Migrating LxAdmin To New VPS

Aug 26, 2008

Anyone know the correct way to do this? I've been on here looking at a few threads and on lxlabs forum but my solution can't be resolved. I'm sure its something easy.

Here goes,

I'm migrating from an lxadmin VPS to another lxadmin VPS.

The problem I have is that my IP's for the HOME>DNS TEMPLATE and HOME>IP ADDRESSES are the same as my old VPS.

Now I can change the IP in the DNS template, however under HOME>DNS TEMPLAES>CREATE NEW it doesn't have my NEW VPS IP's listed in the drop-down menu. I read somewhere in an LxAdmin tutorial to update LxAdmin to get your current IP's assoicated with your new VPS. I did this and nothing changed.

In addition to the DNS Templates not being correct, In HOME>IP ADDRESSES it also lists the same OLD VPS IP's. Saw a thread in LxLabs forum with someone that had the same problem. Their help stated to just change the IP ADDRESS to your new one. I would do that but there is no option to allow me to ADD a new IP. Again i'm in HOME>IP ADDRESSES here.

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Migrating From Lxadmin To Cpanel

Jan 5, 2009

I am going to migrate my current vps using lxadmin to a new vps that runs cpanel. IS there a quick and easy way to migrate?

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Kloxo Vs LxAdmin ? (The New Face Of Lxadmin)

May 11, 2009

I rebuilt my VPS (again) today and noticed something different. Instead of the usual "Install LxAdmin" icon in HyperVM I read "Install Kloxo."

I looked at the demo and everything looked the same. Has anyone noticed any definite differences between the two? Has anything significant changed apart from the name?

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Migrating VPS From Virtuozzo To Xen

Sep 24, 2008

Has anyone migrated a windows vps from Virtuozzo to Xen before? How?

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Migrating From Godaddy

May 21, 2009

I was wondering, since I know their are tools to automate transfering services from one cpanel server to another, is there any automated one to transfer from godaddy to another host? Im refering to all my files, mysql database, ssl, etc. All but the name servers? Its from a linux godaddy

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LT Migrating Out Of Savvis

Jul 30, 2009

I have 2 servers on LT SAVVIS data center (through Server4Sale).

Today I received mails from them that LT is migrating out of Savvis and so my servers need to be transported/built(!) at the DataBank facility. And the server IPs will get changed.

If the servers requires a build, that will mean ill have to configure/reinstall everything again. Thats apart from moving the client accounts from the old server.

Anyone else received the notice from LT?

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Migrating Servers

Apr 7, 2008

Where trying to migrate customers on one of our server to another one, We lowered our TTL on our domain and ns a couple of weeks ago and managed to switch our main site over instantly will our clients experiance any downtime?,

What will be the best method for moving the sites over, i know whm has a built in transfer section, but this seems to fail for us as we have minimul disk space left

I read in another post about creating a cluster between the serer how will this help?

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Name Server After Migrating

Jun 6, 2008

I am in the process (or my server manager is) of migrating my server from one provider to another. Once all the files have been migrated and everything is "set" on the new server, what do I need to do with respect to the name servers? I currently have 2 name servers NS1.Mymainwebsite.com and NS2.Mymainwebsite.com. Each registered with an IP address from my current server host. Once I migrate, do I only need to re-register the name servers under my main website with their new IPs? Or does every person with a web site domain on my server need to "re-register" the IP address of the name servers.

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Migrating To New CPanel Box

Jul 5, 2008

We are migrating all of our users from one box to another. We were planning on changing the TTL settings in DNS so the move would be a little more transparent to the users but we can't seem to find a option to change the TTL for all of the accounts on the box.

Is there an option to do this? If not, is there a better way to handle this?

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Migrating To New Server WHM

Feb 22, 2008

I'm currently running various sites on a single server but cause the requirements are no longer satisfied by the current configuration i started renting a more powerful server in a different provider. Both servers are running CPANEL/WHM. I have migrated sites from WHM servers before but the problem i had was having to update all domains to point to the dns servers of the new server - which is harder than it sounds when the sites (and domains) belong to clients. Is is possible to move to the new server without having to update the domain registrars?

