10G Switch Recommendations

Sep 10, 2009

For those who have used 10G switches...which model/vendor would you recommend and why?

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48 Port Switch For A Rack. Any Recommendations?

Apr 22, 2008

different 48 port switch for a rack. Any recommendations? We are currently using an old Cisco 2948G which has about 30 of the ports being used and pushes around 130mb at maximum peak through its ge port.

Its got nothing special running on there other than SNMP (if you can call that special) so guess that is my only basic requirement other than its an managed switch. Reason for change? Found a nice Cacti script to monitor the switch's CPU and its hitting 1.0 solid at peak periods in the evening which looks (well to me anyway) as 100% CPU usage which can't be a good thing.

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Use Two Switch To Do HA Avoid Switch Fail

Sep 18, 2009

a sales told me i can buy two switch and do series connection,

then if one fail,another will continue to work,

it will take high HA,

but i still can not understand how to do it and work,

could you know what it is?

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Recommendations For XEN VPS

Nov 2, 2008

any good XEN VPS providers? Can't find much in the offers section.

1. US based.

2. Allows Proxies!

3. Unmanaged

4. Good price.

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VPS Recommendations

Jun 17, 2007

Currently I have a websites thats pretty new, about a month or too. Anyway, the site has a forum which is the area most used, and it's quickly growing. The topic of the site is automotive.

Basically I'm looking for decent ram, about 15gb of storage (forum db, pictures, and an occasional video), and 100gb+ of bandwidth. Once things really pick up, I'll just go out and get another server for this site, at the month however I want to stick to a VPS.

So who do you guys recommend? Please don't recommend primaryVPS, as I've been with them for less then a month and my experience has been less then pleasant.

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Recommendations For Vps

Nov 10, 2007

i run a forum and wiki with an average of 20-30 users 24/7, and up to 60ish at peak hours.

currently, it uses <100gb transfer per month, but it could grow.

i'm looking for a us vps that can run this quickly and smoothly, while staying under 30 usd per month.

users are mostly from the us, although there's a large percentage of eu, asia, and australian users as well.

doesn't matter if it has a control panel or not, as long as it's got lamp and shell access.

what specifications and hosts would you recommend?

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VPS Recommendations

Aug 24, 2007

I have been out of the VPS market for quite some time. Can anyone recommend recent VPS companies that have been reliable? We are in need of one just for handling our email blasts.

Any good recommendations? Budget is up to $60 / month.

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Recommendations For Offshore VPS?

Nov 2, 2009

I'm considering getting a 2nd VPS but offshore. I'm looking for a very good host thats been around for a few years and offers great support (maybe phone support if it's available?)

I need at LEAST 768MB guaranteed RAM (preferably 1GB), 300GB bandwidth, and cPanel/WHM all for around $40-$60 / month.

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Recommendations Virtuozzo VPS

Aug 29, 2008

I'm looking for a Windows host using anything but Virtuozzo. Any recommendations?

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Managed DNS Recommendations

Aug 7, 2009

we have several sites, that have www & email hosted in separate locations. we currently have our server redirect mail out. but if the server is slow, down, or other issues, it may not re-route the MX records out.

Would a managed DNS service help? i assume this means i could route services before they hit the server.

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Backup Recommendations?

Oct 30, 2009

we are using Backup backup software to backup our Linux and Windows servers. As data grows, we have now more than 4 TB in bacula files. I would like to do a offsite backup but I don't know how.

Problem is that some files are larger than 1 TB and copying all files to another drives takes a long time. Is there any backup program that copies only differences (may be few MB changed)?

1 TB file => changed 10 MB => must copy whole file.

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Recommendations For VPS In West USA

Jan 22, 2009

1. data center in west USA like California

2. in windows OS

3. guaranteed RAM 512MB and above

4. bandwidth 200G/m and above

5. disk space, 10G is more than enough...

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VPS Recommendations Under $30/Month

Jun 14, 2008

I've been using MediaTemple's Grid-Service for a few months now, and it has proven to be very unstable at times, with frequent downtime and slow servers. I've decided to step it up to a VPS and am looking for a very reliable and fast VPS available for under $30 / month.

I've taken a look at Zone.net, VPSLink, Steadcom, JaguarPC, and Future Hosting so far, and I'm trying to figure out which one is the best choice. I'm leaning toward Zone.net, or Steadcom - but if you have any other opinions,

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EpicVPS Recommendations

Jun 28, 2008

Long time WHT lurker and first time poster. Well I was looking for a budget VPS provider, and I saw EpicVPS.com's offers in the offers section.

