SPF Records W/ Namecheap

Apr 16, 2007

I have a domain registered with namecheap, and I am using them for DNS. Does anyone know how to add an SPF Record for a domain w/ namecheap?

I have sent Namecheap a support email, but haven't heard anything. I figure someone on this board may have done this before.

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Using Namecheap Hosting

Jan 8, 2009

I want to about namecheap Hosting, Is there is anyone who is using Namecheap Hosting? Is there Service is good or not?

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Don't Use Namecheap Webhosting

Mar 17, 2008

I've just received my second suspension from them, for having 5 visitors on my website, which was abuse of their resources.

I had issues with them last month, they claimed I was using too much resources and had to upgrade to Business class. I've paid for two years there as it is.

Every time I would get these notices, I'd work with them and it was found that one comment bot was hitting my site repeatedly (one post several times in a row which really shouldn't cause any problems anyway) and would cause things to raise. In their email, their support said:


Your account is unsuspended now. Please check and prevent future overloads.
Also we can block ip addresses of your referrals, when all connections is from one ip instead of suspending your account. Should we block and similar?

When I said yes, I was sent this reply:



IP blocked in our firewall. We'll act similar way, when your account will be leeched from one IP. Now this ticket is being closed.

So tonight, I redo a post, since their hotlink protection isn't stopping hits on the photo being linked to, which involved uploading an image and deleting the old, and shortly thereafter I get this:


Dear Customer,

We have suspended your account due to resource abuse. Please find the related information below:

top - 20:21:33 up 30 days, 3:26, 5 users, load average: 5.07, 4.89, 5.22
Tasks: 187 total, 1 running, 186 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 0.5% us, 0.4% sy, 0.2% ni, 70.9% id, 27.9% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.1% si
Mem: 4148484k total, 3998792k used, 149692k free, 130440k buffers
Swap: 2096440k total, 7720k used, 2088720k free, 2881224k cached

13504 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27668 16m 4864 S php
20277 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27672 16m 4860 S php
2093 username 20 0 0 0:00.25 0.4 27628 16m 4848 S php
8232 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27636 16m 4848 S php
9399 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27624 16m 4848 S php
12099 username 20 0 0 0:00.24 0.4 27636 16m 4844 S php
8449 username 20 0 0 0:00.24 0.4 27628 16m 4840 S php
9530 username 20 0 0 0:00.23 0.4 27620 16m 4844 S php

mysqladmin proc stat
| Id | User | Host | db | Command | Time | State | Info |
| 50484 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344568 | | |
| 50537 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344525 | | |
| 50615 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 344329 | | |
| 77636 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 300652 | | |
| 121657 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 240337 | | |
| 202546 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 154415 | | |
| 306259 | username_wrdp2 | localhost | username_wrdp2 | Sleep | 50092 | | |

All of them supposedly me. But at any rate, only 5 users at namecheap can apparently bring about a suspension. I have never in my life had such treatment by a host. Most of the site is a static site, where most people land. And this is for less than 50 people on a daily basis.

They may have a good reputation as a domain reseller (yes, they're now ICANN registrars, but they haven't switched over yet, they're still reselling for Enom) but they had better rethink their webhosting.

People I know who have WordPress pages at places like Dreamhost, Lunarpages, all the rest have way more traffic than I do and yet they don't have these problems. I'm just sick at they way I've been treated there.

Whatever you do, don't host with namecheap. I'm truly sorry I did. And if anyone wants to verify that I host with them, it's hauntedlights.com, obviously a really exploitable site. It's about haunted lighthouses.

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Anyone Using Namecheap Hosting

Nov 19, 2008

I signed up for namecheap hosting for 1 month just to check how good they are. I hosted my banners site over there {snip} and it is opening OK.

I was wondering who else is using their hosting from this forum?

I saw a thread on WebHostingTalk about namecheap hosting and the members who participated there are very satisfied with the hosting but when I asked about it on DP forum the members were just against of it. According to them Namecheap is good only for domains not for hosting.

Would you like to share your experience (if you have used namecheap hosting)?

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Namecheap Hosting

Sep 2, 2008

I recently started using NameCheap.com for shared hosting. It's only $3/month.

They have fairly fast download speeds (like if I download a big picture from my own website).

