How To Unblock Ports

Nov 2, 2009

I'm trying to install HyperVM (I know, it isn't great, but need something quick) but need to unblock ports 8888 and 8887. I have no idea on how to do this via SSH. I've looked on Google, but nothing.

If you have a suggestion for another VPS panel which you think is much better than HyperVM and is free, please let me know. I might aswell install that then.

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Myip:0 -- Mixing * Ports And Non-* Ports With A NameVirtualHost Address

Mar 2, 2008

i have one problem in cpanel take one error for restart httpd -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results

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CSF Unblock Port?

Mar 9, 2008

OK, This is killing me, can someone tell me how to unblock ports 7000-9000 in ConfigServer (CSF) for my whole server? I need them unblocked for WHMSonic, and all my admins are off for the weekend so I really need some help.

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How To Temporarily Unblock IPs

Apr 23, 2009

I'm trying to create a script or WHM plugin with permissions where resellers will have an ability to temporarily allow an IP address (mirror CSF's "ALLOW IP" function). I am not sure though how to do this. I have checked with CSF if its possible or if i can hire them to do such script but they won't help.

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Unblock Port 25

Dec 12, 2007

I wanted a mail server, but changed my mind. I asked a company from this forum to harden my server and at the same time block mails.

I tried to unblock and all mails to hotmail come up saying they are suspicious and never get delivered at all.

I did a report and:

Domain AAAAAAA.COM has only one mail-server
- Checking mail server (PRI=10) AAAAAAA.COM [XX.XX.XXX.XX]
Error connecting to mail server AAAAAAA.COM [XX.XX.XXX.XX] port 25 : timed out waiting for connection
Some of your MX do not work properly
I've added a TXT record an MX record etc.

I only want PHP script located on the server to send mail.

I don't want external IPs to connect to the SMTP server.

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Firewall TCP Ports

Dec 16, 2008

I have a cPanel Centos VPS.

if they know of any service that I would have running on a basic webserver that would need the following inbound

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Checking Ports

Apr 23, 2008

I have opened up ports 5151 and 123 via iptables. From outside the box, is there a way I can verify that these ports are open?

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Cheking Ports

Jan 1, 2007

I have a dedicated server.

How can I check which ports are open on my server and which of them are not?

and does the port 6603 has any security notice?

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3 Or More SMTP Ports Possible

Jan 31, 2007

I am currently using 25 and 26 in a cPanel/WHM/Centos box.

Is there any way to set up more SMTP ports?

Like 25, 26 and submission port 587 all togehter?

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Ports Check

Mar 7, 2007

Which command can I verify if a port is opened?

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How Can I Tell If My ISP Is Blocking Ports

Nov 7, 2007

I have my server set up with the smtp daemon running on port 125, and assp listening on ports 25 and 26, and forwarding to port 125 if the mail passes. This setup has been working for months and months. Already today I've received several emails.

I just attempted to send an email, however, and thunderbird could not connect to port 26. (I use an alternate port because my ISP blocks port 25 except to their mail servers)

So I thought that assp had stopped running. Attempted to go to myip:55555, but the page would not load. Now I really thought assp was broken. SSH'd into server and was able to telnet to localhost, port 26 without an issue. Was also able to lynx [url] without an issue.

Since I'm able to log in to all of these weird ports via SSH but not from my local computer, I'm apt to think that they are blocking the ports (for some reason).

Is there any way I can test this theory? Nothing has changed on my side firewall-wise, and the poor girl at the ISP company didn't even know what a port was. I would like to be 100% sure before I give them another call demanding to speak to someone higher up...

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Ports Undefined

Feb 21, 2007

I've installed Darwin Streaming Server on a brand new server (vps). But, what do you know, the RTSP and MP3 streaming TCP ports are not defined in the etc/services file of the server.

Is this normal? Should I have an issue with the service provider?

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How To Test Ports

Aug 13, 2007

I'm behind the firewall on a public computer and all online port scan tests I've tried show that ALL ports on a computer I'm using are closed. Is this possible? I've been previously succesfully uploaded some files through to get access to my site, for which opened port 80 was needed.

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CNAME To Specific Ports

Jul 4, 2007

I'd like to know how I can use DNS to do something like make a CNAME record that points the same address to different addresses based on the port used. on port 80 points to on port 995 points to on port 587 poitns to

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How To Open Ports In Server

Oct 31, 2009

I have dedicated server..i installed cpanel on it but when am accessing it


i am not able to open i think port is not open so can any one tell me how to open ports...the os installed is centos..

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SMTP Server Ports

May 29, 2009

Do SMTP servers by default use port 25 for receiving mail from another SMTP server? Are there any other receiving ports an SMTP server would be listening on by default?

My question is, a server I will be setting up is going to be behind a firewall that blocks outgoing connections *to* port 25. Is there going to be any way around this that is workable besides opening the port?

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How To Check Ports In Server

May 16, 2008

i have problem with ports in server

how may i check ports?

for example 37549,53377,17235 and ...

i want know this ports are AVAILABLE or no

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How To Redirect Traffic With Various Ports On IIS

Jan 4, 2008

I am attempting to route traffic through some various open ports on my Win2k Server. I have ports 8001-8005 open for a few projects, and I would like to have the traffic from [url]site 1, localhost:8002 goto site 2, etc.

How can I set this up using IIS and the IIS Manager?

