Seedbox Business

Apr 14, 2009

To start I would like to point out that I am expressing my personal opinion and not my company's, although my experience comes from there.

In the last 2-3 months, we noticed an important increase of really hungry customers forcing us to upgrade our infrastructure almost weekly. While this is fun it is also very expensive and requires a lot of prefinancing; something that shouldn't be taken for granted these days. Most of these hungry customers are no doubt seedboxers and they consume an average of 75-85 MBIT/s on a so called unmetered 100 MBIT Port. All of this is fine for me, but I really start wondering what other professionals in this business think of these customers and how they control their bandwidth usage? OVH seems to be pretty clear about this: the more servers you get into your account, the less speed you get per server unless you pay for the pro SLA. I find it interesting, but I doubt that anybody who wants to run a seedbox is actually going to pay a few hundred bucks just to get bandwidth for something that may or may not generate some (legal?) revenue.

Just to ensure those who are following this and might be customers of us: No, we are not going to kick you out! I just want a discussion and get some point of views from others who have been facing the same issue before we actually did.

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Where To Get Seedbox?

Dec 7, 2008

I am interested to get a seedbox,the hosting companies say they will give like 300 Gb BW.What does that mean?

download + upload BW = 300 Gb?


download BW = 300 Gb and upload BW = 300 Gb

Secondly they have suppose 100Mbps line,how much download and upload speed will i get?

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Setting Up A Seedbox

Apr 4, 2009

I got a dedicated server with the following specs:

cpanel with unlimited domains and centos
2 x 750 gb

I want to create seedboxes on the server with 100 gb each. Each having ftp access, vnc access and utorrent with individual ip's assigned to each.

Though 6 of these boxes goes to the co-owners i would like to resell the reaming for which i was advised to install WHMCS.

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Seedbox Recommendations

Dec 28, 2008

What VPS Hosting company and what plan do you recommend for the use of a seedbox?

I know many of us use a VPS as a seedbox so don't deny it

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Seedbox Or Dedicated Server

Jan 4, 2009

I would like to rent a seebox or a dedicated server but I'm not sure. I'm in a private tracker so I need to increase my ratio. I am from the US. I know that with a seedbox you cannot install programs but with a dedicated server you can do almost everything you do in home computer. Is it hard to set up a dedicated server ?

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Building A SeedBox With A $35,000 USD Budget

Oct 17, 2009

building a SeedBox with a $35,000 USD Budget

how to build one of these bad boys. While staying under my budget.

I want to build a top of the line SeedBox that can handle 100 users. I need help on what kind of software and hardware I need with prices. I want this to be able to hold a 10Gbits line. (Or 10 1Gbits lines) And security stuff I need like firewall or virus scanner stuff. And Back-Up type stuff like in case of a HD Crash. And how to get 100 different IP addresses.

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[Review] Seedbox

Dec 26, 2008

This is my first review at WHT so I am going to try and keep this as short and simple as possible.

I am reviewing the seedbox service provided by [url]

The various packages can be found at [url]


[Excuse the spaces but I need a certain amount of posts before I can post links]

The rating will be provided by looking at the following points,

Obtrix started their seedboxes with a 1gbit port, currently they are out of 1gbit(which will be coming soon though) so they use 100mbit ports. The speeds are great, you can expect atleast 2-6mbit download/upload speeds during peak times, off-peak is much faster. You can make sure to seed back more than a 100% before you finish new torrents. The download speed from their ftp server always maxed out my home connection(1mbit). As far as it goes it does not get better than this.

The prices start from 12.25 usd (2.50usd setup + 9.95usd package). The setup fees could be cut down by paying quarterly or semi-annually. Using coupons you can cut down the price even further to test obtrix out. The coupon "onetimetorrent" gives you as much as a 50% one time discount, which gets the price down to 6.23usd. Now 6.23usd for 10GB Hard, 500GB Bandwidth and 3 active torrents, this is the best deal you will ever find. Lets say you are done testing it and go for the cheapest seedbox package by paying semi-annually(40usd), you could use another coupon(seed4life) which gives you a 20% discount for life. This lowers the amount to 32usd for 6 months. So each month costs you a mere 5.33usd. I am pretty sure there is nothing which comes up this far.

