Broke Something When Playing Around With Suphp

May 17, 2009

suphp and spent the better part of the day configuring a new server and then upgrading it to suphp in preparation for a migration next week.

However, I broke the links to var/www/html in the process and I don't know at what point it broke to know how to fix it.

I have a couple of links that usually work to this directory:

Both of which now come up to a 404 error from my main site:

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Logwatch Broke Today

Jul 28, 2008

I logged into my email to check for my nightly logwatch report (at 12am).

So I log into ssh and manually run it, get greeted with this:

You have old files in your logwatch tmpdir (/var/cache/logwatch):
The directories listed above were most likely created by a
logwatch run that failed to complete successfully. If so, you
may delete these directories.

I last ran logwatch around 10:30pm, it worked fine.

I try to run logwatch again, same error.. except now there's another temp file showing beneath the first.

I go ahead and delete both of them, run logwatch worked. I also got the other reports from when I tried running logwatch manually and was stopped with this error.

I've never had this happen before, so I'm curious as to what caused it? Logwatch is in cron.daily and has never missed a single report.

Just typical data corruption (as can happen with any computer file) or could something have interfered with its processing at 12?

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Playing Flv Video Files

May 2, 2008

i have installed ffmpeg + mplayer +flv and all other codecs in my dedicated box and even converted a sample video to flv. but how to i play the video in the clients browser? should i call mplayer from php.

just cant seem to understand this. i am planning to start a video website

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LEASEWEB Stop Playing Game

Mar 27, 2008

Leaseweb where is the cancel server link hiding on your website? I want to cancel my server, but conveniently that link to download the cancellation form is broken. Come on Leaseweb

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Playing With Hotlink Protection Settings

Jan 24, 2008

The proxy script I've got installed has been playing up and now it shows something like this

I was playing with some hotlink protection settings etc which I cant fix now.

Anyone know how to get this fixed?

I can run exactly the same script under a different account on the same VPS without any issues.

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I Broke Permissions Everywhere And The System Won't Boot

Jun 22, 2008

I backed a system up with rsync, and just used rsync to copy it into a new machine... I just backed up / to my home directory on another machine, and then 'extracted' it to / on the new machine.

But now everything (and I mean everything) is owned by "matt", my user on the intermediate machine. I rebooted the system to get it to boot the new stuff without realizing this, and now it's not booting... Since /etc/passwd, /bin/bash, etc. aren't owned by root.

Any tips on where to go from here? As I said, it's a brand-new machine (VM, actually: even better!), so re-imaging is a solution, but I'd still have to copy the data back over. Reinstalling is a pain, though, so if there's a simple fix, I'd prefer that. I've got pygrub installed as a boot manager for the VM, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get into single-user mode. (Nor am I sure that a "cd /; chown -R root" will have the desired effect?)

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Serving & Playing Breeze FIles

May 15, 2007

Having trouble hosting Macromedia Breeze files on a brand new dedicated 2003 NT box.

Anything I need to adjust?

When someone visits the URL, it loads the presentation main screen, but it's supposed to auto-play several movies and it won't. It works fine locally and on 2 unix servers I tested it on, but not the new NT box.

The weird thing is, if I remote desktop to that server, I can't play that presentation locally or server thru the linux boxes. I figured it was an extensions thing, but like I said the intro still does appear, and if I go to and play a new "Adobe Presenter" presentation - it works fine.

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HiJackThis Broke Remote Desktop

Mar 20, 2007

I ran Hijack this and fixed a few errors it listed in a Windows 2003 Server. I rebooted the server, but now when I attempt to login via remote desktop it logs in, but then immediately logs me out.

I am guessing HiJackThis deleted a required dll or .exe needed for Terminal Services. Do you guys have any idea how I can restore this, and undo what hijackthis did?

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Horde Broke In One User's Account

Jun 2, 2007

I searched the forum, couldn't find this issue. One user cannot log into their horde. They said they just kept being taken back to the login page.

So I got their cpanel login and logged in myself. The same thing happened to me when I tried to get into horde.

I use webmail on the same server and don't have that issue in my own account, and I haven't received any other complaints.

I repaired horde database, reset horde, and updated horde. None of those fixed the issue. what is wrong with this one account?

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Dedicated Servers And Video Storage And Playing

May 29, 2008

I am trying to find out how many 3 minute videos can be stored on a dedicated server that holds 500GB of Disk Space and how many videos can be viewed at the same time if it has 1500GB of Bandwidth.

We are starting a user-generated site that will potentially receive a lot of videos and someone is trying to persuade us to use a media platform that charges based on views instead of a dedicated server. They are saying the server will not hold many videos nor will large amounts of videos be able to be viewed at the same time.

