How Does Cent Os Pick Mirror?

Nov 5, 2009

I noticed with every new cent os server there are different mirrors for cent os repos.Since on each cent os repo file is same,how does it pick which mirror it pick?I ask beacuse latest server has picked one extremly slow edu mirror which is not just slow,it also timeout,and it may extend update to 2 hours instead 5 minutes which usually will take.So how do i change base mirror on base cent os repo?

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Upgrading From Cent Os 4.7 To Cent Os 5.2

Nov 28, 2008

Is there any sense to upgrade to cent os 5?I mean,is there any critical benefit which will increase server performance if i do that.I noticed i can upgrade over ssh but since that will generate downtime i wonder is there a sense to do that.

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How To Pick A Linux OS

Mar 23, 2008

I'm going to be ordering a new dedicated Linux server w/ cPanel/WHM and was wondering how one goes about determining which OS is best suited for their needs? The options I am given are below:

OS: CentOS Enterprise Linux, Version 4
OS: CentOS Enterprise Linux - x64, Version 4
OS: Centos Enterprise Linux, Version 5
OS: Centos Enterprise Linux - x86_64, Version 5
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 4
OS: Redhat Enterprise Linux - x64, Version 4
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 5
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux - x86_64, Version 5

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Which Distro For Vps Did You Pick

Sep 6, 2007

This is a tough question cause the distro you choose makes all the difference.

So my question now is if your choices were:

Centos 4 or 5 (32bit or 64bit)
Ubuntu (32bit)
Debian (32bit)

which would you pick and why?

on a side note I believe that the distro that gets picked the most is the one that has the most servers and if someone were to pick one thats not favored by many then he/she may get a faster server cause there wont be so many VPSs on it. Correct in this assumption?

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How To Pick A Shared Host

Apr 1, 2009

I've used two different shared hosts in the past. First host had little to no support and got slower and slower as time went on. Second host, has been fine for my personal blog and portfolio site, but the load time is way slow at certain times of the day.

How in the world do you find a shared host that is actually going to be fast? I know you don't want a host that is over-selling, but how do you know a host is overselling? I assume any host that is less than $10/mo and has unlimited everything is going to be oversold, but how do you find one that is going to be responsive. Trial and Error? I've been trying to read the reviews on sitepoint, but I feel like a lot of the time the reviewer is unaware of site load times.

I don't mind doing the research myself, but I can't figure out where to look or how to look.

All I want from my host is fast load times, all the time. I don't have huge traffic, I do have a lot of files, and it's very important when someone comes to my site it loads as fast as possible.

Obviously cheaper is nicer, but I don't mind spending a little extra to have a server that loads fast.

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Failover Plan - If One Server Is Down, Pick The Second One

Apr 23, 2009

So, there is my example. I have two servers in different locations. First one is the main server with all the data and the second one has just simple notice like "We will be back soon".

Now, if I set the primary DNS server on main server and secondary DNS on second one (but with different A records), will users actually get the server two if main server is down?

Will this work or not? I want 100% access to the site, at least to the server with only notice (I don't need data from main server). I can set the round robin, but I don't need load balancing (actually I want access only main server), but just if main server is down to go on the second one.

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New To Dedicated Servers - Pick The Right One For My Website

May 31, 2008

Im setting up a website that will facilitate people to be able to upload and download files.

As you can imagine a lot of people will be downloading so i need unlimited bandwith.

Also require maybe 1tb of diskspace with the option to expand wen needed.

Im not sure how cpu intensive this is but if people can recommend me specs, companies i should be looking for with links that would be very much appreciated.

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Cent OS

Apr 23, 2007

I have a server in our office which is used as a share drive. Puts all accounting docs on it ect. After 6 or so, it will loss all conectivity completely. Yet the server still stays on. We installed everything in all packages on the server including it graphical interface. We havent mucked with any of the powersavings so what could it be. Also there is nothing plugged into it eg screen,keyboard and mouse. All that is connected is the power cable and the ethernet cable. That is it.

It is directly connected to a belkin wireless router

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Ubuntu Vs Cent Os

Jul 18, 2009

Which operative system you mostly use on your server?Right now i have only centos installations,but it seems ubuntu have larger file repository with their apt system compared to yum.

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Should I Upgrade To Cent Os 5

Sep 19, 2007

Would any recommend upgrading to centos 5? Anyone with any expereience in it, and would recommend it?