I did not expect much from obtrix for support but I was overwhelmed by their support. I did not receive the login details after I paid so I opened a support ticket and within a few minutes I got a response and the details were sent to me. I had used the one time discount coupon and I was very happy with what I had, so I was going to pay semi-annually. I asked for an opinion and refunded my full payment and my login was still active, I paid the semi-annual amount with the 20% discount coupon and it was almost a steal.

All in all obtrix is the best seedbox I have tested to date, if you are going for one I would suggest obtrix to you for its complete A+ service.

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Zone.NET Going Out Of Business

Feb 10, 2009

I have multiple valleywag friends who have gone with Zone.NET for server hosting. I decided to do the same a few weeks back and use them as well. I never got my IP and server info and called customer support. No kidding... been 9 days and Level 1 support kees saying someone will get back to me.

So today I call them and ask them if they are going out of biz because customer support is impossible bad, and he basically said yes!!! Wish they would have told me that upfront.

Anyway, wasted a few weeks with them. Now my cohorts and I are on the lookout for some new hosting companies. All recs welcome

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Aug 15, 2008

We have been with for a few months now & have been having lots of issues with emails bouncing, web sites unavailable, very slow, support staff who ignore requests for help etc. etc. etc.

I have posted about them in these forums before.

For the last day the web site they host for us has been "missing", we cant login to cpanel, we have emailed they via the address on there page & got no reply but this is typical, they have our money and dont seem to care!

We paid for 12 months hosting in advance

Does anyone know whats happening with them, I rang the TIO Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman & they cant help with hosting companies.

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How To Start A VPN Business

Aug 11, 2008

My goal is to offer US, German, and Singapore/HK VPNs. What steps must be taken to achieve this?

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Business Process

May 13, 2008

I'd like to put up here a base question which I hope some will have the goodwill to answer even though it might touch some business secrecies.

We're a gameserver hoster since around ten years, running also vserver products since over two years now. Renting a few Racks in Europe since some time we're a bit in a question mark how rootserver companies deal with the initial hardware costs for every new customer.

Rackspace and today specially power costs are huge cash eaters here in Europe. Dedicated Rootservers are huge space & power consumers per customer ratio. The initial Hw costs for every new rootserver customer might be covered after 4-6 months (if the machine has to be bought newly), adding the bandwidth and power costs it might take up to 8-9 months until a benefit might come in.

Is this the business normality in the rootserver market (waiting 9 months for any benefit, or counting only on the benefit of the 2nd customer using the older Hw), or are the better ways to handle those "initial" costs or keep them affordably low?

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Is Vortech Still In Business

Oct 5, 2008

Is anyone experiencing no communication from Vortech?

We have a Dell PowerEdge server co-located in a Vortech rack at Colo-Solutions in Orlando. We lost communication with the server 11 days ago, at 13:00 hours 24 Sept 2008. Dan (WHT user Danlvortech) at Vortech, said it was a failed switch and they were working on it.

Nine days ago at 17:00 hours on 26 Sept the network issue was still not fixed and all phone lines into Vortech were not working. We raised ticket requesting release of the server. Vortech billed us another month and agreed to release the ticket. Since then, we have had no contact from Vortech except closure of the original 'No Connection' ticket.

We have written to their CEO Brad Pugh, he does not reply. We try their phone lines every day, the calls are answered by the answering menu, but fail to forward to any department.

Dan and the other guys in Vortech Support do not respond to tickets relating to this matter.

We don't know where the server is!

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with Vortech?

Does anyone know of any way to make contact with Vortech?

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Launching Business

Mar 24, 2008

I'm starting a small web hosting/voice chat business. As I'm looking through sites with dedicated servers, I really don't have a clue as to the resource requirements of hosting multiple websites and a few teamspeak/ventrilo servers. What would you recommend I start out with in terms of hardware on a dedicated server?

