is sucking up server resources when the request is processed by the app, and so if possible, I'd like to block them with HTACCESS so that the request is stopped before anything is intensively-processed.

What happens is that an IP address will make a GET request for, say, "blah/test" or "blah/test2" but nothing else (no site assets like images or CSS/JavaScript files or even other pages). After this request, another IP address will then make an equivalent kind of request, and so on, and so on... All of them have similar if not identical user agent strings but they're always worthless requests that do nothing but waste CPU and RAM. I'm assuming it's just some idiotic SPAM bot because of this.

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Location Of The Server

Oct 9, 2009

Is location of the server important?

Does it influence the loading speed of the forum and SE rankings?

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VPS Server Location

Nov 14, 2008

I've noticed that several VPS providers note the actual location of the servers.
Does the location really matter?

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Dedicated Server IP Location

Oct 12, 2008

I ordered a dedicated server with the datacenter located in Los Angeles, California.

When I check all the IPs of my dedicated server, I see they are located in New York.

Maybe a stupid question, but does it mean that my Dedicated server is located in New York?

I know that support is based in Los Angeles, so does it mean that they are doing remote support of my server? And not In site?

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How Can I Find A Server By Location

Mar 12, 2008

Where can I find a list of servers in Israel and near by countries?

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How Important Is Server Location

Mar 2, 2007

I am based in the UK and ideally I want my server based in the UK too. But the best host I've found so far seems to be American.

If most of my users are from the UK, then I don't want the latency to be too high. Or it so insignificant that I don't need to worry?

I was looking at [url] but if someone knows a similar deal in the UK I'd like to hear about it!

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Co-location Server/hardware

Jun 23, 2007

I'm considering moving my dedicated server to my own server and getting it co-located. My question, what hardware, apart from the server, do I need to provide?

Someone mentioned switches, KVM (?), reboot port, network cable... it's all Greek to me.

detailed heads-up so I can purchase everything at once? I was thinking of getting everything at Dell, but recommendations are also welcome.

My present dedicated server setup is as follows:

AMD Opteron 2x2.0Ghz
2GB ECC Memory
250GB Hard Drive
2000GB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
WHM 11.1.0 cPanel 11.4.6-R13580
CENTOS Enterprise 4.5 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

I also welcome your server suggestions.

If this has already been posted elsewhere, I apologize, I couldn't find it.

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Does Server Location Matter For VPS

Aug 4, 2007

I intend to subscribe to a VPS and I'm trying to decide whether to go with a company in the US or in my home country, Singapore (which is on the other side of the globe).

Price wise, US web hosting companies beat their Singapore counterparts hands down. The prices in Singapore are easily 2.5 times that of the US (for equivalent specs).

But in terms of server round trip times, Singapore is much faster for local users. (99% of my users will be based in Singapore.) A ping to a US server takes an average of 380ms, compared to 13ms for a ping to a Singapore server (from Singapore).

In terms of reliability, both are the same.


1. Is the server round trip time really the main bottleneck (from the time the user clicks a button to the time she gets a response)? Or should I not be worried about this?

2. What is the recommended hosting option (US or Singapore), taking into consideration just two factors: price and speed?

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Server Location Affecting Google

Jul 23, 2005

I would like to set up a new site in English but the subject matter is in another country. Is it better to host my site in England or the States because I understand Google sorts out queries by IP address. Is this correct and will I be penalized for setting up someplace else?

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Location Of The Domain Name Server (DNS) Is Important ?

Jun 26, 2009

we have a server where we run sites and emails, but now we are going to buy a offsite email solution (based on ms exchange) in order to have our emails running when our web server is down.

But at the momment we run our own dns at our webserver using our own nameservers, in order that our emails keep working during a webserver downtime, we need to host our dns server at another location. So the offsite email company that is based in usa, said to us that they can host our dns at their datacenter in usa.

So i will have a configuration like this:

Webserver >> location: Spain
Mail Server >> location: USA
DNS Server >> location: USA

note: 99% of my website visitors came from Spain

So my question is:

Does it matters in terms of speed/performance having my dns server located in usa?

So in a simple way, will my website will it be fast with the dns located in spain, or having it in usa is exactly the same in terms of speed/performance?

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What Is The Real Importance Of Server Location

Jan 5, 2009

I am almost ready to choose my host (as reseller) but I would like to know how is possible to determinate the importance of server location ?

In fact am located in Switzerland (middle Europe) and my targeted customer are especially located in my Switzerland, France and Belgium. In Europe is difficult to find nice host reason why I take a look for US hosting. It is a lot important to choose a host near my country ? It is just a story of access time to a website or something else ? Actually I have some website hosted in France and US but I don't see really a big big difference when a site load...It is a story of maybe 1 or 2 seconds more...and sometime the site hosted in France (and so more near to my location) take little more time to load..

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Dedicated Server Location Compilation

Sep 20, 2008

I'm trying to make an accurate list of dedicated server company's with their locations. I haven't been able to find one with a good list, so I figured we could compile one here.

Please post the locations of dedicated server company's, state weather their a reseller and of what company.

This is a quick compilation from myself, if there's any incorrect information please let me know.

New York




Illinois (Chicago)

New Jersey




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Location Of Dedicated Server Providers

Aug 28, 2008

I plan on doing a small, well maybe not too small project and I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I am familiar with some server companies but what I need is strategic locations across the US.

Only dedicated server providers and NOT resellers.

The breakdown:

-Washington D.C.




I know a few, but I will be looking at this list, your suggestions and buying servers from the companies. Please also list your personal experiences with said companies. I will not take Aug 2008 registration with 1 Post count seriously. This is a serious project and I have some money to spend. Let's just say enough to cover the expenditures and then some.

