How To Protect Reverse IP Information

Apr 10, 2009

is it way to protect Reverse IP information ?

I mean someone can't see friend sites in same vps/server.

This is my domain ( godaddy )

And another domain ( not me )

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Ddos And How Protect Our Domain From Reverse Spy

Jun 8, 2009

how can i protect my users from dns Spy

for example this link show all of users by ip:


i found that one of attacker.which ddos our users use this method.

he ddos for example and after ban his ip. he do it on another user's domain.

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Reverse Proxy - Protect A Web Server

May 31, 2008

Background (so you know what I am planning)

I will be storing personal customer information in mysql, so security is driving all my requirements. I was thinking the architecture will be :-a dedicated web server within a DMZ and placed behind a firewall and border router.

a dedicated database server inside the internal network behind another firewall,
All running Linux

building out and management of the servers to be done by hosting provider or third party
Please feel free to comment on this setup.

QuestionsIs a reverse proxy a benefit for security.

Am I right in saying that a reverse proxy hides the OS and server details from prying eyes and provides another layer of security

if a reverse proxy server is a benefit, is it normally the default architecture at most reputable hosts.

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How To Password Protect Web Pages, I Can Protect Directories But Can't Put Pages In

Mar 4, 2007

i did make a big message on here but it deleted when i back spaced

my website is aviation cafe dot net / sample and i need you to help me with password protecting a webpage, i wanted the address to be / the silver sword and definitly not to look like it does now.

username: webforum
pass: password

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CPU Information

Oct 30, 2008

Is there a way in shell, to find out information on the CPU(s) in the server?
I'm using Centos, on a cPanel server. However, I'm looking for more info than what WHM's "Server Information" provides.

Trying to find out what generation Xeon is in the server, so I can read about it's specs.

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VPS Information

Jul 18, 2007

I am interesting for VPS but iwant windows 2003 with mssql2005 installed...
is there any company supporting this?

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Information About VPS

May 6, 2007

How do you get like for example ROOT of cPanel in a VPS? How would you be able to use it besides like giving permission to use WHM and stuff on accounts. As doesn't remote reboot and such have to happen on the whole server?

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Configuring DNS Information

Mar 24, 2009

I am moving my servers this week and my new host doesn't do domain hosting. This is my first time doing it, I need help in pointing my domain to the new server. I just need the basic settings for A, CNAME and MX records.

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Backing Up Information

Feb 18, 2009

I understand that servers can do automatic backups of information, yet I also see forum modifications that enable simple ways of doing a backup. Are there different types of backups? Why is it necessary to manually backup a forum database when its done automatically by the server? In terms of assuring the data, what is required and whats a typical procedure, what does it entail, is it manual and if so usually how often, or is it usually automatic?

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Information On

May 25, 2008

it looks good and the prices are reasonable, I wonder if anybody has had any experience with them.

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My Information Server

Oct 28, 2007

how may i can understand full information of my server for example my hdd is sata or ide
whats my memory and ... my server is centos

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Information About Cloud Computing?

Sep 16, 2009

What is best source of information about cloud computing?

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Server Information Secret

Mar 24, 2009

Whois for a run when a particular IP it shows the location of the IDC as information.

I wonder what IDC Servers rent that information to the Whois IP can be changed so not knowing where it is being rented.

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Account Information Files

Jun 23, 2008

in cpanel the account information (like email address, space, bandwidth, etc..) stored on /var/cpanel/users/<username>.

I want to know where is stored user account informstion on PLESK?

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Lower CPU Mhz In WHM, Server Information

Jan 31, 2008

I was checking my server information today on WHM panel and this is what I saw:

Processor #1 Vendor: GenuineIntel
Processor #1 Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz
Processor #1 speed: 1596.000 MHz
Processor #1 cache size: 4096 KB

Processor #2 Vendor: GenuineIntel
Processor #2 Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz
Processor #2 speed: 2660.000 MHz
Processor #2 cache size: 4096 KB
Why is the Processor #1 speed labeled as 1.6 ghz? Processor #2 speed never goes down no matter how high the load is. Could it be the reason that my server can't handle 4 websites with a cumulative total of 20k unique hits per day?

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Information Regarding Load Balancer

May 9, 2008

We are planning for a clustering archirecture for our mail servers,The basic idea is put all of mailservers behind a load balancer which will monitor and distribute the n/w load as server load and forward the requests accordingly can u suggest any good hardware loadbalancer which could give us 'server load balancing' as well as n/w load balacing.

