IPs Which Are On Spam Lists Or Blocked, From Previous Owners Of IP Range

Dec 27, 2008

Come across this a few times now, when I come to issue a new VPS find that a IP address is on a spam list from a previous owner of the IP range, even came across and IP block we got issued with a few null-routed IPs!

Has anyone, or hosting providers come across this? Where datacenter issue IPs with problems? On spam lists or worse . . .

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Blocked Range Ips Through Apf - How To

Nov 5, 2009

am using APF firewall and am getting ddos from these range ips




how could i delete all the range from these ip's?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: SPAM Filter For Mailman Lists

Jul 18, 2014

I am happily running Plesk 11.5; with just one small but annoying persistent problem:

I have Clients with large mailinglistes
- SpamAssassin
- Server-wide greylisting
is running.

But apparently many of the lists mail addresses have been harvested over the years. And as there is no easy way to use SA in mailman, I am down to greylisting only for list addresses.

This results in insanely large amounts of SPAM (-> moderation requests) on the client's lists. Is this behavior improved in Plesk 12?

Or can probably SIEVE filters work here - are those available to mailman? (probably not as they work in Dovecot?)

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Spam Protection Based On DNS Blackhole Lists

Jan 11, 2015

I have configured the DNS zones for DNSBL service as follows;


but I continue to to get spam from ip adressess that are confirmed as blacklisted at the above zones by testing them at [URL] ...

Is there something that I have missed in the config.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Switch On Spam Protection Based On DNS Blackhole Lists

Aug 25, 2014

When this option is enabled on the Mail Server Settings page, the page loads with the bottom of the page in focus and not the top.

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Which Spam Blockers Have Blocked My IP Addresses?

Jun 26, 2006

A few months back one of my servers got slammed with people uploading scripts/phishing scams/etc (those problems have been fixed). But because of all of that the main IP of my server got blacklisted by a ton of spam blocking services due to the scripts spamming people.

Basically wanting to know how I can find out which services/lists have my IP blacklisted so I can contact them about getting off their list.

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My Server Blocked By Gmail's Spam Filter

Nov 30, 2007

I just found out all my mails sent to Gmail are marked as spam. However, if I check my IP address in independant grass-root spam databases, my IP address isn't blacklisted. I checked 7 of them. Do you know how to solve this problem

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Reseller And Host Owners

Jan 30, 2009

How can one tell the "hosting company" that advertise hosting is a reseller or owns the data center?

I bet 99% are resellers but how can one find out ? is there a web tool?

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Extreme 24e3 Owners

Jun 28, 2008

I have been trying to look for the damn thing everywhere and I can't find anywhere that has it either apart from extreme support of course which they want my life out of me.

I am after a good extreme 24e3 firmware that supports SSH and Web GUI since mine one for some reasons do not have that feature.

I have around 20 bucks (not alot i know but hey that all i got in my paypal)

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Where Are Previous Apache Log Files?

Apr 21, 2008

log file for one of our accounts.

I going to /usr/local/apche/domlogs and but in this folder I can found logs for today only.

How can I found previous log files?

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Managed Vps Owners How To Know Vps Is Secure

Nov 27, 2007

If you have a fully managed VPS that means either you did not have time to manage it or did not know much about server management that is why you are having a fully managed VPS

In case you do not know about servrs How can you know that the vps which is being fully managed is secure enough? and settings like firewalls are correct?

Is there any online tools to verify that?

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Inquiry To The Owners Of Foreign Companies

May 24, 2009

How can I be a distributor for the domain of foreign companies

I was one of the Arab states and many wish-host of foreign companies

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Blank Render After Copying Over Files From Previous Box

Jul 8, 2009

I recently bought a VPS and set up everything for it manually (apache, php, mysql). I had an old host which I got my files and MySQL database from. I have successfully copied them all over and imported the .sql file. I have also checked my config options and updated them to the new settings.

However, when I go to my site, I just get a blank, white screen. The site is fine because a test file that doesn't use my phpBB installation from before renders properly as well as the index.php file from the ./install/ directory of phpBB. If it was a connection problem with MySQL, I would assume that it would print some sort of error stating that it can't connect.

Here are some steps that I've tried so far (I would use a list here but I supposedly need five posts):

* chmod 777 on my entire /var/www/html/ directory.

* chown /var/www/html/ to the apache user, which is the one running the apache webserver.

* Checking error logs and not finding anything that seemed catastrophic (i.e. just notifications about a favicon being missing).

* Editing the .htaccess file to be empty.

