May 28, 2009

How can I limit the amount of processes a user can have open at one time?

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Apr 17, 2007

I would like to set some hard limits for some developmental testing I am doing using quota tools and what not. In limits.conf I have the following:

@dev hard cpu 0.30

As far as I can see, this would limit all users in the group "dev" from using more than half a minute of CPU time, am I correct?

Assuming I am, once I write these changes no limits seem to be enforced. Are these values cached in the memory and a reboot is needed for them to take effect?

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Configurations For /etc/security/limits.conf

Dec 23, 2007

i Have Server And Hosting In it 275-300 site

and i want limit Resource usage for all sites usin pam limits

good configuration to limits.conf file?

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VPS HARD Limits? (hardware Limits, Such As CPU/memory)

Apr 11, 2009

I have been playing around with different virtualization platforms:

- OpenVZ (newer kernels do not support hard-cpu limits for whatever reason)

- Xen Server

- Windows Hyper-V

- Linux KVM

However, none of them seem to be able to stablish HARD limits on resources for a virtual machine. Or am I missing something?

HyperVM supposedly has hard-limits because they use OpenVZ older kernels, right? -- I have not tried Parallels Containers do they have hard-limits enforced?

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DNS Issues Rndc.conf & Named.conf

Apr 8, 2009

It started with this error:

Bind reloading on server01 using rndc zone: []
Error reloading bind on server01: rndc: connect failed: connection refused

so i did the obvious checked the csf firewall to see if port 953 was enabled and it was

so i took a look at rndc.conf

root@server01 [~]# nano /etc/rndc.conf
#start of rndc.conf
key "rndc-key" {
algorithm hmac-md5;
secret "KLGSBmWZrev0I4fR4Tm4GXxdcYSTFzF23b1f9is1M=";

options {
default-key "rndc-key";
default-port 953;
# End of rndc.conf

# Use with the following in named.conf, adjusting the allow list as needed:
#key "rndc-key" {
# algorithm hmac-md5;
# secret "KLGSBmWZrev0I4fR4Tm4GXxdcYSTFzF23b1f9is1M=";
# controls {
# inet port 953
# allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; };
# };
# End of named.conf
Then i took a look at named.conf

options {
/* make named use port 53 for the source of all queries, to allow
* firewalls to block all ports except 53:

//query-source port 53;

/* We no longer enable this by default as the dns posion exploit
has forced many providers to open up their firewalls a bit */

// Put files that named is allowed to write in the data/ directory:
directory "/var/named"; // the default
pid-file "/var/run/named/";
dump-file "data/cache_dump.db";
statistics-file "data/named_stats.txt";
/* memstatistics-file "data/named_mem_stats.txt"; */

logging {
/* If you want to enable debugging, eg. using the 'rndc trace' command,
* named will try to write the '' file in the $directory (/var/named").
* By default, SELinux policy does not allow named to modify the /var/named" directory,
* so put the default debug log file in data/ :
channel default_debug {
file "data/";
severity dynamic;

// All BIND 9 zones are in a "view", which allow different zones to be served
// to different types of client addresses, and for options to be set for groups
// of zones.
// By default, if named.conf contains no "view" clauses, all zones are in the
// "default" view, which matches all clients.
// If named.conf contains any "view" clause, then all zones MUST be in a view;
// so it is recommended to start off using views to avoid having to restructure
// your configuration files in the future.

view "localhost_resolver" {
/* This view sets up named to be a localhost resolver ( caching only nameserver ).
* If all you want is a caching-only nameserver, then you need only define this view:
match-clients {; };
match-destinations { localhost; };
recursion yes;

zone "." IN {
type hint;
file "/var/named/";

/* these are zones that contain definitions for all the localhost
* names and addresses, as recommended in RFC1912 - these names should
* ONLY be served to localhost clients:
include "/var/named/named.rfc1912.zones";

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VPS Limits

Jun 5, 2007

This is for those who are currently supporting VPS boxes, umm... what would you say the general CPU and Process limits should be per VPS per user?

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How Do We Limits IPs For Ssh

Mar 9, 2007

I am running apf as firewall. How do I limit IPs for ssh ? I want to let only specific IP addresses.

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Email Limits

Oct 1, 2009

Currently on my WHM/cPanel servers, I have a hard limit encoded for the amount of mail a client can send per hour. (whm, tweak settings). Is there a way to over ride this for one domain/client, or is it global?

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Bluehost Limits?

Aug 21, 2008

Bluehost apparently offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space (so they say). This seems suspicious. Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

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Hostgator Limits

Jun 12, 2009

Im currently hosted at hostgator and so far they are great.

I have a medium size vbulletin forum. 7500 threads, 111,500 post, 12,000 users and about 2,000 active users... most of the time I have 30 to 50 members online and 150 guests (200 users at the time).

