How To Change Root Password From Shell

Apr 15, 2008

how to change root password from shell....

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Change Mysql User Password Via Shell?

Jun 8, 2005

Anyone know the commands to change a MySQL user's password via ssh?

I found stuff for changing the root password, and tried to adapt it for the user, but it didn't work.

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Change CPanel Root Pass Via Shell

May 31, 2007

Is there a way to change the CPanel root password via the shell?

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Plesk Automation :: Change Mail Password From Shell

Mar 6, 2014

we have identified a number of customers with weak passwords - we wish to send them an email and then wait 1 hour - then change their passwords to the new password we have identified - due to them being across multiple domains, we don't want to do this via the PPA web gui - it would take quite a long time.

What is/are the commands for changing mailbox password for SMTP/IMAP/POP3??

i.e., is there a PPA command for changing both sides of send/receive?

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How Do I Change The Root Password

Jun 11, 2009

I have dedicate servers and I want to change the root password. I'm using whm/cpanel.

What happen when I forget my root password?

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Change Root Password

Dec 10, 2008

how can i change root's password with SSH command?

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Change Root Password From HyperVM

Jan 27, 2009

Is it possible to change to root password to a VPS from inside HyperVM? I currently have 4 VPS's setup and I need to change the password for one of the VPses. Can I do this from inside HyperVM without having to go to SSH?

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Change Mysql Root Password With Ssh Access?

May 29, 2008

How can change mysql root password with ssh access?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Change Root Password

Feb 9, 2015

Are that possible to change root password on plesk?

I have a man so work for me on my server and install double php version on my server and maybe it`s best and change password to root!

So no one have access to my root more.

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Change Jail Shell To Normal Shell

Jul 8, 2008

Do any1 know how to change jail shell to normal shell?

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How To Change Cpanel Password With FTP Password

Nov 22, 2007

How to change the Password of my FTP?

I know how to change the pwd. of cPanel, but I don't know how to change the pwd. of FTP?

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Root Password

Mar 13, 2008

My computer's HDD crashed last night and I only have an old backup.

The problem is my new server's root password was stored there and it's 20 digits totally random password.

Is there any way to reset the server password by the dedicated server provider?

I haven't asked my provider yet.

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Root Password

Jun 29, 2007

May I know how to change the password of the root and directadmin through SSH?

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Hacker Got Root Password

May 18, 2009

I'm still trying to figure this one out. I got an email last night about 10:30pm that a weird IP had logged with root. I thought it was a guy that helps with tech things but I ran the IP... it came back from Korea and I knew I was in trouble. I immediately logged into WHM and changed the root password then sent the server down for a reboot. He was only in there for about 3 minutes before I nailed him. I've banned the IP from the server and have been watching it for nearly 12 hours now and they haven't came back yet.

Now comes the task of trying to figure out how he got the password. This is mind boggling to me. He knew the password, like someone gave it to him... there were no incorrect guesses or brute force. The password was a series of random letters, both upper and lower case. Is it possible he got it through getting to /etc/passwd via a PHP script? I have open basedir restrictions in place, can they get around that? I noticed at the time he logged in there were several IPs trying to exploit PHP scripts on my server, you know, setting the parameters to txt files but I assumed with shell functions disabled (except exec) and with open basedir this wouldn't be possible. Is there a hole in cpanel / PHP / kernel recently I may have missed?

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Reset Root Password

Dec 4, 2008

im forget my server root password, i have kvm access to server, i have centos5 dvd on server too.

how can reset root password now?

