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SSH Tricks In Exim To Remove Email Queue

[1] Removing Bad Mail

for i in `exiqgrep -i -f nobody`; do exim -Mrm $i; done >> Removes Nobody Mail

for i in `exiqgrep -i -o 259200`; do exim -Mrm $i; done >> Removes Mail Older than 3 Days

for i in `exiqgrep -i -f "^<>$"`; do exim -Mrm $i; done >> Removes Mail with Weird Characters (Spam)

[2] Delete Mail by a Domain

for i in `exiqgrep -i -f`; do exim -Mrm $i; done

[3] Delete Mail for a Domain

for i in `exiqgrep -i -r`; do exim -Mrm $i; done

[4] Remove Whole Mail Queue

for i in `exiqgrep -i -f `; do exim -Mrm $i; done

[5] Run Mail Queue

runq -qqff&

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Email Queue :: Exim Delivery Queue Size Currently Has 3000 Emails
I get an alert that The exim delivery queue size currently has 3000 emails in it waiting to be processed.

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Exim - How To Remove Rbl Lists From Exim.conf
I am having issues in receieving emails. For some reason, the rbl lists I had setup are causing the server to reject emails (retry - timeout). So, I need to take this rbl list completely. How can I do that? exim.conf is locked and using the advanced editor is no fun even though I tried it putting the dnslists without the rbl causing the problem.

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Exim Queue Not ... Running
This feels like an unusually newbie question for me, but... I think my exim queue isn't running. I was born and raised on qmail :-)

I discovered on a relatively new server that the message queue was backed up nearly a month with messages. Fortunately it wasn't a crazy amount, some were double-bounces, and with the help of exiqgrep I got it caught up manually in about a day on and off.

But today it's obvious messages that fail the first time (ex: greylisted) NEVER get retried. Is this a missing cron job? Or command-line param for exim? I would think a relatively stock cPanel install wouldn't suffer from this but... where do I start checking?

/usr/sbin/exim -bd -oX 587

2008-03-09 04:02:15 exim 4.68 daemon started: pid=13511, no queue runs, listening for SMTP on port 25 (IPv4) port 587 (IPv4) []:10025
I mean, that seems fairly obvious right there, but I want to make sure I fix it the right way... in case this is merely a checkbox in cPanel or something...

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Per Minute In Exim Mail Queue
I get dozens of these per minute in exim mail queue


mailnull 47 12
1198027383 0
-ident mailnull
-received_protocol local
-body_linecount 33
-max_received_linelength 115

154P Received: from mailnull by with local (Exim 4.68)
id 1J4neJ-0001DS-Ns
for; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:23:03 -0600
038 X-Failed-Recipients:
029 Auto-Submitted: auto-replied
063F From: Mail Delivery System <>
029T To:
059 Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
052I Message-Id: <>
038 Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:23:03 -0600

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
host []: 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.7.1)

------ This is a copy of the message, including all the headers. ------

Return-path: <>
Received: from root by with local (Exim 4.68)
(envelope-from <>)
id 1J4neI-0001D9-4I
for; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:23:02 -0600
Subject: Services(2) failed
Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:23:02 -0600

Following services are down:


Do not reply to this!
For further details please contact your provider!

Then I get this also


root 0 0
1198027562 0
-ident root
-received_protocol local
-body_linecount 13
-max_received_linelength 77
-auth_id root

194P Received: from root by with local (Exim 4.68)
(envelope-from <>)
id 1J4nhC-0001Kn-2T
for; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:26:02 -0600
025* From: root (Cron Daemon)
045F From: (Cron Daemon)
009* To: root
029T To:
077 Subject: Cron <root@server> lynx --dump [url]
028 X-Cron-Env: <SHELL=/bin/sh>
025 X-Cron-Env: <HOME=/root>
033 X-Cron-Env: <PATH=/usr/bin:/bin>
027 X-Cron-Env: <LOGNAME=root>
024 X-Cron-Env: <USER=root>
052I Message-Id: <>
038 Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 19:26:02 -0600

