Volumedrive 3 Months Review

Apr 23, 2009

I thought I could share my opinion on VolumeDrive after being with them for a few months. I always appreciated when I could find in-depth reviews from hosting companies when I was looking for one so I hope some peope will find this review useful.

First of all, here my plan with them:


AMD Athlon64 3200+
1 GB DDR2 Ram
120 GB SATA Hard Drive
3000 GB of bandwidth on 100MB port
2 IP addresses
Ubuntu Server 8.04 Linux

This package costs me $49.95 per month.

It all started when I contacted them to have more information on their services and what they have to offer. They replied very quickly and sent me a document detailing every offer they have and how their plans work. It's a shame that all that information wasn't available on their website, they proposed roughly 3 different dedicated solutions on their order form when you can actually choose a bunch of other options. Anyway, I asked a few other questions (like if they could install Ubuntu even if it wasn't listed in the available OS, and they had no problem in doing this). Again, they replied quickly. I made my choice and as I made my first payment, my server was online 24 hours later, as stated in their e-mail.

Communication with Volumedrive's staff is always great, I've had an issue one time where my internet connection was realllllly slow. I e-mailed them and it took a few minutes before I received an answer to my e-mail with someone trying to find what was wrong. We exchanged a few e-mails trying to find what was the issue and the issue got resolved in no time. Aside from this problem, I've never had any network or hardware issue (still have a fresh new server though)

I also personnaly think that their prices are far superior to what other companies offer. Their plans are flexible and if I want a hardware upgrade for example I know I can just contact them and we'll work out the details.

The only downsides I can give them is that their website is missing a lot of information. When you are looking for a server you may not want to spend time contacting each company by e-mail to ask question and have more information, you rely on the website to give you a lot of details. Also, their invoice system is not so great. You receive an e-mail saying you need to pay them and they only accept paypal. When your payment is done, you don't receive any confirmation e-mail. It's not bothering me much for a 50$ server, but I'd want a more conventional billing system with automatic renewal if I had a big business going on with them.

All in all, I really like volumedrive! I'd recommend it for everybody looking for a low cost dedicated server, they're fast, professional and helpful. You just need to send them an e-mail to get the plan that works for you so tow thumbs up for Volumedrive!

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Volumedrive 12 Months Review

Nov 14, 2008

I've been with Volumedrive for approximately a year and I have mostly a great experience with them. I currently have 1 server with them which is being used to mirror some patches for a popular MMORPG.Sales 10/10

I was trying to find out how much bandwidth was being provided by VD. The site looks professional but I didn't much information about the connection. I received a reply from Josh shortly after sending them an email, and received a list with the servers that were available along with the bandwidth information. It is unbelievable that 10Mbps is offered at such a low price.

To be honest I was a bit skeptical, so I decided to give them a try. I got a
Celeron Conroe and paid a one time fee for the RAM.

The deployment took a while since they were out of stock, since it was nothing urgent I patiently waited.Network 8/10

The network is pretty good at VD, it wasn't all that great when my VD server was still at the BurstNET's location. I was glad to know that VD were now going to be operating out of BurstNET and noticed that they have a link with XO that doesn't seem to go through BurstNET. Outages on Burst's network usually meant my server would go offline, but since the XO peering I haven't had an outage along with Burst.

I did have some network problems recently after they replaced a switch, it seemed like a QoS profile was set and it took some time to fix (server speed was some way capped at 5Mbps). I am having a little network issue at the moment but I'm still trying to figure out (with the help of VD) whether it is something on my server's end instead.Support 10/10

It amazes me that I'm getting a personal level of support from either Josh or Jeff. I hope they are getting enough sleep to keep up with the work! I usually receive replies in few minutes to a max of a few hours (depending on the problem).

I had a hardware issue on around February (hard drive failing). The drive was replaced and my server was up and running by the next day. However this new hard drive seemed to be failing as well (guess a bad batch of them) and it was promptly replaced by a brand new 160GB (I had a 120GB drive) Hitachi.

Reboots are not bad either, ranging from 5 to approximately 20 minutes in my experience so far.Billing 10/10

The billing part is what worries me at providers, I once had my server offline at another provider because I hadn't received that month's invoice. So far no problems at VD, sometimes the usual invoice date passes but I was reassured that it would be sent eventually (and they are).Overall experience from above: 9.5/10Conclusions:

If you are looking for a server with a good level of support, and a bit tight on budget I'd strongly recommend VD. I hope they keep up with the service as they expand.Domain hosted: navarus.org

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VolumeDrive.com Review 9 Months And 13 Servers Later

Jun 20, 2008

Over the last 5ish years we have had servers with ServerBeach, The Planet, Layeredtech, and now VolumeDrive. Over the years each has had its share of ups and downs but now almost all of our servers are with VD. First before I start let me say this, Josh and Jeff are two of the best guys that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Each of them know when they get out here I owe them a beer and steak dinner on the strip.

Ordering. 7/10

This is one area that sometimes is a little out there, there website does not work at all for ordering or at least not when I tried last. However ordering is simple, send an email to info and say order this. Get back an email saying OK. Pretty simple. The only problem is pricing, sometimes it takes Josh a few days to get a price for the server, or a bill just shows up and I am like, ok well cool.