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Webhosting And Business

Aug 27, 2008

I am doing SEO and Web designing business for past few years.The main problem I faced in my business is with webhosting.

First I bought shared hosting from some less reputed for cheap rates.But they scam me.

Second I bought a VPS, but they don't work or propagate in all areas.

So now I am going to take a well reputed company to host my sites.

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Dec 26, 2007

Seems their page is up and they take orders, but my site is down for about a month. Emails to their support also get an error message that their smtp server isn't working.

They have been limping along for the last year with the server i'm on with almost full disk space all the time.

They also never updated cpanel. Cheap, but the quality was low.

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Business Of Peering

Jan 14, 2007

How does peering work from the business angle? Say company X has bought a Gb port at an exchange, and wants to peer with other folks peering there. What are the folks typically going to expect from X before they'll peer with it? What are the
characteristics of X that would make folks willing/unwilling to peer? I've no idea what the relative importance of things would becontent (desirable, undesirable) WAN Network. (Does one have to have one?) technical cluefulnessBrand Qualities of the potential peer. It's hard to figure out the realpolitik of it all just by understanding the tech (BGP, etc.) and .

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1and1 Business Package 1

Jul 12, 2008

What do you think of as they are now? I know recently they've had a blotched time, but have they improved?

I need a UK host and they have reasonable prices.

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Wrapping Up Business At KnownHost

Apr 30, 2008

So, I no longer required my VPS at Knownhost. Stopping service was a snap. Sent an email off to billing, no questions asked. Done.
So? Why would I post this? I just wanted to state that my whole experience with Knownhost has been TOP OF THE LINE, the whole way. Support was always responsive, the service/downtime notifications were a snap via rss, I have NOTHING to complain about. Hell they even sent me a Christmas card :-)

So, what proof do I offer? I utilize a 3rd party Uptime service to historically log outages on various servers, let's look at the downtime report for the KnownHost VPS: ...

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Online Advertising Business

Nov 3, 2009

i'm starting an online advertising business and I'm looking for some kind of site-builder that facilitates web directory sites. Not just textual links.. but whole listings.. picture, menu, stuff like that, a google map to show location.. a proximity search feature.. anyone know of any site builders that have built-in templates to facilitate this? I suppose it's possible to pick a regular site builder with an ordinary template and start from scratch.. but it seems easier the other way.

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Business Email Hosting

Jun 2, 2009

I work for a company who is wanting to provide email accounts for about 300 users. There doesn't need to be any bells or whistles, only the ability to send and receive email. In fact, there probably won't be an enormous amount of activity on the accounts, though it could grow in time.

I'm a newbie at this and am unaware of all the available options. My first thought was to consider web hosting.

It seems like there are a hundred companies out there offering unlimited mailboxes for shared web hosting accounts. After some investigation, I saw that alot of these companies limit the sent emails to 250 an hour. This seems too low for comfort.

I started looking at VPS and Dedicated Servers and they seem to be a little more reasonable. Most of these hosting companies offered some type of squirrel mail or imp client, which would work fine.

Am I heading down the right track using a VPS or Dedicated Server at a company like inmotion? Did I misunderstand the 250 per hour limit? Could a shared hosting plan work comfortably for 300 active email accounts?

I've heard Exchange and Google Apps are popular, but after a cursory glance, they seem quite expensive for our needs (but maybe someone can explain why they are worth a closer look).

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Running A Forex VPS Business

Oct 16, 2009

currently trying to start an IT business with my college friends.

Meanwhile, I am trying to start a personal business to make start-up money and gain experience.

And I have decided to start a Forex VPS business in Japan.

Forex or FX is gaining popularity here in Japan, and also Forex bots to trade autopilot.
But unlike US, there is no VPS to run Forex bots for 24/7.

I am imagining to start a Forex VPS similar to ForexVPS or

I am in need of some advices on how to start such a VPS.

I am no programmer or technician, but I am willing to study and learn.

