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Virtual Dedicated Server From GoDaddy Setup ..

I bought a Virtual dedicated server from GoDaddy and I had lots of problems setting up the domain , e-mails, etc..

I'm looking for a hosting service where the team can do all the setup for me.


about 50GB space
500GB/m bandwidth
Full root access (FTP)
No upload file size limit

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What Nameservers Do I Use With My Virtual Dedicated Server On Godaddy
What name servers do I use with my virtual dedicated server on godaddy ? i talked to them on live chat and they replied to read this page [url]

I followed the steps but when i login to control panel at godaddy it doesnt show links which are said in the above topic.

My domain is registered at yahoo domains and i purchased virtual dedicate server hosting at godaddy.

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GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated: Is The Assisted Service Plan Worth It
I am a PHP/MySQL web developer and I want to take on the challenge of administering my own server.

I have Plesk installed on the server, and I imagine I will have command line access to the dedicated server.

What unknown challenges lie ahead for me? What are things to monitor to keep the site running efficiently? What should I be using to connect to the server? What tools are available to help me be more efficient?

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Virtual Server Setup
I've been doing some research and thought why not split the server into a bunch of virtual servers so I can offer both windows and linux hosting.

What is the best option for doing this?

I've come across VMware Server but also noticed centOS has "Virtualization provided by the Xen hypervisor with Virtual Machine Manager"

Assuming I go with splitting the server up, do I create a virtual centOS server and install cPanel on that one or on the main install?

Totally new to virtualization.

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How To Setup A VPS (Virtual Private Server)
I have a dedicated server with iWeb, but due to revenues being cut short, I'm in search for a new host. Possibly a VPS host that isn't expensive or a shared host.

Anyways.. I'm looking for a good host (nothing like the oversellers at Dreamhost) that would work for me.

I'd be hosting some domains-- about 10. Three are majorly active, 1 is moderately active, and the others are hardly active.

I've tried Dreamhost's shared hosting (along with a PS from them) and that night (my first night with them), their servers went down. HostRefugee, tried them, the server couldn't handle the load and was quite slow. (may be due to coding)

So yeah, suggestions? I know how to setup a VPS if needed.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Setup - More Than 10 Day @
1.) Ordered and paid for a new vps on 2009-09-22
2.) 2009-09-25 and 2009-09-30 open tickets to ask why still not setup new vps, but just forward to 'The concerned department and concerned person', vps still not setup
3.) Service still Pending set up

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server Setup
I'm trying to setup a VPN server on windows 2003 standard. It suppose to work like this if configuration is correct: the server will have 20 static public IP addresses, each of my workstations will use one of the 20 IPs to connect to the server, then connect to the internet with the same IP it connects to the server. So if I do a IP lookup, each workstation will show a different public IP but the server will always assign the same IP to the same workstation.

Now all my workstations can connect to the server with any of the IPs I have, and they can surf the internet with no problems at all. However, if I do a IP lookup, every workstation shows the same pubilc IP which is totally not what I wanted. I have searched google and not much useful infor come up. Can any of the experts here help me out?

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How To Setup Virtual Private Server (VPS) On CentOS?
How can I setup VPS's on my new server?, I want something which is free, can anyone give me some software? for centos

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Virtual Private Server Vs Virtual Dedicated Server
I would like to understand what is the difference between VPS and a VDS. I understand they sound the same, however from a cost stand point VPS is way cheaper than VDS, and I am not very sure of the reason.

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GoDaddy Customizable Dedicated Server. Anybody Using Them?
I am planning to buy one of their customized dedicated servers and looking to hear from anybody used/using them.

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Setting Up A Dedicated Server (godaddy)
i just bought a dedicated server from godaddy. I need some help to set up a forum.I did everything as said in the guide but doesn't work.i asked for some help from the godaddy support team but they said that this is outside our realm of support.

im using simple control panel..I added a domain,setuped the dns settings but it still says page cannot be displayed and i couldn't connect through ftp either to upload my site.It has been 4 days now i have bought.

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MX Record In Godaddy Dedicated Server
I have been trying to run my emails accounts from my dedicated server, or just put the emails back to the go daddy secure server net. But I can get this right. Can someone help me? I am using the simple control panel. I went to use a dedicated server because this will give some freedom, but I just realize I may not be ready for this servers yet.

