Multiple Server Accessing Files

Mar 28, 2009

I have one server right now and will be adding a second server in the next 4-5 months. In the meantime I've upgraded the coding in my community site to act as if there is already two servers. has all the php files, and a separate HD for mysql db only, [url] has all the user images and videos.

This problem I'm having right now is the permission to delete files from [url]via [url]

What I've Tried:

vsFTPd - it has a small footprint but its not reliable, needed to be restarted a few times while testing on the beta site.

usermod - this is messy, changing chmods, owners, grps... etc I tried all of that but still had problems getting the Mainsite to be part of the group without having to change all the chmods and grps.

NFS mount - haven't tried yet...

Does anyone run a multiple server site? My sites pretty big been around for 4yrs, and i've upgraded servers 3 times since then.

If i can't get this to work right my final option would be to continue to upgrade to a new server each year, everytime a bigger and faster server setup becomes available.

Current server Dual Xeon 5310 4gb, 3 x 146gb scsi/sas. The server is doing fine with this setup. But with the new site uprade and features it's going to top things out. I can keep throwing ram on the server and move mysql off site.

The site has little over 1mil users with about 60-70% of them being active daily...

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Redoing A Website- Accessing Files

Sep 29, 2009

I am redoing a website that is currently being hosted by some shady company that is completely unreachable. I have the ftp server info and password, and I am trying to get on using FileZilla, however there must be something incorrect because it is not letting me access the site.

Is there anyway I can host this website using the same current domain, even though it is already being hosted by this other horrible company? The person I am doing the site for has been trying to contact the company for months to cancel hosting, but they are not responding.

For example, if the company was, and I have created a new site for them which I have on my own webserver, how do I access so that the website I made will now be at that domain?

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Accessing Files Through Port #2082

Apr 25, 2009

Where should I put the files that I don't want them to use server's frontend (public) php.ini configuration instead of the backend copy located at /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/php.ini?

In other words, I want to access the files through [url]

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Apache :: Forbidden 403s When Accessing Files / Pages On Mounted Device

Nov 18, 2014

So I have a script running on my apache that catalogs pictures and clips. All the actual video files are located on a separate drive which is mounted in to a folder in my site. I've set apache as the owner and have the correct permissions on the mounted folder but I'm getting Forbidden errors accessing files even when on html file in the mounted folder.

I know it's a permissions issue at the disk or mounting level. The way I mount is by using this command:

mount -t ext4 /dev/sdc /var/www/html/media

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How Do You Untar Multiple .tar.gz Files?

Feb 19, 2008

I am getting really frustrated in my attempts to automatically uncompress a bunch of .tar.gz files within a directory.

I was told to try tar -xvzf $i;from within the directory containing the tarred files, but all that returned was errors.

Even a google search hasn't turned up info that a newbie like me can understand.

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Uploading Multiple Files

Mar 19, 2008

I want to install a script (a simple wordpress blog)on my website but now i'm just astonished at how many files I have to upload on my server's directory! Uploading those files one by one will take forever. Is there a way to upload multiple files all at once?

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Change Multiple Files

Dec 10, 2007

im sure ive asked this before but i cant seem to find my old post via search. i have just moved to a new server and i need to change the ip addresses in my dns on the new server (have copied the zones from old one ) to replace my old servers ip with my new servers so that when i change my nameservers the newserver handles serving the site.

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Move Multiple Files

Mar 1, 2007

i have a few directorys on my server which have something in the region of 200+ subdirectorys containing 1 or 2 files. im wondering if anyone knows how to move all the files in the subdirs into the main directory without me going into each folder and doing it by hand

servers running centos 4

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Moving Files From Multiple Subfolders

Apr 6, 2008

i have a lot of files in about 100-200 subfolders and im wondering if anyone has a script i can run to move the files from the subfolders (mostly .zip files) to the root folder then extract the zips (which wil normally result in a .rar file) then extract that file and leave the extracted files in the same folder so i can easily access them, the folders/files are old backups of one of my computers that i need to get data out of. i have access to linux and windows systems whichever is easiest

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Multiple Large Core Files

May 20, 2007

Just noticed quite a few large Core. files within one of our websites (within a sub folder of public_html). Anyone knwo what these are and how they got there?

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Apache :: Multiple Readme Files?

Mar 7, 2014

I very much like the "readme.txt" that Apache appends to the directory listings. That is, when a browser GETs a directory, the text in that file is put underneath the list of files therein.

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Auto-upload Updates/files To Multiple Accounts

Oct 29, 2009

We're managing a CMS script which we offer as a hosted solution / leased script. This means we have several accounts on our server, one pr. client/script user. They all run the same script software and occasionally we have to upgrade the script on these sites. Until now this is being done manually.

Connect with FTP -> upload new files -> Done.

This is very easy work but takes annoyingly much time due to FTP needing to set up connections, switching accounts, etc.. and if you have 100s or 1000s of accounts this know..

The question is now, how can this be done easier? I was hoping that it would be possible to do this automated somehow (we have root access to our server).

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: How To Change Permissions For Multiple Files At Once

Sep 9, 2013

How can I change permissions of a lot of files through plesk file manager without selecting one by one?

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Accessing Our Server From Some Locations

Apr 20, 2009

Few months back we migrated to a new server (Layered tech Savvis to Databank)

All has been running smoothly, better than before the move.

Over the last week we have had reports from a few clients in various locations across australia and a few in the uk that they can not access the server.

The DNS is resolving correctly for them and traceroutes have not proven anything.