It would be great if I can get some information about what I need to prepare/purchase, what software I need, etc.

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How To Start A Forex VPS Business

May 12, 2009

I have been a Forexer for some time now.

I have used Meta Trader 4 and VPS combo to create a 24/7 Autopilot Cash Machine.

I thought it would be great if I can use the money that I earned to start a VPS service for Forex in my country.

What do I need in order to get started?

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CRM Application For Hosting Business

May 23, 2009

any one using CRM Application to manage their hosting business.. like sugarcrm, salesforce, vtiger, oracle siebel, zoho crm..

if you are using crm, what type of benefits you will get?? how it helps you to grow?

im not talking about helpdesk softwares like whmcs, kayako..

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E-commerce Business Hosting

Dec 10, 2008

I have searched a couple of threads but haven't got exactly, what I was looking for,
We are an e-commerce business in UK,

Our website was hosted on shared hosting now we want to move to another good server, the current server is just fine and was provided free by developers,

we are having about 3000 Uniques per day and running oscommerce.

We are looking for UK based company,

Please recommend, what package will be good for us,

VPS, Dedicated server or Shared hosting?

and also please suggest good hosting companies?

I talked to but they are a bit expensive for us,

we are looking to get the same quality with less cost.

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How To Open A Web Host Business

Oct 13, 2008

directoin of recources about opening a web host company. and i dont mean reseller i mean like buying your own computers and everything. this is for the future i am going to start with a reseller program.

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Small Business Web Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

I just joined this forum because I want to let as many people as possible know about a horrible experience that I had with my last small business web hosting company: LogicWeb.

Then I would love to hear other people's horror stories about companies they hate and praises about companies they like.

Let me just say that I had originally signed up with another company that was bought by LogicWeb. I had their VPS package and the biggest problem was the customer service which used to be good under the other company. Run into a little problem, send them an email and have to wait three days for a response. A response that generally said something like "we don't cover that."

So, anyhow, I found another small business web hosting company and then tried to cancel with LogicWeb. Sent them email after email and I was still getting billed. Finally, I found their cancellation form buried on their site and submitted a cancellation with a note stating that I had sent several emails trying to cancel.

A couple of weeks later, I get another bill in my email box so I decide to call them up. I'm on the phone with a guy and tell him that I have been trying to cancel for three months and the first thing he says is, "I don't think you're being honest."

"What?" I say not believing that that could be the first thing he says to me. "I think you're lying."

"Well, I'm not lying and I resent this conversation so far."

"Well, you are lying. It's only been two months since you stopped using our system."

"So, because I'm off by one month, you call me a liar?"

"Yes, because liars lie!"

I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that any small business web hosting service would call their client a liar even if they were lying. So, I made a mistake and got pissed and cursed!

"I can't believe you're calling me a ****ing liar! I've never ever been called a liar before. Let me speak to your supervisor!"

"Well, I'm the owner and I'm recording this conversation and if you're going to use foul language with me then I'll just report you to my collections department!"

I say, "Let me get this straight. You say that I'm lying and call me a liar, something no business person should ever do to a client, and just because I say '****ing' because I'm insulted, you're pissed at me? Well, if you are going to hang up on me then let me just finish with this... you are a ****ing *******!"

I don't know how much worse a business owner can act with a customer and I highly recommend avoiding LogicWeb since they are the worst small business web hosting around.

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Premium Business Web Hosting

Aug 6, 2008

Does anyone know of a premium business web host? I'm looking for shared linux hosting, but not from some unreliable "budget" provider. I was considering MediaTemple, but discovered that they aren't very reliable after reading many reviews. Now the only provider left on my list is LiquidWeb. Does anyone else have any good ideas?