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Migrating A Add-on Domain

May 19, 2007

Basically I have one website hosted (add-on domain) on a shared server. Now this domain has to moved to another server on its own. I have no doubt backing up the database from the current server and restoring it but is there an easy way to move the website, mailbox contents? Both servers are cPanel plans, I would just use copy account in WHM if it was not an add-on domain.

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Migrating Packages

Mar 16, 2007

am moving to a new VPS (replacement) and know there's some way to copy over the list of packages to the new server. the whm migrate tool does not copy the actual packages. i recall somewhere on these forums where a user had mentioned some file that could be transferred to the new server which contains all the package data?

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Migrating Webalizer

Aug 8, 2007

I'm running into some troubles moving my Webalizer installation. I want to keep all my stats, so what I did was to copy all the files to my new host, checked permissions as well.

Each website outputs their logs to a separate log file, and that log file is pointed to in the respective webalizer.conf.

My problem is that when I try to run webalizer -c /path to conf file/ it tells me that it found x new records (good!), but then it ignores all of them. Every single time it'll tell me it found so and so many records, and says, "(number of new records) ignored".

So I'm not sure what I've missed in the config, and why it can't update.

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Migrating Domains Without Any Downtime

Apr 8, 2009

to migrate domains to another server with zero downtime. There is a panel (but its webminish) and I have full root access to everything so this will be a hands on job.

The thread I recalled seeing was about someone hosting shoutcast servers and they wanted to migrate and there was a way they did this without any downtime.

I can't remember the details but it had a way to redirect all traffic to the new machines. This would be great, as I also want to direct all traffic including mails (not just HTTP).

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Migrating From 1&1 Shared - Best Option

Aug 18, 2008

I'm fed up with the overloaded 1&1 shared hosting, looking into VPS now as I'm finally getting serious about one of my sites.

I tried offloading scripts and images to amazon s3, which helps a bit, but any sort of php application processing is painful.

Admittedly, I haven't implemented caching at all yet and my query count is definitely bad but even so load times seems excessive as the site isn't getting any real use yet, just me testing (and I will make heavy use of caching for all entry points in the near near future).

My must-have:


-2 seperate MySQL databases


-fast initial response time on loads

-unlimited subdomains would be nice

Don't really care about the control panel as long as it does what I need. I'm fine with command line and managing myself... looking for a cheap option that will allow me to grow to a medium sized site before I consider a full dedicated option.

Also, don't need an outrageous amount of bandwidth as I'm using S3 for css,js,images, and video right now.

I will be running two domains on this site... one is the actual site and one is a single sign on gateway that won't put too much load on the cpu but needs to serve up pages in timely fashion.

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Migrating A Website From GoDaddy

Apr 2, 2008

has anyone here ever had a problem migrating sites with databases / forums from godaddy shared hosting to your services and had somewhat of a nightmare or a nightmare the whole way through

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Migrating Windows VPSes

Dec 4, 2008

I've got a few Windows Server 2003 VPSes on a Xen 3.2 VPS. DomU disk storage is in LVM.

I'd like to move them to a different server running Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2.

Anyone have any idea how to migrate the DomUs?

I have full root/Administrator access to all the boxes in question.

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Migrating Zero Downtime Tutorial

Mar 18, 2008

Ive looked for a long time now trying to find the perfect tutorial to migrate my clients (on cPanel) to my VPS without downtime. Every tutorial i found doesnt tell you how to make it so you dont have any downtime at all.

I know you can point the DNS from the old server to the new server by editing it through cpanel but i have more than 100 clients and it would be DAMN annoying to edit every single one of them one by one. Is there a faster way? Anyone have a tutorial that i can follow?

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Migrating From Workgroup To Domain

Feb 28, 2008

I'm considering migrating our shared web hosting environment from a workgroup based environment to a domain environment. Right now all machines are basically running IIS + .net 1.1 or 2.0 or PHP5. FTP is done using windows ftp and Local System Accounts are being used for FTP users. Just wondering if anyone has done this in an environment with 4 or more machines and MSSQL running SQL server auth.

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Wordpress Issues After Migrating To Knownhost VPS

Nov 1, 2009

Knownhost provide free migration until unless cpanel matches and I was using dreamhost who are using custom panel and from here the whole fiasco started.

I had to do the migration myself and everything went fine.. but few problem which started here as I was not aware of the permission.