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Dedicated Virtual Server Vs Regular Dedicated
What is the difference between Dedicated Virtual vs Regular Dedicated Server?

Also what are the pros and cons of going with Virtual?

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Virtual Dedicated Server
What is the difference between virtual dedicated server and a dedicated server?

I know that a dedicated server means you have the physical computer as your server whileas virtual dedicated server means that they separate the physical computer into various parts and you have control over one of those separated parts.

But my question is mainly on the functionality of a virtual dedicated server and a dedicated server.

What can you do on a dedicated server that you can't do on a virtual dedicated server?

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Dedicated Or (VPS) Virtual Private Server?
At the moment I run a small membership site. The site mainly consists of creating, downloading a lot of files using fwrite (Based on what the user enters).

Last months stats were just under 30GB of data transferred.

I'm currently with HostGator Business Plan ($12.99/month).

I run a LOT of database connections per minute. I am looking to increase the size of my membership site at which point it will be likely that I am running at least 1 DB connection per second.

Can anyone recommend me a decent priced VPS/Dedicated server for my needs?

The usage will probably be around 50GB/month.

HostGator have shutdown my site a couple times last month due to excessive number of running processes (Limited to 25) so I have decided to leave them.

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Who Is The BEST Virtual Dedicated Server Host
what hosts are considered the best for virtual dedicated servers.

I know about the big names like GoDaddy and Yahoo, but who really has the best service and (importantly) the best price/value?

Heres what I need power-wise: Something that offers 2GB+ of RAM to me, 20GB+ Hard Drive space, and something thats running on Windows. I intend to run 3 e-commerce sites off this, so if you think I need more power please recommend it.

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Running Virtual Dedicated Server On WIN XP
In order to test a web site's performance in conditions close to the planned ones, I would like to run a Virtual Dedicated Server on my desktop Win XP Pro PC (AMD Athlon 3500+, 2Gb RAM).

The most basic approximate parameters for the VDS can be as follows:
- CPU: 400MHz
- RAM: 256 Mb

Guest OS - Linux (e.g. CentOS)

Can someone here recommend me a piece of software (both free and paid) allowing to run a guest system and set the abovementioned limits?

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Splitting Dedicated To Virtual Private Server
Is it a good idea to "Split" my dedicated into a couple of different VPS's?

1. My sites and hosting "Company" site.

2. Customers sites.

Would this be the best? I was thinking of putting the companies site on a separate VPS so that a malicious user can't use php to exploit the billing system. (I know it would be ideal to have 2 dedicated servers, 1 for customers, 1 for company, but that just isn't possible right now).

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Difference Between A Virtual Private Server And A Dedicated Server?
What is the difference between a virtual private server and a dedicated server?

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Dedicated Server Setup
So when you setup a new server, what should I do. I will only be running 1 site for now (vbulletin forum site), should I just install Apache, MySQL, Php, setup the DNS, etc.

Or Should I just Install Plesk, and let that do it.

Most Likely will just be running a 2.53Ghz Core2Duo, 4GB 250GB. I have setup a webserver before just basically though but think I could manage. I think that Plesk would make it easier but would also eat up resources, on the other hand though not having it would use less resources but require more configuration.

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How Would I Setup A Dedicated Server
I want to setup a dedicated within my home based business, what is the easiest and cheapest way to do this, I understand I would need a static Ip address from my Internet provider (is that right?) also Do i need a spare PC to do this or can I run my main PC and still be able to run it when it's switched off?

The reason I want to learn how to do this is:

1. Save on fee's every month

2. Provide more services at low cost to clients

3. Learn more about the hosting business.

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Nameservers In VPS - Domain In Godaddy - Backup - How To Setup?
I just got a VPS plan for the first time where I want to host several new websites. In the past I've used individual accounts to host a couple of other websites and haven't paid much attention to nameserver setup, just configured at my registrar whatever I was given from the hosting service.

So, I got a brand new domain to act as the host of the rest of the domains I'm setting up:

In the VPS I have setup this one as the default domain for nameservers:

Question 1:
- Can I setup and as the nameserververs for ? i.e. nameserver is used for the same domain in which it is named. Even if this is possible, is it a good idea or would it be better to host it somewhere else? When I try to define those as the nameservers in Godaddy I get the error message Nameserver not registered. What am I missing?