Server Pricing. 10/10

This has to be one area where VolumeDrive shines. The prices they offer are almost unbelievable but hey it is there business model not mine. I can vouch anytime anyplace that these servers are 10Mbit unmetered servers. I have had 5 download servers, currently 3 that almost run 10Mbit 24/7. Each servers avg monthly bandwidth usage is around 2500 GB’s +-300ish GB’s and I have never once gotten a bill or even a letter of “dude your sucking down all the bandwidth” nothing; and even better yet I get these download boxes for all of $50/month. I won’t even hint at the great prices I have for Dual processors Quad Core Xeons with 8GB’s RAID1 10k Drives with cPanel.

Old Network. 8/10

First off we all know about the XO/BurstNet turn on that well didn’t so I am not going to beat that horse anymore. The old network was to me “ok” nothing special, and nothing really bad either. I will say that there is less of a “snappiness” in server responses it always seemed to take an extra second for the pages to load or more so the server to respond to a request. At one time I had all 5 download servers on the old network and they all were pulling the bandwidth like it was water, and are shared servers were humming along. I was always able to pull 10Mbit when needed.

New Network. 8/10

The new network to me I have not seen that much difference in performance. I have 2 download servers on the new network and oddly enough the bandwidth usage has decreased and instead a solid green graph via mrtg, I have spikes and dips all over the place. The shared servers on the new network do see to answer faster, and feel much more zippy or snappy. Still able to get all the bandwidth and speeds they offer so no complaint there.

Support. 9/10

I personally don’t think Josh or Jeff sleep, have wives/girlfriends/kids/lives. J They must live and breathe at their DC’s as no matter when I send an support email in, it gets answered in like 5 – 15 minutes even at 11 my time PST and there in EST. I feel that for an unmanaged server provider these guys are amazing, I have asked them to do things that I even offer to pay them, and they do for free. I have had to have 2 servers reloaded, and both times the servers were offline in 15 minutes, the current hard drives, slaved and a new drive placed in the box. Allowing me to move anything and everything from the old hard drive. Now I have to put out a few negative items as well. Sometimes they just don’t know and we kick ideas back and forth, which is not a problem at all but it does show that they are humans and we can’t expect perfection. J I also have an open support ticket with then about inbound speeds for a week that is unresolved, but continued updates, so can’t yell about it at all. Reboots I almost forgot take anywhere between 2 – 15 minutes and the boxes are back online.

Server Delivery. 4/10

This is the one area of VolumeDrive that really needs worked on, and worked on badly. Of the 13 servers I have had 10 currently; I don’t think any of them have been online in less than 72 hours. My servers have been online from 4 – 14 days. If you need a server now, I am sorry Josh and Jeff, VolumeDrive is not the company you need. However email them first as I do know that they get shipments in all the time. Now another problem that I have had is they don’t always get the servers right. Twice now I have ordered boxes that have been delivered without cPanel installed. Minor oversight that I did not freak out and scream, but annoying nonetheless, my last box was well just off by a lot, enough that I did send a not so polite note demanding it is fixed. To which I will admit Jeff had it corrected/upgrade/formatted in about 20 minutes. Now to their defense I have 2 Dual Processor Quad Core Xeons with 8GB and RAID 1, which were online in about a week and setup perfectly. So my two most complex setups were perfect, but some of my basic boxes borked... Go figure.

Server Upgrades. 7/10

I have had a few servers upgrade with new parts, this process is pretty painless I send off an email saying I need such and such for server so and so, and its ordered no questions. That is where the lack of pain stops; from then on it is for us a bit of pain, as several times now I have had to check after a week of no upgrade if the parts were ordered. Then reschedule upgrade times with our customers, this is to say the least an embarrassment a few times as we are left with cake on our faces. Now a huge plus there upgrades are very inexpensive and I have yet to be charged for the upgrade itself.

Billing. 8/10

This two is an area that I personally think needs worked on as they only except PayPal which is not bad, but most of us have our credit/debt cards for a reason. Now a huge plus for at least us, is that every server that has been order is just that; ordered, setup, and online, then a bill is sent. I have never had to prepay for a server, ever. Same with all the upgrades. Now I know that Josh strives for customer service and support first, but sometimes are bills are behind, at least before the PayPal subscripts get setup. Last week I paid out about $600 in past bills because things were behind. Which is not a problem, but from a books point of view in two weeks the bills are coming out again. Again another point where VolumeDrive shines is during this billing mix up which some of it was our fault I am sure, I asked that someone call me because at $50 for some of these servers $600 is a few odd bills, to discuss this. No less than 3 minutes after that email was sent my phone rang, and it was Josh ready with details to go over everything, and after the phone call I received a detailed email of the conversation.

Overall. 7.6/10

Overall I am very happy with VolumeDrive, yes there has been some extended times on delivery that has made us look stupid but once online the services are strong and they just work. I can and will continue to use VolumeDrive for some time to come, the only reason we have another provider is for our higher bandwidth needs and dedicated 20 – 100 Mbit ports. Their prices are simply amazing, and once everything is online and working their service is awesome. Again I am a very happy customer and will continue to be a happy customer for the foreseeable future.

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Review For Volumedrive

Apr 29, 2008

Its been a long time since I have been there with VolumeDrive and I think they do deserve a review here.

I started off with volumedrive in November with 1 server and the very next month got another one.

Their uptime has been amazing. I have rather enjoyed their really good uptime. Their prices are really cheap as compared to others but the services offered are really great.

Jeff and Josh make an amazing team and help you out all the time even tho their servers are unmanaged ones. They have great connectivity but the only problem is the BurstNET network they are on. I have had a few problems with BurstNET and that is the reason I am shifting out of VolumeDrive.

They are soon going to be moving to their own datacenter and services (I hope) would only improve then.

