ImageMagick Installed On Server?

Sep 11, 2004

How can I know if server has ImageMagick installed?

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Installed Imagemagick Perl Module But Its Not Running

Apr 15, 2008

I have installed image::magick perl module but its not running error is :--

Can't load '/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/auto/Image/Magick/' for module Image::Magick: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/ line 230.
at line 55
Compilation failed in require at line 55.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 55.

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How Detect Paths Of ImageMagick And Test ImageMagick?

Jan 22, 2008

I buy some webhosts from various hosting providers. I installed vBulletin on one host and ImageMagick do not work. Hosting provider said ImageMagick is installed. Also I checked phpinfo and sow it is really installed. But ImageMagick still do not work!

So, I need anything to detect real ImageMagick paths, status, components.
and also I need anything to test ImageMagick if it works or not.

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How To Install Imagemagick On A Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Sep 7, 2005

i'm new to's my first VPS...

so how do i install Imagemagick?

can, an almost total newbie like me do it?

or should i just give up and ask professional help?..

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Which OS Have You Installed On Your Server

Apr 27, 2009

which OS have you installed on your server, and why?

what features of that OS attracted you to use it.

If you have any other reason like it is the only OS supported by xyz panel, share it, if you want to.

Let's find out most popular OS among WHT users.

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Ioncube Needs To Be Installed On The Server

Jul 16, 2008

I'm being told that Ioncube needs to be installed on the server.

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DS With Windows 2003 Server Installed

Apr 21, 2009

any DS provider, well-known and providing good support who does offer DS with Windows 2003 Server installed?

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How To Know Php5 Installed On My Dedicated Server?

Mar 29, 2008

to know if i have php5 installed on my dedicated server. I know that php4 is working but i dont know if php5 is also installed..

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Killing A Server With WHMCS Installed

Feb 5, 2008

if it was possible to kill a server running WHMCS by executing the cron.php via cronjob on a remote server once every minute.

I just wanted to see if this was potentially harmful, so I can submit it to Matt without sounding like an idiot...

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Installing Php On Server That Does Not Have Mysql Installed

Aug 7, 2008

I have two servers, one is web server, the other one is mysql server.

I am installing php on web server that does not have mysql installed.

when I do the follows:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/webserver/php --with-config-file-path=/usr/local/webserver/php/etc --with-mysql=/usr/local/webserver/mysql --with-mysqli=/usr/local/webserver/mysql/bin/mysql_config --with-iconv-dir=/usr/local --with-freetype-dir --with-jpeg-dir --with-png-dir --with-zlib --with-libxml-dir=/usr --enable-xml --disable-debug --disable-rpath --enable-discard-path --enable-safe-mode --enable-bcmath --enable-shmop --enable-sysvsem --enable-inline-optimization --with-curl --with-curlwrappers --enable-mbregex --enable-fastcgi --enable-fpm --enable-force-cgi-redirect --enable-mbstring --with-mcrypt --with-gd --enable-gd-native-ttf --with-openssl --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail

the script tells me error:

configure: error: Cannot find MySQL header files under /usr/local/webserver/mysql.
Note that the MySQL client library is not bundled anymore!

Because mysql installed on another physical server. so how may I fix the problem? can I configure php without "---with-mysql" and "--with-mysqli" parameters? I need my php could access remote mysql server.

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Listing Installed Software On A Server

Aug 24, 2007

What is the best way to get a list of all the software installed on a Linux server? Are there specific shell commands for this?

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ImageMagick Failed

Jan 30, 2008

Transaction Check Error:

file /etc/fonts/conf.d/30-aliases-fedora.conf from install of fontconfig-2.4.1-7.el5 conflicts with file from package fontconfig-2.4.1-6.el5

tried to yum or even installing this manually and get this error, please help me to bypass this.

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Want To Install Imagemagick

Nov 4, 2006

I try to follow and got hit by a wall at:

[root@as libpng-1.0.6]# make

I got error:

gcc -I../zlib -Wall -O3 -funroll-loops -c -o png.o png.c
make: gcc: Command not found
make: *** [png.o] Error 127

From this, i know that gcc is not install in my system. How do i install gcc? Anyone?

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Installing Imagemagick

Mar 29, 2005

How does one install imagemagick?

I have read instructions on imagemagicks site, but don't see how I can upload files, and how to execute the commands that instuctions say to do.

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How To Find Out If SSL Certificate Is Installed On A Linux Server

Apr 20, 2009

How do I go about finding if a certificate is installed on a Linux machine?

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Those With CSF Installed - Server Security Check Score

May 12, 2009

If you have CSF installed, under its WHM section there is a quick security 'scan' you can run - just wondering what score you have?

I know it's not an infallible test, but the scan does test for some potentially large weaknesses hence why I'm asking here (mainly out of curiosity) what sort of scores people have.

Mine is 103/112 - the rest of the points were mainly for features I didn't want enabled for particular reasons (i.e. one of the recommendations is to force all cPanel visits to be through SSL, a feature which some clients don't want) plus sometimes it says I've got features enabled which are disabled, etc.