But their "processing" speed seems a little slow? I'm not sure, because this is new to me and I have nothing to compare it with. But if I look at a page that uses WordPress where the server is being asked to look up stuff from the SQL databases and form the html on the run, it seems to not be very responsive sometimes - to load the posts that have a certain category associated with it, it sometimes takes 3 seconds to load after clicking, sometimes 7 seconds. Not very scientific I know, and there's other factors, but just to give an idea.

For $3/month, I guess I shouldn't complain. But if I choose to give my readers (my parents and my one friend) a better browsing experience, would I get better response times by paying a bit more?

Anyone have experience with namecheap? I've also considered GoDaddy, but don't like their advertising strategy. Makes me feel like a high schooler.

I should also ask - how's the webmail service on other shared hosting companies? Namecheap's webmail is really really slow. Ok, $3/month isn't much, but the webmail is much slower than my website. Is that "normal"?

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How Is Namecheap Hosting

Aug 18, 2008

I have registered few domains at namecheap.com recently and was thinking to host them on namecheap.com. I searched for namecheap hosting reviews, but didn't find much.

Has anyone tried namecheap.com hosting? How is the uptime of their server?

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What About Namecheap Web Hosting

Aug 13, 2008

Namecheap has a good reputation for domain registration, but I am finding it hard to find reviews about their Web Hosting. From their own description, their data center looks good and reliable and their packages seem feature filled.

An alternative for me is A Small Orange web hosting.

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Is Namecheap A Good Choice For Me

Mar 31, 2009

I am a little upset because I host my forum and other sites on my friend's server who has dedicated server, but now he is closing his hosting business

My forum opens very fast with his servers but now I have to go to somewhere else, I just contacted Namecheap and asked if I can host my little-busy forum there or not on their shared hosting package.

They will reply me but I want to know your advices too about Namecheap. Is it good choice to host a VBulletin forum on shared hosting from Namecheap?

Or I should buy their Business Hosting Package?

I don't want to buy VPS or Dedicated Server because I don't have much knowledge of hosting and I have heard that VPS and Dedicated servers are very difficult to manage for person like me

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Namecheap Hosting, Any Good

Sep 8, 2008

I use namecheap as my domain registrar. Does anyone know if their hosting service is any good?

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Setting Up NameCheap Domain

Jul 31, 2007

I've registered a domain about an hour ago called animeclassicreviews.com

Nothing comes up, all i get is 'under construction' or i get a 404 error if i remove the www, i tried to forward url to my blogspot account but nothings happening.

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Namecheap Rapidssl Cancellation

Jun 21, 2007

I entered the domain name in wrong - domain.com instead of www .domain.com - and decided to not approve it when you get to the final step as rapidssl said to do.

So how long do i need to wait before namecheap will update the status so that I can start the process again ?

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Namecheap.com Won't Let Me Change Server

Sep 22, 2007

namecheap.com to allow a nameserver change? I have sent seven e-mails and received 10 un-helpful messages. One even said, "Hello, What is the issue in whcih you are having? I want to move to yahoo.

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Latest Review For NameCheap Hosting

Oct 22, 2008

I'm considering switching hosting to NameCheap to save some money over my current hosting plan. I've never had a problem with their registrar service. I did a search for reviews on their hosting service. There were some negative ones a few years back when they were selling PeopleHost hosting, but they apparently have their own hosting now.

I found a few posts with issues, but there always has to be a few. However, if 3 of 10 customers have problems, it's a lot different than if 3 of 10,000 customers have problems. Anyone have an idea of how many sites they host?

Also, what's the latest word from people using their hosting services? Any good? How about response time and up time?

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Nameserver Registration (advanced Options In Namecheap)

Mar 23, 2007

I'm trying to delete the IP addresses in the nameserver registration but when I follow the instructions by clearing each input box and then clicking save I get these errors:

ns1.domain.com Error: Nameserver registration failed due to error 533: Object association prohibits operation
ns2.domain.com Error: Nameserver registration failed due to error 533: Object association prohibits operation

Ive contacted namecheap but I still havent heard back from them. Anyone know whats going on? I cant seem to delete these.

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Hawk, Doreo, Vector Level, TMZ, NameCheap Or Courtix

Nov 16, 2008

I'm planning to change hosts and looking for a shared hosting...