I installed Cpanel from the WHM and done the migration..

I'm facing few little problem and I will appreciate if someone can give me a helping hand here with this problems and tips.

1. Wordpress pLugin Installtion : I can't install plugin directly from my wordpress dashbaord. It's asking for host information (FTP), but I would like to be like what i had it in previous host. I know issue is with the permission but I don't know how to resolve it. If you can give your 2 cents here and keep in mind I'm a newbie with server stuff so proper steps will be much appreciated, or I have to open a support ticket to Knownhost, what should I ask them to do.
This is what I can see here "To perform the requested action, connection information is required."

2. WHM optimization : From my understanding any system when installed is a raw system, either be a computer, server or wordpress and we have to optimize it. So What do I need to do to optimize the performance of my server (WHM) and hardening the security.

3. Cpanel Security and Optimization : I have create a cpanel and Same questions for cpanel, anything I need to do to optimize the cpanel in terms of security and performance.

I will appreciate any information here as it will be helpful for me and I'm sure for other newbies like me.

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Migrating Server :: Both Servers Have WHM/CPanel

Sep 13, 2008

I want to migrate my old server to a new more powerful one. There is only one board running on the server.

Both servers have WHM/CPanel and I've been told it would make things easier.

I have a few questions about server migration :

- Is it possible to avoid downtime ?

- If I leave my board on the old server active, is it possible not to lose data ?(posts and topics)

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Migrating Cpanel Account To Its Owner

Oct 31, 2008

I am getting problem while migrating cpanel a/c to its owener

I am using master reseller a/c and once I lost control over few cpanel a/c when the my Hosting firm migrate to another IP address.

Now I want to get back to these cpanel a/c in major a/c But it failed..is there another method to get back...

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Apache :: Migrating Server / Host

Apr 4, 2014

Our business website [URL] .... needs to switch hosts and I am researching exactly what I will need to keep in mind for doing so.

Current host: hostonfiber.com (managed)

Migrating to: GoDaddy (managed, Dedicated linux based server)
OS: Linux CentOS 64-BitCPU: Intel® Core™ i5 - 4 coresRAM: 8 GBStorage: 2 x 1 TB hard drivesBandwidth: 10 TB per month

I have never switched servers before and would like to make certain there are no issues or downtime with the migration process.

Before I get started I am looking to compile a comprehensive checklist or order of operations so to speak, things I will need to keep in mind, technical info I will need to gather and processes I will need to fulfill in order to make certain the website functions as it should for all applications.

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Plesk Automation :: Migrating From IIS Environment

May 28, 2014

The migration tool allows only migration from other Parallels environments. What is the best way to migrate from an IIS environment. I'm assuming the API can be used to simply create webspace subscriptions and set the resource limits, right?

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Migrating To Another Server (whm).. Any Companies Offer That Service

Jun 5, 2008

We are thinking of upgrading servers soon and had bad experience in the past while migrating servers. Are there any professional companies out there that can do the job ?

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Migrating A Mail Domain From Imail To Merak.

Jul 20, 2007

to switch my mail server from Imail to Merak.

Is there any option available using which I can migrate my existing users to Merak?

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Migrating From A Dedicated Server To A Reseller Account

Jul 30, 2007

I have a dedicated server which I need to migrate all sites to a reseller account on a different host.
It comes down to 6 sites that I must not lose any emails.

On the source server, I have full access to it. It's CentOS, WHM, cPanel, etc. On the destination reseller account (downtownhost), I have access to WHM, and individual cPanel. But I can't see any transfer or restore options on the WHM, though on the individual cPanel account, I see a restore option which states:


This feature allows you to restore parts of your cPanel by uploading your partial backup zip file(s) that you downloaded from the backup feature.

The following can be restored:

* Home Directory
* MySQL Databases
* Email forwarders configuration
* Email filters configuration

My plan is so far:

1) Generate a full backup for each site on the source server.

2) Create the accounts on the destination reseller account. (Is it possible before I update the IP of the nameserver to point to the new server?)

3) Restore the sites with this wizard I mentioned above in each cPanel.

4) Change the nameserver host IP to the new server.

5) Hold my fingers and bless every living creature for a smooth move.

if I could do this any better, trying not to lose any emails in the process.

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