What Is The Best Procedure To Move MySQL Data From One Disk To Another?

Jul 12, 2007

I have two hard disks, and I would like to move all of my MySQL data onto the second drive. My dilema is this; what is the best way to go about doing this? The tutorial I followed last night had me use cp to copy the /var/lib/mysql folder over to the second drive. However, it took ages to move one of my databases. It's a forum hosting database which has tons and tons of tables. It ran for about 5 hours and still didn't finish because I decided to stop it right there. I know it was working; but still, it took forever and I had to put it back up.

What would you do? Do you recommend say, copying just the 'mysql' database that has the users, and then taking a dump of all databases with mysqldump and moving it that way?

Also, is there any way using the cp command to continue what I started last night, but not write a database file if it hasn't chnaged at all?

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Can I Move /var/lib/mysql To /home/mysql

Apr 15, 2009

my /var partition is full,

im not sure if any files i can remove to get more free space on /var partition.

because there are more free space on /home,

i think if i can move all the /var/lib/mysql to /home/mysql,

if yes,howcan i move it and do any change,

can let the sql data do not lose,

andrun well in the feature ?

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How To Move Cpanel Data Into Plesk

Jul 20, 2008

Do any1 have procedure to move cpanel data into plesk. I like to give plesk a try since there are so many clients requesting windows hosting.

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What's The Best Way To Move Data From One Server To Anoter

Jul 27, 2007

way to move data from one server to another? I have root access to both my servers, but I'm not sure how I would move one entire domain without having to FTP it. The databases I can do manually by importing a dump to the new server. I'm just wondering about the files itself.

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Mass Move Of Servers Between Two Data Centers

Jan 6, 2008

Has anyone pulled off a mass server move during the middle of the night? We have decided 350 E Cermak is where we want to be but are still working out the details of where we want to be in the building.

While the final details are being finished, I need to come up with some kind of plan to pull the move off with the least amount of downtime. Our current dc is about 4 miles away from 350 Cermak and we have approximately 50 servers to move. I plan on leaving a linux box around to redirect any traffic that is ignoring TTLs.

I was thinking the best thing to do would be label and remove all harddrives, then see if a moving company could put the servers on palettes, wrap them, and move them to 350 E Cermak. Not sure if a moving company would work in the middle of the night or not.

Courier services are pretty much out. Anytime we have had a courier service move anything not in a massive box with padding, it gets bent or broken.

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How To Move 60GB Data From Windows Server To Linux

Jul 28, 2008

After long time consideration, selected linux eventually from singlehop, good company, good service.

Now we got big problem. Since our forum has 60GB data, I have no idea how to move files over.

If it was another windows server, I would just install a flashget (or similar download software) and put all HTTP links into it and just go to bed.

The data has been ZIPed into dozens of files, 1-3 GB each. HTTP link are ready for downloading, like


I was wondering what's the best way to move data. Can we install a programme and put those links into it and download into my server? Thank you for your suggestion.

I tried wget, seems not working, speed drops to 0 after 10 secs, don't know what reason.

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How Do I Move MySQL From 4.0 To 4.1 With RPMS

Apr 4, 2007

I'm not sure I really understand the ins and outs of upgrading MySQL and I'm afraid to mess it up. From the MySQL site I see there's a 4.1.22 RPM available [url] and I'm running 4.0.18 (Your MySQL connection id is 2763253 to server version: 4.0.18-Max-log)

I'm not sure I want to bump it up all the way to 5, but I would like to run 4.1, but I also would like to stick with the RPMS, even after reading whatever I can find, I'm still not sure I understand what RPMs to install, here's what I have currently.

>> rpm -qa | grep -i mysql

There doesn't seem to be anything newer on the up2date server I use:

>>up2date --showall | grep -i mysql

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Plesk Automation :: How To Correctly Change / Move Data Directory

Nov 14, 2013

I want to move the data directory to another partition on all nodes. Apache (vhost), IIS (vhost), MySQL (databases) and Postfix (mailbox content). What's the correct way to do this without breaking functionality of PPA?