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My VolumeDrive Review

Oct 6, 2008

This is My Review for VD Server Service..its short because i had the Service only for Month..

In Short Words, it was Very Good Expirence, I had little Truble to Get the DNS to Work, I had Few times Down For Problem with the DA Panel.. But The Service Is Great and the Support is Quick and Helpful. Too Bad i had to Cancel Because i wanted to Gain More Expirence to how Run Server, so i decided to install Linux and Learn it befor Run a Server..But Sure when i come Back i well Sign up again with VD, The Price Very Good and The Server and Support very Good too. so why Not ..

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Review Of Volumedrive.com

Apr 19, 2008

volumedrive.com 's setup speed is slowly!

2008-4-11 19:34 , I payed for a Dedicated Server .

Until now(2008-4-19 12:33) , the server is unuseable.

too slow!

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VolumeDrive: 5 Month Review

May 7, 2008

My overall experience with this provider was very disappointing.

I placed the order for my server on 12/18/07

Server: AMD Sempron64 3000+
Memory: 512MB RAM [ default component ]
Hard Drive: 120GB SATA Hard Drive [ default component ]
Secondary Hard Drive:
Operating System: OSFreeBSD64
Control Panel:
Requested IP Allocation: 2 IP Addresses

My server was online on: 12/22/07

I was having trouble with FreeBSD 64bit's lack of 32bit support so they installed CentOS for me gatis, which was great.

Also the HDD was failing so they were working on replacing that.

Here is a sample of the quality of communication (or lack there of) of the support team .....

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Review For VolumeDrive (VD) (1 Month+)

Mar 30, 2008

did not want to mix up my 2 reviews so posting separately for www.Volumedrive.com.

Being their client for about a month or more, using their services for my separate proxy hosting server.

Let me do the rating :

Support: 9/10 (dunno what happened but one of the reboot requests took some time, email issues, or some other isp issue)

Friendliness: 10/10 (Josh seems good enough guy and can handle some my demanding nature i think )

Hardware: 9/10 (well a week or 2 new server lost its Power Supply, so deducted 1, but hoping no other hardware failures occur, was replaced in 30 mins or so if i recall correctly and it was on weekend).

Network: 10/10 (so far no problems got some special setup with josh about bandwidth usage and port speeds, no network outages i noticed so far).

Ok after that some comments:

They can improve on maybe confirming what can be offered/ feasible for new server, beforehand . Example, i thought i would get a Hardware Firewall Protection as offered by Josh in initial pre-sale questions, but later i found out that due to Direct Admin that would not be possible, i am sure even in pre-sale discussion was mostly about getting DA. What would have pleased me was to cover it up they could have upgrade DA to Cpanel and tried to get the protection as promised at no extra cost. But i suppose that would have meant no profit and losses for them, so i did not pursue them regarding the same.

Oh one more thing , if only they had a price list for special servers or something on website that would have been great, if VD folks need help i can create a page or something for them, for different servers, after all i am by profession now a webmaster/designer/coder etc etc..

But don't let that alone dilute/corrupt your mind about VD, if they were bad trust me i would be the first one to let everyone know. Cause all good deeds bunny never forgets, and those who hurt bunny can never get away with it....

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Volumedrive 8 Month (and 3 Servers) Review

Jun 22, 2008

i know i put up a review a few months back about Volumedrive but i thought id put up antoher since ive now been with them longer and got more servers with them.

firstly i have 3 servers with volumedrive at the moment (may be 2 shortly undecided yet if i need the third.)

one is a celeron with 1gb ram and 120gb hd running windows 2003 basicly all its doing is streaming media.

second ones a very special deal i managed to get for a amd athlon x2 4200+ with 120gb disk, 2gb ram and ffew other bits and peices, using that for my main website and couple of vpses

third is a new one ive only had about a month, its a amd athlon 64 3400+ 1gb ram runing plesk using it for hosting some of my clients sites (moved from managemyservices whoes support is totally useless and very very cocky/offensive in my opinion - i highly do not recommend them)

all in all baring a few minor netowrk hiccups (burst provide VDs network loop so their is soem small downtimes) ive had no major isues at all and josh and team have gone above and beyond multiple times to help out - my newest server they managed to get turned around and setup in under 48hours as i needed it urgently.

i highly recommend VD and also feel free to email them as they are always willing to try and cut a deal

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VolumeDrive Review Part 1 - Good Start

May 6, 2009

A few people have asked me to give feedback on my experience with VolumeDrive so I decided I will be posting a 3 part review on them:

Part 1 - initial impressions
Part 2 - three month review
Part 3 - one year review (hopefully)

When I first got in contact with VD, contact was slow: about an email a day. It was very annoying to say the least. However when VD realized that I was genuinely interested in purchasing a server, and not just a window shopper, contact was more frequent and acceptable.

After looking around and comparing, I ended up ordering the following server from VD for a whopping $105 per month:

4 GB DDR2 800 RAM
500 GB HDD
10 Mbps dedicated unmetered
5 IP addresses
Plesk 30 domain
Full managed services

Well just at face value, I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say you cannot beat the price. Where else will you find that kind of server w/ full management for $105 a month?

In the ordering process there were a few forgivable annoyances:
1) VD does not have any sort of automated, order online system for their "good" deals. I had to order via email and manually pay from PayPal. I was, however, emailed an invoice confirming my purchase after I paid.

2) It took VD 2 hours to send me my order request after I said "I am ready to purchase". Now it was late at night, so they probably only had a skeleton staff on hand, so this is understandable; however this point is sort of related to the lack of an automated system point mentioned above.