Layered tech have not been real helpful, eventually they put me onto their network department who ran a global test which came back as the server being accessible from everywhere.

The problem appears to be intermittent

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Accessing My Server From The Internet

Jul 28, 2008

when I install apache on my machine I can open up port 80 on the router and allow outside access.

But, now here is the issue.

I have a p4 server which connects via ethernet to my apple mac. My apple mac connects to the internet via wireless. My apple mac has web sharing activated so the server can access the web. The server has OpenBSD 4.3 installed without X.

What I want to do is get my server online.

It's IP is, my macs IP is In the router configuration how would I set it up? Would the router see

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Accessing PHP.ini On A Dedicated Server

Jan 10, 2007

I'm using a dedicated server for the first time and I want to access the PHP.ini file so that I can set up the mail() function and also enable error reporting.

However, all access has to be done remotely through a KVM console and I'm unsure what I need to do in order to get to the file that I want.

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Block All IP Addresses Except One From Accessing Server.

Jan 28, 2007

The subject pretty much says it all. A simple implementation / reversal is what we are looking for.

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Remotely Accessing Testing Server - How

Mar 31, 2007

id like to set up apache on a spare pc i have lying around, for local dev. id like to stick it in the back of a closet (no screen, kb or mouse) but im wondering how i can best access it from my main computers. is there some kind of decent and preferably free remote desktop application that can be used for this?

i know i can access the xampp installation via the ip address, but inevitably ill also have to access whatever OS i decide to install on it (xp or ubuntu)

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DNS Migration: People Still Accessing The Old Server After 4 Days

Apr 3, 2007

I migrated my server on friday, and I changed the IP address of my DNS. There are still a few customers accessing the old server. What can I do? Is it possible to flush some persistent DNS cache somewhere?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Multiple Email Certificates For Multiple Domains?

Nov 11, 2014

I have two domains as virtual hosts on same IP address.

I am getting certificate error for the second domain when I try to check email (using MS Outlook). I can't permanently "accept" certificate, it complains again and again. Certuficate I created and self signed for, but the second email server is, so it complains.

How do I set separate email certificates for two domains? Is it possible at all?

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Remote Spamassian With Multiple Mail Server (Smartermail Server)

May 12, 2009

Remote Spamassassin for Multiple Smartermail Server

I want to setup Remote Spamassassin(On Linux) for Multiple Smartermail servers. I want to the setup the spamassassin on a linux box

How i can setup this with multiple smartermail servers.

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Apache :: Multiple Error Codes For Multiple Pages

Nov 9, 2012

Depending on where u are at on my site (documents pages, training, main root, etc.) will depend on which type of background, footer, header and the like you'll get. Now I was thinking. Is there a way to have multiple error messages for more then one page depending on where you are at on a site? Right now it's intranet site and a modded snitz forum. What is the code and were does it go and in which apache conf file(s) does it go in?

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Accessing PHPMyadmin

Aug 12, 2009

I am using plesk and created one database from my control panel and also created a user to

access the database. Now my concern is how can I access phymyadmin. Is it possible to access

PHPMyadmin from Plesk? Or is there any other way to manage my database?

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Accessing Windows Box

Mar 8, 2007

For my centos box I use PuTTY and that allows me to get into the server and make any changes I need. I am looking at getting a second server, this one a Windows 2003 machine and I was wondering how you mange those servers remotely. Is it done using command line or is their a gui app to connect to it remotely? Can I install something like pcAnywhere on it or is there something web server specific?

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Nov 25, 2008

I noticed in apache access log most of ip belong to and it access to hostname domain.( idea why is that happening?I realy dont see sense in that.

Here is one example:255-6-0/0/30. 0.0012112900.00.000.57 / HTTP/1.0

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Accessing MySQL Remotely

Jun 12, 2008

I'm wanting to access one of my MySQL db's on my VPS (WHM/cPanel).

Specifically, I want to connect to the db from Excel and pull down certain data live.

I've set up my IP address for remote access in cPanel.

I've done this before on my old shared hosting account, where the hostname for the db was [url]

But under WHM/cPanel, the only hostname used for MySQL is 'localhost', which doesn't work when trying to connect remotely.

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Accessing A Red Hat Box Without The Root Login

Jan 23, 2008

We have an internal server running Red Hat 8 or 9 that was taken offline at least 18 months ago. The guy who set up the box is long gone. Unfortunately with him went the root password. It wasn't a big deal until we realized there is some code we do want to get off of that box now that may be useful in a future project. In particular the database structure for one project. Is there any way to get access to this data or is it just lost?

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Accessing Shared Folders

Jul 1, 2008

I have server which all files and folders are stored on. Now there are a couple of folders which are only accessible by one machine at present and all the other machines when they access the folder it is displayed as empty. I have checked all permisions and all machines viewing of files settings are the same and folders accessible by all machines have the same settings as the couple which are only accessible from this one machine.

If I copy and paste the folder all machines then have access to the folder from although this would be a lengthy exercise for the full hard drive.

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Accessing MySQL From Other Hosts

Jan 1, 2007

I have a mySQL db on Host A and I want to be able to access its data from Host A/B/C/D/E.


1. If I have your typical reseller account with WHM and CPanel, would I just use localhost for each site on Host A or would I only use localhost for the domain it is on? (Assume and is on the same reseller account, and the db phpmyadmin is at

2. For Host B/C/D/E, how would I let them have access to the mySQL db on Host A? Do I just add them to the Access Hosts section of the Database Manager section of CPanel? Would that involve putting each IP address in there or its nameserver or what? Would a wildcard be useful here?

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