How Do I Change Mass Database Names In Mysql

Jan 18, 2007

How do I change mass database names in mysql?

I have hundred of database names with "$" in the name? How do I change all instances of "$" with "_"?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Change Database From MySQL To MSSQL

Apr 22, 2013

I have read about people wanting to change their database from MSSQL to MySQL. I however am wanting to change from MySQL to Microsoft SQL in our Plesk panel.

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Change Register Domain Names Button

May 5, 2015

I was trying to change "Register Domain Names button URL". URL...But after changing the "Register Domain Names button URL" the CLI file (%plesk_ cli %interface_template.exe) got corrupted somehow and now i get this error "invalid application".Is there a place where i can get a copy of this file ?

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MySQL Mass Restore

Apr 8, 2009

im currently in the process of movinmg most of my clients MySQL dbs to a dedicated mysql server (direct private lan link so speed/bw is not an issue) but i have ~2900 .sql files i need to restore, anyone got any idea how to automate this restore,

the sql files were created suing mysqldump on old server so have all the appropriate create database entries etc but id rather not have to do each file by hand or ill be here for months

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Host Recommendation (Req: PHP5, MySQL, CRON, Mass-Email)

Sep 1, 2009

any hosts that can provide the following:

PHP5.3 +
CRON (to run daily/weekly scripts at a certain time)
Mass Email. The scripts will send emails to a number of users(between 10-100 at first, but may grow) and this will be done daily and weekly.

In the past, I've tended to go with SupaNames or FastHosts but looking at their solutions for this, it's not quite right for my requirements.

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Change Dir For Mysql

Feb 1, 2008

I have a server with /var too small, then i move /var/lib/mysql to another location, i've changed in /etc/my.cnf.



I can start / stop mysql but mysql & eximstats in WHM failed. I've try :


mysql -vv

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)

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How To Change My Mysql From 5 To 4

Mar 16, 2008

i have a dedicated server, (free hosting company) that most of my clients use free forums that arent compatible for mysql5 so i need the latest version of mysql4
can i just install mysql 4 too?

how do i switch versions?

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Change Mysql Language

Oct 24, 2008

Where do i change the language of mysql(4.0) i have WHM on a centos 5 box i checked that the current path is /usr/share/mysql/spanish and it must be /usr/share/mysql/english
is there any way to do this?

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I Can't Change Mysql Password In Confixx

Mar 31, 2007

I have a problem:

When I try to change a password in my mysql, in confixx control panel I see:


Unable to connect to the database

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Big Mysql Database 4gb

May 11, 2008

i been trying to move my server.. But mysql database is quite big and restoring takes ages 10 12 hours.. is there anyway i can make it quick because database dump takes 10 15mins but restore takes 12hours and it should be a way to make that quick

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Change Mysql User Password Via Shell?

Jun 8, 2005

Anyone know the commands to change a MySQL user's password via ssh?

I found stuff for changing the root password, and tried to adapt it for the user, but it didn't work.

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Change Mysql Root Password With Ssh Access?

May 29, 2008

How can change mysql root password with ssh access?

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Rsync Mysql Database

May 19, 2009

how can i setup rsync to backup just mysql database (if possible) every 6 hours or so.

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Rebuilding MySQL Database

Apr 24, 2009

I have are the .frm, .MYD, .MYI how do I restore/rebuild the database?

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Reloading A Mysql Database

Jul 13, 2009

My server admin linked me to this:


I'm using a cpanel based server, but I can't get this to work.

It requires I be in a directory I figure (this step isnt included)

so I type cd /home/username/public_html/

And then i follow the commands. but it doesnt work.

Basically i need to take a mysql database that I uploaded to my directory, and load it back into a database. :@

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Get Mysql Database From Shell

Apr 14, 2007

I have a problem getting mysql to start, so I am planning to setup a new server and move all the mysql databases to a new server.

The problem is I normally get mysql databases when mysql is running by using mysql command lines. Now that I cannot start mysql, I cannot use that method.

Is there a mysql directory that contains all the mysql databases for me to tar it up and untar it on a different? If there is a directory that contains all the mysql databases, do I need to exclude some files/folders so it doesnt conflict with the files/folders on my new mysql server?

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