So after I paid and all, I was told they were building me a new server and it would take 3 business days to arrive. I was bummed out upon hearing this but this was understandable and justifiable - if they don't have the parts on hand, they don't have the parts, no big deal. I did appreciate the fact that they were honest with me upfront instead of trying to con me into giving me a different server (like I have been hearing stories about with other hosts).

So I waited. I was told my server would be setup on Tuesday afternoon and it was. The actual time between order and setup was about 5 and a half days: 3 days for the parts to arrive + Saturday + Sunday + time to build the server.

On Tuesday I was informed that my server has a Q8200 instead of a Q6600. To me this was not a big deal so I didn't object but if you are going to order from VD and you want one specific CPU I would be very clear with them that you won't accept any alternative. What did make me chuckle, however, is the fact that I was told "I received a free upgrade" to Q8200. It made me chuckle because I don't consider it a "free upgrade" when I was offered a choice between the Q6600 and a Q8200 for the same price during the ordering process. However, as I already said, a Q6600 or Q8200 - it does not matter to me: both are very similar in performance anyway.

So since I got my server I have been busy setting it up so VD can secure it after I am finished migrating my website (which by the way they just did - I just got an email ).

During that time I have emailed VD a fair amount of times, sometimes asking for clarification and sometimes asking for assistance with a problem, and they have responded back in a more than acceptable time frame and manner.

The only one major problem I have had so far is that initially, and by initially I mean first ~12 hours, it seems the connection to my server was not all the best. Randomly pages would take a while to load; I was curious as to why this was happening so I did some pinging and saw packets were being lost sometimes. This problem seems to have been auto-corrected itself now and I am did email VD about it; hopefully if it happens again we can get it perma-fixed.

Final verdict: people say "you get what you pay for". I say "I got more than I paid for". Hope it continues this way.

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Wholesaleinternet Review (4 Months Review)

Sep 12, 2008

I've got high end server from WholeSaleinternet.I've been with Wholesaleinternet for 4 months now and I am extremely happy with them.Got an awesome server for a cheap price, a Quad-Core Xeon 8 Processor (3.0GHZ), 32GB RAM, 100mbit port link.

Sales support is slow but tech support is fast!

That you very much Aaron/Wholesaleinternet!, keep up the good work!

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3 Months Review About Iwebfusion

May 5, 2009

have use iwebfusion for 3 months, write this review share with you.

iwf was a nice host provider,i buy a vps with their los angeles DC,

1 uptime 10/10
no downtime in 3 months.

2 support 8/10
2~6 hours, if not lucky, no more than 24 hours.......

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Hivelocity 14 Months Review

Apr 6, 2009

I'd been with hivelocity for 14 months by now and i'm thinking to continue my bussines on there.

I created a thread on the past, this is the thread:


And this is what i said:


What can i say?

They just Rock, Dave and steve are just great.

Dave is my account manager he is helpfull, quickly and very efficient.

i would like to recommend people to join in hivelocity.

They are just more than fine, my server is working great and i had 2 issues resolved.

1 issue in less than 20 mins (another server in the rack was consuming a lot of bandwith)
the other issue was a little more complicated but it has been resolved too, thanks Dave

They have the same problem with support than sharktech (not managed), but if you talk to your account manager or Steve they will take care of it and get the problem resolved in a few minuts, that's just cool.

Service and support for me was really good in one week with they .. i will stay for a long time here if everything goes right.

and if we can, stablish a long term business based on trust (i'm a coder i can help)

Well from that moment to now i can say the following things:

No downtimes, only schedules (maintenence)

No support problems.

I upgraded my server to a quad2core and for 6 months payment, they gove me a second HDD!

I'm sending new customers to hivelocity right now, and trying to start reselling their servers.

¿why do i want to?

Because Steve and Dave, are responsable guys.

Because Network works fine.

Last server i bought for a customer: 1 day setup, no problems. I did a hardware check and it was OK, no HDD failures and TEMPERATURE was the right.

Because they understand if you have a problem.

Because support is there to help, even if you don't pay for "Managed services"

And i think that, they manage customers as well, that you can feel as a part of the company and not just another Argentinian customer.

So, watching the huge financial crisis, i want to give a good review about this company, and try to get more and new customers to they.

I would highly recommend to buy their services, this is not another company this is one of the best companies i ever knew.

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ServerBoost 3 Months Review

Oct 2, 2009

This is my first review regarding a dedicated server prodiver, so forgive me if i miss anything.

We are a small web hosting company located in Greece and after many years in a Greek Datacenter, we were seeking for a reliable provider with Managed Dedicated servers. After a lot of search here in WHT, we came through ServerBoost which is located in Holland.

Sales: Jelle was very patient during our talks, although we were just researching at the time being. A really nice guy and a true professional, answered all my questions as I was skeptic regarding the migration, or details of our contract and service. ( personal fears :p )

Support: They say the first impression is the most significant and I must admit that mine was pretty good. Starting from the Server migration ( From 2 old/slow servers to a brand-new Dell one. ) which went really smoothly from ServerBoost part, taking the downtime to minimal time!

Our SLA contract has a specific time window for support requests but it hardly takes over some minutes or 1-2 hours to get a response ( regarding the time of the day of course! ) and Jelle is always there when i need to ask something.

Hardware/Network: Our Dell server is running really good, and the network is really reliable as "promised". Good speeds and ping ( from Greece ) which is important for our customers.