Not Found

The requested URL /agent/cron.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an
ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Apache/2.2.6 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.6 OpenSSL/0.9.7a mod_auth_passthrough/2.1
mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_jk/1.2.25 PHP/5.2.5 Server at Port 80

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Exim Mail Queue Soaked
2gigs ram
cpanel whm

Anyway after complaints of "mail not being sent" I looked at a few things, found over 25,000 messages stuck in the queue. The messages no being sent thing is yahoo blocking me because of too many mails sent to their servers without a valid recipient.

When I empty the queue it gathers about 200 mails an hour. Looks like it is coming from all over the world and they are using a valid ip from one of the domains hosted for sending.

Bear with me I was reselling for years and this is my first real dedicated server.

Reverse DNS is set up. I need a couple clues.

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Exim Mail Queue - Server Crashes
Today my server started to go off-line and each time i restarted it went down within couple minutes. So i looked into it and found that i had over 7000 emails in Exim Mail Queue. All of them are spam. I deleted them through WHM and now everything seems good again but....

My question is how can i check what caused this problem? Has one of my domains been compromised with and sending out spam? What can i do?

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How To Clear Exim Queue Mails Through Cron
I have been seeing so many exim mail queue on server. I would like to clear for every one hour throuh crontab entry. So that I have used following script to run.

file path : /root/


exim -bpu |awk '{print $3}'|xargs exim -Mrm

crontab entry:

0 * * * * /bin/bash /root/

but the crontab is running every 1 hour but no mails cleared. Please guide to work this.

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Exim Mail Queue - Lots Of Emails
1) What would you guys say is average in terms of the # of emails in the Mail Queue?

2) What steps can be taken to tighten it up? If I start with a clean slate, it only takes about a week or less for my mail queue to reach 1000 or more. Most of it seems like junk mail.

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Exim Mail Queue Filling Up With Bounces
In my Exim mail queue, there are around 33,000 messages, all of which appear to be "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" messages.

The reason for these bounces is because spam is being continuously sent to non-existent addresses on my domain.

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Can I Delete A Locked Message On Exim Queue
can it be done? because a dumb customer sent an email with like 500 recipients... and its stucked on the queue. So i wanna delete it... but when i go to Mail queue manager (i use WHM) i got this:

Message 1KRTsr-0006tc-F6 is locked

So what can i do? should i just sit and wait until its "unlocked"?

can i kill any process? i already tried restarting exim... but its still there... and btw the size of that message is of about 500 mb >.<

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Delete Certain Mails Form Exim Queue
can I delete certain emails from mail queue manager in SSH?

for example we have many emails for trying to send to and I would like delete this emails.

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Exim In Cpanel :: 2000 Mails In Queue Everyday
We have running exim mail service in cpanel web server. Exim consumed some CPU% memory and lots of threads are opening. More than 2000 mails in queue everyday. How can we optimize the exim mail service?

top - 06:33:12 up 23:12, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.08, 0.08

4777 mailnull 15 0 1 0:00.02 0.2 9324 3936 2680 S exim
1809 mailnull 16 0 0 0:00.09 0.1 8192 1156 808 S exim
1815 mailnull 24 0 0 0:00.00 0.1 8428 1100 764 S exim
4779 mailnull 16 0 0 0:00.00 0.0 8200 684 336 S exim

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How Can Remove Exim And Setup Qmail
is it possible for remove Exim and setup Qmail on server that have cPanel?

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Exim Filter - Remove Headers
i have cpanel 11 with exim 4.6

i would like to be able to remove certain headers with the exim filter.

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Setting Up Cron Job To Kill Exim Mail Queue
how to setup hourly cronjob to kill exim mail queues on the cpanel server?

I know this question may sounds a little tedious as I have tried to find an answer to this but still have no clue yet.

