Why Make The Switch

Apr 15, 2009

What is the purpose of making the switch. If i were to get "unlimited/umetered" shared hosting with cpanel, how is that different then getting a vps with cpanel?

Other then getting large amounts of traffic, what is the purpose?

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What Will Make You Switch Hosts

Apr 13, 2009

If your happy with your current hosting provider why change? Maybe you have found a better deal, but is it really worth it to switch to save a few bucks if your happy, I would say no.

What if you have noticed major changes in loading time?

What if there has been downtime?

What if they dont offer the support you need when you need it.

If a hosts changes prices on you?

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How To Make Linux Case Insenstive (switch From Windows)

Mar 25, 2009

Having made a switch from a Windows server to Linux to use Wordpress with better results, many external links are now pointing to invalid files because of case sensitivity.

Anyone know a formula e.g. (mod spelling & how to apply it) that can make it case insensitive?

If not, is there any harm in leaving two copies of each file e.g. cognitive-therapy and Cogntive-Therapy?

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Use Two Switch To Do HA Avoid Switch Fail

Sep 18, 2009

a sales told me i can buy two switch and do series connection,

then if one fail,another will continue to work,

it will take high HA,

but i still can not understand how to do it and work,

could you know what it is?

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Switch To VPS

Jan 8, 2009

I currently have a dedicated server, which is hosting several websites. I'm happy with the service I'm getting, but I'm trying to save money. I'm paying $120/month for the dedicated server. Spending half of that each month would be great.

Right now, the websites are either static websites, or are simple database driven websites with not much traffic. My server load averages are pretty close to 0.01
I would think a VPS would be fine for my needs. However, I may have a site I will host in the future that is database driven and uses Ruby on Rails. It would probably have 10-20 users online at any given time, and maybe several hundred subscribers total.

Would a VPS still work in this instance, or should I stick with a dedicated machine?

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1 Gb/s Switch

Jul 23, 2009

We have 1 Gb/s channel. We want connect it to switch, than to two routers (first - main, and second - emergency, which will began work if first one dies).

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Feb 19, 2007

I'm sending off about 6 servers off to colo soon, and looking for a basic switch..

I would prefer it to be a Cisco switch (but doesnt have to be, just that i'm used to IOS), not used.

Fairly cheap and nothing overkill. Just going to be pushing 20Mbit/sec.

Must haves : vLan capabilities, SNMP, 10/100mbit upink, able to cap ports at non-standard rates (eg. 1mbit/11mbit).

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How To Make A Backup

Jan 13, 2008

My site has total 5GB data + MySQL database.

I tried make a fullbackup in cPanel but failed.

Then i tried create a zip file from folder but it's don't allow over 500MB a file.

How to make a backup now?

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How Much It Take To Make A Datacenter

Mar 15, 2008

I was just wondering and searching for it but i couldnt find the estimated answer, anyone who have made one or operate one can answer me.

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How To Make Own Server

Apr 23, 2008

i want to make one web site i want to show there some movies same like youtube but my video will on media player .i want to make own server for hosting and i need more than 1tb storage .i don,t know which thing i need for own server .i just found there these kind of things Netgear ReadyNAS Duo RND2150 500GB i don,t know it will work for me or not

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Cannot Make Directory Via SSH

Aug 13, 2008

I'm trying to create a directory, "hello", so I log in via SSH and CD to /proc, as this is where I want the directory to be. I type, "mkdir hello" and I get the following;

mkdir: cannot create directory `hello': No such file or directory

I've searched around for the error, and I've found two mentioned problems;

Parent directory doesn't exist.

However, the parent directory; /proc does exist and it has the permissions 7777.

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Unable To Make Changes To Php.ini

Oct 9, 2007

i'm trying to configure PHP, as I really need to turn magic quotes off and raise the memory limit. i don't want to use .htaccess - too many sites

I got plesk 8.2.1, php5.1

well, to make it short, I ran 'phpinfo()' to see where php.ini was: etc/php.ini

I change that, restart httpd, nothing happens. restart the server, nothing still. my changes are not applied when I run 'phpinfo()' again.

i try 'locate php.ini' from the terminal, there are a few!


... plus some in the opt folder (that should be just the cache, uh?)

the problem is that I tried to open all of them, to see where the hell php was getting the settings from, but none of them seem to reflect php's settings.

meaning, I don't know what file I can use to configure PHP.

all of them, for instance, say 'memory_limit: 32M', but php is set at 8M, and phpinfo() tells me memory_limit 8M.

any idea why this might be happening?

does Plesk have some tool to configure PHP that makes PHP ignore my changes?