Conclusion: For me, having dealt with only one foreign company in the past for hosting ( US ), ServerBoost is the ideal one to do business with, because they look really "caring" about our business and their flexibility is priceless.

I'm looking forward using ServerBoost for a long time, really satisfied! :-)

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IGXHost Review ~Two Months

Oct 14, 2009

I would just like to say that they surprise me for a shared host.

Support: 10/10

Uptime: 9/10

Speed: 9.5/10

Value: 8/10

Although I pay quite a bit I still think it's worth it. About $15/mth for 15GB HDD and 75GB transfer. My website handles ~300K hit's daily with only a few hiccups. It's uptime is something like 99.97% which is decent. The only big incident is when I first signed up I was transferring my domain which took a few days, but was resolved professionally. So far it's a big thumbs up.


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NYNOC 6 Months Review

May 9, 2009

Decided to give a VPS a try back in November. Ordered through one the sales advertised in the offer forums, got set-up in less than 12 hours.

In terms of performance, the VPS works fine.

In terms of service, this is where the ball is dropped.

The issue is that they set me up in LA, and I'm on the East coast. So I've contacted support, asking if a move was possible. When they said yes, and I've confirmed that their offer to move it during the night was fine, I've even shut everything down to make things smoother.

The next morning, I receive an email telling me I will get another one once it's done... the following day, I receive an email that it can't be done, as I have a x64 OS and there is no space on the node.

So I let this slide, and decide that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and decided to offer them to BUY another one, this time on the East coast, if they could offer me the same setup as I have on the West coast. They've agreed, and I did the order as they requested... That was around noon 2 days ago, and still nothing today...

For another example, I've requested a ticket because the /dev/tun wasn't configured properly in the container... I don't know what they did, but it corrupted my VPS so bad that I have to re-initialise it completly. Another example: I've posted a ticket that their gentoo image is faulty (no network support at all!), and to my knowledge this was still not fixed.

So yes, NYNOC has some cool ideas like an online chat, even offered an EYEOS desktop, forums, tips, and great prices... but for me now this ain't worth it much and will be canceling my accounts. I guess coming from VPSFarm has spoiled me (instant setup, quick support), and will be looking for a new provider.

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4 Months FsckVPS Review

Oct 8, 2009

1. Month

I used 15 days of godaddy's shared hosting before FsckVPS. Due to unexpected traffic, I had to move to a VPS. So I chose FsckVPS's 512mb packet.

I was very sattisfied with them. Their servers were fast and the VPS got setup in just a few seconds.

The hacking incident happened this month. I was still pleased by the way they handled it. So I decided to stay with them. They decided to give 2 months free after the hacking incident.

2. Month and 3. Month

Everything was very smooth, running perfectly. Servers were still fast after I got switched to a new one after the hacking.

4. Month

This is the second time I paid to FsckVPS and I was pretty happy about it.

Then I have been informed that they will be switching servers. They told that it would take around 4 hours per vps.

So when I noticed that my vps was down for the first time, I didn't react and waited. After being down for about 8 hours, I sent them a ticket. The response came after 4 hours saying that it was now online.

I logged in to my vps and the first thing I noticed was how SLOW it was. After a while, it crashed and I couldn't reach to my vps anymore. I sent a ticket, they reset the server, it got a little better.

This happened about 4 times. Everytime I sent a ticket asking why this is happening, I only received a response saying it is OK now.

After 3 weeks of being like this, I decided to switch to a new VPS provider.

Now I am on my new VPS provider, hoping for better results.

My fsckvps will expire in 4 days and it is still very slow.

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2.5 Months Review Of WiredTree.com

Sep 24, 2009

After having a dedicated server for more than 70 days from WiredTree.com, I thought that it would be a good time for a review.

I came across them through good reviews in this forum and took the opportunity to get one of their special offers (Core i7). As a short summary in advance: I can fully recommend them to anyone seeking a managed dedicated box.

I just had contact to Sales twice - Once as I tried to bargain for an even cheaper offer than the special one they already had (without success, by the way) and a second time when it came to an eventual server upgrade. Response time was quick, the answers were professional and friendly and there is nothing I could complain about.

Server Setup:
I was in a totally different time-zone than WiredTree while ordering the server. As they have the practice to call their new customers for identity verification, the call reached me at night time and I could not pick it up. So I called them in the morning and they called me back again. It must have been deepest night time in Chicago at this moment. From this telephone call on, it took less than 2-3 hours (as far as I remember) until the server was ready and online.
Another thing is their "ServerShield Server Hardening" that they perform before you get the box. I never received a dedicated server before with so many tweaking measures taken in advance. MySQL performance was improved, the firewall was well configured, security checks were already made, everything felt fine-tuned in advance. So, again, very good job done by WiredTree.

Hardware Quality:
You might say: "You've only been with them 70+ days. Of course, there was no hardware problem during that short time". Well, I read here at WHT about customers of other hosts who had the first failures already at the moment they received the new box. So - No hardware problems at all until now.

I am not very experienced in server management and tend to get nervous if something doesn't work and support takes more than 30min. to answer questions. I know that this makes me annoying sometimes, but at least I always try to be friendly. Fortunately, WiredTree seems very good prepared for nerve-wrackers like me... Support never took more than 15min. to answer my requests and in at least 2 cases, they even bent backwards to help me with problems that had nothing to do with them. Every single request got solved in a very short time. I contacted support at the most unusable hours of the day because I often travel between different time zones - They were always there, like an own IT-Crowd in your pocket. Two thumbs up for their support staff.