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Su - Root Su: Incorrect Password

Sep 1, 2007

when log in via user in wheel group it works

but when su to root
it show incorrect password


auth sufficient /lib/security/$ISA/
# Uncomment the following line to implicitly trust users in the "wheel" group.
#auth sufficient /lib/security/$ISA/ trust use_uid
# Uncomment the following line to require a user to be in the "wheel" group.
#auth required /lib/security/$ISA/ use_uid
auth required /lib/security/$ISA/ service=system-auth
account required /lib/security/$ISA/ service=system-auth
password required /lib/security/$ISA/ service=system-auth
# close must be first session rule
session required /lib/security/$ISA/ close
session required /lib/security/$ISA/ service=system-auth
# open and pam_xauth must be last two session rules
session required /lib/security/$ISA/ open
session optional /lib/security/$ISA/

uid=32006(admin) gid=32010(admin) groups=10(wheel),32010(admin)

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How To Handle Root Password And Support

Jan 30, 2008

I have VPS's with two companies that have managed/semi-managed support (depending on how you define it) and rely on them for a fair amount.

Whenever submitting a support request, I have to submit my root and cPanel passwords. Do people in my situation leave their root password as they would normally and just changing it however often they would if it wasn't given to support? Or, do you change your root/cpanel passwords before making a support request, and then change it back after the ticket is closed?

No offense intended to either of the VPS companies or their personell (that monitor WHT), both have been great. But, the reality is that I take it everyone at the company that has access to submitted tickets now have access to the root password, and since as a customer, I don't know when there has been employee turnover, that seems a security risk.

So, I am curious how others handle this. Not really sure if this belongs here or in the VPS forum, but since it could apply to any type of server/hosting account, I figured it belonged here.

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Enable Root Password On Freebsd

Jul 15, 2007

How would I go about enabling the root user on a FreeBSD 6.1 system? I've got a dedicated colocated server (hardware, not virtual) and I can't for the life of me do anything with root. I can't "su", I can't "sudo", and I can't "passwd root". I've tried different shells, etc, but nothing works. I am the server admin, but I'm doing it remotely and I just can't figure this out. I know it's not, but I'm going to ask it for the sake of it being out there anyway: Is it possible that the server lacks a root user and that I'm unable to create one?

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Setting Root Password MySQL

Dec 18, 2007

I can't seem to get passed p21 of Database Driven Website by Kevin Yank. But I'm learning

Ive got the latest copy and and want to follow it through to see what i can learn (lots I'm sure)

Im on a mac osx and am trying to set the root password. He says to do this using terminal in the bin directory of my MySql installation.

Where is it? i know basics about getting round terminal i.e changing directories and stuff.

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Kayako Support Wants My Root Password

Nov 13, 2007

I have recently leased Kayako support suite and I have not been able to get email piping to work. They have asked several times for the root password of my dedicated server and I have denied it. They now tell me they cannot help me if I do not provide them with the password. I find this very ridiculous since I know it is not safe to give that password. Is it advisable to give them the password and then change it after they get kayako working? What risks would I be going through?

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CPA NEL: Major Security Hole. I Mean Big. Gives Root Password

May 16, 2007

I have just discovered a massive security in the CPANEL 10.9 software. This problem is in the BACKUP FEATURE. If you do remote ftp back onto the same account. It will put the file in the account home directory and it will have this type of stuff

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Resetting A Root Password After /etc/passwd / Strangeness

Dec 27, 2007

We've had a customer do something strange to their server. They were playing with /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow or similar (not quite sure of the details) but the upshot is booting the server into single user and trying to reset the password via passwd gives

passwd root (and any user)
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

So far I've

Replaced /etc/passwd* and /etc/shadow* with a copy from another server
Turned off SeLinux
/etc/pam.d/passwd is fine
Root file system is r/w

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Where Is Root Mysql Password

May 18, 2014

i have installed phpMyAdmin becouse I don't like the limitation of db management of Plesk, but I can't find the root password to access in it. I read that Plesk rename "root" user in "admin", but I can't find the password. Where is it?

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Methods Of Resetting LOST Administrator / Root Password

Aug 9, 2008

how do you guys reset the Administrator (for windows) and root password (linux)?

Do you guys use any kind of tools, boot-cd, software?

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