First Time VPS Owner

Nov 27, 2007

I'm currently renting a VPS, fingers crossed everything is running just fine.
A Question i go for you is,

Im Looking at upgrading the mysql on the VPS, as im looking at installing xcache
Would you say this is a good idea or not, as i've heard that xcache can reduce server loads ?

If you think it is a good idea could you point me in the direction of how to upgrade my mysql, can this be done via WHM?

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Owner 99

Feb 13, 2008

I have a problem in my server I have some files uploaded by uplaod center set owner = 99 not account user

I have open_basdir effect and safe mode on

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How Change Owner

Jul 17, 2007

How i Can Change Owner to User!


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32004 Owner Process

Apr 5, 2009

Whats following process (owner: 32004)

18689 32004 0
0.1 /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php-cgi -c /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/phpmyadmin /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/index.php

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PHP Permissions (file Owner)

Nov 24, 2008

I have setup an ftp user which can upload files to /home/ftp/upload and obviously it assigns the ftp user as the owner when it uploads. Now, I want PHP to be able to rename those files, but getting a permission denied, presumably because apache aint the owner or doesnt have permission to do that, so how do I grant it the right permission(s)?

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How To Check If Company DC Owner Or Not

May 5, 2008

Do you know has own datacenter? They seem start offering colocation service

And there are lots of features included. Is it possible to provide without DC?

I'm wondering if they bought DC or they own it for long time or still rent? How to check that?

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Owner: What Is Your TOS Regarding Unlimited Features

Dec 16, 2008

After my bad experience regarding unlimited features on this link: [url]

I tried to search some of webhosting provider tos regarding their unlimited bandwidth and space. Here one of the tos: (sorry, I hide the name).Unmetered Bandwidth Policy
The purpose of the ********* unmetered bandwidth policy is to assure owners of standard operating web sites and small businesses that they will not be surprise billed for bandwidth usage. It is one less thing someone will need to worry about while hosting their web site at *********. The ********* unmetered bandwidth policy does not cover certain web sites.

These include the following:

* Web Portals/Communities/Forums - Any sites that have members and/or forums.
* Online Gaming - Includes online casinos and single/multiplayer online games.
* Image Galleries - Includes eBay or other online auction image dumps.
* Downloads - Any site that prompts for a download or has large applets.
* Audio/Video - Any streaming content, web-cams or audio/video downloads.
* Chat - Includes PHP and Java chat rooms. CGI-based chat is not allowed on our servers.

If you are planning on using our servers to host one of these sites, ********* will allow for 50 GBs of transfer per month. You will be billed $10.00/10 GBs/mo thereafter.

All other accounts for personal and small business are allowed unmetered bandwidth. If you adhere to our Terms and Conditions of Use Policy and run a standard web site, you will be covered under the unmetered bandwidth policy. (99.9% of all ********* hosted web sites currently qualify for their unmetered bandwidth usage.) Accounts that do not follow our Terms and Conditions of Use policy are classified as metered bandwidth accounts and will be billed accordingly.

Unmetered Web Space Policy
********* customers are privileged to be offered unmetered web space for their sites on certain plans. ********* will start you out with 1000 MBs of space. Once you approach 90% of its use, simply request additional space from Support. ********* will then add another 1000 MBs of space, free of charge. You can continue this process until you no longer require additional space. The intent of ********* is to provide a large amount of web space to serve web documents, not an off site storage area for electronic files or a backup of your PC. Ninety Percent (90%) of your web pages (html, etc.) must be linked with files (.GIF, .JPEG, etc.) stored within your space, hosted on a ********* server.

Web sites that are found to contain either/or no html documents, a large number of unlinked files, will not be offered any additional web space under our Unmetered Web Space Policy.

Read the tos carefully, it can be tricky right? So if your the owner of webhosting provider that give unlimited bandwidth and space.. what is your TOS?

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Directory Owner/permissions

May 24, 2007

I currently have a WHM/CPANEL VPS and will be running a content managment system that is licensed to manage any domain on the same server.

The CMS essentially builds static webpages for all domains that it manages. The CMS is written in perl and is installed in CGI directory of the " master domain".

I wish to use the CMS in this master domain to control the other domains on the server. Each of the other domains has its own public_html directory and own CPANEL.

Right now, I have to make the public_html directory of my other websites "world writeable" before I build its pages using the CMS. I want to get away from that.

I wish to set up permissions to 755 on each of the public_html directories and still be able to write to those other sites from my master domain's CMS.

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Rsync Owner/groups

Nov 17, 2007

I've tried just about everything to preserve owner/group using rsync. I've tried running rsync as a daemon, etc.. I user rsync to backup /etc /home etc.. when restoring data I have to change the owner/group for everything this is very time consuming!

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Squirrelmail: Email Arrives With Different Time Than Server Time

Nov 11, 2008

This is a rare issue i have on a RHEL 5.2 + cPanel server.

Server time is:

Tue Nov 11 17:02:51 CST 2008
Squirrelmail time show:
Last Refresh:
Tue, 5:02 pm

So, that is correct too..

But email arrives with -4 hours time, example: 1:03 pm testing email

I already rebooted httpd, exim, and imap server, and the server itself too.. and problem stills.

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Chown Not Changing Owner:group

Apr 1, 2008

I have just restored an account to my directadmin box and it appears to have restored with the wrong owner / group.