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Exim Mail Queue Getting Stuck & Not Receiving Emails
my Exim mail outgoing queue is getting stuck and i cannot receive emails. Under WHM i have 50 odd emails, some 7 days old.

A small dump from /var/log/exim-mainlog is below:

2007-11-19 04:40:45 H=(H) [] sender verify defer for <>: could not connect to []: Connection timed out
2007-11-19 04:40:45 H=(H) [] F=<> temporarily rejected RCPT <>: Could not complete sender verify callout
2007-11-19 04:40:45 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from (H) []
2007-11-19 04:40:51 no IP address found for host (during SMTP connection from [])
2007-11-19 04:40:57 no IP address found for host (during SMTP connection from [])
2007-11-19 04:41:01 no IP address found for host (during SMTP connection from [])
2007-11-19 04:41:04 no IP address found for host (during SMTP connection from [])
2007-11-19 04:41:43 no host name found for IP address
2007-11-19 04:41:49 1ItxNu-0007E6-4s [] Connection timed out
2007-11-19 04:41:49 1ItxNu-0007E6-4s == <> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out
2007-11-19 04:41:49 1ItxNu-0007E6-4s == <> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out
2007-11-19 04:41:49 1ItxNu-0007E6-4s == <> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out
2007-11-19 04:42:29 H=( [] sender verify defer for <>: Could not complete sender verify callout
2007-11-19 04:42:29 H=( [] F=<> temporarily rejected RCPT <>: Could not complete sender verify callout
2007-11-19 04:42:29 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from ( []

Everything was fine until about 7 days ago, i dont know why the config didnt change but since then its been dropping received emails and queueing on sends.

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Clear Messages From Queue By Subject Line - SSH
Due to spammer activity, I find myself with 20,000 messages in the queue and I'd really like to remove those emails from the queue as it is causing delays to good messages.

Can you give me the SSH command to remove messages by subject line please?

I have already used
exim -bpru|grep frozen|awk {'print $3'}|xargs exim -Mrm
exiqgrep -i -f '<>' | xargs exim -Mrm
exim -bpu |awk '/nobody/ {print $3} ' |xargs exim -Mrm

But there are still 11,000 messages left in the queue.
The spammer messages have the following subject lines:

Online Banking Account Is Locked !
Online Banking has been locked

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Cron/ssh To Remove Folders Older Than X Days
I'm trying to write a cron/ssh to remove recursive folders in a "data" folder that is older than X days.

I've been able to remove files, but not folders.

This is the code I have so far, but if someone can point out how to remove folders older than X days, that'd be great ........

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How Can I View The Email Queue?
How can I view the email que? I have no control panel using CentOS5

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Too Many Email In Mail Queue Manager
under server with WHM:

We have a customer that send newsletter from server

newsletter is managed with cron that send max X email any 10 minutes, delay any X email for X seconds..

We haven't any problem in the past

But now 20% or more of the emails go on mail queu manager and is not send..

mail server queue runs any 30 minutes but more emails is in the queue stay there x more than 1 hour?

IF we try to delivery with "delivery now" all emails is correctly send.. no error report..

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How To Remove Hosting Account, Domain And User By SSH In My Cpanel Server?
Currently I have 1 user hosting crash in my cpanel server.

I fail to restore and terminate or recreate his account in whm.

May I know what is the steps to remove and clean the hosting account in ssh?

I user /script/killacct but fail. So, i need manualy to delete user, hositng account and his mysql database in ssh, mode.

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Email To Queue Then Bad Mail Folder
i am having a one issue, that in my server 2003 i was installed the cdonts dll. whole configuration is fine and port number 17 is also responding to the esmtp service. But when i am testing a email from the asp or any script it always send the email to queue then bad mail folder.

I have done all the configurations correctly..

data center is softlayer.

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How Do I Remove My ISP IP From Email And Only Use My Server IP
The way Exim is setup on Cpanel/Centos is that it adds the origination IP and server IP address that the email is relayed through.