Other DNS questions
Question 2:
- If I host my nameservers in my VPS, I will need a separate IP for each one (ns1, ns2...and so on). Can I still use those IP's to actually host websites, or do I need additional IP's to host the actual sites? Any value in keeping each IP dedicated to a nameserver?

For example:
IP#1 = used for ns1
IP#2 = used for ns2
IP#1 = used for website 1
IP#2 = used for website 2

Question 3:
- Are DNS backup services valuable if I host my own nameservers? Any suggestions on good quality providers? Price not an issue.

Question 4:
- If I used DNS backup services for will that apply to and which I used for my VPS? and therefore will be applicable to other domains I host? Does this make sense? Or would I need a separate backup for each domain I host? Can I use one backup for multiple domains?

Question 5:
- What are the drawbacks of hosting multiple sites under the same IP? I control all sites under these IPs

Question 6:
- Can somebody recommend a good resource to learn how IP, DNS, nameservers, etc work? Any book, paid website, video... anything ? While there's a ton of info on the web, all is scattered and none seems to be too detailed enough for somebody starting to learn about this.

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Need A Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Dedicated Server
I'm expected to have around 1000-1500 users at a time after my ad compaign for my site.
currently, my setup is as follows:
guaranteed memory: 256 burstable : 512
disk: 20GB
traffic: 200GB per month
price : 15 dollars a month

I would like to upgrade to :
guaranteed memory: 1GB
which is better ? to go with VPS ? or dedicated server ? which provider do u recommend ? how much am I expected to pay for my required setup ? what about CPU ?

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Creating A Virtual Server On A Dedicated Server
Whats the easiest way to create a private server within a dedicated server running cpanel/WHM/Fantastico?

I need to allow this 'virtual server', to host up to 10 domains, and for them to use their own nameservers, not the ones used on my dedicated server.

I have 2 IPs to spare, but I have no idea on how to do this.

Any help is much appreciated, or if you can guide me on where to get info on this.

i need this new reseller NOT to be identified with my own server (IPs)

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Mail Server - Setup Virtual Mail Boxes
AMD Athlon54 X2 512Kx2 socket AM2 3800

Just completed installing the captioned OS with everything installed except GAME. This is an experiment. slamd64 is now running on the box.

I'm going to setup virtual mail boxes on this server, allowing my friends using the mail server sending and receiving mails. Please advise;

1) how to check whether sendmail is running and configured properly.
2) how to setup virtual mail boxes. Where can I find relevant tutorial.

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How To Setup FreeBSD On Dedicated Server Without KVM
setup FreeBSD 7.2 amd64 on my dedicated server remotely. There is only problem I havnt access to KVM, but I have access to rescue system (linux image loaded into memory of the server, which enables me to perform any actions with help of linux tools on hard drive, it's easy to install any linux distro on the server - just format hdd and load files of OS, but I really dont know how to install FreeBSD by this way).

So, maybe someone can help me? If you have any tools for FreeBSD install or special images of it -

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Dedicated Server - How To Setup CRON
I'm trying to help out a friend with a dedicated server setup however we both don't know too much about it. We've setup apache, perl, sql all the standard stuff but cannot for the life of us setup a CRON job for a particular script.

The dedicated server control panel is: WHM Accelerated.

Our current websites have been setup on the server under the same user account (master).

There doesn't seem to be the usual "CPANEL" options which you usually get with shared hosting however.

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Setup Dedicated Server With 2hdd
I would like to asking help about building dedicated server 2x hdd, i have person who advance in this but i want to get open wider suggestion from you :

1. which one better, "use 1 hdd for data and 1 hdd for backup" or "2 hdd for data and use backup service which is extra money"?

2. I have market already, but for starter is 80gb 2x hdd or 73gb scsi (little bit different in price) still enough until next year. I will expect to have 250Gb/500Gb sata, is it better make these new capacity replace the old one or just added into the box using raid?

3. if it is raid, is it no problem using two different ide/sata hdd and scsi hdd?

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Dedicated Server Setup Time
How long is a acceptable waiting time? just signed up to Dedishack - yesterday, Monday and been told I need to wait till Thursday.

Acceptable waiting time?

Not in a rush and I am not complaining just curious. First time I have had to wait for a dedicated server should be worth the wait though.

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Most Secure Dedicated Web Server Setup
I am seeking a little input from others who use multi-CPU machines with large memory as web servers and mysql servers.