At this point, I don't know what to do. I am willing to reinstall phpBB properly, although I would really rather not, and I imagine that there's some way to salvage my previous installation. If you're wondering why I'm posting here instead of the phpBB forums, it's because I have a hunch that it's more likely related to my installing MySQL, Apache and PHP.

My site is apollorp (dot) org (I would link here but I need five posts). As a test, try going to apollorp (dot) org (slash) test (dot) php, which should work.

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What Are The Best RBL Lists?

Jul 12, 2008

What are the best RBL lists?

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What Do I Need For My Email Lists Volume

Mar 10, 2009

My host has a limit of 1000 emails/hour on shared hosting, so I'm thinking of getting VPS.

I currently send out 5000 emails/day with an average 10kb size (using Mailman).

I'm planning on switching to sympa. I'm wondering what kind of vps specs I'd need to send 20,000 emails/day? 50,000? 100,000?

Or another way of putting it: how much volume could I handle on a VPS with 256mb ram?

How much does the email size affect matters? (I'm wondering if attachments are resource intensive).

What is more likely to be the limiting factor: memory or cpu?

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Mailing Lists On Shared Hosting

Oct 8, 2009

I have a client/friend who I am developing a website for and they want a mailing list feature.

I have a shared-hosting account and they have quite strict mailing list policies.

Firstly, they require a double opt-in for each contact, so that each address is validated. I have discussed this with the client, who run an events company, most of the email addresses they receive are taken from attendees who write their email down at the event. They would rather not have to verify each email address before adding to list.

My other concern is whether my hosting will be able to handle the mailing list. There seems to be quite strict limitations on amount of emails that can be sent (1 every 8 seconds).

I have no idea as to the volume of the list, they do not have any emails at the moment, but as the list and company grows I am worried there may be problems which I would rather not have to deal with.

Is mailing on shared-hosting often a done-thing, or should I suggest a third-party mailing solution?

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Mailing Lists Keeps Sending Out The Same Emails

Jan 6, 2007

I'm currently experiencing a problem on several accounts on the same server. It seems that the mailing lists sections of Cpanel keeps sending out emails that don't exist.

For example, I have one of my sites set up with a moderated mailing list. When an email comes in, I get an email telling me that I have something waiting to be approved. Well, I got about 100 in 2 days and there's nothing there to be approved. Actually it's the SAME message over and over.

I have several clients with the same issues where the mailing lists keeps sending out old emails but the same ones over and over.

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Script For Querying Black Lists Databases

Jul 9, 2009

if anybody knows of a script that I could install on my server
and use to do a query in RBL databases, just like this page

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Exim: Send Separate Message For Mailing Lists

Jul 9, 2009

I've just came across an issue with mailing list on a Linux server. Problem is that when a message is broadcasted from a mailing list having around 1500 subscribers, most of them having @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com addresses, message to most of the recepients fails with following error...

2009-07-09 12:26:25 1MOn2u-0001CB-QJ SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<he***k@yahoo.com>: host c.mx.mail.yahoo.com []: 452 Too many recipients
It is becuase exim tries to send a message to as many recepients as it could to users on same domain

On a Windows server, i was running Merak mail server and there was an option to send separate message to all mailing list subscribers, but i don't know where it could be located in exim config, or even if it has!

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Configure Mailing Lists With MailEnable?

Sep 19, 2012

Is there a way to configure the mailing lists created with Plesk (using MailEnable 6.5) using Plesk or another web interface like it is possible with mailman under Linux?

It is not very convenient to be required to do such stuff via RDP (and so manual by me for every customer)...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Whitelisting Localhost And Mailing Lists

Apr 3, 2015

There seems to be confusion and documentation conflicts around whether we should be whitelisting localhost or not when using Mailing Lists.

In this documentation it suggests that localhost is no longer needed, and in fact needs to be removed from the whitelist if Outbound Spam protection is to function correctly: [URL] ....

But on the other hand, this documentation suggests to add localhost to the whitelists, even though the warning says otherwise, and that outgoing mailing list mail will still be processed by Outgoing Spam Control. [URL] ....

Through trial and error, i've found that my mailing lists were not able to send mail to external email accounts unless localhost is whitelisted.

If I want all mail scripts to be going through the Outbound Spam Control, and also having my mailing lists working, should I be adding localhost to my whitelist?

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If You're On Different IP Range, Then How

Jun 12, 2007

Let's say when i first joined the datacenter, i'm given some 16 IPs from 123.123.123.*.

Now that i need more IPs, and they have to give me IPs from 123.123.124.*, am i right to say i need a new switch?

Now is it possible that i link up the new switch together, so that both switch can pick up any available IPs from either range?

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