Because many RBL's flag Verizon and Comcast ISP IP's as spam sources; it causes my email relayed through my server to be rejected. Note: My server IP is not on any RBL for spam or abuse.

Is there a way to edit Exim to only use the server IP adddress that I relay through?

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Cheap Tricks From Shared Hosts
This thread [url] is a perfect example of how some shared web hosts act to sell. This one might not be posted from someone who plays for the web host but it illustrates a shameless promotional model.

You just need to hire 10 dudes to give them a blog or small web site and "some orders" to post threads about your business. They get paid per result (paid per sale made) Nothing wrong if those guys go to promote in "advertising and requests" sections. But they come to flood sections where we're comming to meet each other, to talk and share some knowledge and information.

Forums like SitePoint were the first quality social networks. They came out many years before anyone knew what Web 2.0 was? Let's not allow good communities to be conquered by adv posts.

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Remove SSH " History "
How would I go about removing the History when using SSH?

View Replies!   View Related Bad Tricks To Dismiss Clients.
I only shouting my bad feelings with you, since i was started.

Because one of your support is bad, like unprofessional to deal with clients.

I know 'm not the only one who experiencing about this cases in your services.


Originally Posted by mikef374

Is that the only reasons they have given you? How can a server always need maintenance when it's down?

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Capture Email Sent Though Exim
Is there anyway to capture emails sent using SMPT with exim? I need to find a way to monitor outbound email traffic, along with the subject, message, etc.

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Not Receiving Email After Exim 4 Restart
I made a change to one file in /etc/exim4/virtuals - all I did was to add a new line in a file like this:

mailbox: tony

Saved it and then did a

/etc/init.d/exim4 reload

All of sudden, all of my emails has stopped working!

I sent a test email to my address, never received it...

I looked at mainlog - nothing is being added to it.

Same with rejectlog

What am I missing?

Server is Ubuntu and this is a decidated server.

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Exim - Easy Email Redirections
I going to develope website which allow users to register their anonymous email address.

Lets call that domain

so, user is able to register address: and he provides us his valid email, lets say

From now, we want to redirect all emails sent to to

Is there any easy and fast method to add such redirection into Exim (or any other MTA)?

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I Just Wanna Check My Email! [Exim Lockfile Q]
I just want to check my email. Unfortunately, my connection dropped while I was downloading mail and now exim wants me to wait for the previous open connection to timeout.

So where is the exim lock file stored by default? I just want to delete it and access my email NOW!

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[exim] How To Redirect Email To Php Script
i have exim mail server + SpamAssassin + mail scanner.

i want to redirect a copy of all incoming mail to php script, or how i can save the emails in to mysql database not on hdd.

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Exim Mail Server Failing To Send Email
Just started to have problems sending emails out but no problem receiving.

Seems to be a exim problem.. tried updating it but the problem still exist but everytime I restart exim then it works for a few hours before the problem comes back.

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Exim Keeps Sending Thousands Of Messages To Non-valid Email.
For the last 5 days, exim has been retrying to resend email to a recipent every
1 millisecond.

As result, logs are huge, and load is being affected.

So I'd like to know how can I set/configure exim to ingore sending to any
email I'd tell it.

I mean is there any config file I can look into, to set a ignore list, or even
how to have it so that it retries sending every 1 hour, instead of every 1 millisecond.

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Remove Empty Folders And Remove From A Db
ive got a site which auto creates subdomains and installs a script automaticly and inserts details into a mysql db. i have had some issues recent so have loads (talking 100s) of folders that are empty which i need to remove, and to remove the details of said folder from db also. any ideas how i can do this, using plesk control panel so removing the subdomain via plesk cli may be the best way in that respect but the db is external to plesk so that would not be edited

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How To Change An Email Password From SSH
I was using Direct Admin Panel, now expired!

How can we change an email password from - 'root' user?