I will be more than happy to give additional information I might have overlooked if you need it. Just ask.

We are starting to run more and more dedicated hosts running joomla applications. I've been trying to find the very best settings for both performance and security that I can for the servers to function well specifically with their joomla applications.

Serves are not used for *anything* else at all.

The servers are strictly used to serve up web pages. No need for anything other than what apache/php, joomla requires and a few other things such as ffmpeg, etc.

I would like to remove all tools which aren't needed for such a server, leaving a bare minimum server which is less susceptible to hacking.

I've never messed with the root account so wonder if I can simply not allow any access as root other than terminal, perhaps not even su by giving another account full root access and of course, while allowing the system to continue to function properly with the many things which must run as root.

I would like to do this on all of my public machines which are of course behind firewalls. I also have load balancers and cache devices in front of the web servers but at this time, they are not activated so aren't in the realm of this question.

Development is done in a separate environment and the data is pushed to the web server via private network to the web servers. This means no need for shared tools, FTP, or anything else which users would need in a shared environment.

The servers are 8-way IBM, running linux and apache, php/APC.
Servers have 32GB of memory and I can install up to 64GB.

Databases are run on separate machines which are also dedicated only to running mysql databases. Same machines as above.

Machines all run multiple network cards bonded as a single IP.

So, my questions are;

How can I best utilize my hardware to take advantage of their memory capacities.

For example, on the web servers, I'd like to find the best settings for httpd.conf which takes advantage of the machines resources.

On MySQL servers, I'd like to do the same as the above, taking the best advantage of the hardware/memory.

For web serving and for joomla, I seek the very best security settings I can possibly get. I say best because since they aren't used by users, there is no need to have a lot of tools and access to these machines so it should not be a problem to tighten these machines up a great deal.

Any input from those who have such experiences would be very welcome as I've been finding no one place for help on this.

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How To Setup A Windows Dedicated Server
I am a good systems administrator but I have never setup a windows web server. Are there any tutorials out on the web that would show me how to do it. Is it true when a dedicated server is purchased the only thing I have to do is transfer the htm or asp files?

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How To Setup/maintain A Shared Or Dedicated Server
I've trawled the sitepoint forums but haven't found anything relating to this subject. I'm hoping someone out there has found themselves in a similar situation.

As a brief summary, I work as a full time web designer for a company but also run my own web design business in my spare time. Within the next year I plan to go freelance which will hopefully leave with some spare time to learn dynamic web design as well as offer clients domain registration and hosting services.

As a web designer, my knowledge of hosting is not that great, but I intend to learn. Currently, I work with a guy who sorts all this out for me. He has a shared server and pays a certain amount per month and charges me £XX a year per client to setup domains and hosting.

I was wondering how much technical skill I need to set this up myself. With so many hosting packages out there, it's hard to know where to start. Should I buy a dedicated server and host my clients at home or go with the safer option and pay monthly for shared hosting?

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Dedicated Server Vs Virtual Dedicated Server ..
I am currently using a shared hosting but due to increasing traffic and server load my existing host is not able to provide reliable services and I am planning to upgrade my hosting service.

While I was searching for Dedicated Servers, I learnt about Virtual Dedicated Servers but I am not very sure about their reliability? Are Virtual Dedicated Servers useful? My website current serves over 2500-3000 visitors a day resulting in 30,000 pageviews and I am expecting the traffic to grow by atleast 2 folds in the next few months as I start some PPC campaigns and Email Marketing for my website. Can a Virtual Dedicated Server cater such needs assuming my website to be more of less dynamic website written in php?

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Dedicated Or Reseller Setup With Virtualization Or Decent Chroot Setup
As my clients' needs expand, they're asking for chroot ssh/sftp setup. I'm currently on a dedicated Linux setup but don't really have the time to set up a whole new box with full virtualization or investigate a full chroot solution (baby on the way), and to be honest it would be less hassle to move to a new provider than worry about down time with sites.

What I'm looking for:

- linux hosting
- hosting for 30+ accounts, some with several domains
- at least 6 IP addresses for SSL certs
- each account in a full chroot environment (ssh/sftp/ftp) so they can't poke around each others' files, or each account set up in a virtual machine setup (ie: openvz)
- maildir
- spamassassin
- php 5, mysql, perl 5.8.8
- suexec apache would be nice

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) Setup In Windows 2003
Is there best way to setup VPN on windows server to access net (PPTP) . I have try few guide that let me login to server using vpn, but can not access th internet.

