Setting Up Download Server With Lighttpd

Aug 8, 2008

to getting a second server, specifically for downloads for my site. Without going into too much detail, my website requires that I get a separate server for downloads, and another for the webserver.

I've already gone ahead and configured the server I want; however, I'm trying to do something different from what I'm used to. I'd like to use Lighttpd, instead of apache, as well as not having cPanel installed on the server. I'd still have cPanel and Apache on my regular webserver, but I'd rather keep my download server relatively clean.

So, once I get my server, and I install Lighttpd, how do I go about setting up everything so that my two servers can communicate? I'd like the download server to be something like: , so would I have to set up an A Hostname on my webserver?

What are the steps I should take?

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Geo-Download For Lighttpd

Dec 18, 2007

A user from USA clicks and they go to the USA server to download.

A user from Europe clicks the same link and they go to Netherlands server.

A user from Asia clicks the same link and they go to Hong Kong.

How can I configure Lighttpd to point *.flv to a specific server based on location. I don't want the to change, I would like it to always show but point to different countries depending on where the person is located.

I want this for *.flv only

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Lighttpd Force File Download IE

Feb 2, 2008

we are running a file sharing service and use lighttpd as a web server

the problem is that in Internet Explorer are some files i.e. .mpg, .pdf
and others opened directly in the browser

so is there a way to prevent this behavior(to force the browser to
download the file) by setting headers (or something else) in

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Lighttpd/Nginx X-senfile/X-Accel-Redirect, Possible Action After Download

Jun 16, 2009

If you know how x-sendfile (lighttpd) and X-Accel-Redirect(Nginx) headers working you know that in php script I can use this headers when I want to download some files direct with lighttpd/nginx and not with php, that is great, but I need to know is possible to set some header in lighttpd/nginx to execute some php script/code after download finished (to back to php)?

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Lighttpd Mod_evasive Setting Up A Specific Conditional

Oct 24, 2007

I just started using lighttpd for download purpose.

I limited the number of connection per ip to 5 using mod_evasive .

When a user is downloading with a download manager the number of connection is reached to its maximum. I was wondering if there is a way to allow that same user to be able have 1 additional connection when an index.php is requested . That is, if the user is trying to view an index.php file it would ignore the rule evasive.max-conns-per-ip = 5 .

Each user have their download dir located on [url] in that same dir contains an index.php which contains login tab and integrated directory listing .

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Setting For Download Speed / Max Size?

Jan 22, 2015

I have a client with a download file on 146 MB.Download speed is pretty slow and timeout out around 70MB..

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Lighttpd - For My Server

Jun 17, 2008

i have small - mid size forum

1) 25k members with 100 - 125 members / guest being online at all times. about 400,000 page views per month
2) software pages static html about 200,000 page views per month.
3) a script library which get about 200,000 page views per month
4) i get about 2000 - 2500 software downloads per day. each download between 1mb to 3 mb give or take

i would estimate a total of 1 million page views per month...

a) i am using Apache right now would lighttpd help?
b) if yes, how does one go about switching from Apache to Lighthtpd
c) is it easy to manage and optimize lighttpd?
d) can i just ask for lighttpd to be installed as default by any hosting company out there?
e) does lighttpd support cPanel?

currently i am on a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+(2 Ghz) with 2 GB RAM.

my server loads are sky high - anywhere between 10, 15 and 20.

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Server-status Lighttpd

Oct 12, 2007

How would I enable and use server-status with lighttpd?

I've heard that this may help with this problem that I'm facing.

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Lighttpd / Apache - Restarting The Server

May 30, 2009

We've been thinking about writing our own hosting control panel for our own
"tight" hosting setup, so that can alter the panel just to our needs without relying on updates from anybody else.

To read new configurations in Lighttpd or Apache, as far as I know, requires the software to be restarted (for example service apache restart). Are there any negative effects of this, I'm assuming that whilst being restarted there is a small amount of time during which the software is "down" and websites can't be accessed during that period (probably <1 second). Am I correct?

What is the best way to reload configurations into these http servers without service interruption? I notice that DirectAdmin seems to just restart Apache on any function that alters the configuration file - for example adding a new user.

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Lighttpd 500 Internal Server Error

Jul 19, 2009

I have useing lighttpd for my website,my site Only picture.

but if access peak , There are often 500 Internal Server Error,

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How To Pretect Hotlink On Lighttpd Server

Jan 25, 2008

I found someone can use the following script. But I dont know where to put those script. Is it in htaccess like apache?

$HTTP["referer"] !~ "^($|[url]
$HTTP["referer"] !~ "^($|[url]
url.redirect = (
"(/.*.(JPG|jpe?g|png|gif))$" => [url]

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Lighttpd File Hosting Server

Apr 25, 2008

Any one manage file hosting servers here?

I run file sharing service, bandwidth usage is going up too much, 300 Mbps, anyone know if file hosting sites use bandwidth shaping ? Any recommended settings for lighttpd?

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How To Setup Linux Proxy Server Apache+lighttpd

Apr 24, 2007

somebody know is possible on some way route traffic before come to web server (apache or lighttpd)?