I sent them an email with a few questions and I had a very satisfactory and polite response within half an hour.

So I was just wondering if anyone else here uses them and would like to let me know if I should go ahead and order with them.

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Seedbox Recommendations

Dec 28, 2008

What VPS Hosting company and what plan do you recommend for the use of a seedbox?

I know many of us use a VPS as a seedbox so don't deny it

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UK Host Recommendations?

Jul 31, 2008

Can anyone recommend me some good hosts located in the UK?

This would need to handle 2 sites for now, lots of ajax requests so a fast response is priority over diskspace. neither site gets barely any traffic now, but i haven't started promotion yet. One is a photo gallery other a store with few products.

linux/plesk with centOS preferred with something close to full management.

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Server(s) Recommendations

Apr 16, 2008

We are looking at taking on a higher profile customer. However I am a little off as to what type of setup should we recommend.

I have limited information but this is what I know.

Avg traffic 8 - 12 Million Hits a day. Unique Hits Unknown. Bandwidth Unknown
PHP/MySQL/Flash Movie Heavy.

TV Commercials, so needs to handle spikes without issues or without warning.

Currently what I have which won't help but kind of gives me a benchmark.

I have one customer that is on a Dual CPU Quad Core Xeon 1.6 with 8GBs RAM, a single SATA HD. This client has an avg of 1 Million hits a day, and 2.4 Million SQL calls. The load on this server runs between 0.6 and 1.8. Which tells me there is more head room for growth.

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UK - Recommendations For This Setup

Sep 9, 2008

I'm about to publish a dynamic website and I need it to be as close to London as possible.

I'll probably decide to have database and website on the same server for the beginning. I was thinking 2-4Gb and not so restrictive bandwidth (500GB+?)

I'm scared of starting a plan with a server provider as I know nothing about the general offerings and the reputations of the various companies.

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Recommendations For Hosting In EU

Aug 12, 2008

Can someone recommend a good, fast set up Windows (ASP.NET 2.0) host in Netherlands or Germany or France? Shared hosting with SQL Server 2005.

No UK please. I would prefer someone using the recommended host and has positive feed back.

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Recommendations On DNS Resolvers

Aug 12, 2007

We are setting up some new DNS resolvers on our network, can anyone recommend software to use (linux)?

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VPS Software Recommendations

Sep 20, 2007

Hoping to get a bit of advise on which would be the best VPS software to use We have a problem where we are running multiple P3 server boxes to run a program which uses the same amount of resources as Microsoft Calculator or Notepad for each process.

Because we run so many of these processes, eventually Windows Server 2003 just dies because of a services/amount of processes running limit. When we where told about a bodge to increase the services limit we found at random times, the OS was very unstable and a new server box was required before any further processes could be hosted.

While P3 servers cost nothing these days, its starting to take allot of space up in the racks and its now time to use a VPS to bring this situation to a halt. Can someone recommend me some VPS software where I can run multiple Windows server installs (only for internal use) and would only need a small vps limit per server box.. Around 4? I have been looking at XEN Express..

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Toronto Canada Recommendations

Nov 12, 2008

Toronto Canada recommendations

I'm about at my end of dealing with Toronto providers but before we pull the plug on our T.O location, I figured I'd request a couple more recommendations.www.servertag.com - Used them in the past and had some issues with downtime / response times. Would rather not use them again.www.upscalehost.com - Amazing Toronto host but they're killing us by charging 95th percentile.

We're after a standard dedicated box (not celeron) with 1500-2000GB monthly limit.
Know of a company? Maybe a neighbour with a rack in 151?

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VPS / DirectAdmin / Europe / Recommendations..

Jun 24, 2007

So, i need an managed linux server located in Europe. DirectAdmin account, so i can make my own resellers. Budget is 30-70 $/ month.

Any good recommendations or experiences?

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Anti-Virus Recommendations

Apr 13, 2009

We have 2 servers, one running Windows 2003 Enterprise that hosts a ColdFusion app, and one running Windows 2003 Standard that hosts our SQL database that is used by the CF app. Nothing else runs on them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for anti-virus products that we could use on these? I don't want one of those elaborate and expensive "suite" programs. I just need to protect the boxes.

I use Kaspersky on our individual machines, and I really don't care much for Norton anymore.

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Recommendations To Obtain A SSL Certificate?

May 11, 2009

I recently bought a giant dedicated server, and while messing with it I came across recommendations to obtain a SSL certificates.