Hostgator has never fail to me. but I was wondering what would be the limit of my shared account? how many users at the same time can take my account?

I dont use a lot of BW (80gb per month) and 1gb disk space.. I plan to expand more but I dont know if I gonna need a vps or something...

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Visitors Limits

May 17, 2009

I want to add visitors limits for my website. Is any way to i do that ? For example i want only 50 visitors to be the same time on my website and if come more to they get a message the website is full, please come back another time.

Is any script or other way to do that?

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Take The Limits Off Of The Timeouts From WHM

May 20, 2008

Is there a way to take the limits off of the timeouts from WHM?

I have a VPS from servint and I'm trying to convert my phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB 3.0.x but I keep getting Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage due to resource limits ...therefore I need to take the limits off for now for converting ....

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Check Limits In A Vps

Nov 29, 2007

as a vps customer, how can i check processor, memory and each others resource limits in my vps which allocated for me?

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Are There Limits On Sending Email With VPS

Feb 13, 2009

I am looking at a VPS purely to outsource email sending to.

I curently use a cloud system - which is great - but they limit my email sending.

I need to send 25,000 a day and 10,000 during a one hour period.

Will any VPS allow this? Who?

Is this recommended.

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Email Limits Per Hour

Apr 18, 2009

I have take some weeks ago a VPS with 40 giga space and 386mb dedicated ram and all is managed with WHM/Cpanel. I need to know how I must set the limit of sending email per hours...In fact I see all hosting company limit that to more less 500 email per hour. I know this limit depend of lot factor like number of account on server and activity or users...

I ask that because my users will have Joomla installed with a Newletter component and so something this component will be used for send monthly newletter...

Do you have some experience with that ? How have you set your email limit? How much users have you on your server?

Other question: If for example I set limit to 500 email per hours and a user send 1000 email...what happend to the 500 other email? It will be put on queue and send the next hours or it will be lost?

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MySQL Limits Usage

Apr 25, 2008

how to set MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOUR for one of my CPANEL USER (like:

cpaneluser_somesubuser) for all his databases?

I tried:


mysql> GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'cpaneluser_somesubuser'@'localhost' WITH MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOUR 10;

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ServerAlias Limits - Many Domains

Jan 1, 2007

Not sure of this is the correct forum ,buthere goes.

We're trying to set up a virtual host with many (50+) domains. In the past I've been successful with 20+ domains within the same ServerAlias directive, but on researching this, I'm seeing different answers. We're running Apache 1.3.33.

Some places suggest putting all domains in one ServerAlias line (which of course gets doubled by adding the wild card *

Others say there is a limit and that the solution is to have multiple ServerAlias lines within the same virtual host directive.

I have looked at the docs and they don't address this question as to line length or multiple ServerAlias lines.

The docs do indicate that wild cards are acceptable (and that would help in my situation), but normal wild card usage in these situations is for subdomains, i.e., " *"

I would need to use "domain*.com *.domain*.com"

Would anyone know if the latter use is permissible for wild cards in the ServerAlias directive, and especially if one may use two wild cards in the same alias, i.e. *.domain*.com?

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How Much Can You Push Power Limits

Dec 28, 2007

We just moved to a new colo facility, and we also added some additional servers as part of the move. Our cabinet has 2x 20amps power, which is fed into 2 APC AP7930 PDUs. The PDUs have printed on them a 16a limit, though from looking around the datacenter, I see some people are doing 17a on the same PDU with the same power feed.

How much can you realistically push the limit? Currently we're at 13a on each PDU, but there are still more servers to be powered up. Does the PDU shut down altogether for an overload, or can you have it just power down some ports automatically?

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Windows Server 2008 - CPU Limits

Oct 28, 2009

I'm planning on getting Windows Server 2008 Standard edition, but getting confused on the listings.

Some listings display (1-4 CPU), while others dont have anything in that regards.

So my question is for anyone who has purchased Windows Server 2008 Standard -

Is there a CPU LIMIT?

If so is this for physical # of CPU's?

And will this factor in QuadCores as 4 CPUs?

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Setting CPanel Backup Limits

May 27, 2009

I see several larger cPanel hosts imposing backup restrictions. They disallow backups after X GB of disk space are in use.

I understand why they do it (controlled resource usage) -- How would one go about setting up these restrictions?

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Web Host With No Limits On Sending Email

Dec 31, 2008

I currently have a shared hosting provider which I am happy with but I have come across the need to exceed their email sending limits (which is 20 emails per minute).

I am planning to run a one-day (might even be one-hour) online contest where my customers would fill out an online form where a php script inserts the form contents into a database and then sends a confirmation email to both my customer and two additional email addresses (Me and a partner).

