Transfer All Data Of One Server To Another Server New

Oct 26, 2007

we have one server and take new server today we want transfer all data old server to new server my server is centos and cpanel i don`t want done this work of whm if we transfered /etc and /home is good?

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How To Find The Data Transfer Data In The Server

Feb 20, 2007

How can I find the data transfer rate on the server. I have done ifconfig -a , it
display the amout of data has been received and transfered. I want to see the live data transfer date. Can I able to check it?

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Server To Server Data Transfer

Aug 7, 2008

i wana take a backup of my site but the data is too much and i wana transfer it to another server do any one know about server to server data transfer, without downloading data from server to my pc. and i can upload that data to another server faster.

i have tried but it is expensive too much. can any one suggest me any site like this or it is cheap.

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Heavy Data Transfer From Cpanel Server

Nov 6, 2009

One of my Cpanel servers is showing heavy data transfer this month. In 6 days, it crossed 600 GB data transfer which is equal to what it did last month. Also, all the websites collectively have only consumed around 60 GB data transfer in 6 days. How do I find out what exactly is causing heavy data transfer?

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Transfer Data Between 2 Private Server (linux)

Jul 2, 2009

I have 2 servers connected privately..

The servers have a public and private ip.

For transfer privately bandwidth is not counted.

I wanted to know how to transfer data between 2 private servers?

Also is it possible to have symlink from one server to another (both servers connected privately also).

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Limiting Amount Of Data Transfer On Windows Server

Jun 12, 2008

how to limit the amount of data transfered for a single client in a share hosting scenario using Windows 2003/2008 and NOT using a off-the-shelf control panel.

Within IIS you can limit the number of connections and throttle the transfer rate, but I don't see how to limit the amount of data transferred.

Are the Control Panels monitoring the log files and totaling the amount of data transferred or is there another way to implement data transfer limits?

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How To Transfer Data From Shared Host To Dedicated Server(

Jun 29, 2008

have set up a server at said they will not transfer my data from to my new server.I think it's a bad idea to download all my data from dreamhost to my computer and then upload them to the new server.So,is there any easier way to transfer the data from to my new server at

It seems dreamhost has no SSH and cPanel,but my server has both of them.I heard that I can use the get/mget command to do that,

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Transfer Large Many Files From Server To Server

Oct 23, 2009

In reference to my previous post, i want to tranfer accross 7GB of data, approximatly 80,000 files i believe it is (due to a gallery script).

It's currently on another host (on a webhosting account) which uses their own control panel which has no options but to manage databases, the only way i can see to do this is via FTP but it'll take me days. I've tried using compressing and backup scripts, but the damn execution time on the hosts server is too low to allow the files to be zipped. Are there any ways? Can i login to my VPS via SSH and anyhow pull off the files from the other hosts server?

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How To Transfer Awstats Logs From Old Server To New Server

Oct 7, 2008

We had some issues with old server hence we migrated some websites to another new server from our old server.

We did a backup of all existing webfiles and database from old server and transferred the same to new server, a manual transfer few weeks ago.

However, we were not able to backup our awstats logs for this domains, can someone guide how to transfer awstats from old server to new server?

We cannot perform an automated transfer from old server to new server now, is there some way we can migrate our awstats from old server to new server for this domains?

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Realtime Transfer Of E-mail From Server To Server

Mar 28, 2007

I have a vps (CPANEL)... I would like to have incoming emails for a certain cpanel account transfer to another external server (after coming thru the VPS).

I store my emails on the external server and have more space there.

The reason behind this is:

I have spamassassin on my VPS and would like to run email thru that before it delivers on the external server. I do not have the capability to install spamassassin on the external server.

Is the above possible? How can I accomplish this?

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Server To Server File Transfer

Feb 26, 2009

I have a unique tool to move your files from old host server to a new one because of some reasons.

Find it out later in my post......

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Server To Server Files Transfer

May 27, 2009

Server to Server files transfer. How?

I have a server with lots of files that i need to transfer to another server. I think its called FXP.

Well what do i need to do transfer the files from 1st server to 2nd server without me manually downloading the files and then reuploading?

I own both the servers and i have root access.