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Optimize Server For Playing FLV (Flash) Videos

Jun 18, 2008

how to optimize a server for playing flash videos?

Here is our website:

In the right menu you'll notice an embedded flash video player.

Often, we receive complaints that our videos are buffering slowly at the beginning causing the movie to stop/pause for a few seconds. After this pause the remainder of the video buffers lightening quick.

I'd like to remove the pause if possible.

The server is a dual processor linux based server dedicated entirely to our video files.

It has plenty of power.

how to optimize a server for playing flash videos smoothly?

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Just Broke My Box..upgrading PHP5/Apache On Plesk

Dec 1, 2007

I just ran a simple yum update php on the server, because I need to be running 5.2 instead of 5.1.6

The update went smoothly, so I restarted httpd, and all hell broke loose. Apache can't start because of a whole lot of missing modules. So I commented out every single LoadModule line to see if that would get it to start, and it started complaining about the configuration file of some other software being incorrect (because that configuration file pointed to some module that no longer exists)

At one point I was able to get apache to start, I believe by copying my old configuration file to httpd.conf and then commenting out some lines that it was complaining about. Apache started, but no pages were loading.

So right now, basically, I've got no web service running at all on the server. I really didn't expect all of these problems for a simple PHP update, but obviously I was mistaken.

Is it worth trying to fix this myself (intermediate linux user here) or would it just be easier to hire someone to come in and do it for me?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: 5.3.3 Cgi And Fast-cgi Broke Down After Adding PHP 5.5.13

Jul 16, 2014

According to de Plesk Administrator Guide and according to the kb article: [URL] ...., Plesk Panel is suitable to enable multiple php versions After I performed the steps mentioned in the kb article, all seemed fine until somehow php-cgi and php-fcgi broke down after

# service httpd restart

After this event, all websites hosted on this particular the server only work running php as an apache module.

I am running Pleks Panel 12.0.18 #7 on top of CenOs 6.5 on this particular server, which means php version 5.3.3 is installed by default. PHP 5.3.3 also is was the php version for the "custom: false" php handlers (id's: cgi, fastcgi, module). Somehow all php handlers look like this:


# /usr/local/psa/bin/php_handler --list
id: display name: full version: version: type: cgi-bin: php-cli: php.ini: custom:
cgi 5.5.13 5.5.13 5.5 cgi /usr/bin/php-cgi /etc/php.ini false
fastcgi 5.5.13 5.5.13 5.5 fastcgi /usr/bin/php-cgi /etc/php.ini false


View 7 Replies View Related Is Broke Down?... NO Dummy They Just Changed Their Business To Be SCAM

Oct 24, 2008 is Broke down?... NO Dummy! They just changed their business to be SCAM

I am writing this to just let other friends here to be aware of this scam, they used to be host providers and now they've just become SCAM.

So my experience story goes like this:

Some days ago I ordered a 6month plan and paid by VCC, And got an email from them saying that my order is declined due to VCC not charged so I checked the balance of VCC and just knew that my poor little VCC is charged 45$ by this Green Giant named servage, So I let them know asap, I emailed back and told them to re-check and now it is days (5 days actually) that I am sending daily mails to Mr.Servage Scam and All I've gotten to now is nothing (actualy they don't respond anymore) wish they be alive at least (is it war or something running in their country? )

I really got disappointed at them I thought that since they have been in business for some time they can be reliable (at least at selling), However I just wrote back in here to let others know that is actually broke down or at least changed his hosting business to become a fast reliable scam (perhaps more profitable, who knows?)

All I wanted was a simple sweat hosting plan for my friend.

BTW If any of staff is here: Hey man that's not necessary to do illegal actions! Let's face it you need money? right? OK just put a donation button in the homepage and take my word on this always some good people exist out there to donate some bucks to you ( I will donate you too ), just don't be like this, this is shame.

I'm thinking over filling a dispute against them right now. Who know perhaps some days they respond back (At least I can re-check my email every day till next 50 years)

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Apache :: Playing Video On IOS8 Device / HTPasswd?

Dec 5, 2014

I run some tests with an Apache 2.4.10 running on W2k3 Server to see if Videos are playing well. The site is protected with .htacess/.htpasswd for now. I use jwplayer as player. The videos run fine on FF and IE, but as soon as I want to play them on an IOS 8 device (Iphone, Ipad), it doesn't work anymore. The message I get is "File cannot be played". The odd part is - when I remove .htaccess/.htpasswd, it works immediately. IOS devices, or is there something specific to be set to make this work? I logged in to the site with user and password, which always worked flawlessly. I assume it's not an Apache problem, since it runs fine on FF, but maybe someone here is aware of such a bug or something.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Playing Values INI File Located In C Program Files

Sep 24, 2014

we had a problem playing values my.ini file located in C: Program Files (x86) Parallels Plesk MySQL Data..not keeping a copy of the old configuration and that there is now not working properly. What is the configuration which is by default or tell me how I can generate it again?

