LiteSpeed Ent. Over Apache

May 18, 2008

We run a quite intensive web and found some performance tests about LiteSpeed Ent. Our site is Apache + PHP driven. Is it worth to pay for LiteSpeed Ent ? Is the performance increase really significant?

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LiteSpeed Vs Apache

Jul 17, 2009

Anyone happen to know the difference between the two and whether or not I'll notice the difference between them?

For example, many, many, many, many moons ago, in a far away land, there used to be a difference between Windows and Linux for perl scripts. In fact, if you couldn't re-write half the script, some of them just didn't work right on a windows host.

Are there any differences like that between lightspeed and apache, or is it all pretty much the same and doesn't really matter?

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LiteSpeed -> Apache

Jul 12, 2009

I no longer have the funds for a LSWS lic, so I need to move to Apache. I run CPanel and need help in configuring Apache to be able to take 120 requests/sec and no crap out.

I've never worked with Apache since been using LiteSpeed for over 2 years, so I need some advice on how to set it up, compile, configure, ect...

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Apache Vs Litespeed

Oct 8, 2009

I started a thread last night to get some opinions as I am trying to find a new host & now am coming up with another question... Apache vs Litespeed. A cpanel is important to me, which I am not sure is possible with Litespeed & a highly rated company that offers LS, Medialayer, doesn't offer phone support which is mandatory to me. Can't find many companies that offer Litespeed & everything else that I need.

So as not to repeat, please see the tread I started last night to get the gist of my needs. I also another opinion over there on Liquidweb. See:


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Apache & Litespeed

Dec 25, 2007

if there is any difference between apache & litespeed? Performance wise I know litespeed would be better. But in terms of configuration wise, compatitibility wise and some other factors, how different would it be for apache & litespeed?

My concern is if I were to change from apache to litespeed, would my webhosting customers know how to use it in 1 way or another? like permissions and stuff.

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Apache Or Litspeed Or LiteSpeed

Apr 16, 2009

i want to manage my server. which of this do you prefer to use and why?



on cpanel/cent OS

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LiteSpeed Advantages Vs. Apache

Jan 24, 2009

I know most webhosts run Apache and it seems to server their needs very well. However LiteSpeed is new and fast, assuming you have relatively static content. At least that's what I've heard. Beyond this, I don't know much, though a year ago I worked with a guy who hosted an iPhone software repository (smallish files, huge demand), and he put LiteSpeed on the servers to deal with the load. Running at 30+ Mbps, with spikes above 60, the server never went above 0.2 load as far as I remember, and it was just a 2GB Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86 GHz machine.

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Litespeed Standard Vs Apache

May 5, 2008

how Litespeed Standard (free) edition compares to apache. Of course it's not as good as the paid version, but I'm wondering how the free version compares to Apache.

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NGinx Vs Apache Vs Litespeed Vs The Rest

Apr 20, 2009

According to the latest trend and technological advances, which server software should people go with from the very beginning. Which do you recommend as on today?

btw anybody has experience with all 3 (apache/nginx/litespeed) webservers?

I have -

On a common shared environment, I started off with Apache - was fine until some load started generating and it became crapache.

Then litespeed - Totally awesome, could seriously feel the difference, but its cost is something not everybody can afford.

Then nginx - Very nice, felt like litespeed only, the only difference was it got quite complex in configuring it at a later stage BUT its free'ness made me love it badly.

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Litespeed Vs Apache For My Invision Forum

Oct 28, 2008

I use apache in my forum with 1.000 daily visits and no sharing any files and i want you to recomend me the best solution...

Litespeed or Apache?

Speed and security is the most important thinks for me.

Also if i select to use Litespeed is it easy to replace the apache?

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100 Day Review Of LiteSpeed (Apache Drop-in Replacement)

Aug 14, 2007

(This is the first review I've ever written for practically anything so please bear with me. I feel the need to share my experience to try to help others after all the great advice and info I've received around here.)