I would also like to know if it is a good idea to go for a software load balancer(like linux heartbeat) or to h/w load balancer.

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Mysql 5 - Information Schema

Feb 19, 2007

Someone knows how to block viewing "information schema" for unprivileged users? When accessed, it causes abnormal load to server.

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How To Protect Port 80

Nov 2, 2007

someone attacking my VPS via port 80, which firewall u advice me to use on windows 2003 WEB edition ?

Or anyone have smillar experiance and can tell me what to do? Btw my hosting company is LeaseWeb.

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How Do I Protect My Website

Jun 29, 2009

This is probably a pretty complicated answer so please forgive me as I'm a newbie to making my own ecommerce website.

What steps are needed to protect/prevent one's site from being hacked? I have domain privacy (on WhoIs) but I feel this isn't enough.

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Way To Protect URLS

May 23, 2009

Are there any scripts out there that can protect URLs? For an example I am trying to protect a URL with a masking URL and making sure that the masking URL is only access by a referral site. Can this be done?

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Protect Directory

May 22, 2007

i have another question is their a way to protect a directory without using .htaccess because i dont have modrewrite installed on my apache server.

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How To Protect Website

Feb 20, 2007

Last days my site was hacked to the main page has been added the "iframe" tag with path to the virus loading. I don't know how somebody could edit the original page and insert this code to the html body. This time I have updated this page from archive but I would be glad to know how to protect my site in future. Could somebody advice me fast and effective methods?

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How To Protect Cpanel And Whm

Dec 28, 2007

what is the best way to protect whm and cpanel from unwanted login?

If i change the port they still can sniff, is there away to put another layer to protect it or assigned specific ip to be able to login ? I'm on a dedicate server and only hosting for 1 site so there no customer that i should worry about.

can i change /whm and /cpanel to something else just to hide it form novice users.

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Dns Information In LXAdmin For Google Apps

Apr 9, 2008

You use FCName for setting cnames in the dns info. for google apps like calender, docs etc., right!!! then how do you provide the ttl values.

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Information Needed On Web Hosting Services

Apr 21, 2009

I am Smith Lewis. I am here because I am looking for some information on web hosting services. I hope all you my friends help me in the same.

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Where Can Find Uptime Information Of Hostgator

Jan 17, 2009

Where can find uptime information of hostgator?

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Storing Sensitive Information In A Database

Jul 9, 2009

I just want an expert opinion if what I am doing should be considered to be secure (or if there is a more secure way to do what I am doing). I made our hotel's online reservation system and it stores the guests' credit card information.

The card is encrypted using AES (MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128) and the key that is used to encrypt/decrypt must be entered from the client side in order to log in. It is not stored on the server. So that my employees do not have to enter it every time they want to log in, it is stored in a cookie on their computer or entered manually if the cookie is deleted. When logged in, I have the key stored in a _SESSION variable in a subdirectory of that account's home directory and have the following attributes (for example):


-rw------- 1 nobody nobody 0 Jul 9 16:48 sess_c1744d96fe87def6814db2c5936e1b1d

Does this seem like a secure enough way to store/encrypt/decrypt credit card data?

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Mysqldump :: JUST The Data, NO Table Information

Apr 14, 2008

From Linux Shell, I need to back up a mysql database, JUST the data, NO Table information. Which options in mysqldump do I use?

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Php Scripts That Can Show The Information Of HW/SW Of The Web Server?

Dec 10, 2008

Is there any php scripts that can show the information of HW/SW of the web server?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Backup Log Information Is Not Available

May 13, 2013

When I login to plesk as admin and then Tools and settings and then backup manager and choose backup and then Server configuration and content and run backup, after 2-4 minutes i see backup process failed and then i see "Backup log information is not available" what should i do?

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How To Pwd Protect Directories Without Cpanel

Jul 28, 2009

how to pwd protect directories with when using no control panel, I am planning to change the login details of the protected directories every few days as well as its top secret data, so I would like to know how to protect directories with pwd, I know how to do using control panel such as cPanel r Plesk but I am having no control panel at this interface

I intend to share the files under this protected directories only to my team, so plz help me with codes if there are any

its cent 0s5, apache handler

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