I want to setup lighttpd on port 80 and apache on port 81 and I want visitors to go direct to apache or lighttpd without url:81 and that must work on this way if somebody visiting that go to lighttpd on port 80 and if somebody visiting that go to apache on port 81 and something must route it before lighttpd and apache (and get/post must work), is this possible on some way?

I know that lighttpd and apache can do it but I don`t need it on that way!

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How Do I Download Directly To My Server

Oct 7, 2009

I've been trying in vain to find out how to download files from online sites directly to my server hosted with Siteground. Basically, I figure why bother downloading to my local HDD when I back everything up on my online server anyway.

I know this classes as a server to server file transfer but I want to download things like software, particularly Linux distros, and archive them directly on my server. I just can't think how to word it any other way. I use my browser and click the download link and it asks me to save it to my local HDD but instead I'd like to save it to my backup server bypassing my local comp totally.

Currently Siteground give me "unlimited" bandwidth and "unlimited" storage space, overselling obviously but now I want to use some of my space. My home upload speed it 20kb on average so this is why I'd rather upload/download/save interesting software etc onto my backup server.

I've looked briefly at WGET and CURL but it looks too complicated. I'd just like to be able to FTP all my 'normal' downloads right onto my server. I'd use an intermediary service for this as well as this backup is for non-private files only, if only I knew how to word the concept.

I just don't know how to search for the right tools or whatever for what I want to do.

I just want to add a "save to my server" option to my normal download dialog for want of a better description.

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Mean Download Server Specs

Oct 19, 2009

I'm starting a file download site. I've done a lot of research and I'm currently planning a head for growth and scaling. Looking to serve around 250-500 thousand 5MB files a day.

I would like some input from people that KNOW what they are talking about, hopefully people that have hosted/ran similar sites.

The main question I need answered is what will be the first bottle neck for a single download server will run into when delivering the following.

File size = 10MB.
Number of downloads = As many 1.2mbit download streams as possible.

Example Server, lets say...
Intel 5405
8GB Ram
2x640GB RE3 Hardware Raid 1

Am I correct in assuming the bottle neck will be the HD's here? So would I be right in assuming this could handle around 200 concurrent downloads @ 1.2mbit(250mbit)?

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Server Download Speed

Sep 30, 2009

I've two shared hosting accounts, one is hostgator and other is godaddy.

I've uploaded a file (.flv) on hostgator and same file on godaddy.

here a link to both

Hostgator flv

Goddady flv

Now i am use a Download manager " free download manager" to download files
The hostgator file downloads at 17-35kb/s
The godaddy file downloads at 200kb/s

I am using 2Mbps dsl.

Also my hostgator cpanel loads slow. and other files are downloads at very low max 40kb/s.

What are the issues. I've contacted hostgator support and they say that every thing is ok on their end.

I have to stream videos on hostgator but the speed is too slow. and it buffers alot.

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What Makes A Good Download Server

Apr 9, 2009

Which is the most important? CPU, Memory or others?

Which company provides the most cost-efficient download servers?

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All Files Except RAR Are Courrupted After Download From Server

Jun 18, 2009

I'm running a remote dl site where user will request a file from various file sharing site like rapidshare and megaupload, and allow it to stream and dl. Few days ago everything was normal, but since yesterday all rar files download have corrupt name and sizes but when trying to extract it seems to be corrupted, zip files are running fine though.

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Configuring A Dedicated Download Server

Feb 3, 2008

I have a server with the following specs:

Intel Core2Duo 6550
2x500GB 15,000 RPM SCSI drives
Fedora Core 7

It's on a FDC Servers 1gbit connection with a 100mbit guarantee, their largest plan. I've used this plan (though with another server) before to push 241mbit/sec so there should be plenty of bandwidth.

The downloads will be anywhere from a few megabytes to CD sized downloads so there might be quite a bit of large files, mostly files will be around 20-50 megabytes though.

Basically I'd like a sort of rapidshare setup with two types of members, premium and non-premium.

Non-premium members should be limited to a certain speed across all connections but not necessarily limited to one connection only since Asia and Europe traffic have a hard time getting really good speeds without using several connections.

But I'd still like to be able to limit them at 4 connections or so, premium members should just be limited at some other value, that part shouldn't be the problem.

Currently I can limit the speed through the php script that checks if a user is premium but that limit only works per connection and not across all connections.

I'm looking for a software configuration setup, httpd etc. Hardware upgrade suggestions are also welcome for the future.

So far I'm thinking setting up two virtual hosts, one for premium and one for non-premium and then use mod_limitipconn.c. But maybe there's a better way without using apache?

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Enable Resume Download On Server

May 25, 2008

When using a download manager to download stuff from server, download manager detects server unable to support resume and parallel downloads, is there a way to set the server to allow it?

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Download Server Logs To My Windows PC

Jun 10, 2007

My server is Fedora Linux. I access it via Putty using SSH.

I find it a pain to look through the logs using PICO since it won't scroll and I'm a slight linux mainly windows guy.

Is there a way to either copy the whole log at once over to notepad or something or to download the file to my local PC?