I know we can change main domain email password by 'passwd user'. But how to change other emails with that domain?

They are surely located in /etc/vitual/domain/password , but in hashed format.

How to change via command line?

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Adding Email Accounts Via SSH
With GoDaddy VPS Hosting, how can I add email accounts via SSH? I thought it was simply creating new users, but that doesn't work.

Nov 13 10:47:04 ip-72-167-123-181 imap[32128]: badlogin: [] plaintext mr SASL(-13): user not found: checkpass failed

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How To Change Email Password From Ssh
I am just a newbie with linux and ssh.I know that we can control the server with ssh. SSH is faster and more secure than Web control.I need your help about with ssh:How to change the email password?How to add email address?How to disable/remove email address?How to forward email?Pleaser help me with one or more question above.My Server installed with Centos 4.4 with Cpanel 10.Thank you so much in advance.Longpt

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Log SSH Session To Email Or File
if it's possible to log all ssh commands to a file by session. For example, if I log in as user 'test123', once I close the session, all commands I ran will be saved to a file and either emailed to my server logs email address or saved to a file.

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Disabling SSH Root Access But Enabling SSH Keys How To Do That
in order to secure my server against instrusion, i disabled ssh root login and created a user for myself. however in order to access the user i need to enable SSH Password authentication

I dont enable password authentication all the time and i keep it disabled unless i need to do something via ssh.

Now my question will be, is there a way to keep the user i created and keep the root login disabled and password authentication disabled but use ssh keys for the user i created?

I was informed that if i opt to login to ssh via the user i created, the only way to do that is to enable password authentication as it cannot work with ssh keys. is this true?

I really hope someone can help me how to use the user i created together with ssh keys so i dont have to enable password authentication when loggin to ssh

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Ssh After Entering The Password Of Ssh It Shows Me The Errors.
Tere was a folder in /home/virtfs and I delete this folder and now when I try tologin to ssh after entering the password of ssh it shows me the below errors.

-bash: id: command not found
-bash: [: =: unary operator expected
-bash: id: command not found
-bash: dircolors: command not found
-bash: tr: command not found
-bash: id: command not found
-bash: [: =: unary operator expected
-bash: whoami: command not found
grep: /var/cpanel/users/: Permission denied
-bash: mesg: command not found
-bash: dircolors: command not found
sshadmin@XXX [~]# su -

and in service status in whm the memory used is 100% but the sites are working.

and root@XXX [/]# top
-bash: top: command not found
root@XXX [/]#

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How To Change Ssh Server Name On Ssh Software
when i ssh my server and it always shows ip of the server on the left,

it is as my attaching file shows,

i want to ask how can i change it to my server name?

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Mail Queue
I wonder if is it possible to clean Queue for specific client on my box. For example: "if queue for specific email is too long clear it".

Got sendmail, spamassasin, spamdyke, plesk

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Plesk Qmail Queue
Might be a weird question, but I have a test server setup with a single domain name and I am trying to figure out an easy way to get a bunch of emails to stay in the queue, anyone have an idea?

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Qmail Queue Not Processed
I can receive e-mails from another server, as well as another domain on this server. I can send e-mails to another domain on this server, but anything out to another server, gets stuck in the queue. I am using Plesk 7.0.2

Plesk Queue info shows:
Messages in queue: 0 not preprocessed, 0 local, 630 remote, 630 total.

In the maillog, I see " deferral: Sorry,_I_wasn't_able_to_establish_an_SMTP_connecti
after an outbound e-mail.


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Mail Stuck In Queue
Getting alot of these on one domain, two email accounts (quota nearly 0 used out of 50MB)

2007-02-08 19:26:17 1HFKWm-0008Rw-0a => <> F=<> P=<> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp S=17049 []:25 X=TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256 CV=no DN="/ SERVICES/OU=CORPORATE SERVICES/CN=USHOUXCF01.sendingdomain.COM" C="250 +OK message queued for delivery." QT=1s DT=1s

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Mail Queue Manager
I notice that in my WHM Mail Queue Manager I get a few emails pointing to something that looks like this:


Everyone looks like this,
1FnPkc-0000rR-VQ 516 22h Delete Deliver Now

and also some emails going to root about backup etc.