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Cent Os And Graphics Mod

Jul 19, 2007

i want know centos have mystery windows graphics mod?

i want remote to my server

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Is There Any Free Firewalls Available For Cent OS ?

Jan 8, 2008

Are there any free Fire walls available for CentOS 32 bit ?

I heard APF Firewall . Is that APF Firewall free ?

Is that APF Firewall has enough security ?

Is that slow down my server?

(p4 -D 3GHz / 1GB Ram)

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Cent Os 5 Or 5.3 And Will Kloxo Work With 5.3

Jun 24, 2009

cent os 5 or 5.3 - which is preferred?

And will kloxo work on cent Os 5.3 64bit?

or atleast 32 bit?

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How To Check Which Version Of Cent Os Is Used

Jun 28, 2009

how to check which version of cent os is used?

my friend ordered an vps with a host, he ordered 5.3 - 32bit but some how I feel he has been provided with 5.0 version by the host, I didn't know how to confirm it, when I checked his hypervm, this was the cent os details provided:

Ostemplate: centos-5-i386-hostinabox576

there is rebuild option in the hypervm and in tht when I look out,here it shows the following:

what my friend exactly needs is a cent os 5.3 - 32bit system, so if he selects cent os 5.3-ix386 (full) will it install with cent os 5.3 ?? he doesn't want kloxo to b in there auto, he/I can install tht,

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The FreeBSD Vs. Cent OS Debate

Feb 25, 2008

I am about to buy a server to lease... and I was wondering FreeBSD or Cent OS?

I wanted to go with FreeBSD because it is known for the best uptime; but, are there drawbacks?

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Proftpd Install Issue On Cent Os 5

Feb 22, 2008

I have been attempting to install Proftpd on linux(cent os 5 32 bit). The issue is i have to use proftpd i can't use vsftp or pure ftp I have downloaded the RPM. I downloaded this one to the server [url]. and i ran the command rpm -ivh proftpd* and it did its thing for a second and told me it was done. But when i run the command /etc/init.d/proftpd start or restart it doesn't wanna start. It just tells me failed. Can anyone help me with this? I'm not sure what else i can do.

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EMail Relaying Withe CPanel/WHM Cent OS

Jun 2, 2009

I have a server at The Planet that runs Cent OS with cPanel/WHM. It is using Exim as the mail transport.

I am having a problem with accounts relaying mail through my server.

I would like to have only domains that I host be allowed to send mail through my server. How can I accomplish this?

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Do You Mirror? (If So, How?)

May 3, 2007

Ok here's a potentially dumb newbie question, but I have to know. How many of you mirror your sites, and how do you set it up?

Is it as simple as getting 2 different webhosts, and setting your DNS settings to
primary: DNS.HOST1.COM
secondary: DNS.HOST2.COM

And, in the event of HOST1 going down, will the magical internet genie know to direct all your traffic to HOST2?

Also, what's this I've heard something about a "round-robin DNS" setup? I read it in a thread in response to someone who was trying to manage bandwidth. The suggestion was to set up a bunch of mirrors with a round-robin DNS so that traffic gets split equally.

This is all very interesting & new to me. How do I do it?

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Mirror/Mirroring Server

Jan 29, 2009

A great insight to alot of my research and thank you in advance for any advice given.

I have a server based in HK(with WHMCS) and host several websites. The speed and availability serves the Asia Pacific market/viewers well; but we have several new websites that also targets the European and North American viewers.

I have been researching on getting a dedicated server based in US to mirror our server. Therefore allowing the US/European market to access the website faster. Although we have a few problems (and very little budget to solve it too ;p)

1. We need to sync the two servers in real time ; rsync seems to be the best but is there any other reccomendations?

2. We will make the IP address in each servers the same, so our clients need not change their dns. Do we need IPcast/anycast?

3. Is there anything else that I may have oversight?

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Mirror/Mirroring Server Solution

Oct 29, 2007

My company requires a Mirrored Server setup. I hope someone can direct me to the right solution which guarantees the least downtime.

- We have 20+ php/mysql websites.
- We need two dedicated servers hosted in 2 different datacentres.
- Users are directed to the first server.
- If the first server is down the users are automatically directed to the 2nd server @ the 2nd datacentre.
- The software/hardware which redirects the users need to be fail proof or have an instant backup which takes over incase that goes down too.
- Data (databases and files) needs to be synced correctly to avoid data not being mirrored correctly.