I have 6 options.. Can you let me know which to choose among these:

Hawk Host - [url]
Doreo - [url]
Vector Level - [url]
TMZ Hosting - [url]
NameCheap - [url]
Courtix Hosting - [url]

My budget is $10/month...

And looking for about 2000MB Space and 100GB Bandwidth...

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MX Records

Jul 13, 2009

I have a domain(ex. mydomain.com) hosted on a shared windows server, I also have a dedicated Linux server with a different company.

What I would like to do is have the mail be handled by the Dedicated Linux Server(cPanel/WHM), while the site is running on the shared windows server.

I understand I would need to change the MX Records for the domain on the Windows Server to point to the dedicated server's mail server IP Address (mail.SERVER IP ADDRESS.com ?), but do I also have to create an account on the linux server to handle the mail (example forwarders/auto responders).

If that is the case, how do I tell it to take care of all the mail coming for the domain mydomain.com?

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SRV Records In WHM

Mar 5, 2008

SRV records on a WHM server, is it possible? If so, is there any documentation on this?

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MX Records

Oct 31, 2007

I have two hosting packages with 1and1: a shared hosting package and a new dedicated server. I am transferring my domain from the shared package to the dedicated server.

However, I have not yet initiated DNS propagation. Files, databases, FTP accounts, subdomains, cron jobs, etc. have all been added to the new server. The problem is, I'm not ready to setup the email accounts on the dedicated server. I have about 20 email accounts on my domain and I will have to show each user how to setup the new account with their email client of choice and transfer any important email to the new account using IMAP. Copying the mailboxes with SSH is not an option since I don't have root access to the shared server. Email is not stored on that server anyway (I think 1and1 uses perfora.net servers for load balancing email and databases). Plus, I'd rather handle all of the email stuff after propagation is completely finished.

So here's my question... How can I make mail sent to example.com go to 1and1's email server? I looked up my current MX records and they are mx00.1and1.com and mx01.1and1.com. I tried adding the following MX records to my server's DNS table (in Plesk):

Mail exchanger: mx00.1and1.com
Priority: 0

Mail exchanger: mx01.1and1.com
Priority: 5

(This one was already there)
Mail exchanger: mail.example.com (my domain)
Priority: 10

But when I send an email using SMTP on the new server, it is sent to a test inbox on the new server instead of the shared server. Is the MTA not looking at the DNS records on the same server or are they cached somewhere and I have to wait a while (it's already been several hours)?

Second question... I still want 1and1 to think that I'm hosting my domain on the shared hosting package so that my email accounts won't be deleted. For this reason, I can't transfer my domain name in the 1and1 control panel until the new email accounts are completely setup. Can I just point my registrar (Go Daddy) to ns.example.com (my domain) instead of ns.1and1.com? DNS service is running. I'm just afraid this may route any traffic within the 1and1 network to the shared server instead of the new one.

I probably haven't been very clear about everything but I'm still very new to server management.

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Changing DNS MX Records

Jun 26, 2009

I'm setting up my dns records for a backup mailserver and setting up another ns record in case of server / datacentre problems.

My question is, do I need to specify the ip address of the external hostname and the external namserver in the local dns record?

e.g mail.mydomaim.com in A **.***.**.**

then add mail.outside-domain.com in A **.***.**.**.

I dont think its necessary but want to double check.

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How To Add SOA Records For New Nameservers?

Aug 1, 2006

I have added a new ip for my nameserver3 and now it is pingable... But when I try to point a domain it says something like "check SOA record for your nameserver3" etc...

How can I add SOA records for this new nameserver via whm or?

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VPS With 20 IP's And Correct PTR Records

Nov 7, 2009

DigBuddy is an email deliverability and MX monitoring service. Customers sign up and input all of the email addresses at their domain and our monitoring system will check to make sure that these email addresses are able to receive email by logging in and attempting to send an email without actually sending one. It also checks the DNS, SPF records and a bunch of other stuff so our clients can be assured that they are able to send and receive email to a variety of networks without issue.

We need to set up monitoring servers on a number of networks across a number of countries that can be used to send and receive email. Basically all we need is a VPS with 512mb of ram and 19 IP's. It also must have an unblocked SMTP port 25 and the IP's must have a neutral or better senderbase score. We also need to make sure that the IP's have proper forward and reverse DNS entries.

