HTTPS Not Working - Cpanel Based Site

Mar 28, 2007

Today, I've purchased a RapidSSL Certificate for my site with Cpanel and https:// access did not work.

What I did was :-

1) Generate a Private Key
2) Create a CSR Request Certificate
3) Submit that and installed the Certificate in WHM for the site.

The site is running on a dedicated IP and it works as http:// but not with the https:// .

I checked and Cpanel did include the SSL directive for the site in httpd.conf and have rebooted the server and restarted httpd but to no avail.

I also had OpenSSL installed and update WHM. The Apache 1.x was installed with OpenSSL Support too.

Is there a SSL Server or something which may not be active ?

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Apache :: 2.2.22 Not Working Via HTTP Only Via HTTPS

Mar 3, 2015

I'm using a turnkey image for smallmachineforum system, installed on amazon aws instance.

In the default configuration I can't use the http version of the site, only the https.

It does not seem to be a network issue, a telnet on port 80 opens.

The server is apache version 2.2.22, on a Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u2 x86_64

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Https Redirects To The Site Which Owns The SSL Certificate

Jun 29, 2008

i've installed this shared SSL certificate on my server for a domain. now the weird thing is when i go to [url]it redirects to the site which owns the SSL certificate.

any idea how to either disable https access for everything else, or just now have it redirect to that site?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Selected Site On Default IP Via HTTPS

Jun 16, 2014

I have Plesk 11.5 installed on my server. There are about 30 sites on the same shared IP address. I need to set up a site to be accessible via https://<ip-address-of-the-server> . According to the documentation I went to Setting -> IP Addresses and selected the desired site from the drop down. Now http://<ip-address-of-the-server> (note, 80th port) works like a charm. Unfortunately https:// displays only the first page of the selected site; all CSS, JS and other files are not found (404).

I did some research and found that Nginx forwards the requests to Apache for all the PHP files and tries to handle all the static files by itself (what is expected and correct). But it looks like that there is no special configuration for nginx which would specify where to get these static files for the IP address, and Nginx just uses the first loaded config (started from b in my case).

I temporary resolved this issue by modifying the last_nginx.conf for the desired domain this way: listen XX.XX.XX.XX:443 default_server ssl;

Note I added "default_server" directive. Of course it would be erased on each reconfiguration of the config files, but as for now I do not see how I can put it in custom nginx.conf or on the server servel level. I reckon Plesk should include the directive in the file the same way as it produces last_httpd_ip_default.conf Apache config for the selected domain. It looks to be an easy fix on the template level, may be I will do it later, but for now this is just the bug report.

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VPS For Europe Based Site

Aug 20, 2007

I'm finishing a simple community site and now it's time to find a good host.

I'm not an expert in VPS so don't kill me if I write something stupid.

So, I need:

10 GB space
256 RAM (guaranteed)
150-200 GB bandwidth (or more!)

All for $20

Also, the site is for European folks only (language is not English, for now)
so I guess a EU based host would be a better solution then US.

I also need Apache, MySQL and PHP Will that be installed?

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Site Won't Load Based On IP Address

Apr 19, 2008

I recently put up a website and after about a week, I suddenly can not access it. The site went down after the host had a problem with the http on the server and it never came back for me but it works for everyone else. It times out while trying to connect in both the web browser and FTP client. The problem appears to be related to my internet connection, because the site won't load on any computer that is using my internet. When I disconnect from my cable and use my cellphone as a modem, the site works fine. The site works for everyone else that has tried though.

Besides changing my IP address, how do I go about getting the site to work?

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Host For CMS Based Small Business Site

Apr 22, 2008

I am currently facing a move from my existing web host, as they are altogether incompetent. Four of the last five days, my site has either been down, showing a suspended page, or redirecting to the main page of the host. (I am a legitimate business - not selling penis enlargement supplements)

So now, I need a good host, who will provide maximum value for dollar spent. My requirements are fairly simple. I need 5 SQL databases, the ability to install and configure a CMS of my choosing, and a site that is based in the US. (I need my site to be US based and listed, for very specific reasons)

I have used Rochen in the past, and am very happy with them. However, I want my sites on a different host, as several of my other sites are cross linked.

Finding services in such a competitive field is overwhelming. It's getting too hard to cut through the BS.

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Good Hosting Site For A Joomla Based Environment?