100% Uptime during the whole time. No hickups at all, no problem that I would be aware of. Fine speed all the time. There is really nothing negative that I could say.

No billing issues at all. Everything worked correctly.

Their customer portal "Grove":
Well. Hmmm. Okay, one thing first: I saw several customer portals during the last 10 years. And none of them blew me away. I haven't seen SoftLayer's yet and was told that theirs should be even nicer than grandmas cheese cake, but the grass is always greener on the other side as long as you have never been there. Let's say that "Grove" is surely one of the better and nicer looking customer portals around. It bundles a lot of information and offers a good way of communication. The rest is a question of taste...

The bad news:
I cancelled the server today. The company I work for has rent several servers at another host and paid them 1 year in advance. One is totally unused (great planning, MnMgt!) and I was offered by my boss to use it cost-free for that period of time. Well, this is an opportunity I have to take... Saving $300 a month is quite a lot of money. But I am determined to go back to WiredTree as soon as my "free time" is over.

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SmoothVPS Review - 4+ Months

Jan 17, 2009

I've been using SmoothVPS for about 4 months (and colleagues of mine have been using them for more than that) based on posts from WHT as well as recommendations from others in the industry. Bob @ SmoothVPS has been extremely helpful, very responsive, and is seemingly always online to help me with even the most basic of questions. He has bent over backwards to accomodate my random needs and helps me with specific server configurations that I can't figure out - even with third-party packages that he is not required to support!

I have three Linux-based VPSes with Bob and he has no problem configuring them to my specific needs with whatever version OS that I require. I plan on adding many more as I migrate all my servers to him - I've decided to give him my exclusive business due to how well everything runs and how competitive the price is. Billing is simple - Paypal subscriptions or regular invoices make it a snap to manage (even if I lose track, which I do - sorry Bob).

The bottom line is that SmoothVPS is the place to go for your VPS needs. I haven't needed Windows boxes there, but I will probably mess around with one in the near future to test some software. They're moving to a new DC in the near-future - and they're giving me 30 free days of IP migration to make sure the process runs smoothly. Just amazing.

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Krypt VPS Review - Few Months...

Feb 12, 2009

I've had a Krypt VPS for a few months now, started with the VPS400 package and moved up to VPS800 over time. Initially (I'm guessing they had just gotten into providing VPS's) the service was EXCELLENT! My VPS was located in their LA datacenter on the Level3 backbone. First two months the VPS was rock solid, I was running a full LAMP (no optimizations) install along with Webmin. By the 3rd month I started having issues with sluggishness, both on the site and SSH. Put in a support ticket which got responded to within 10 minutes as usual (fantastic support!) and their techs moved my VPS to a less loaded VMware node. Things were again pretty solid for about two weeks, then the same thing happened again. I let it be for a few days thinking it may just be a spike, but even after a week it was still pretty horrid. I had even turned off the LAMP install and Webmin in favor of a lone Lighttpd install to serve static html pages. Mind you by this time I had been upgraded to above their VPS800 package, yet I was still having performance issues. Put in another ticket and asked to be moved to another node, they said sure and asked a timeframe, I told them asap and let the issue be. After 4 hours of not hearing anything back, I update my ticket to find out that they were having some issues with the VPS, ok bad things happen, give them time. A few hours later I ask again and am told that they formatted the VPS without any authorization from me...Its a VMware host, they could at the least have attached the virtual hard drivei mage to the new install of my VPS, but they prefered to just delete it. I run several ESX servers at work and even with a nonbootable (according to them) image, the hard drive can still be mounted and recovery can be attempted. I was angry but I have a few dedicated servers with Krypt so I gave them another chance. I took the freshly installed VPS and started hunting down backups to restore from. Installed LAMP and Webmin, gave it a week and once again: slow. I'm fairly certain that CentOS repo apps and Webmin arn't enough to cause a VPS to dog down this bad, even with *everything* turned off (top shows 24MB ram usage) SSH and pages being served by lighttpd are taking 3-10 seconds to come up, as before they came up before I even let go of the button.

Support: 10/10
Service: 6/10
VPS Quality: 5/10
Network: 5/10 (great in the beginning, after a week less than 400KB/s)

Overall they're a great provider, but they need to monitor their nodes more carefully and find abusers. It seems to me like they're either overloading their nodes or have something misconfugured thats causing issues. I was told a few times to restart my VPS which didn't help at all. Orderded a VPS with them about 2 weeks ago on a different account, havn't even touch it since I got it, as of right now, SSH is sluggish, apps like top take an average 5 seconds to come up, max throughput is ~300KB/s from Seattle (hit ~7MB/s when I first got it). Same issue as my other VPS. I'll provide my domain to the mods for authentication.

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ServerBoost.com/.nl Review (7-8 Months)

Nov 4, 2009

We have been with ServerBoost since March '09.

2x Quad Core Xeon E5430
12 GB DDR2 FB-DIMM memory
2x 146 GB SAS 15k RPM
Hardware RAID 1

A little more expensive than some other NL hosts but you get what you pay for.

Total setup time was 3 days after payment (the server was a custom setup), because we had to wait an extra day for the setup Jelle gave us a free upgrade (better CPU and HDDs) which was amazing seeing that the setup period wasn't that long anyway.

In the past 7 months we have had 2 small bits of downtime, 1 was scheduled - when they upgraded their datacenter and the other was due to a RAID card failure, which was promptly replaced in less than an hour. Their network is faultless.

We only have the free SLA yet Jelle responds within minutes, and his responses are always friendly and professional. However I haven't needed to contact support outside of business hours so I cannot vouch for that, but during business hours it's top notch.