If you've done everything you think you can do to improve the responsiveness of your websites like add a mysql cache, PHP opcode cache and various other tweaks, I discovered there is still one more easy thing you can do for a big improvement: replace Apache with LiteSpeed. It's way too easy not to try it and you can leave Apache completely intact to go back to at a moment's notice if you so desire.

I call LiteSpeed a "drop-in" replacement because it uses all my httpd.conf and .htaccess settings without modification. This was critical for me as my sites have some very complex rewrite rules. Other solutions like LightHttpd require extensive work to make changes if you use fancy mod-rewrite rules. LiteSpeed does not need any fiddling. LiteSpeed just adds it's own clean little web interface so you can tweak if you want to, but I didn't really have to change anything. Last but not least, LiteSpeed gets along with Cpanel and DirectAdmin without any conflicts. LiteSpeed's so compatible I can literally do this on my server and the visitors don't even notice the difference (except speed of course!)

service httpd stop
service lsws start
(and visa versa)

I discovered LiteSpeed after reading that the main site had switched to it and had great success (they have a quarter million registered bloggers and of course many millions more daily readers).

The main reason I tried LiteSpeed is because it's roughly twice as efficient in memory use and performance than Apache 1.3 & 2. It runs PHP up to 50% faster than Apache and static files get served several times faster (faster than thttpd & lighthttpd). So this means you can either double the number of active connections you currently max out at now, or make a regular website respond nearly twice as fast, or under heavy loads still respond within a reasonable amount of time when Apache would be completely unresponsive.

The last situation was exactly what I was hoping for and LiteSpeed helped me keep my sanity on a bad VPS node.

Basically a couple months into owning my first VPS (after many years of shared-hosting experience) I started to realise many of the industry promises about VPS are an outright lie. You are far from isolated from your neighbours. Any disk load created by bad neighbours, mysql abuse or otherwise, will directly affect you and you are powerless to stop it. It's the most poorly regulated resource on any VPS node and it can be made worse by slack, ignorant or inexperienced hosts who do things like move accounts during busy periods onto and off a node at the root level which ties up the entire node for an hour or more. Under Apache, I was getting timeouts during peak visitor times and that was very upsetting.

On top of my VPS neighbour troubles, no matter how I fiddled with Apache's settings (with all the helpful guides around here) I could not make it comfortably fit within the guaranteed memory limit of my VPS with Cpanel, which I really wanted to keep as it's much easier for my end-users. Switching to LiteSpeed caused a radical drop in memory use. I've seen nearly 1000 people online within a one minute period on one of my sites and it still fit comfortably within my memory limits and stayed extremely responsive.

I've discovered another plus to LiteSpeed along the way that no-one else seems to mention. It's the only server software that "out of the box" seems to serve web compressed (gzipped) pages properly as chunked output. This means a visitor will start to see the page immediately as soon as the first part is sent vs. on Apache, mod_gzip actually de-chunks all the output, waits for it to finish, then compresses, then sends.

Mod_deflate on Apache 2.0 was supposed to fix this but it usually doesn't work properly and I've never gotten 2.0 to do compressed+chunked output on my sites without alot of fiddling and help from PHP. It also doesn't seem as smooth as LiteSpeed's output which gives you that "silky" watch-the-webpage render effect that's mentally rewarding to visitors.

On the downside, there is one reason you wouldn't use LiteSpeed - if you use highly customised Apache mods. LiteSpeed cannot support custom mod's and their directives. It does have a lot built in however that Apache does not, so you may way to examine if you can accomplish what you are trying to do another way.

I started with LiteSpeed 3.1 and when I found an incompatibility with an obscure Apache feature (ie. ErrorDocument's as plain text output: ErrorDocument 404 "Not Found" was not supported) they fixed it for me in a day or so after I reported it on their forum. The same for PHP support of "Apache_Response_Headers". Note I am not even a commercial customer! They are now up to 3.2 which has a few other fixes.