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Dedicated Host With GoDaddy Performance
We've been using GoDaddy as our dedicated host for about 2 years now. Throughout this time our performance with them has slowed. We have 2 eCommerce websites that receive moderate traffic but not outrageous and a few personal websites for ourselves that get roughly nil. Our entire server uses maybe 60GB of traffic a month as reported by plesk.

A fairly consistent problem we have however is page load time. Our server's CPU load reported by uptime is usually very low in the 0.05-0.15 range even during peak hours. So we doubt that the CPU is the problem. Additionally I have tried saving a static copy of our index page and uploading it to another part of the server and the load time between the static and dynamically generated page appears to be identical.

It appears as though our server allows at max 1-2 connections a time per IP address, or perhaps even globally, to receive data at one time. If I load our index page which is fairly image intensive it takes quite some time for the page to load in. It appears as though 1-2 images at a time are typically loading and that's about the limit. My ping time to the server is usually 50-60ms which really doesn't seem too bad to me, or perhaps I am wrong. If I hop over to a site like Google News however their front page contains probably 50 images and they seem to all load in a matter of moments and my ping to is actually worse than my ping time to my own server.

For the lifting our server does I feel it's fairly beefy even given that it's a machine approaching 2 years old. It's a P4 3GHz w/ HT, 2GB RAM, 120GB RAID1 HD. The machine we had prior from another host was a Duron 1400 (iirc) w/ around 512MB RAM and 60GB HD and it didn't stumble on these tasks the way our server with GoDaddy has - again leading me to believe it's either some configuration option or is it just the quality of the GoDaddy network that is leading to these slow load times or page timeouts all together.

We recently purchased a new server with GoDaddy a few months ago and are preparing to migrate our current server to the new box - however given the worsening problems with load times we are simply considering moving elsewhere if it's not something that can be fixed with a config file or in Plesk.

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Any Experience With Dedicated Hosting? (I Need High Bandwidth)
I'm currently running a vBulletin message board with about 26,000 members. At any given time there are about 200 members actively posting.

Right now, we're on a dedicated server with Ilon hosting, however, my members are still complaining that the site runs VERY slowly when there are lots of members online.

To make matters worse, I want to launch a weekly podcast for them, so I'll need even MORE bandwidth. is offering dedicated server accounts with high bandwidth limits (ie 2000 GB). Does anyone have any experience with them? ...

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Godaddy Grid Hosting Mean Dedicated Servers Are Dead
I was looking at Godaddy's grid servers and it says you can have unlimited concurrent connections:


With dedicated servers if you wanted to have 2 million concurrent users you would need hundreds of dedicated servers in a cluster, but Godaddy grid hosting can do this for $4.99/month:


Of course currently give users unlimited compute cycles so if they start charging it could increase the price but godaddy don't charge for ram. Of course if you needed more bandwidth you can buy more.

Sure, Godaddy grid hosting doesn't allow videos on your server(embed's allowed) but you wanted to have a website that was at the top of digg and worldwide media outlets reported it, Godady grid hosting would be great for this.

So i guess if i had to choose between a dedicated server and godaddy grid hosting for a forum, i would choose grid hosting because i can have unlimited users online at the same time and not have to worry about cpu load.

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Need Dedicated Servers (Download Static Content) 1and1, GoDaddy, ...
Ok, I'm a few lost about which dedicated server to choose.

First, I need 2 dedicated servers. These servers are only to download static content.

Downloadable files are small (50-400k).

I'll use lightweight server.

If there are too many user, I'll buy another server.

I search for excellent uptime, US server and fast download server.

I've visited some popular web hosting but if you know better, lets me know

Price (Root Server): $99
CPU: Single Core AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz
HD: 2 x 160 GB
Bandwidth: 2,000 GB
Bandwidth Cap: 100 Mbps

Price: $68
CPU: Celeron 2.0GHz
HD: 1 x 120GB
Bandwidth: 500GB
Bandwidth Cap: 10-20 Mbps

Also, the price between 1and1 and GoDaddy is $31 but 1and1 give more on cpu, hd, bandwidth(4x), connection...

One of my question is 1and1 offers a average price for dedicated server or GoDaddy spends a part of money with Amanda, Candice and Danica?