I can't recommend ServerBoost enough, I'm 110% pleased. We/I have 5 servers in EU each with different providers and ServerBoost is by far my favourite and the one I recommend most.

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Dynaceron : 3 Months Review

Jun 5, 2009

I'm sharing my experience with Dynaceron till now .

Month one;

I wanted to try a Linux server and I ordered one of their hardware, that came with CentOS. I have had many questions about Linux, as I am new to it, and the friendly tech support people helped me find answers. The questions I had were often answered in under 3 minutes. I've had 5 minutes of downtime, but that was because I ordered a 4 gigabyte ram upgrade.

Month two;

I decided to go back to Windows and I asked them if they could install Windows on my server, They asked if I had my data backed up, when I said yes they said they were going to start the install ASAP, after 1.5 hours I received an email with the login details..

After 15 days I asked if they could upgrade my uplink to 1Gbps; The upgrade was done without a server reboot.

Month three;

No problems so far, everything has been going well. Seriously, in my opinion they are the best service around, couldn't ask for better. Their uptime is fantastic. In 3 months I've only experienced 5 minutes of downtime, but again that was because I ordered a hardware upgrade.

I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for Quality hardware and support.

I will write a review back in 3 months or if I ever experience a problem I will update this thread.

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[REVIEW] VPSRight - 4+ Months -

Oct 7, 2009

Finally I managed to get some time to write another review about my host, VPSRight. Simple summary, one of the best webhosts that i have ever had. With great support and resources. And the best thing is they think about their customers.

Talking about their support, they're an excellent bunch who knows what they are doing and what they're being asked. Extremely prompt on responses and are usually responded within an hours time. In the initial month or so I've submitted a lot of tickets and they were dealt with ease.

Their servers are great and fast. Not overloaded and recent uptimes have been great. For the last 3 or so weeks I've had no downtime. And after switching from FluidVM to SolusVM the host nodes have become much more stable.

Network is also great and have a good connection speeds. I rarely go below the 1Mbit/s when downloading files to the server (incoming). A few weeks ago we had a small issue of packet loss for a few hours, as result of a DOS attack on another server at the DC. It was soon mitigated and services was fully restored.

In the months of June/July, VPSRight inured a lot of downtime due to DC migrations and s/w migrations. Therefore they made the next billing cycle free to all it's customers as a compensation. This something good as host and they've taken responsibility for the actions they took.

Now everything is a smooth ride and I am a very happy customer of theirs. I'd happily recommend them if someone is looking for reasonably priced, managed, decent spec VPSs.

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Zinkhosting.net Review [6 Months]

Apr 30, 2009

I think Zinkhosting.net does not get the credit it deserves. In the last ~7 years I have been with many different hosts, and I have to conclude that Zinkhosting.net has been the best. From day one I knew this company wanted to serve the customers, and the small size allowed them to do so. Many large companies ignore the customers when it comes to reliability, price, and support. With Zinkhosting.net I did not have any downtime, and the prices were great compared to other companies. The main reason I stayed with Zinkhosting.net was the support I received. The owner himself was able to help me out on many situations where I did not understand why a certain script was not working. Even though he did not have to offer this sort of support, he still did so out of courtsey. I hope Zinkhosting.net can keep on serving my needs in this manner.

Reliablity - 10/10
Price - 10/10
Support - 10/10

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4 Months Hivelocity Review

Oct 16, 2009

I've been seeing alot of negative threads about Hivelocity so I decide to post my review.

A little more than 4 months ago I ordered a server on Hivelocity using an offer they posted on twitter, it was a Core2Duo for $75/month and first month for $50. I ordered on the chat and the sales told me there wasn't any package with the Core2duo so he used the next cheapest server to order(Core2Quad q8200, everything else was the same) and wrote a comment saying that the actual server would be a Core2Duo.

I paid the bill, submitted some documents(on June 7) and waited, I had to send a few emails because there wasn't any progress with my order and by June 10 the server was live. When I logged in I realized I was given the Core2Quad q8200, same specs, better CPU

Ever since then I've not needed to talk to support for anything except adding some services(extra IP and 100mb port, both were quickly added and with no problems).

My server has been up ever since:

PHP Code:

 22:49:49 up 127 days, 17:45,  2 users,  load average: 0.02, 0.05, 0.07 

And I've had very little downtime, according to Pingdom 99.98% uptime since June 15:

Their service has been Very Good so far and I've had no problems.

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MyProHost 3 Months Review

Apr 12, 2009

Just want to share my experience with them.

The story begin at 13th January when the first time i put an invoice there, at that time they offer Semi Managed VPS (reselling from santrex). Support ticket was answered not more then 12 hours and all of issues were solved really fast. except when i order my 2nd vps which take almost 24 hours to be provisioned, but still it's really reasonable.

@ 24 Feb, i got an email stated that they're launching their own node and offer me a special deals, of course i said yes. and it's become fully managed VPS. After i moved my 2 vps to this new node i was never ever submit a single support ticket until now and never had a major issue. i got only one downtime not more then 10minutes when the node got kernel panic, that's what they said on live chatt.

Live chatt support is really friendly and helpful. the server speed is fast, i use these vps for VPN and got no complaint about the speed from my clients.

I have 2 Basic VPS with them. and very happy with it.

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Review IWebfusion 4-5 Months

Jan 19, 2009

I hereby want to review iWebfusion.

4-5 months ago my website was in desperate need for a new hosting solution, I looked around on this forum and found iWebfusion.