The free version of LiteSpeed has a limit of 150 simultaneous connections (plus the linux stack of 200 more which will backlog). I've never seen that limit hit. It's so intelligent about closing connections as needed that it's not an issue for me. Perhaps on a dedicated server with many virtual hosts this will be a problem. Up to version 3.1.1 that was the only limitation, however unfortunately in 3.2 they have decided to also limit virtual hosts to "5", so that's something else you'll have to consider if you want the free version, otherwise the commercial version has a free trial and money back guarantee.

Some people were upset with me that I wouldn't name my VPS host when I was constantly complaining of troubles but that's just my style when I have nothing nice to say still have to do business with them, so don't name names. But when I have something nice to say about a company, I like to speak up. So I heartily recommend LiteSpeed and hope other people give it a try - especially if you are on my VPS node ;-)

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LiteSpeed :: Binary Path Must Be Set Properly In Order Replace Apache

Apr 6, 2008

2008-04-06 08:52:32.597ERRORApache Binary Path must be set properly in order replace Apache, fall back to 'Reload on configuration file change'.
2008-04-06 08:52:32.602WARN[configerver:listener] No listener is available for normal virtual host!
2008-04-06 08:52:32.604ERROR[config:template:centralConfigLog] Listener [Default] does not exist
2008-04-06 08:52:32.605ERROR[config:templateHP_SuEXEC] Listener [Default] does not exist
2008-04-06 08:52:32.605ERROR[config:template:EasyRailsWithSuEXEC] Listener [Default] does not exist
2008-04-06 08:52:32.617WARNStandard Edition only support up to 5 Apache vhosts.

I did everything on the litespeed setup I was soppose to found at their wiki site. But still I recieve these errors, LiteSpeed works on my server because httpd is disabled and LiteSpeed is responding to request now.

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Mar 31, 2009

In a 2 X Quad Xeon server with 16GB RAM and 2 X 500GB on DirectAdmin.

IOwait is less than 10% most of the times.

So litespeed told me to go with a 2 CPU core license.

1. So since i going with 2 CPU core license. It will only make 2 cores user litespeed for PHP out of 8 cores? what other cores gonna do? only static content? Or other cores gonna use Apache for php? can you plz explain.

2. Do we have to configure cache like mod_cache, mod_disk_cache, and mod_mem_cache etc with litespeed too? Or it has its own methods of caching?

3. Should use their PHP LiteSpeed SAPI over normal PHP?
Is there any compatibility problems with scripts like Vbulletin, jamroom?

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LiteSpeed SSL Ioncube

Apr 16, 2009

I'm now running litespeed server to power sites on a VPS. Currently, a site is working without https access normally. However, when you access the site via HTTPS (SSL), I recieve ioncube is not loaded. Comparing the phpinfo, it appears that the https is loading the old configuration of phpinfo, what's worse, is that it's loading PHP 4. Both however, load the same PHP configuration file.

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Litespeed Proccesses

Jun 15, 2009

when I type "top" into ssh I see 3 proccesses of lshttpd, 2 are running by nobody, 1 by root., lsws is installed as nobody:nobody. Also, I see 2 lsphp5 processes, by nobody both. I have 4 virtual hosts configured. Are those proccesses normal, I think there should be only 1 proccess lshttpd and lsphp5.

Can you check if you are running litespeed how many proccesses of lshttpd you have?

My litespeed is not using httpd.conf

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Litespeed Hosting

Oct 25, 2009

I have a site hosted at - I like it very much especially the speed is Great and the prices are Good. However i am having a lot of connection errors and MySQL Problems.

Is there any other shared hosting that uses Litespeed ? with Good Prices and Good Reviews ?

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Is Litespeed For VPS Good

Jan 9, 2009

i am interested to install Litespeed on my vps (with cpanel)
it is good?

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Know Of Any Security For Litespeed

Apr 4, 2009

I have litespeed enterprise.

Will mod Security work with it? I doubt it, because it says Apache. But just wondering.

Dos anyone know of anything else, besides the security section on litespeed?

Any packages like mod security, that work with Ubuntu and LiteSpeed?

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LiteSpeed Webserver

Mar 27, 2009

Due to heavy load, our web server get crashed. We have plan to use LiteSpeed web server, is anybody used these server. I like to know performance of these.