Then I could go through it much easier.

I tried using copy in putty but that only copies the screen and these logs can be huge sometimes.

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Set Windows Server To Download Backups

Feb 25, 2007

I was wondering if i could use my windows dedicated server to download backups from my website on a daily basis? Maybe with a cron job or something...

Heres the setup:

Dedicated Server with windows 2003 - Want to use for downloading backups

Shared Server hosting my website with cpanel - Want to make backups of

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Streaming Or Direct Download - Which Causes More Server Load

May 15, 2008

I have a website, where i provide streaming videos. Recently i read somewhere that, streaming video or audio files increases server load a loot. Is providing direct download to files is a better option than streaming videos? Please let me know.

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Windows Server 2003 -- DOWNLOAD Link

Sep 24, 2008

Does anyone know of a "Windows Server 2003 Standard" download link? It seems that Microsoft has taken this OFF their 2003 download page, or has somehow "hidden" the link to only show the newer "2008" links (and the updates to 2003).

The trial software link here ...

[url] for 2003 to begin the download process, but in the end no download URL is provided.

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Premature Data Download Disconnections From Server

May 6, 2007

Recently our network of servers all started to prematurely disconnect in middle of data download. This can be download of pictures or files.

Eg: [url]

You'll notice on first go it only downloads +-5% of the images. Then you gotta keep pressing F5 many times for images to complete downloading.

Having attempted many solutions to correct this (so that it downloads data 100%), I though I ask on forums since there's always somewhere here that knows more then admins.

Would you please share any solutions that would solve this challange? Or any guidence on what to adjust.

SErvers specs:
Linux 2.6 kernel (latest)
Apache 2.0

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Server Cuts Out/brakes Download Of Data.

May 3, 2007

My server (serving hosting) constantly keeps cutting out data download of files or pictures. So pictures usually load only 10%, then you need to keep pressing refresh to see whole picture.

As for downloads, I tested with a 8MB file. I downloaded with typical firefox browser and 1st time it claimed it finished downloading at 3MB mark. Second time at 1MB mark.

I have no idea how to fix this. Any solutions as to what to change or adjust in order to prevent this from happening?

Additional notes:

Server only supports php/static pages. It's limited to 150Mbits, and constantly wants to do more. But I can't lift now due to financial concerns.

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Premature Data Download Disconnections From Server

May 6, 2007

Recently our network of servers all started to prematurely disconnect in middle of data download. This can be download of pictures or files.

Eg: [url]

You'll notice on first go it only downloads +-5% of the images. Then you gotta keep pressing F5 many times for images to complete downloading.

Having attempted many solutions to correct this (so that it downloads data 100%), I though I ask on forums since there's always somewhere here that knows more then admins.

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Simultaneous Download Speeds On Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Oct 7, 2007

I just got a VPSlink account about a month ago and for all testing purposes, it has been great so far [my first VPS]. But I haven't transferred my main site to it yet mainly due to one specific question about download speeds. Quickly, here's what I've found about their network...

VPSLink is owned by Spry, so from all I can tell, they're using the same network speeds. Which are:
Unmetered: 1.5 megabits per sec in total traffic.
Metered: Spry's site says "throughput of up to 8Mbps"

Ok, so here's what I'm trying to find out:
I'm running a small software business with some downloads (all legal of course - they're mine ) and would like to know what the real-world download speeds that users would normally see when downloading my files. Here are the knowns:

a) Let's assume for this question that all of the user computer's are on very quick connections, so their speed wouldn't be an issue.

b) An example file would be say, 20 MB.

I'm most looking to see how speeds would be (in Kbps) if say, 20 people are downloading a 20 MB file at the same time (again, with their connections being extremely fast; fast enough for the sake of this example to not be a factor - so the max speed would only depend on my VPSlink server's connection).

I don't know of a good way to really test this since I only have access to 1 physical connection. I did try a test with a friend. Here's what happened:

I normally get about 500-600kbps sustained on my cable modem, as does my friend. When downloading a test file on my server I was able to get about that when downloading all alone. But, when my friend and I downloaded it at the same time, both of us got around 350kbps -- so the total speed about dropped in half. Again since my site is for software downloads, and when releasing an update to one of our products, sometimes I'm guessing 20+ users download simultaneously for a couple days.

This currently seems to work ok on Dreamhost, but for many other reasons, we're needing a VPS. But would this vastly decrease our file transfer download speeds to users? If users got something horrible like 2kbps, that would most certainly loose a lot of business for us since they'd just get frustrated and cancel for the most part.

Does anyone know of a rough estimate on how to figure this out, or even better, are there any VPSLink customers out there that have experience with this?

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Cpanel Domain Name Server (DNS) Setting For Email On 2 Seperate Server

Nov 7, 2009

This is the scenario, are setup on server1, however server2 also has the same profile of as we use ns3 and ns4 using This works fine with the nameserver setup on server2.

However I encounter problems as the emails from server2 won't reach server1 as there are duplicate profile on server2.

My question is how do I setup the DNS in cpanel/whm from server2 so the emails from server2 will reach server1?

Server1 (


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