Image Hosting --> Any Hosting Company Allowed

Apr 16, 2008

if i want to make image hosting such as allyoucanupload or imageshack , where hosting should i go to,... i was with hostgator and they suspended me for it.

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VPS Or Image Hosting

Aug 12, 2008

I have developed website which will allow user to upload 1-2 photos and also allow to see other users photo and rate them. For this I have planned to go for VPS. I am also thinking of another alternative of using image hosting service, where I will keep all user photos on image hosting server and embed links given by image server in my webpage.

Now my question is.

1) Using image hosting is faster(respone time for each user) than VPS?

2) How exactly using image hosting works. when user request web page from my server, will my server go and fetch entire image from image server and then send final result to user brower?

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Image Hosting

Jun 8, 2007

where I can host images for my site. It will be thousands of smaller image like 5k - 30k. I am looking at free sites like imageshak. They say in their terms of service that I can host images for my site as long as I don't host all my images. So do you think that I could put like 20 thousand images on their site? These images would not get accessed too much so it won't slam their servers or anything.

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Image Hosting Htaccess

Jun 29, 2008

My goal is to block hotlinking of fullsize images and display a image when they attempt it... but allow clickable thumbnails to be shown. For some reason the following isn't working...

My htaccess looks like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /images

#Allow if it's not from another website
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^[url]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^[url]

#Allow if it's the hotlink.gif
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} hotlink.gif [NC,OR]

#Pass through thumbnails or hightlights as-is
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .thumb.jpg$ [NC,OR]

#Return an anti-hotlink gif in place of any visual media
RewriteRule .*.(jpe?g|gif|bmp|png)$ css/images/hotlink.gif [R,L,NC]

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Image Hosting Site

May 7, 2008

how much space should I need for Image hosting site?

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Image Hosting (Germany?)

May 5, 2008

We have an image hosting project, which uses ~5Tb/mo,

Currently we are running it on Pentium D 2,8GHz CPU (Dual Core), 1Gb RAM, 2160Gb 7200rpm IDE HDD for ~170$/mo.

We don't need much better hardware, but need some good hdds (IDE sucks) + RAID.

Stats for 20.03.08-30.03.08 (10 days) - incoming: 35 Gb, outgoing: 1.3 Tb
So it's about ~4 Tb/mo. And we want 5-6Tb for a reserve.

Keyweb doesn't allow image hosting on their servers

Best choice is OVH, but I'm not in Germany..

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Image Hosting Bandwidth

Jul 10, 2008

i'm planning to create an image hosting kind of site. how much bandwidth per month does it usually take?

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Want To Build An Image Hosting

Dec 8, 2008

i have plan to build a image hosting. I will build a site using script like this . I need some advise.

I trust i will get about 7k-10k page view everyday , may be 1k-2k unique visitor, just see image on my site, not direct link.

- Of course, i will start with shared hosting. But in future, do i need to updrage vps or server ?

- Does Image hosting make server load highly, using more resource on server?

- All images is legal and have adult content, of course sometime it will have some illegal image ( will be banned and deleted )? Can HPs will allow?

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Image Hosting Website

Apr 21, 2008

I have started a new image hosting website and currently i alloted 7 GB Disk Space and 30GB BW. I know it will not be enough after the site get famous. So which host i can go for to be in a safer side with my image hosting website?

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Disk Image Hosting

Dec 29, 2008

I am wondering if there is disk image hosting? like, I may create disk image there, when

I swich to another ISP, I may restore the image I created. I could be very helpful for server migration or data backup.

Does anybody know whether this kind of service exists?

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Should Shared Hosting Be Allowed File Storage

Oct 26, 2008

For those host which are not overselling, they have obviously the space for file storage. But should they allow file storage on their shared hosting account, if they aren't overselling, and the files are legal?

Well, this can also be counted as a survey I need

It would be best if you provide a reason if your vote is no.

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Architecture For An Image Hosting Server

Nov 17, 2008

I own a social network generating over 50 million page views a month. Currently, I use only one massive server. I want to add in a new server just for image serving, as my current server is killing me with high bandwidth costs.