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Where To Find VPS On Litespeed

Feb 27, 2009

I tried searching for it on google but couldn't find any server company offering VPS using Litespeed instead of Apache. Yes, I know that Apache could be optimized, but would like to try a VPS or dedicated server with Litespeed, just for testing and learning to use and troubleshoot Litespeed. Does anybody here know of a supplier? I would need less than 10 gigs, 250+ Ram as well as cPanel.

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Litespeed Suexec

Jun 17, 2009

I installed lsws without apache conf file(httpd.conf). Then I created a new virtual host in "suEXEC" Template. I added a new user via SSH and made home dir for him and chowned his home dir + all his files to hisusername:hisusername. His home dir(/home/user/) is chmoded to 755 and his /public_html to 711. It worked fine but after that I installed phpbb3 forum and when I tried to chmod config.php to 600 I got an error on the forum:

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required './config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/username/public_html/common.php on line 127

When I was using lsws with apache conf file and I had configured suEXEC + suPHP for apache I was able to chmod config file to 600 and it worked fine. I have no idea what could be the problem now.

It works fine when I chmod config.php to 755 but for security reasons I would need a way to configure it to 600.
LiteSpeed si running as nobody:nobody.
EX. APP settings:

Suffix: php5
Type: LiteSpeed API
Name: [VHost Level]: $VH_NAME_lsphp

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Litespeed Standard

Sep 11, 2008

I got new server for free image hosting services, I was reading up about lite speed and it seems faster for this type of need however i do not have money to buy enterprise edition now, standard edition which is free but it says only 150 concurrent connection, means i can't have more than 150 ppl viewing a image? please advice or do stick with our great Apache which free

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Litespeed Javascript

Jan 24, 2008

I've tried turning on/off gzipping, other stuff.

It's an AJAX tab script.

Exact same thing, exact same paths work on my shared hosting elsewhere, but not on my box running LS.

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LiteSpeed Users

Sep 12, 2008

Does LiteSpeed webserver provides me bandwidth usage?

Someone told me that he was using 8 mbits connection and after jumping to LiteSpeed, bandwidth usage has decreased to 3 mbits.

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Litespeed And Mails

Dec 22, 2008

I installed litespeed but now I can't send mails, I didn't got any error but mails are not delivered. My ip is not listed at spamhaus or something like that. Before, with apache it worked fine

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Litespeed To Fix My Lighttpd

Apr 4, 2008

Having constant and random downtime with Lighttpd being that for no reason connections get refused and my server load is low, that I think maybe get Litespeed.

I believe my server is an Intel Core2Quad Q6600

I think its only got 1 CPU in it.

What license do I need?

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Free Litespeed

Dec 15, 2008

Anyone using free version of litespeed?

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LiteSpeed Web Server

Sep 2, 2007

Ive been planning to try LiteSpeed Web Server on my cPanel webhosting servers, but cant decide which license is best for my 2 x quadcore Xeon E5335 system and 2 x dualcore Xeon 5130 system.

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Config And Run LiteSpeed Webserver

Dec 6, 2008

i would like to use Litespeed webserver from my server.i installed and run Litespeed from my server. but i dont know how to config. when i start the Litespeed webserver i have an error to please install Zend. Please help me to install zend and if you know whats my need for install please help me to done.

I use cPanel - Dedicated Server
i can control the Litespeed from the cPanel WHM.

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Litespeed And Bash Script

Jun 4, 2009

I'm having a problem with litespeed and apache, every time when I reboot the server listespeed and apache(both) are started and the server uses apache. I configured litespeed to use a conf file of apache so I can't remove just apache. I need a way when I restart the server litespeed is started and apache is stoped

2nd problem. how to make this in a batch script
The script will backup a directory every month and I need in every backup get a date like this directoryname-date(day/month/year)

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How To Install Mod_Security On LiteSpeed

Jul 6, 2009

i'm using DirectAdmin ,

when i was using Apache , i installed & Compiled Mod_Sec 2 , now i installed LiteSpeed & i want compile mod_sec with LiteSpeed ,

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