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10G Switch Recommendations

Sep 10, 2009

For those who have used 10G switches...which model/vendor would you recommend and why?

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L3 Switch That Does VLANs?

Sep 5, 2006

I need a basic L3 switch for maybe 25 mbps that will do hopefully up to 50 VLANs and which will not require me to hire someone to configure it.

As much as I like Cisco, that rules them out.

The reason I'd like a Layer 3 switch is so that I can run my backups and inter-server transfers without adding to my bandwidth bill. Also, VLANS are a critical requirement as i have a lot of customers with root on their managed servers.

So i am looking at HP [gasp] switches. How "easy" is the web-based configuration widget? [I'm an advanced unix admin but networking is a mystery to me.]

This is a starter switch and once i have a full cab of servers I'll be able to spend $7K on a pair of 3560s and hire someone to configure them for me ... but until then what can i get to meet my requirements?

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Connect Switch

May 10, 2009

This week connectswitch's service has not been that good. Basically first they restart the node without prior notice and our vps was down for 7 hours. and now we buy our cPanel license via them and they havent paid it so the license is now expired although we have paid them for it.

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10GE Switch

Sep 26, 2009

we need more than 24x10 GE ports L2 switch. We have few Foundry SX800.

But we need opinion about Force10 S150 or Juniper EX-2500?

Or stay with Foundry and its SX1600?

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Experience With SMC Switch?

Sep 19, 2009

i find the brand of SMC,

do you have experience with SMC switch?

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Cisco Switch

Sep 23, 2009

I am looking at picking up a switch to mess around with at home. I found the following within driving distance but have no idea of which one will give me more up to date, hands on experience. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Used Cisco WS-C5509 Chassis with power supply ( POWER SUPPLY 34-0870-01), and fan (WSC5509FAN)
Cisco WS-X5530-E2 Supervisor Engine III Modules
Cisco WS-X5234-RJ45 Switch Modules X 8

$160 each.

Cisco WS-C5500 Chassis
POWER SUPPLY 34-0773-03
Cisco Ws-x5550 Supervisor Engine Iii G-series
WS-X5234-RJ45 X 11

For $200

Cisco WS-C5505 Chassis
Cisco WS-X5530-E2 Supervisor Engine III Modules
Cisco WS-U5533-FEFX-MMF Supervisor Engine III Uplink Modules
Cisco WS-X5225R Switch Modules X 2

For $140

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Switch Buying

Jul 27, 2009

which switches to buy as there are a myriad of options out there and I'm quite frankly a bit lost.

After reading through a bunch of posts here as well it looks like most people are leaning towards the Cisco Catalyst or HP ProCurve lines.

My requirements are:

- min. 24 Ports (4 SFP ports) 10/100/1000

- Layer 3 routing

- Low latency is more important than high throughput

- Switches will handle a lot of UDP multicasting, thus adequate buffers are important to minimize packet loss due to overflowing buffers

- Budget is ~$2k/switch

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Switch Off From HostingPuppy...

Apr 27, 2009


My budget: $4 per month
Space needed: 1GB+
Traffic: 20GB per month
PayPal payment only.
Multiple domain hosting.

And reliable at long last!

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Router VS Switch

Feb 13, 2008

We have a small hosting company (currently 24 racks) that we are expanding to hold 100 racks. We have several 3640 series routers behind a 7200 series router (our edge router) that feed into numerous 2950 switches and 515 & 525 pix firewalls then into the racks with customer supplied switches within the rack. I want to replace all the 3640 and 2950 switches with a 6500 series switch. The only routing we do within the 3640's is subnet routing to the switches which make up individual networks for each customer. My goal is to use the 6500 switch to limit bandwidth for each port feeding a customer and to eliminate all but the 7200 router and the 2950 switches. Does anyone know of a reason or reasons this would not work or if it's just a bad idea. Looking for pro's and con's,

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Dual PSU Switch

Jul 8, 2008

Does anyone know of a fairly low cost dual power supply Ethernet switch. Nothing fancy is needed, just a simple 12-24 port switch that has redundant power features.

Our router and four little servers all have dual power supplies. Two big UPS units in a redundant setup would work great for us. The only weak link in the setup is the switch.

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Cisco2960 Switch

May 4, 2008

I just bought 2 Gbit dedicated bandwidth for me, and my customers. This is the switch the DC gave me. I know it is a 24 port switch, that can handle up to 4 Gbit of bandwidth. And that you can give each port its own dedicated bandwidth.