I've done some reading and there is alot of mention of the DNS round and load balancers.

However, it seems these two options are also not fail proof.

Would appreciate if someone could simply outlining what system would be best for us for 100% uptime incase of server failure.

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Same Vbulletin On 2 Servers - Mirror/Mirroring

Dec 18, 2005

i am new to this and am in need of some help.. i have vbulletin 3.5.0 installed with photopost gallery and phpprobid auction...

I am hosted with fasthosts on a linux dedicated server, it is crap! it has been down 3 times in 1 month, the support is terrrible.. I have already movedit from pipex hosting due to lack of support for mysql. i canot keep moving my site, my brain will melt out of my ears ...

Can i link to my original install.. so if the fasthost server goes down,, could i have it directed to the old server? and can i keep the 2 databases current?

Hope i have explained it well enough... basically need a backup server setup for my vbulletin so, i dont lose potential new members..

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Setting Up Mirror/Mirroring Hosting

Apr 14, 2008

2 servers in 2 different continent. One will be primary and the other is redundant. It will be controlled by DNS fail over service.


1. What is the things that i need to consider before setting it up?
2. What is the best way to sync the data and databases?

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Jan 10, 2008

I have a DB server, running mysql 64bit. I would like to add another server to the mix to build some kind of redundancy if the 1st one were to go down.

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Two Mirror/Mirroring Dedicated Servers - How?

Sep 12, 2007

I have two dedicated servers on two different countries. My idea is having one of them fully active and the other as a backup server so that in case the first crashes or something I only have to redirect the domains to the second server.

Can you help me on how this can be done?

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Mirror/Mirroring List File

Dec 20, 2005

There are some Download Manager Programs that have a option like Find alternate URLs through mirror list file when giving a file for downloading. Where can I insert such a file in my site so that download programs can add other mirrors to it from my list of mirrors?

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Mirror/Mirroring Servers W/ CPanel

Mar 28, 2009

Does anyone run a setup where 2 or more cPanel servers (perhaps in a shared hosting environment) are dynamically mirrored for high availability?

How have you configured this? Does cPanel play nicely?

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RAID VPS Mirror/Mirroring Hosting?

Feb 24, 2009

I was wondering if anyone knows of any provider that provides RAID VPS Mirrored Hosting.

So if one drive goes down, the site will immediately switch over to the next one in the cluster.

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CLI For Rebuilding Raid Mirror In Adaptec 2410

May 17, 2007

Anyone knows the CLI command for rebuilding a mirror raid for Adaptec 2410?

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Identical Mirror/Mirroring Servers Vs. RAID5 NAS

Nov 16, 2006

We are expanding our photo sharing business and are revising our Unix-based server architecture. We're looking to develop a standard server configuration so that we can easily add servers when necessary.

Our ISP has recommended a configuration with mirrored web servers and mirrored RAID5 NAS boxes. I've read about Google's server architecture which consists of identical mirrored servers; when a drive or part from one of those servers goes down, data is served from the mirrored servers and the bad machine is repaired or replaced.

Comparing the two architectures with similar storage sizes, the overall cost of the hardware itself is about the same, with the identical mirrored machines being slightly cheaper. The monthly co-location fees (rack, power, etc.) are higher for the NAS solution.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts and experiences with similar solutions. I know the web/NAS solution is popular, and it's probably the one we'll go with, initially at least. Has anyone here implemented a Google-like identical mirrored server solution?

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Keeping Mirror/Mirroring Backups...anything Better Than Rsync?

Dec 17, 2008

Keeping mirrored backups...anything better than rsync?

I'm keeping mirrored backups of my servers. Does anyone know of any solution better than rsync to update the files on the backup server?

I've noticed that when running rsync it can cause a lot of disk i/o, which can slow down a running server.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to decrease disk i/o or another solution to keeping mirrored backups on a secondary server?

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Setting Up A Mirror/Mirroring Site With A 2nd Web Host

Aug 10, 2005

I currently have a mirror site set-up on a seperate server (with a seperate web hosting company) for risk management purposes.

For zero downtime dependability, a load balancer cluster checking both servers in real time, and directing traffic at only servers that were online has been suggested.

However this option is rather expensive. Does anyone know of any other options?

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