Do you have some suggestion for dedicated server or web hosting?

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What Is The Difference Between Virtual And Dedicated
Not sure what is the difference exactly. What is the most preferred hosting for a reseller business? What is the best option for forums and blogs?

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MediaTemple Dedicated-Virtual (VPS), Reviews
I am still in the process of narrowing down and picking a VPS provider for a couple of my higher traffic/resource sites.

As hard as I search, I can't seem to find an honest (aka non-sponsored, non-affiliate) review of MediaTemple's offering. They call it DV instead of VPS, my guess is just to be different.

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Shared Hosting Vs. Virtual Dedicated
let me say that my opinion may not be popular but I am very comfortable as a GoDaddy customer.

I currently have a virtual dedicated server and am a newbie when it comes to linux management.

I am contemplating moving to a shared hosting account since the servers are preconfigured. My concern is slowing down the site.

Our site currently receives 1,700+ visitors per day since it was launched a month ago. We expect this to at least increase to 10,000+ per day.

Does a chart exist to say something like if you have this many visitors then this is what time of hosting account you should have?

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Hostgator Reseller Vs MediaTemple Dedicated-virtual
I have several small websites that I currently host with HostGator without any issues (although I wish customer service was better).

The websites are very small and currently don't require any significant disk space or bandwidth requirements (we currently have less than 10.000 visitors every month).

The problem I currently have is that these websites were all set up in different accounts which are a pain to manage and probably more expensive than required.

We plan to grow both in number of websites and bandwidth capacity requirements in the near future.

I have come to two options: Stay with Hostgator and get a reseller account(<dot>shtml ), or switch to MediaTemple and get a dedicated-virtual account ( http://www.mediatemple<dot>net/webhosting/dv/ ) (I have heard good things about MediaTemple).

Can you guys suggest which option would be better? Or a different one? Below are the characteristics I'm looking at.

Price - As long as itís within market standards according to service I don't mind paying more for a better service. It is important that payment is easy from outside the US. Customer service - fast, effective, available 24x7. Ease of use / reseller - Easy to maintain several independent websites in a single plan. A plus if they have a good reseller setup.

Long term company stability and management - I wouldnít like the company to disappear or be inconsistent in its business practices. I would like to avoid making changes in hosting provider.
Scalability - We shoot to grow and develop additional businesses that require more capacity. Don't want to change later of host provider when this happens.

Security - Known reliability of external attacks and good backup model Known reliability running the latest version of Drupal and Expression Engine.

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What Virtual Software To Use To Manage Many Dedicated Servers
I have heard of virtualization of many dedicated servers. My understanding is that it makes best use of hardware like CPU,bandwidth,RAM etc.

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Media Temple Grid Service Or Dedicated Virtual
how's media temple these days?

In particular the grid service.

Does their service stay up? How often is it down? I heard a lot of horror stories back in the day, and went with another provider.

Sadly, my current provider has had a string of downtime each day and I'm looking to switch.

Before I go with another provider, i want to make sure that MT's grid service is good.
And how it would compare with their dedicated virtual service.

Especially when you consider their dedicated virtual service compared to the gs with a mysql container.

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Great Experience With / Datarealm /
All three are the same company, just different instantiations.

I started with them with the cheapest VPS, upgraded to a bigger VPS and now went to a very affordable dedicated server.

Every request got a reasonable response in a reasonable amount of time (low priority stuff gets ignored on the weekend - urgent stuff gets a response within minutes; and even low priority stuff gets a response pretty darn quickly if posted during business hours).

There was a billing mixup - happens. I sent a support request, and with a couple of emails to get the facts straight the difference was credited back to my paypal account. Not just a credit to my account with them, actual money back.

Pricing is good (look for yourself for VPS and for dedicated servers - don't have enough posts to actually post links or even real addresses, it seems... but I'm sure you can figure the addresses out...).

Even better, when I couldn't find something in my price range on their 'specials' page for dedicated servers I sent them an email, told them what I was looking for and they came back within minutes with exactly that at a rock bottom price that companies with rather bad reputations for their service can't beat.

I'm seriously impressed. If you are looking for hosting, whether VPS or dedicated, take a look. At the end of the day, it's all about the service.

I don't work for them, I don't get any compensation for this post, they didn't ask me to post this. Yadayadayada. I'm just a very happy customer. And that's a good thing.