But this is my question. Off this switch can I give metered bandwidth? Like 2000 GB Bandwidth?

Also how would I offer unmeterd bandwidth? Like hook up a cheap Linksys up to it and limit the bandwidth to the port that the Linksys is in?

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Backend Switch

Apr 8, 2007

I was just wondering what switch everyone would recommend for running a back-end network. We plan to push mainly backup and management traffic over this network. The idea is to have an NAS box connected at 1GBit/sec and all of the servers at 100Mbit/sec backing up to that.

We currently use Cisco Catalyst 2960's to connect the servers to the front-end so it would make sense to use 2960G's for the back-end to keep the overall management of things simplified. There is of course quite a big price difference between a standard 2960 and a 2960G.

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Picking A Switch

Apr 25, 2008

one of my clients build out their network but are still green when it comes to the switch market that I decided to get some input :-)

Pretty much, we're needing the following:

- VLAN support (standard thing)
- Per IP accounting (sFlow/netflow)
- multiple uplinks and ability to segment?

Pretty much, we want to be able to be able to seperate our network to allow for us to have cheaper providers for high bandwidth usage and then the other side for gameservers and things like that.

Now, I'm thinking that maybe it would be better to BGP the two and simply separate clients by their IP space. Now, my next question is that sounds pretty straight forward, but can we control BGP on a low number of IP's? Say we have a user with 1 - 2 IP's for a single gameserver, can we control it so say that IP only gets Provider #1 in their transit?

I've been checking models of switches and have found both the HP 2848 and the Foundry FES4802. Both are within the same price range which is nice, but the foundry seems to offer IPv6 and layer3.

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Mar 29, 2007

I have been thinking of getting a switch/router when I rent 10Us of space in a DC, but what to get?

I need to be able to read the trafficusage on each port/IP for billing purpose.

havent got a clue what to buy, have been told that you can do it with a 1U server to get more statistic out of it, but what OS to use?

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Switch With BW-graph

Sep 12, 2007

I want to do a bit of colocation, and eventhough I can pay my way out of this I might be able to save a lot each month by doing it my self.

I want to be able to get a graph of the monthly BW up/down for each IP, and it could be nice to be able to se how much of my 100mbit line the servers use.

It should be reliable so it would not be a weak point in the network and easy to use.

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Switch Redundancy

Apr 11, 2008

What are the smaller shops doing for switch redundancy? We have all our machines on dual Com Ed feeds but most switches in the $1k-$3k range only have one power supply. We recently had a power strip go flakey and of course the switch was plugged into it.

Is the best solution getting two switches and hooking each machine up to both? How hard is that to setup in Linux? I've used keepalived for whole machine failover but not for network failover.

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Unsure What To Use For As My Switch

Feb 26, 2007

I'm just getting into the world that is colo.

I'm going to be setting up 2 machines in my cabinet shortly, neither one having very much traffic at all (maybe 4000 visitors - 100GB traffic - per month between them).

Once they are setup, I plan to move 2 more into the cabinet, which I'm currently leasing at another Data Center. These two are higher volume (unsure as far as the number of visitors) but I would guess about 20GB of daily transfer (spiking at about 6.0 Mbps occasionally) between the two of them.

The next piece of the puzzle that I need to figure out, is what switch to purchase (and ultimately why). My plan was to use just a 16 port D-Link to begin with, but I'm unsure as to whether or not this will be insufficient.

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Switch And Data IPO...

Feb 9, 2007

Switch And Data, a provider of network neutral data centers and colocation services, just had an IPO yesterday. They filed to sell about 1/3 of their shares priced at the high end ($17). I was wondering if anyone here had personal experience with the company, and could offer some insight on how they stack up versus Equinix and other competitors.

Switch And Data trading symbol: SDXC
Equinix trading symbol: EQIX

Equinix has been up a lot this year and has a huge market cap of 2.3Bil ($80/share), with revenues of 269Mil, gross profit 63.7Mil, net income -49Mil.

I calculated Switch And Data has around 35.9 million total shares, which puts its current market cap at around 720Mil ($20/share). I couldn't find any 2006 numbers, but in 2005 they had 105Mil revenues and -11.3Mil net income.

How comparable are these two companies? Does SDXC deserve to trade at a comparable level to EQIX? What do the experts at WHT think?

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Purchasing A Switch.

Jun 17, 2007

Where can I purchase a Cisco switch in Chicago? (2960G-24, to be specific)

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