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Co-Location & Dedicated Server Service Provider Game

Jun 3, 2007

This is serious, please do not find the thread as SPAM, waste of time, or useless. I'm doing my research while at it.

Current Provider: ThePlanet
CPU: Dual Core 3.2GHz (seeking 2.8GHz Dual Core or better)
Memory: 1GB (seeking 1GB or more or better; unknown technical specs)
Harddrives: 400GB Harddrive (seeking 400GB or more or better)
Cost: ~$320/month (seeking at this price or cheaper)
Bandwidth: 1500GB @ 100Mbps (seeking more than 1500GB, but @ 100Mbps)

So help me find providers other than ThePlanet (good hosting, but not good enough to help advance the webhosting business through over-selling). I am seeking for specs at, around, or close to the ones I gave above (monthly fee also). Reliability is a very important factor!

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Hosting With Redirect Based On Location

Oct 27, 2009

i am looking for dns hosting with redirect to a server in Europe or usa based on location.

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Multi Location SMTP Server Or Email Platform

Apr 2, 2009

for a SMTP server / hints at how it might be done to accomodate the following :

One single email will be sent. If it doesn't get sent on the first try by one server, another server at another location will attempt the connection and will send out the email then.

Is there a prebuilt solution that anyone knows that will help with these things ? If not, do you know of any ways that this might be possible to be done - even if you don't know the exact details of how it should be done - any help in finding out something like this would help .

Note :
Linux / Windows / FreeBSD / Solaris is fine. So whatever OS it is, it's fine by me.

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Xen Vps Location

Jul 5, 2009

I need to move a file from a xen vps to main node /root directory.

How can do it?

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Co Location.

Sep 11, 2007

what does it mean?

right now i am under the impression, i can buy a server from dell or so for say $1200 - $3000, and then pay like 20 - 50 to have them placed at a datacenter with a dedicated internet line and all that?

if that is true, can i take my equipment at home (making sure there the right size box, obviously im guessing , dc's do not take full towers to be placed), and send them out?

I am thinking that this way, I can load linux, or whatever OS on it, install whatever extensions I need, do whatever, and have a dedicated server to my self for less then 50$ /month.

What happens when it fails? do they send it back to you? i would like that, since I can recover my files and stuff.

People dont do this because:
1) parts are not warrantied
2) its too costly and time consuming to load them with control panels and security software/hardware.

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Apr 8, 2007

I have some idea of what it is, I make contract with a data center and have my server located on their place.

What I need to know about is, how does all of the fees work, and what does some of this stuff means?

- 1u vs. Full rack vs. cabinet vs. tower

- BGP network

- what is Bandwidth billed on port speed or on 95th percentile.

- Tier 1 and Tier 2, and the Level 3 label

- Amp Needed

- Installation (Is this the process of connecting the server with wires and power, or is
this also software installation?)

- What other costs are there?

Thank you anyone who can help. If you have an article with this kind of info, I be happy.
I will try to find this info on my own, but I might not find everything I need to know so I am also asking it from here.


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Co-Location Outside The US

Apr 2, 2007

I'm interested in experiences and recommendations for colocation companies in areas outside the US, namely:

South America/Central America
Eastern Europe/Russia
Middle East/Israel

I'm sure there are only a few of you with experience here, so I'm very interested in what your experiences were/are.

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How Important Is Location

Oct 11, 2009

I live in Turkey. I'm gonna buy a reseller package from Hostgator which is located in Texas. I will mostly make websites in English language for business(affiliate websites) but I decided to make 2 websites in Turkish language for a hobby of mine. Should I buy hosting from a company in Europe or can I still go with Hostgator? I really like Hostgator's package but how much disadvantage would there be in terms of speed? Would people be able to tell by speed whether the server is close or not? Is there a way to test it? All my friends' computers have a speed around 100kb download per second.

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Add Network Location Over VPN Possible

Jul 6, 2009

We have two servers, one in our office, and the other in a colocation. There is a site-to-site VPN connection between them. I want to add the server in the office as a network place/drive to the server in the colocation, but I can't get it to work. I tried putting the local ip of the server in the office, didnt work.

Then I tried OFFICESERVERNAMESHARENAME and that didnt work either.

Office Server Local IP:
Colocation Local IP:

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Location Of Host

Mar 16, 2009

A quick question:

Does it matter where my Host is located?

Personally, I live in Scandinavia so would buying a hosting from a company located in the US (all across the Atlantic) in any way affect my site?

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Does Location Always Matter

Jun 1, 2008

I have seen a number of threads that specify location (mostly US) as a critereon for VPS selection. I am based in India and looks like there are vew VPS providers here and most of the VPS providers are located in the US (some in the UK as well).

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Companies By Location

Jul 27, 2008

Anyone know of a listing of hosting companies based on the location of their offices? I donít care where their servers are but I would like to know that I am dealing with a company that is local. (By the way, I live in the northern part of Virginia and I consider metro DC and all of Virginia to be local.)

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IP Resolving To A Different Location

Apr 7, 2008

I have a local server named as 'EPBX' which monitors the working of the telephone system and makes their log entries. Recently its HDD partition got crashed due to which it was formatted and had re-installed Windows server 2003 after which I am facing some problems as given below:

- The IP address assigned to this server is I am able to ping the IP but unable to take the console of the software from some other local PC.

- Also when I try to trace the IP using the tracert command first it resolves to the ISP's router and then to the server. But the router is not at all asigned a local IP. I have assigned a global IP to it. (Screen shot of the same has been attached)

- It would be very difficult for me to change the IP address

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Co-location In Philadelphia

Mar 19, 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations for co-location in Philadelphia, Conshohocken, or South Jersey?

I need to co-locate a 2U Windows 2003 Server machine running SQL. Good managed services would be nice. Customer access to facilities a must.

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