How To Reset Mysql Database Password

Apr 30, 2008

i just wanna reset my wordpress database password

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How To Reset MySQL Password For XAMPP

Jun 16, 2009

I have a xampp install on my Home PC(Windows) for testing scripts. I forgot the password for mysql as didn't use it for while. now Phpmyadmin won't connect.

how do i reset password for Xampp?

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Fetch Admin Password From MySQL Database

Mar 30, 2009

I have forgot the admin password for one of our application. All the users and passwords are stored in database table "users", is there any way I can get the password from the database.. any MySQL query that will fetch the admin password from that database table.

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Joomla Installation - Username/Password Incorrect MySQL Database Error

Jun 25, 2007

I am trying to install Joomla on but I seem to have problems with it recognising the username/password. Could it be a localhost issue or something?

I just can't seem to get a solution to this. I am referring to step 1 of the Joomla installation.

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HyperVM Password Reset

Apr 13, 2009

HyperVM seems to have messed up its passwords during rsyncing. Is there a way I can force a password reset without the lost password feature?

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CPanel WHM Password Reset

Oct 31, 2009

restore a VPS onto a different server due to a hardware failure. The new VPS is up and running and I can apache is displaying the cPanel WHM login panel ok. So I know the VPS is fine.

However, my WHM username/password are no longer working.

What options do I have resetting the password for the WHM? I have full access to the shell of the VPS (root access).

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Reset Root Password

Dec 4, 2008

im forget my server root password, i have kvm access to server, i have centos5 dvd on server too.

how can reset root password now?

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Reset Password With Single Line

Jul 18, 2009

how to reset a password via a single line command? Or script? To make it automated?

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Reset A Client's Password In Cpanel

Apr 21, 2009

I use WHM and have a client that lost access to cpanel because the site's owner (an organization) turned over the management of the site to a new person. The previous person never used the site so he forgot the password to get into cpanel and ftp. I can login to the site using my WHM password, but I cannot change his password in cpanel because I don't know the old one. How can reset it?

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Plesk Automation :: Password Reset / Recovery

Mar 19, 2014

How can a customer (or admin, for that matter) reset or recover a lost password to the control panel? We don't see an option for this in the current version of PPA.

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Reset/remove Password On BIOS On SuperMicro MB With Keeping Setting

Jun 21, 2007

it looks like SuperMicro MB H8DME-2 is locked it self. (I set password, and worked fine until few days ago, and password does not work anymore.. and it is locked)

Is there any good way to flush this password with keeping all setting?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Prompt For Password When User Clicks On Database In Account

Dec 4, 2014

We use CentOS Linux 7.0.1406 (Core) with Plesk Version 12.0.18 Update #27.

We have the following problem:

When a user clicks on a database in his account and tries to login with phpmyadmin, Plesk prompts for a Password of that specific user. The message is (in german):


The site https://........:8443 responded with:
Enter the password to log in as the database user xxxxxx

When i enter the correct password a new phpmyadmin window opens and the user can use his database. A few days ago you didnt have to enter a password at all. When you were logged into Plesk as a user, you could just click "Databases -> Webadmin" and phpmyadmin opened up without Plesk asking for a password.

The question for the password is NOT coming from phpmyadmin. Its from Plesk itself. After i enter the correct password plesk hands the request over to PMA.

For debugging i created a new database for a user and i could enter its database without any problem. No password was required. But the existing old databases now all require a password. So obviously Plesk is not aware of these passwords anymore. I guess they are/were stored somewhere.

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