I don't have any email addresses set in the "Change System Mail Preferences" options, I left it blank. Should I set a valid email address or is there any way to stop these emails being sent in the first place?

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Mail Queue - How To Access On Plesk
Recently, I keep getting an email from my dedicated server company (godaddy, plesk 8.2 windows) that I've reached my daily limit of 1000 emails when I only send like 20-40 a day max.

So I want to take a look at whats going on, what emails have been sent/received and are still in queue?

Can can I access my mail queue using Plesk? And then how can I delete them?

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Qmail Vpopmail Queue Issue
Not by choice but I got a machine running qmail with vpopmail on it. The queue on this thing is ridiculously long and doesn't seem to be getting any smaller due to the large amounts of spam sent to several domains under it.

Most of the spam is coming in the form of ect. So I figured rather than bounce the mail back to these non existent addresses rather go the route of /dev/null. Now for qmail you'd just do # but seems for vpopmail that does not work.

So my .qmail-default have the following currently:

/usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /dev/null

Unfortunately it still sends mail back to the user who sent the mail but it sends it was delivered to /dev/null.

So any suggestions on to get that working and ways to manage this queue a heck of a lot better?

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Qmail Hi-load And Large Queue
here is my problem.. i am running qmail on a plesk control panel. my load average around 15.. when i quit qmail it drops below 1.. when i clear out the queue it drops below 1, then it slowly starts rising back to 15.. i ignored my queue for a little while and it stacked up to 26k in the local queue and 1k in the local queue. overnight it builds up to 2k in the local queue and 12 in the remote.. i thought a php script was exploited so i tracked down every script using the mail function that i thought might be doing it and disabled them. i noticed some difference but the queue is still building up rapidly.. i also altered the /usr/sbin/sendmail so it will log all mail sent and that doesn't pose a problem as only 10 emails have been sent via /usr/sbin/sendmail in the last 24 hours. i also tested my server for open relays via and it passed the open relay tests. what else could be happening? all the email in the queue is spam.. where is it coming from? some is being sent to users on the server and some is not.. i am at a total loss right now, and really need to get this problem solved. thanks for any help.....

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Where To Check Mail Queue In CPanel?
where to check mail-queue in cPanel ??

my friend has an vps and he has some trouble sending mail to 1 particular host such as hotmail, all the remaining hosts the mails are sent, but only to tht particular mail host the mails are not sent regularly, some times they recv it some times they don't

checked webmail, couldn't see any failed/bounced mail mail msg, so not sure why this is happening, so I want to check the mail-queue for him to check the status of tht particular host, if I could try to sort them out directly with the mail server for him.

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Clearing Incoming Mail Queue
I had this spam problem on my server. Some perl scripts uploaded to /tmp folder were generating lots of spam email. We stopped sendmail, cleaned the server from all the bugs and erased all the messages in /var/spool/mqueue. Yet when I start sendmail again I begin receiving lots of autoresponders and returned emails. Where are those incoming mails located? In which queue?

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Mail Queue High Load
My VPS load high because of much mails in mail queue. And when I mails it gone to normal. Is there any script which delete mails in queue in every hour or any other solution for this?

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I Keep Seeing Spam Emails In My Mail Queue
I contacted the guys who I pay to watch over my linux Cpanel server and I do not think they know how to fix the problem. When I look in my mail queue manager in WHM I always see these spam type emails. I also see that my site IP gets blacklisted on:


I delist and then it appears again a couple of days later. My server is only used to send emails such as registrations and user notifications that they have subscribed to. Could anyone please tell me how to get rid of the spam?

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