I am expecting up to 100 forms a minute to be submitted (which would translate to 300 emails) so I am looking for a reliable solution to do this without spending more than $20/month. "Throttling" the emails is not an option as delivery is time-crucial.
Are there solutions out there that would handle this kind of scenario? Or perhaps solutions where I can keep my existing provider and use the new one just for scenarios such as this?

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Tired Of Fake Storage Limits

Aug 8, 2008

When will that beautiful day come when web hosting companies stop to put up fake storage limits? I am so surprised that all of these actions are legal, and if they aren't legal then I don't understand why there isn't move governance over these things.

I mean, you have a nice and popular company like Media Temple, yet you glance at their usage policy and see this:

Customer may not use hosting account as a remote storage server only. 75% of customer's content files stored on Provider's server must have associated HTML, or PHP files inside the account linking to the content stored on that account.

What is that all about? What kind of legal website would actually use 75GB of storage.

Why doesn't their 100GB limit package have a cheezy star beside it that clearly says "hey, actually you only get 25GB of storage, the rest is just BS and we'll never actually let you use it". What if you buy a can of paint and they say "well, you cannot use this paint for your house, you may only use 25% of it on your house and the rest on your fence". Yea, sounds like a great deal, now I have to buy 4X more paint.

And to counter-act that usage policy, what if I just have an PHP page that is a dynamic directory listing? Isn't that, in essence, a PHP page to which all of the directory content is associated?

Aside from all that, yes I understand the marketing value of big numbers and giving people 100's and 1000's of GB of supposed storage but how in the hell is that legal?

These companies are charging people for something that is unattainable. Because in 99% of the cases, if you actually use all your disk space, your account will be terminated without notice for some BS reason or because you are using too many processor resources.

Well if you KNOW that using 100GB of disk space will use too many other server resources, why are you selling that quantity of space? Again, it's not actually being sold, it's an illusion, and I absolutely don't understand how it's legal.

Another example would be like, selling a car that can go 500 KM/h but really by the time you reach 400 KM/h you are already out of gas, so you'll never really get to 500 KM/h.

Can they really advertise the car as having a top speed of 500 KM/h? Come on...

Oh and I am not a bitter customer of Media Temple or any other overselling web hosting service, it's just a trend that has been on the rise for some years now and it's really bugging me that somehow all these lies are legal. Next up is "unlimited" web hosting, except you are limited by everything except storage... so yea, not really unlimited. Again... legal?

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Shared Hosting Without Emails Limits

Jul 13, 2008

i have a small forum with 3000 users registered and time to time i want to send a newsletter, but my host limit to 500 emails per hour (HostGator)

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Google Apps And Limits With Email Marketing

Jun 3, 2009

Not sure if it's the best forum to ask this, but it's related to hosting.

I have a Windows hosting for our business and send a newsletter twice a week to almost 10,000 subscribers through the hosting mail server.

I'd like to move to google apps so we can use the gmail interface. The problem is that I see Google apps has some limitations for sending mails (500 per user per day if I understood right, no matter if it's free or premier account).

Does anyone send a newsletter through Google apps? What can I do?

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Warning: This Will Allow Circumvention Of Account Package Limits

Jun 30, 2007

I do not have resource limit enabled, should i enabled all the reseller settings with these words? for eg: Quota Modification (Warning: This will allow circumvention of account package limits if you are not using resource limits)?

I want to allow resellers to create any amount of accounts within the limit allocated to them, should i then enable or disable it?

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Block Users Sending Over Exim Limits

Mar 2, 2008

on whm/Cpanel I have set max emails per hour limit to 250 for the server, but when a user tries to send thousands of emails, the server still accepts them (they are placed in queue but not delivered) and load spikes.

I am wondering is there is a way for exim to reject those emails when the user attempts to do so.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: MailEnable Standard Known Limits?

Nov 7, 2013

Any LIMITS using MailEnable regarding hosting. How many domains (or maximum users) can serve?

I come from a Merak mail server solution .... with about 400 domains and 3000 users .... and I must admit that the server has had some problems.

Plesk provides MailEnable Standard edition .... but according to the Feature Comparison in this version .... should not be present IMAP ???

[URL] ....

I can use IMAP for customers?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: How To Get Mailbox Limits From Database

May 21, 2014

I have a script which checks the mailboxes of all clients to notify them when they're reaching capacity.

This does so by checking the psa database for their set limit and matching that to the maildirsize file within the user's Maildir directory.

After upgrading, though, my SQL query no longer works - it was:

SELECT as owner_email,,, Limits.value AS domain_quota, mail.mail_name, mail.mbox_quota from Limits, clients, domains, mail WHERE mail.postbox='true' AND limit_name = 'mbox_quota' AND domains.limits_id = AND mail.dom_id = AND = domains.cl_id ORDER BY ASC

However, on closer inspection, all values in the domains table for limit_id are NULL.

Has this changed in 11.5? Is there an alternative way to quickly get all limits for domains?

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