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Windows Server 2003 Installed. How To Add Websites

Oct 3, 2008

I have a Windows Server 2003 package installed on a server. I own a number of websites that are being hosted some place else. How do I get my websites set-up to run on my new server?

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Which Standard Modules To Be Installed On Your Dedicated Server

Jul 23, 2008

what are the standard modules which you normally need to get installed in your server or which you install ? from which you sell hosting to your customer or Which standard modules Is Most Important To Be Installed In Your Dedicated server ?

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Installing ImageMagick Fonts?

Mar 6, 2007

I have ImageMagick 6.2.0 installed on my server, but apparently don't have any fonts installed for it. How can I install fonts for ImageMagick?

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ImageMagick :: Version Is Vulnerable

Sep 23, 2006

I installed ImageMagick via yum on my CentOS 4 box. It is version 6.0.7

When using gallery 2, I received a warning message stating that this version is vulnerable (low risk but still) and was wondering if there was anyway to update this past 6.2.2

I tried to do it manually by compiling from source but the composite part of ImageMagick never works...the identify and convert are recognized.

Is there an easier way....a RPM for RHEL 4 I could use?

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Installing ImageMagick On CentOS

Aug 20, 2007

I'm trying to install imagemagick on centos using yum... I did the yum update, then tried 'yum install ImageMagick', but that didn't work - "Nothing to do". I also tried the i386 RPM, which also did not work, I'm missing a bunch of dependencies, has anyone installed this on CentOS know of a specific rpm or another way to install? Ideally, without installing through source.

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Imagemagick And IIS6 - How Do They Communicate?

Mar 15, 2005

I've installed Imagemagick on our server and tested that it works using the little test that you do at the end of the installation. All is fine.

However, in order for my web site to seeuse it I assume I need to tell IIS 6 about it's presence? If so, how do I do it? If not, do I just need to allocate permissions to the Imagemagick folder (eg IUSR)?

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Install ImageMagick Easy Way?

Mar 22, 2007

Is it possible to install ImageMagick easy way, through rpm command? If so, can someone post command to install it? I have Linux CentOS 4.4-32.

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Install Imagemagick On CPanel VPS

Oct 29, 2009

how i can install imagemagick on cPanel VPS?

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Backup My Remote Dedicated Server With Centos Installed Over Ssh

Jul 5, 2009

i have a dedicated server with rapidswitch. Few days back all my websites stopped working, due to some reason which i was not able to solve.

NOw, i want to backup all the files stored on my server. Each and every file including the database and every file there on my server.

I tried to log in through ssh on filezilla but i was not able to find out all the folders.

I have putty and could login over ssh , but i don't know the commands to backup.

Could, you guys tell me how to get all those files on my local computer.

i also have cpanel/whm installed and that is working.

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Security Risk Having Mbstring And Mysqli Installed On Your Server

Mar 20, 2008

A friend of mine owns a hosting company and a client of his asked to have mbstring and mysqli installed. What he wants to know is , is there any security risks if he does install that on his server?

Also, he wants to know, if there is not, what how does he go about installing that on the server?

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Install Fonts For Imagemagick *Linux*

Nov 9, 2005

I installed imagemagick on my server and I'm trying to write text to an image. However, I dont think i have any fonts installed on my server because I've checked my code and it appears right but theres no text. (The same code worked on an old server)

How would I go about installing fonts on my Cent OS server and what types of fonts work? (I have root access).

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) - Installed By Ourself Or Ready Solutions ?

Oct 21, 2007

we have any server with isp, really perfect service and support.

but now we need to buy 1 server with vps solutions and our isp not offer this solutions.
The support have said that we must buy not managed server and install by ourself.

Now we are not sure if better to buy unmanaged and searc expert to install vps OR buy serve with vps solutions from other isp.

What do you think about this?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Scripts Of SPAM And Phishing Installed On Server?

May 22, 2014

I are running an Plesk 11.5 on a Ubuntu 12.04 machine. Since days i have problems where i see scripts of phishing sites and mailer scripts installed in the httpdocs directory of various domain.

How I can prevent that people outsiders install this scripts on the server? Where is the bug that allows this?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Can Install Imagemagick On Centos 6.5

Dec 10, 2014

Can i install imagemagick on centos 6.5 with this commands?


[root@server ~]# yum install ImageMagick
[root@server ~]# yum install ImageMagick-devel

[root@server ~]# yum install gcc (Please note: if it is already installed, then it will be updated if required)
[root@server ~]# yum install make automake
[root@server ~]# yum install php-pear
[root@server ~]# yum install php-devel
[root@server ~]# pecl install imagick

Now you will have to add the imagick extension in your PHP condifuration file:[root@server ~]# cd /etc/php.d/[root@server ~]# nano -w imagick.ini

Then you put following line in that file:extension = “”..And save it with <CTRL> <O>After finishing this, you will have to restart Apache as follows: [root@server ~]# service httpd restart

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