Can someone explain how an SSL certificate helps my server and how do go about obtaining one for a CentOS 5 server? I am new to this so I am trying to learn but google gives me the difficult explaination.

Also if I get an SSL certificate for the server does it:

A) Cover all the accounts on the server

B) Work for other servers or just one?

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Motherboard Recommendations - OpenVZ

Sep 4, 2008

I bought a dual socket F motherboard and having a hard time getting OpenVZ to run on it. I'm wondering if the board is compatible. It's a Tyan S2932 and the OpenVZ kernel crashes on it. (2.6.24 kernel)

I've flashed the latest bios.

So - thinking about returning the MB and getting something else. What MB is compatible with OpenVZ?


2 socket F for quad core opterons.
16 momery slots.

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Need Recommendations + VPSland.com Review

Jan 20, 2009

I used VPSland.com for the past 2 weeks and of course I enjoyed the first week of their servicc. It seriously got worse. There so called "network" for the server soo slow. They seriously messed up my server box as I was using it to host my databases for a game server. I'm currently using the "Starter" package and of course will not be using anything of theirs for long. The RDP (Remote Desktop) is horrible. Their network is terrible goes down all the time for me. I didn't worry about the network as far as i cared but they did something so stupid. I asked them for a password change, 6 hours later they reply, it works, then my box goes dead. Then I ask them why. They answer "There seems to be network problems with your box." I was like alright, they fix, then done. I login into my customer panel & RDP. NOTHING NO FILES, NO DATABASES OF MINE LEFT. Everything gone. I open a support ticket, they say they don't delete anything but after they changed my password, they totally screwed over my box. I ask them why the hell they removed all my important files. They answer "Sorry your box has many corrupted components, we recommend an re-installation. Please make a backup. When you are ready please reply" I'm like WTF? Where the hell are my files to even start with, how the hell do I make a backup. They answer "Thank your box has successfully been re-installed" yet now I still wait for there lame support (6hours after replies).

They messed up all my files, and important databases. I really want an explanation of what happened but they seem to ignore me. Hopefully my service/business project I have worked so hard on, so have other players to my gameserver will be restored. And yes I'm very angry, hope all your servers die & customers leave.

Also may anyone recommend me with a better VPS service? I need a cheap VPS which offers about 512MB-1GB of RAM guaranteed from a price of $10-$45.

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Recommendations For UK Dedicated Server

Apr 1, 2009

Anyone got any recommendations of reliable companys to buy a dedicated server from in the UK? Some of the features we are looking for are:

Quad Core Server
4GB Memory
100Mbit/sec dedicated connection (metered or unmetered)
Tech support when/if we have server crashes included in price with at least a phone number or live chat.

We are really looking for the big companies that can offer this and not so much of the new hosting companies.

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Recommendations On Layer2 10G Switches

Jun 28, 2008

basic layer2 10G, most everything out there has more advanced L3 features which is fine but aren't nessecary, they maybe used at some point in the future.

Currently looking at the cisco 4900M as it appears to be very cost effective at ~$10k/ for the chassis w/8 port 10gb base, + xenpack cost and it isn't a very costly piece of gear.

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Shared Hosting Recommendations

Dec 31, 2008

For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to set up a joomla web site.

At first, I tried to host a joomla website on liquid web's shared host.

They seemed to be quite good. They had all the feature I needed, but then I couldn't upload files into my webspace via ftp.

They told me they don't know what is the problem, and that I should use what is available.

I have stopped hosting at liquid web, and tried a different web host.

There I had the same problem with myu ftp account, but they told me the problem is either in my firewall or ISP.

This really allowed me to look into a solution for this problem, and I partially solved it.

I believe this was the same problem I had with liquid web, but liquid web support didn't tell me the information that helped me to solve this problem.

Though my problems are not solved yet.

I need to create a ftp account into the httpdocs or public html folder so joomla could use it to update its own files.

I was able to create such ftp accounts in liquid web, but it is possible that I am unable to create such ftp account via the hostnexus control panel, and I have asked them if its possible for them to create me such an account.(Asked them topday, so I didn't get a reply yet).

Now, what should I do?

I need a ftp account in order for joomla to work properly.

Should I go back to liquid web?

Should I look for a different web host?

Maybe HostNexus will solve my problem, and all this will be irelavent.

But assuming host nexus won't solve my problem, what should I do?

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Any UK Offsite Backup Recommendations?

Aug 15, 2008

Does anyone here know of any offsite backup companies based in the UK?

I've recently moved my server from Texas to London and want to use an ftp/rsync offsite backup space with a company in the UK

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