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FTP Passive Mode Ports

Jan 19, 2008

what are the inbound and outbound ports when FTP Passive mode is used for PureFTPd.

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Isolating Bandwidth By Ports

Nov 17, 2008

Is there a way for me to isolate bandwidth usage by ports (such as port 80 for apache and port 110/25 for e-mails?

I'm curretly using MRTG and MUNIN. I wonder if there is any plugin/other scripts out there which can record down incoming

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Activity On Ports 1028 And 135

Jan 14, 2008

my Windows 2003 server is showing a very steady amount of action on Port 1028 and Port 135.

The Process is listed as "Unknown" with a PID of 0
The Local IP is
The Remote IP is
The Remote Port is either 1028 or 135
The State is "TIME_WAIT"
The Protocol is TCP

The path to the executable is blank. At any given time there are at least 20 active processes of this. The virus scan says all is well.

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IANA Scanning Ports

Dec 3, 2007

My internet security software blocked port scanning from IANA
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Who is this and what are they doing scanning the ports on my computer.

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Lxadmin & Virtuzzo Ports

Jan 10, 2008

I installed lxadmin on a Virtuzzo VPS today and it stated I need to open ports 7777 and 7778 now With the Virtuzzo Firewall how would I go about opening these ports up?

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Verification Of What Ports Are Open

Oct 27, 2007

I have used a tool called Net Tools to scan ports on my various servers to determine ports are open in the firewall through my host.

For around a decade, this tool has been accurate to determine what ports are open/closed.

I have used this tool to accurately find issues with the firewall with current host (dedicated server). The network admin says that net tools should not be trusted and even though the software claims the ports are open, they are not open.

I explained that less than a month ago, this software reflected that these ports should closed were reflected accurately as closed by scanning the ports.

Partial results:

Address Scanned: xx.xx.xx.xx

Scan Started at 10/27/2007 2:08:00 PM
Scan Finished at 10/27/2007 2:18:03 PM

Ports Scanned: 1 To 4000

Total Ports Found Open: 3794

Current Ports Found Open:
Port: 00004
Port: 00005
Port: 00009
Port: 00026
Port: 00044
Port: 00076
Port: 00083
Port: 00088
What are the ABSOLUTE best tools/ways that I can confirm that the ports are truly not accessible?

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Changing The Ports Of MS SQL 2005

May 11, 2007

Knowing that Port 1433 is one of the most attacked ports, I am thinking whether I should just change the default port of my new MS SQL 2005 installation, but issue is, what will be the disadvantages to users if I do so?

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My ISP Is Blocking Ports From 2082+

Mar 19, 2007

I can no longer access Cpanel/WHM as my ISP is blocking all kinds of ports.

Is there an easy way to give Cpanel and WHM a port number below 2082?

I have full root access.

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Monitor Ports / Services

Dec 27, 2007

I need a simple basic server monitoring software that will do usual ports (ping, httpd, pop3, ssl, etc) and also notify me via sms (or email) of high server load (cpanel/whm).

I need something that is NOT nagios (ugly, too complex to setup), zenoss (cannot figure out what on earth to do to setup simple port monitoring, but nice interface).

Must be for linux with mysql 5 / php 5 compatible.

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How To Forward Ports 2082 To 2083

Jun 21, 2009

My first post here at cpanel, and this is cos i'm now a proud owner cpanel vps

Anyways, my question is how do i forward the unsecure 2082/2086 ports to the secure 2083/2087 ports.

I have already done the server tweaking so that /cpanel and /whm etc gets forwarded to the secure ports.

BTW i have noted that when i use http://domain.tld:2083 cpanel would automatically redirect to https, so just a port redirect/forward would be enough.

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Vps Host Using Non-standard Ports For Webmail

Nov 2, 2009

I have been having consistent problems with my VPS where I can't access my webmail from public WiFi areas (coffee shops etc). Tonight it happened at a hotel wifi area; my web host had me telnet using ports 2082 2083 and 2086 which all failed. My web host says the ports for webmail are 2095 and 2096 which also failed and often non-standard ports are blocked.

Is this correct? I travel a lot so not being able to access my mail is a big problem. This is a VPS problem as it happens to all domains hosted on the VPS. What are my options? I have a lot of other webmail services (separate from this vps) that I never have trouble with.

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Avoiding Billing For Traffic Between Ports

Apr 26, 2008

If I have a customer renting two servers from me, and I collect bandwidth data at the switch port, and he does large transfers between the two boxes that travels through my switch, how do I avoid charging him for that bandwidth? Make him install his own switch? That's the only way I can think to do it. I can limit other people from flooding others on the switch with vlans, but within a vlan, it really isn't fair to bill for traffic that flows between ports, is it?

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How To Configure Two 100 Mbit Ports On A Server

Jul 21, 2008

i got a new server

spec are:
Intel . 2,4 GHz
80 GB of HDD disk
100Mbit Switch Port
Windows web os

from hosting-ie yes i know the bad reviews but i got my server in 2days

now i saw a good deal that for 12 euros extra get 2 * 100mbit
so i upgraded to a 2 * 100mbit connection as the server would be
used to let members from my forum download music / music videos [remixed] made by me and my other producer so 200mbit server will do nicely for my site

now when i got it it shows me two network connections each saying 100mbit

but only one of the connections is being used and the other is not in use

is there a way that i can use both at the same time or maybe use one for http/ftp and one just for ther server itslef

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