- Must be under $40/month (that's a lot for shared hosting)
- I don't need that much space or bandwidth (at LEAST 3-5 GB space and 150GB bandwidth) <- Scratch that, at least 60GB bandwidth

View 15 Replies View Related Worst Business Experience

Aug 13, 2008

Please don't even consider Dh2. The price seems good doesn't it? If holding data, and domain names hostage is what you want to pay $90. a year for then by all means go for it. They take money, and suspend any access to your servers. They reply with form letters, that in no way address billing errors, or trouble you may be having. I am now locked out of my servers, almmost a dozen e mails later, nothing! All my data GONE! NONE of there contact info is real. All fake numbers, and no current addresses. If you have the same experiences with File a complaint with the BBB. Challenge any credit card activity, and please post your experiences here. I would like to put together a class action suit against this scummy company. They are good at one thing, and that's theft. Theft of data, theft of domain names, etc. etc. Taking your credit card payment and ending all communications. Let everyone know DH2.NET IS A SCAM!

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Colocation Reseller Business

Jan 18, 2008

I just realized I have one additional mouth to feed in the family. So I asked my boss if I could host the company's server at home for extra money for diapers and formula. The answer is "negative". So I asked if I could start a business aside and hosts the server.

The answer is "not SOX compliance" since I am the employee. With that in mind, I am curious how this "reseller" business work. The company that hosts our server charges $500/month for 1/4 rack space, 1mbit bandwidth. We got 2 public ip addresses. One firewall and one for static mapping. Everytime I called them and want to visit the site, they escort me to the data center. Also, they are being escorted to the cage with me by DC staff.

I'm the SA for the company and I manage our infrastructures from desktop/server, phone systems, cluster active/active sql, SAN, etc... I setup VPN, domain controllers, email... I am familiar with LAN corp environment. However, I do not understand how this reseller colocation business works. It seems very "easy" but I am sure no such thing is easy when you run a business and stay in business.

I'm new at this site and see so much information how to start your business plan to details on technical info from other posts. I have two potential former employers who would want to host their servers with me.

With that in mind, I would like to know if you help identify a few things. Basically, I think I need to find a DC that allows me to rent 1/2 or 1 rack. Then maybe a 10 mbit speed to the internet. I dont' know how much this will cost. Then, some equipment that I could shape or limit the bandwidth of each client. I don't want them to use the full 10mbit to the internet. Basically, being able to restrict the 1mbit just like the colocation business that hosts our server. Also, if i could find more customers, then what kind of equipment I need. I talked with Cisco Sales Reps and he recommended a PIX ASA5010.

I'm not planning to do any webhosting. Just host servers and manage and IT consulting. I would like each client has its own public IP address so I could do vpn tunnel for them.

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Small Business Hosting ...

Feb 2, 2008

It is looking like I am going to have to leave IX hosting. They have a bandwidth problem on my shared server that they cannot seem to solve. I am experiencing slow loading & slow interactive features. Ping times can exceed 500ms during peak hours EST. I have run tracerts that show them specifically that the bottleneck is between thier server and quest-comm and they still cant seem to get a handle on it. This has been going on for a month and I have given them till tuesday.

So, this leaves me to prepare to move my clients' sites UGH! My parameters are somewhat unique which makes it a little tougher to pick a new host. My clients sites are all small local business sites ranging from 5 to 60 pages. I need very little storage space and I use very little bandwidth. However, I do need unlimited domains, ASP support and I really like IX's web shell feature. I will also be doing some e-commerce in the near futures.

I am spending a paltry 7.95 per month with IX. I may spend as much as $20 per month for the right service. Beyond my afformentioned specific requirments, I want a host that is established, proven reliable, in the states, has their own real bricks and mortar facility and a stellar reputation with the experienced web guys.

I have contacted a few that I have seen mentioned here but many dont support ASP and many require a dedicated server deal to host unlimited domains, which of course, is outside my cost requirements.

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Webhost For Small Business

Aug 12, 2008

I'm setting up a small webshop.

Selling more to vintage bike parts and appreals.

I'm base in Singapore. Most of my customers from US and UK.

I need a reliable trustworthy webhost that can make my site payment methods by Enets which i dont really understand their policy and paypal (which i know that almost all virtual webhost do support) .

I had been doing a nice host hunting and here are too many webhost offers that are "too good to be true".

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