Server A runs the website and the logic
Server B runs runs the images

What would be a good architecture between the two servers, given that they ARE NOT IN THE SAME hosting infrastructure (SoftLayer is not a great option if you want alot of bandwidth)

If a user changes his photo on Server A which runs the site, somehow Server B must be notified and gets a hold of the new image..... what would be the most technically feasible and optimum way to achieve this?

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Host For An Image Hosting Site

Sep 16, 2008

What's the best thing to go with? Is it a VPS or a Dedi?

I am currently on a shared package with a US company. However, I'd like to bring the site into the UK hosting domain, and perhaps closer to where I live.

Location in the UK isn't important.

What's the best thing to go with? VPS or Dedi? Or to remain on my US shared?

Currently at about 35GB bandwidth for this month. And the site's only been open 2 months. So will need over 200GB a month with room to expand.

And about 50GB space minimum if possible... :-/

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Looking For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed Dedicated Hosting

Jul 29, 2008

I'm looking for a good place to get a dedicated server from that allows IRC other than Staminus and has decent DDoS mitigation just to be safe. I would prefer total network bandwidth capacity to be no less than 10GB/s that pier with premium tier-1 bandwidth providers.

Processor: No less than a dual core
HDD: No less than 150GB HDD
IPs: 64 or 128 IP Addresses
No less than 1500GB/m bandwidth on 100MB

Budget: $150 - $190 USD

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Hosting Account With Large Email Attachments Allowed

Jul 21, 2009

I have a customer who needs to move her existing hosting to another provider. The one thing she likes about the existing provider, however, is an allowance of Email attachments of 50-75MB in size. Most limit you to 10-20MB. Does anyone know of a hosting provider that would accomodate this?

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New Image Hosting Site. Dedicated Or Shared

Jan 2, 2009

Does Image hosting site requires a Powerful server or just enough bandwidth?

I am not sure if I should get a more powerful SERVER or increase my current BANDWIDTH Cap
For people who has a Image/File hosting type website.. what kind of server are you using?

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What Kind Of Load Does Image Hosting Put On A Server

Jun 22, 2009

I have a dedicated that is oversized for the task (Q6600, 8gig RAM, Sata Raid-10 array), which is running a medium/small vBulletin site.

I have thought about providing free image hosting for the members, so I could have 100-300 people hosting sig images and other graphics on the server, which they in turn would link into forums and other places which could create quite a few requests for those graphics.

Is there anyway to quantify what type of load this static, image hosting would create?

The server currently is typically around .05 to .1 server load with nearly flatlined CPU's.

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Decent Bandwidth For A Image Hosting Site

Jul 9, 2008

I used to use, but they have dropped off the face of the earth i moved to another host, id rather not say them name as i dont want to give them a bad name and have no complaints with their service other then the speeds are not very good...

im looking for a 100mbit port and under 100 dollars price range as the site really doesnt make any money... and at least 3 TB transfer...

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Windows Hosting That Allows File/Image Write Through Script

Mar 21, 2009

I have a website built with asp .Net with MS SQL database. The website have some pages that uploads images and files in some folders.

I have tried GoDaddy shared Windows hosting. But they don't seem to allow file upload using a script.

Then I tried GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated. The tech guy told me MS SQL would be part of the hosting. Later I find he lied, there is no MS SQL as part of it.

I am trying to find an affordable hosting that has MS SQL and also allows file upload using script.

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Is There A VPS Hosting Provider Allowing Customized Xen Image Upload

Sep 2, 2007

I am a application/systems developer looking for a VPS hosting provider that would allow me upload a customized xen image that I could use as a template for additional VPSs.

Does anyone know of a hosting provider that could do this type of thing?