Jun 3, 2008

my friend and i are working on some web-based-commerce ideas and at current we're at i can only imagine the vitriol they've rightfully earned here, as we decided to be done with them when the $30 SSL license they told us we could get one night quickly became $78 because there was a new "turboSSL server" package we needed, nevermind the guy the first time said with our hosting options we only needed to go through them for the SSL license, so basically, either the first guy lied to us or the second guy tried to hustle us, either way, i dont like companies whose sales model is revealed like the plot in a horror movie, so we're looking to go elsewhere.

basically we're looking for a virtual private server setup, although actually another question i'd love to ask someone is if joomla is better served on unix/linux or windows, with a few dozen accounts needed, and by accounts i mean domains and whatnot, as right now it's basically the blanket idea that you grab the names you need, or might go to if you change your mind on company names...

so basically, with all the people here talking about bad experiences with places, are there any good experience type places where someone can get competent tech support, no hustling in sales pitches, and quality service at a nice solid price?

again, sorry to show up and start asking for things, but i'm not necessarily well versed in these arts yet... rest assured once i have some information i shall contribute to the community and help others who are in my position now

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: How To Set Whole Website To Https And Redirect All Http To Https

Oct 7, 2014

I´ve read that a whole https website might be better for SEO than just a mixed version. So I want to change the whole website to https.

We are using Plesk 12 on Win 2008 R2.
One Website is using DotNetNuke 7.3.2.

How can I automatically set the whole website to https?

What happens to the users that just type without http or https.?

What is the right search engine friendly technique to permanently redirect to the https version even when the user is not using the application protocol prefix http/https?

Where can I do the setup in Plesk 12 fro Windows?

Are their any other drawbacks that I have to think over before I do the changes?

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Apache :: Redirect HTTPS To Another HTTPS Address

Jul 6, 2014

I have set up an Apache web server that has ssl enabled. If I go to I get the 'it works!' page and the certificate is valid and trusted. If I go to that also works (it's an Oracle weblogic deployed java app that I'm fronting with Apache).

I would like to configure Apache so that when a user goes to simply it automatically directs them to rather than showing the 'It works!' page. I have read some documentation and experimented with setting a redirect via the https.conf file and even the ssl.conf file but nothing seems to work. I either get a 404 or simply the 'It works! page.

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Jan 11, 2009

I am posting this thread as a warning about!

My web site has been unavailable for > 1 month now, yes for more than a month.

When you go to our site you get a message

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or
capacity problems. Please try again later.

With Temporarily = > than 1 month.

I have been trying to get the support people to respond to me about this issue now for
weeks & there only response is that I need to be P A T I E N T.

Obviously I am being unreasonable when I complain about no web site for > than a month.

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Wildcard. Main Site Isn't Working

Dec 29, 2007

I recently had a wildcard setup for my domain. But now my main domain isn't loading.

The wildcard is for things like

but not isn't loading what it used to be it's loading the files that the wildcard load.

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Apache :: Converting Config From IP Based To Name Based Virtual Hosts

Feb 26, 2015

I have a task of converting a current Win Server based apache server from multiple IP based virtual hosts to a full name based virtual hosting.I'm famiilar with the steps but I was wondering if there are any gotchas in Windows that I should be aware of. It seems that now matter what I change in the new config it doesn't work or work as expected.

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[OpenVZ Based] Which OS For Cpanel/WHM?

Nov 23, 2008

for running a vps server, openvz based, which is the best OS among the following to use cpanel with?

Centos 4x
Centos 5x
Ubuntu 8
Fedora 7
Debian 4

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Installing GPAC On Cpanel Based Centos

Apr 28, 2009

Anybody have successfully installed GPAC in Centos system?

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How To Disable All Email Services On Cpanel Based System

May 22, 2008

For one of my server based on cpanel i want to disable all email services/ send/receive etc. How do i go about it ?

Would Main >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager be the best place and disable the following services :


POP before SMTP daemon


SMTP Server


IMAP Server


POP3 Server


SpamAssasin Server (if you choose to disable this, you should disable SpamAssasin in tweak settings as well)

Would that be enough to stop any emails from going out of server? Say via any contact form or any other way?

Please advice or i need to do it mannually via ssh and disable them.

I have SIM installed, so would i need to configure or remove something out of it too?

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Cpanel Not Working

Jul 5, 2007

Anytime I try to get in cpanel like www.yourwebsite/cpanel , it gives me this error.


Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed
Technical Information (for Support personnel)

* Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The specified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is not allowed. ISA Server is not configured to allow SSL requests from this port. Most Web browsers use port 443 for SSL requests. (12204)
* IP Address:
* Date: 7/5/2007 7:50:26 PM
* Server:
* Source: proxy

what could be wrong? is there any other way i can get inside cpanel?

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