They offered a discount back then that allowed me have a onetime discount.

I signed up for their "Pro Plus" VPS which costs $40,- a month and added as a comment that I needed to get up and running fast since my website (which is fairly popular) already was down for around 3 days.

I chatted with Nikolce and he promised me to get me setup ASAP. In less than 6 hours I was up and running (Not counting the DNS propagation).

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from them since they offered a very powerful VPS against only $40,- but I was surprised positively.

In the 4-5months that I was with them they answered every ticket very fast and with skilled correct answers.

Overall I would rate them an 9/10.

I won't rate them an 10/10 as I sometimes felt that my VPS had more speed to offer...but didn't, later on I found out that my CPU limit wasn't raised as Jacob from iWebfusion should have done, he sincerely appologized later on for this issue but it didn't really matter...and humans make mistakes from time to time

I'm not with them anymore since I'm a guy who likes to try out different company's and services (that's also probably why I have a thread here with problems related to La(m/n)ehost).

Also my website grew out of VPS services and I wanted to try out a other company for a semi-dedicated solution.

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MediaLayer - 4 Months Review

Mar 10, 2009

I signed up with MediaLayer [url](ML) for my client in November last year.

I've read a lot about ML here which are mostly (all?) good +ve reviews & so I decided to pick them to host my client's site.

Since the website is an ecommerce site based on Magento, I needed something that could handle application load. Its for this reason I chose ML.

Magento itself is pretty slow the first time until cache starts working.

So far its been smooth at ML and this post is just to add to the pool of its +ve reviews on WHT.

There was just one unexpected downtime which lasted for a few minutes. It was the mysql server that was down, not the http server (litespeed).

You dont get a whole lot of space at ML, so hosting a lot of raw data like images can be pricey - most of the space taken on my client's site are product images - and duplicated in cache for every dimension by Magento. As of now it gets 500-1000 pageviews a day but this is to increase over 10 times this year and if it goes beyond shared hosting limits (which I doubt), we'll move it to ML's VPS.

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Powermonster 4 Months Review

Jun 17, 2009

After my longtime webhost went belly-up, and after doing much research, I had the good fortune to come across powermonster.

There I've found super reliable servers, hosting plans with all the features I could want, and fast, friendly support(average reply time less than 15 minutes). There's been no downtime or other troublesome issues.

I have a reseller account and host several dozen websites. I've worked with many webhosts over the years, and the level of service I've found at PM is really exceptional.

powermonster has exceeded my high expectations and I know I have found a good long-term solution for my reseller hosting needs.

here is my blog on their LA CP server: [url]
here is my business blog on their LA DA server(litespeed): [url]

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Hawkhost.com VPS Review After 4 Months

Oct 26, 2009

This is only a small review of me for hawkhost.com. I had used their Standard VPS for 4 months.

I ordered a vps and got my vps after a hour. Good for me.

First ticket, i asked them for setup lxadmin/kloxo for me and they did it in next two hours. Good for me.

Second ticket, i asked them for setup some php modules for me. They didn't do it for me, but they teach me how to setup it, and everything done. Not bad for me.

This month i had some attack in my site, and i asked them to buy some traffic, and i paid $24 for 200GB ( i think their BW is not cheap ), but addition 200GB is not enough for me, this time are days end of invoice, i asked them to give me 20GB BW free, and they accept. Good for me.

Downtime : I don't get any downtime in 4 month. Excellent

At this time, i've request them for refund because i'm no longer use my vps. I ask them today and my current invoice will expire tomorrow. They accept and they give me refund $18 to my paypal account. Good for me.

And this is my score:

- Service : 10/10

- Support : 9/10

- Price : 8/10

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Review: Echoservers.com [6 Months]

Jan 20, 2009

I've started using echoservers.com about 6 months ago, when I was looking for a VPS solution, and I saw the webmaster of another forum commenting about echoservers.com. It was my first VPS experience.

First, I had some basic questions concerning the service, so I sent a few e-mails to sales@echoservers.com with questions like "Will I get a total access root account" and "What are the backbones you're using", and Jesse Kielhorn answered me prompty to all my questions. Actually, since he answers promptly all the time, I can't guess what time zone he's in because it seems like he's always awake

Then, I tried to subscribe with an unverified PayPal account, but Jesse kindly told me to "PayPal Verify" my account first. Right off the bat, I could see that Jesse was a serious man given his very fast response times, his detailed answers to my technical questions, his strong English communication skills and his client requirements. He's a serious man, and he wants serious clients.

This helped me feel more confident about his service, and I decided to give it a shot with his VPS2 service. Essentially, that was a 300 Gigs bandwidth VPS, with 192 Megs of RAM, 10 gigs of storage, and a dedicated 5 Mbps Internet connection for 9.99$ per month. A very interesting deal for me, since I needed an internet connection that wouldn't slow down randomly like some other cheap shared-hosting providers. I could select any open-source operating system I wanted to install for my VPS, for example Cent OS // Debian // Ubuntu // Fedora.

Once I made my decision to use Debian and the payment was done, Jesse sent me an e-mail with my root credentials, always using the same well written, kind and conforting messages. I started using my new VPS, updated the operating system, changed the port of my SSH account and there it was, running at 5 Mbps, with regular very high speeds.

It's now been 6 months, and the service is up most of the time. When downtimes happened, Jesse kindly told me the reason, and my box was back up in no time. Right now, I'm using a VPS3 and a VPS2 with echoservers.com, and I'm still as happy as I was 6 months ago

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