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Nov 13, 2007

I use "suphp" on 3 servers I own with apache 2.2.6 and suddenly yesterday (15 hours ago) one of the servers show "Internal server error" on all sites.

Tried rebuilding apache and php 4 times with no fix until I came to try handling php with cgi instead. (I always like to track who is using apache processes)

well. getting to this fix was after 10 hours of all sites not working on the server.

now (5 minutes ago) I go to to read their docs for solution to find this


Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
Apache Server at Port 80

Why did this suddenly arise while No changes were done on server software or config?

I believe this happens after the first coming apache restart or something but dunno what was the reason yet

maybe guys have to update us when their site comes back online

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FastCgi Or SuPHP

Apr 1, 2009

what do you prefer?

fastcgi or suphp?

which one is better with suexec (in security and resource usage)?

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SuPHP Along With Suhosin

Oct 28, 2009

we have installed suPHP along with suhosin on server to prevent upload of illegal scripts but still we are having problems with scripts used for phishing web sites! We have a lot of Joomla users and other php apps installed on server.

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How To Remove Suphp

Mar 23, 2009

i have many problem from this

i want to remove it

i had recompiled apache without it but it still working

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SuPHP Or EAccelerator

Jul 22, 2009

I have a Linux server for shared hosting in which I am using Cpanel/WHM. I have PHP running as suPHP which I believe is for security. The problem I am facing is a lot of PHP based websites create load on the server and consume as much as 10% of the CPU and sometimes some script even consumes 50% CPU. I think I can reduce the load caused by the PHP scripts by installing eAccelerator. However, it does not work with PHP running as suPHP. Can anybody tell me which one should I choose of the both? Is there any other way to reduce the load on the server?

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Suexec And Suphp?

Feb 8, 2008

what are suexec / suphp and for what purpose we use it.

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SuPhp Use A Lot Of Resource

May 22, 2008

we are try SuPhp on Cpanel server but seem that is use a lot of resource, on 2 X quad core server we can't add more than 300 domains for server, whic configuration do u use? any alternative solution?

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PHP 5 Handler (DSO Vs SUPHP)

Jun 25, 2008

somebody suphp?

What is your advice?

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PHPSuExec Or Mod SuPHP

Mar 18, 2008

I'm wondering which one is the best with cPanel and Apache 1.3.41. The server will be used for shared hosting.

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Php 5 Handler Dso Vs Cgi Vs SuPHP

Mar 19, 2008

I wanted to ask an advice which php handler is the most secure to have on a shared server:

dso vs cgi vs SuPHP

I currently have dso with Suexec on and few accounts are getting phishing sites uploaded so I read that SuPHP is safer. What do you recommend?

If I do change the server to SuPHP should I enable Suexec as well in the whm: Configure Suexec and PHP?

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Suphp And Suhosin ..

Nov 27, 2008

i have install suhosin and i want to know that should i install suphp too?


do you recomend me to install suphp?

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Suphp On Webmin With Debian 5

Jun 24, 2009

I have just installed my vps with webmin on debian 5 and I need a guide to how to configure my system to use suphp, Ive googled it but not come back with any clear guide.

I better add Ive plunged in at the deepend and after the secuity breach at Vaserv, I can not take the easy option and install lxadmin any longer.

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SuPHP On A Dedicated Server

Oct 18, 2009

I'm running a dedicated server (ie my site only) which is primarily a vbulletin powered site.

I was wondering if it is beneficial in running PHP as suPHP along with suhosin?

A lot of articles I see seem to be aimed at shared setups where there are other users with various (possibly) untrusted scripts.

It is a WHM/cPanel managed server which by default is set to run PHP5 as DSO (Apache module).

suexec is installed however this only affect CGI scripts correct?

I recently had a (paid) security audit completed and I asked the question about suhosin. The reply I got was:


You do not need suhosin as you do not run suPHP we enforce posix acl's which will prevent vulnerable scripts from being able to download to the system easily and prevent the automated attacks. You can try this by installing a phpshell and you will see it's not very effective, only php functions are really of any use (such as readfile() and so on) but it will prevent things like wget xxx.

Should I recompile Apache (via EasyApache) with suPHP and suhosin or just leave as is?

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Register_globals With Suphp And SuEXEC

Mar 29, 2009

my server is centos and cpanel,

i setup it with suphp and suEXEC,

and i set the register_globals as off on server,

now,i had a website need register_globals on,

i search many articles and try to edit php.ini and .htaccess,

but all still show

FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!


500 internal error

could anyone teach me how to solve the issue?

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