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How Do I Configure Dedicated IP's On Virtual Machines Running On A CentOS5 Host
How do I configure dedicated IP's on Virtual Machines running on a CentOS5 Host?

I installed VMWare Server 2 almost without a problem using no GUI, I now have the web interface for the VMWS2 and any machine I create and run on it seems to do so without a problem.

The thing is, I can't connect or know how to configure this virtual network so I end up using 2 dedicated IPs on the Virtual Machine.

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Moving From VPS - Choosing Dedicated System Setup
I would really appreciate some advice about changing from a VPS to a dedicated server and getting a good 24/7 server management service

I know I need more Ram than Iíve got now and I know I need a managed server. Beyond that Iím not sure what I need and all the info Iím reading is making me more uncertain and more worried about making the wrong decision.

I moved from shared hosting to VPS a year ago. I have now started to outgrow the VPS.

The VPS has 512 MB Ram, 10% Burstable Resources. The site has been up since the last crash for 78 days but it is maxing out the Ram during the busy parts of the day and has high load averages.

There is one site on the VPS with static HTML pages. Last monthís figures were approximately 186,000 MB of Data transfer and 4,362000 page views. Average of 30,000 visitors per day

I want to add another 4 or 5 sites small sites. Some of those will be XML feed sites. No forums, chat or reselling.

So what to choose?

1.Operating System
CentOS or Fedora Core Linux 6
2.Control Panel
cPanel 11 or Parallels Pro
Single Core or Dual Core
1GB or 2GB
5.Hard Drive
Single with backup, RAID or RAID with backup drive

Server Management Services and Monitoring 24/7
Iím using WebSite Pulse for monitoring at the moment and Iím very happy with them but they donít do server management. I need a company to secure, protect, update and keep the server running 24/7 seem to offer a good service for only $29 per month. Donít know what they are like. They only manage cPanel, donít know if thatís a good thing or a bad thing. Would appreciate other suggestions.

Basically Iíve got to decide do I stick with current hosting service and move to a dedicated server choosing from the options I have listed or move to another hosting service offering managed VPS with more resources like Donít know what Wired Tree is like just read about them in the forum.

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Using GoDaddy SSL With New Server
I have a client who has a ssl cert with godaddy but wants to change his hosting to me because he doesnt like godaddy at all. Can we switch his ssl from godaddy to my server?

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GoDaddy DNS For MX (different Server)
The DNS is hosted on GoDaddy, we have access via Total DNS.

The A records is as follow:
Host: mail
Points to: 209.x.x.x

The MX records:
Priority: 0
Goes to:

The following configuration is busted, it looses the MX entry on dig.

how to edit this properly on GoDaddy's total dns?

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How To Set Subdomain To Other Server, Domain In Godaddy, Server In Outside
i had searching in this forum and in google How to set Subdomain to other server, i had try some of methode but still not working, because i cant set A Name in godaddy, because i use other webhosting outside godaddy

i just have ip address from my other server, i want subdomain to go this ip address, for example

what is your experience in godaddy, how to set Subdomain to other server, please give simple step by step dude

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List Of Dedicated Providers With Private Or Virtual Private Racks
I am currently with the planet and am happy with them, however as part of a new venture I need to gather a list of hosts as well as the planet that will be able to cater to the ventures needs and go to tender with the requirements.

ThePlanet offer something called a virtual rack. This is cheaper than renting a dedicated rack, allows for Gb networking but doesnt not allow for a SAN. Do other providers offer something similar? The cost of putting a machine on the virtual rack is not that much more expensive than just renting the machine. I guess there isn't too much to these set-ups to be fair.

If not, then we are looking for dedicated racks, with the ability to host a SAN at some point, but starting off with say 3 servers (2 web servers, 1 storage server with raid5 6Tb of hdd). These servers will be dealing with network cameras although I don't think that many will be streaming at once but the network capacity does need to be there.

Who's door should I be knocking on to find out some prices?

One final thing, should I bother looking for co-lo providers as well? We are in the Uk but not precious about our host being in the same country at all (it would be nice but uk prices are ££). Really, all we would be able to do with co-lo is buy the hardware outright to save price as we are not interested in looking after the hardware.

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Godaddy Linux Server Response Very Slow
Godaddy linux server respons very slow

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