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To Take Data From Mounted 2 Disk Fedora Cpanel

Mar 11, 2008

I've got a problem with one of my servers, and i dont now how to do it. I need to find a technical service that I could hire for a job.

It's a small job. I've got one server that was compromised by D.O.S. atack and taken down by hosting company they did a clean instal fedora and cpanel and said that the data would be mounted on a old drive I need to restore the webs about 30 small sites
Would anyone suggest a person that could do that?

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Hard Disk Went Broken And I Need To Recovery Data

Dec 26, 2007

My server (Fedora Core V and Plesk 8) hard disk broke 2 days ago and my bakckup tar.gz is too old.

Datacenter (fdcservers.net) tried to put old harddisk as slave but server is not recognising the old drive. Datacenter say that can not do anything more.

My question:

Is there any software or company that can recovery my harddisk data?

My last 6 months work is gone now.

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Move My Mysql Database To Another Server

Apr 21, 2008

Is it possible to move my mysql database to another server?

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Move Mysql Db From Remote Server

May 24, 2007

how can i move mysql db from remote server ? (via SSH or most pratical way)

suppose that...

source server
domain : google.com
host : localhost
user : zode
pass : 123
db : source

destination server
domain : yahoo.com
host : localhost
user : hala
pass : 456
db: target

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MYSQL Gives Access Error After Server Move

Jun 20, 2008

I can't find any straight answers when searching Google. I've been stuck in a what has become a nightmare server move for about 2 weeks now.

After finally getting a mysql.sock issue fixed I can get the MYSQL dbs over to the new server but it appears that their permissions need to be changed. Is there a way to handle this from the root level? I have roughly 120 dbs to process

I am moving from a VPS to a dedicated server - both have root access.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: How To Restore Data From Crashed Hard Disk - 11.5.3

Jul 31, 2013

My windows server's hard disk was crashed & now I have mounted it as secondary hard disk on the server .

Now I want to restore the data to new server .

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Mysql Overloaded - Time To Move To A Real Server / VPS

Mar 21, 2008

After 2 years of application hosting on ixwebhosting.com i have overloaded their mysql servers for the forth time and now if i overload them again i'll get banned.

Each time i got overloaded My database was taken away for a almost a week and i had to beg everyone / write a letter to the CEO so they'll return the database.

I now need to sireously move to a VPS / Dedicated server
or my database will be deleted permenantly including all my 10 gigabytes of usergenerated data and content heh.

The wrost thing is i can't even monitor these overloads and ixwebhosting just take away your databases and say "STOP, you overloaded!" that's it - you're screwed.

I really modified my scripts these 2 days so i won't overload them again and get the final booting (that's after i paid 2 years upfront - 260$), but guess what, they can't even tell me if i'm now overloading the servers after i done all the tweaking.

Guess it's time to get all the data to my comuter before they say i have overloaded again and all my 12 my sites get blown away.

I need to switch fast i don't have much time as it seems and my most important site has 8k unique visitors per day - that's why the over loading occurs, heh, because im just too big - UNLIMITED MY ARSE.

I've been looking for a host and the best i found (after 2 days of forum readings and google searching ) where:

1. inmotionhosting VPS.
2. rackforce.com DDS.
3. Iweb.com

Please any suggestion / comments to where should i go to host will save my buissness, my main concern is my 8k per day site with 2.5 page views per user and 2 mysql queries per page.

looking for a good company with managed everything (I know nothing about hardware managment - i'm a php / mysql geek at the most) and technical support with great uptime and a good ping / connection to israel's area is a big plus.

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Move Mysql Database To Antoher Client(same Server)

Oct 2, 2007

how to do this in myphpadmin

also got cpanel if it helps.

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MySQL Disk Space In WHM Not Calculated

May 29, 2007

Today I check my server

the WHM not calculated the MySQL dtabases size from the account quote.

for example , let see this account

Disk Space Usage 95.92 Megabytes

MySQL Disk Space 69.77 Megabytes

Disk space available 4.08 Megabytes

While this account have max of 100MB

so this account not have about 164MB a total mysql ana disk space , so how to fix this problem?

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