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Cheap Servers For VPN (Virtual Private Network) And Image Hosting With High Transfer

Jul 4, 2008

i looking for the servers (powerfull and cheap) i take this post in vps forum 2 day's ago but i understand that it is better for me to take the post in dedicated forum my friend's :
1-vpn server(with many ip)-->with high transfer + good performance(for start)

2-server for starting image hosting (with high or unlimited transfer + 100mbps )+atleast 50_60gb h.d.d

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Who Is The Best Hosting Company

Aug 31, 2009

I'm planning to launch an e-commerce website for photo and gift printing. I went on Google and found a few websites having Top 10 web hosting companies information. I am really confuse which one is the best for my website.

I'm not sure how many users and traffic the website will get and don't want to pay extra $$$s for VPS or dedicated servers

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VPS For A Hosting Company

Sep 21, 2007

I was wondering if you guys would recommend a hosting company to use a VPS? I am a web designer and as a side job i am thinking of selling reseller accounts for very cheap prices. I am mainly concerned mainly because of the RAM most VPS have . I mean is 248 and 512 mb really ok? Also , anyone have an insight on "burst ram"? What does this mean?

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New Hosting Company

May 27, 2007

I will be starting up a new hosting company that will offer free and paid hosting. My question is, should I start out with a reseller, and move on as needed? I was simply thinking of starting out with a VPS, so I could simply skip the reseller part. I read elsewhere that some simply get a reseller and get another reseller when they need it.

What path should I choose. I could always get a VPS later on, but why not get one now? This is one reason I ask, because since reading about the reseller post, I am now split on this.

To note, have used a reseller before, but not a VPS. I do want to eventually learn to run a VPS, so this could be the time to do so.

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What Is The Best VPS Hosting Company

Jul 28, 2007

I recently made a purchase of a really busy website and I need about 1024 Guaranteed Ram 20Gb+ disk space and 1000gb bandwidth VPS.

Please make some suggestions based on:

1- Customer/Technical Support
2- Pricing
3- Their ability to maintain a good service at all times.

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Looking For Dedicated Hosting Company

Sep 20, 2008

we have about 10 servers in , iweb is good but account managers support are very poor ! for example when I need to upgrade my server I should contact my account manager and my account manager answer to my email after 2 weeks ! (if he answer)so I want to transfer my servers to another company ,

what's your suggestions ?

most of our servers are Linux.

P.S : we are Iranian

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Rebol Hosting Company

Jul 19, 2009

I have tried Hostgator, Netfirms, UbiquityHosting, doesn't seem to allow to execute Rebol in cgi-bin

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Is It Bad If My Domain And Hosting Are From The Same Company

Oct 6, 2009

I've read articles that said it's generally bad to use the domain registrar as the hosting company(forgot the reason though)Right now I have some domains in Goddady and 1and1, and have a Hostgator account. I am thinking about just using Goddady's hosting service so I only need to manage my Goddady and 1and1 accounts instead of managing 3 accounts.

I am going to use to build the sites

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What Hosting Company Can You Recommend MS SQL

Oct 20, 2009

I have recently built my first database application.I used SQL Server 2005 Express edition because it is free. The drawback is that it can only hold 4GB of data. But the database is also compatible with any SQL Server edition.

I'm wondering what my options are - a lot of hosting companies seem to offer a greater storage capacity and then limit the actual size of the SQl database. i.e. 10GB of online diskspace with a 600MB SQL database.

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Which Company Is Better For Shared Hosting?

Jul 30, 2009

I have a dilemma now as I don't know which company is better to use for my needs- or

I want to use shared hosting.

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Web Hosting Company - Joomla

Apr 17, 2009

I am in the process of creating a site for my family, which is spread out around the world. I am using Joomla and have built my site on Siteground as my host.

My site will have low traffic, for family only, but I want my family to be able to post pictures, chat and blog.

I am very happy with Siteground but it has come to my attention that even though they offer 750gb of space I can only have up to 5gb of picture files (gif, jpg, etc.) I feel that I will eventually exceed this and being new at the whole site creation, I do not want to risk data being lost (database, files, etc.) when the time comes to transfer to a new host.

The site is not active yet as I am still working out the kinks and adding more pages. I figure if I am going to make a move to another host now would be the best time.

So I guess the question I have is what hosts, in your opinions, would be the best for the site I explained and still be able to work in Joomla.

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