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Webmin & MX Records

Nov 19, 2008


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Setting Up MX Records

May 6, 2008

Have been reading around the net trying to figure out how to do this and arrived here. Thought I would see if someone could advise me on how to change some MX records.

At the moment there are 4 records :

A @ IP Address: xxx.xx.xxx.xx

A www IP Address: xxx.xx.xxx.xx

A mail IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

MX @ Host Name: xxx.domain.com
Priority : 10

I need to add two MX records. Do I delete the existing record?
and do I set them as MX @ Host Name or do I need to do something else?

I did manage to set some MX records a long time ago but have completely forgotten how to do it now

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Changing Dns & Mx Records

Jul 30, 2008

I have a domain registered with Dotster and my NameServers point to Verio who is my webhost. My MX Records at Verio point to Appriver who handles my email. I'd like to get Verio totally out of the picture and just host my site at Dotster and still keep the email at Appriver. However, I'm not quite sure the order in which to change the various settings.

Do I just change the Name Servers at Doster to point to Dotster instead of Verio and then use Dotster's DNS to point the MX Records to Appriver? Would I then disable the MX Records at Verio? What about propagation of these changes...would I lose email traffic?

Do I need to change the TTL? I'm really not sure about the order of the steps.

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Dedicated And MX Records

Apr 5, 2008

I have been considering upgrading to a dedicated or vps server for some time. In my research I ran across a comment on another forum that didn't seem correct and was hoping someone could clarify.

This person upgraded to dedicated and stated he failed to verify his mx records accuracy and was the reason his emails where not being sent out properly.

My question is, does upgrading from shared to dedicated require you to make some kind of change to your mx records? If so, what change needs to be made? I would think upgrading to dedicated would have no effect on your mx records for your email.

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Set MX DNS Records For Hostname

Mar 31, 2008

on one server we have changed hostname.. and now we receive mail delivery failed as this:

You cannot setup a domain that is the same as the servers hostname

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
host mail1.**.com [**.**.***.**]: 557 Your domain sun.***.net does not have a valid MX DNS record.

We have check under dnsstuff.com and for sun.***.net there aren't mx dns set

sun. is setting, under whm, into account www.***.net

we have try to add a new account for sun.***.net but system said
"You cannot setup a domain that is the same as the servers hostname"

So, How to set correctly MX DNS record for hostname?

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Setting Up MX Records

Dec 11, 2008

I have two MX Records

mail1 IN A
mail2 IN A
domain.com. 14400 IN MX 10 mail1.domain.com. primary
domain.com. 14400 IN MX 20 mail2.domain.com. backup

Working perfect but the question is if the mail primary is down the mail backup take up right? ok, and so how i can get the email have mail backup when the primary is up the email backup sent the email to primary.

Also if the primary is down, what pop3 i need to have for recevice mail for globally?

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MX Mail Records

Jan 10, 2008

My LxAdmin Server is not able to receive emails, due to faulty MX records, ( that is what i can think )

Here is snap shot of DNSSTUFF.com , where it shows error in mail settings -

This is the domains DNS settings-

__base__ A - xx.xx.xx.xx

cp A - xx.xx.xx.xx

mail A - xx.xx.xx.xx

ns1 A - xx.xx.xx.xx

ns2 A - xx.xx.xx.xx

pop A - xx.xx.xx.xx

www A - xx.xx.xx.xx

ftp CN - __base__

lists CN - mail

webmail CN - mail

mysite.com MX 10 mail

how can i make my email working?

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Reverse DNS And PTR Records

Dec 7, 2008

We recently decided to move all our DNS to a service called DNS Made Easy and also our sever box. We setup what they call Vanity DNS with ns0.domain.com and ns1.domain.com so our clients did not have to change their nameservers.

Our records for all domains are now setup and looks like they are beginning to propagate. Here's where the question is:

IP - is for domain1
IP - is for domain2, domain3 and domain4
IP - is for domain5

All domains have MX records pointing to a either Google or Mailtrust.

what is the best way to setup Reverse DNS and PTR's for this setup and what should we ask our ISP to do for Reverse DNS in this case.

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UK Hosters That Let You Use A Records

Jul 23, 2007

I've dealt with a few hoster that make you change your nameservers of for hosting. I have a couple of clients coming up who want to keep their mail servers as they are - are there any good UK shared hosters (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql) that will let me set up hosting via an A record only (i.e. no email hosting)?

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