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Transfer Error - Server Old To Server New

Oct 24, 2007

I am moving some accounts of a old server to a new server. Accounts of small 1mb transfers normal, but larger accounts with 40mb for example of a bug:

Copying account package file (attempt 1).....0%.. ..17%.. ..33%.. ..48%.. ..66%.. ..84%.. ..100%.. ...Done
Verifying tarball checksum.....Checksum Failed.. The filecopy had a problem!
Expected Checksum [e124bb1277fcb4e3b5b9c9c8568c411c]
Actual Checksum []
Reattempting file copy
Copying account package file (attempt 2).....0%.. ..15%.. ..33%.. ..51%.. ..68%.. ..86%.. ..100%.. ...Done
Verifying tarball checksum.....Checksum Failed.. The filecopy had a problem!
Expected Checksum [e124bb1277fcb4e3b5b9c9c8568c411c]
Actual Checksum []
Reattempting file copy
Multiple copy failures, switching to verbose mode and trying one final attempt.
(verbose) : exec: [/scripts/sshcontrol --ctl scp --authtype password --user root --host --port 22 --direction download --srcfile /root/cpmove-delarte-split/cpmove-delarte.tar.part1 --destfile .]
Copying account package file (attempt 3).....0%.. ..17%.. ..35%.. ..53%.. ..71%.. ..90%.. ..100%.. ...Done
Verifying tarball checksum.....Checksum Failed.. The filecopy had a problem!
Expected Checksum [e124bb1277fcb4e3b5b9c9c8568c411c]
Actual Checksum []
Transfer Error
Unable to copy /root/cpmove-delarte-split/cpmove-delarte.tar.part1 from the remote server.

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Transfer Data From One HDD To Other

Jul 31, 2009

i have a dedi with 2 hdd's (2x160gb)

I need more space so i requested another hdd but they said that the server can only have 2 hdd's.They told me that i can upgrade to a 250gb hdd.(1x160gb,1x250gb).

BUT HOW will the data from the one hdd will be transfered to the other 250gb hdd?

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Bandwidth And Data Transfer

Oct 24, 2008

i came across this

Simply put, bandwidth refers to how much data can be transferred at a time. Data transfer relates to how much data is actually being transferred. Think of it this way: If bandwidth were a bridge, then the bigger the bridge, the more vehicles can pass over it. Data transfer, on the other hand, can be compared to the number of vehicles allowed on the bridge in a given period of time.

and i access to my web host manager
i see there view bandwidth usage link

so it shows usage in percentages....(increases as month passes...)

so if we go by defination, is it really bandwidth they are showing or is it data transfer they are showing to us...?

(bandwidth refers to how much data can be transferred at a time,so it is fixed ...means if 3gb is given ....then it cannot be said 80% of 3gb 3gb should mean any data higher than 3gb cannot pass ...though this site at an instance ...isn't that...)

And why is data transfer not so used term in webhosting if it that important ...means i have not seen many people saying 500gb datatransfer rather than saying 500gb bandwidth...(as it seems completely different from defination...)

From defination,data transfer seems to be more important than bandwidth...

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Data Transfer Speeds

Dec 18, 2008

I have made a small site and i plan to host it with a shared hosting plan.

Since transfer speeds are important to my site, I want to know what are the average data transfer speeds for shared hosting plans?

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Shift Email Accounts Data To One Server To Another Server

Mar 2, 2009

i want to shift my domain to one server to another server and the problem is how can i shift my email accounts data to one server to another server.

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Transferring Large Amounts Of Data From Server To Server

Jan 11, 2007

Recently I changed server providers, so now I'm looking for a way to transfer all the data to my new server. I have a total of 420GBs of files in my secondary HDD that need to be transferred.

The old server is at a 10Mbps line, the new one is at a 100Mbps one. From old server, less than half the pipe is being actively used. So theoretically, I should be able to transfer it all in about a week.

I tried
1) SCP. That was waaay too unreliable. And I couldn't get it to restart from the point left on whenever the transfer stopped (like when the servers were restarted).

2) Transfer using a web script. Way too slow, got to about 35GBs, total would take like 2 months.

Is there any other, reliable way of transferring data from server to server?

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