Easy I thought, a quick 'chmod -R *' should crack that but how wrong was I.

After running that I get the error: chown: invalid option -- o

Now - both the user and the group exist, so why won't the files change owner and group?

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Migrating Cpanel Account To Its Owner

Oct 31, 2008

I am getting problem while migrating cpanel a/c to its owener

I am using master reseller a/c and once I lost control over few cpanel a/c when the my Hosting firm migrate to another IP address.

Now I want to get back to these cpanel a/c in major a/c But it there another method to get back...

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Show Current CPU Usage (Owner)

May 16, 2008

OK, seems owner can be seen when api is set to CGI :-)

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DNS :: Connect Time And Host Ping Time?

Jan 6, 2008

I got report from webceo that I have some issues. May someone help me fix this?

DNS Lookup: 0.22 sec
Connect time: 0.33 sec
Host ping: 0.10 sec

That mean too slow with the other sites!

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Server Response Time :: Network Time Out

Sep 25, 2008

I can't get access to a certain site. I always get the page with:

network time out - server at *** takes to long to respons. More people have noticed this and apparently it only happens to people with certain specific providers. And not all the time. Some times they DO get access eventy to they belong to the same ISP. So I guess an ISP isn't blocking access to it otherwise it would be permenantly/The site administrator insists that certain ISP's are blocking his site. He's hosting it on his own server. The domain belongs is registered at

If an ISP is blocking this site (if that's possible?), that would lead to that 'network timeout' page wouldn't it?

What is the most likely reason for getting a timeout page anyway?

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Is Powweb And Dot5hosting Owned By The Same Owner? Or Are They Diffrent?

Apr 11, 2008

I'm looking both at powweb website and dot5hosting and the products page look exactly the same with different colors. Are they owned by different owners, or do do their pages just look the same?

Here are the links ....

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Upload Files With Wrong Owner And Permission

May 5, 2008

when doing upload file to my server through php srcipt or html. That all getting wrong with owner and file permission.

I thought that something wrong with server configuration like php.ini or apache.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Reset Owner File Manager

Jan 13, 2015

CentOS 7 64bit + Plesk 12

How can i reset the owner state of the files in file manager. right now some files have the ROOT as owner. I know with DirectAdmin there is a Reset owner feature. But this is cant find in Plesk.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Mailman / Envelope-From Set Wrong For Messages To List-owner

Jan 14, 2015

apparently Envelope-From, Sender and Errors-To headers are set to a wrong address for messages from mailman to the list-owner. This is particularly true for mails like 'message requires approval'.

It seems like the plesk<->mailman magic results in all list-domains being written to the end of /var/lib/mailman/Mailman/ in the following format: add_virtualhost('list.DOMAIN').This in return results in mail headers Envelope-From, Sender and Errors-To of mailman system mails like described above being set to mailman-bounces@DOMAIN, where DOMAIN is the one from the last add_virtualhost entry.

In my opinion, this obviously is a bug. Maintainance mails from mailinglists have wrong headers set, often with a domain that belongs to a completely different customer than the mailinglist.

I found the following discussion on mailman-users mailinglist from 2008 which discusses the same issue - also a plesk setup: URL....

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: MSSQL 2012 User Is Created Without DB Owner Role

Jan 5, 2015

After upgrading to Plesk Panel 12, when db user is created on MsSQL 2012 server, db user seems to be missing db_owner role which is causing a lot of hassle at the moment.

I was not able to locate any settings for such except for following option.

"Enable the db_backupoperator role membership for all Microsoft SQL Server database users"

Please note, this only applies to new db user created as Plesk 11.5 didn't have such problem and only seems to be related to SQL 2012 not 2008.

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Daily, Time To Time Cpu Load

Aug 9, 2007

I have a dedicated server specs: AMD 3500+ 64 Bit CPU, 1 GB Ram, 160 GB Sata Drive. For 1 month, CPU load average reaches 40-50 value. This happens about 5-6 times in a day. When I stop httpd service for 30 seconds everything goes normal. I think this is not a DoS attack because it comes systematic, I dont believe no one makes this regularly except bots.

Maybe its a system service or a cronjob but it stops when I turn off httpd service?
How can I be sure about what's making this regularly load?

I also did set up a script which mail me when load average of system goes crazy and restart httpd service. But instant restart is not working to stop load increase.

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Apache :: Server Going Down From Time To Time

Feb 6, 2013

The server is going down from time to time, every 12 days or so the site hosted there is no longer accesible, everything starts with the site slowing don and down and then is not longer reachable, what we do is to request a power cycle, and with this we start all over again till next power cycle, so on so on, of course, here are my server details and more info on this:

- MySQL - 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10
- Apache - 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.4
- PHP - 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9
- operating system: Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

After some time emailing the support guys to barely check about what's going on, we received an email with a few things:

1.- found a few errors that likely would cause issues with Apache. The first error is:
[Mon Feb 04 05:03:10 2013] [error] mod_fcgid: fcgid process manager died, restarting the server and the next error is:
[Mon Feb 04 14:32:34 2013] [error] server reached MaxClients setting, consider raising the MaxClients setting ...

Both these errors seem to indicate that you have a process that is running out of control on your server. We were unable to determine what script on your site is running caused your connections to be maxed out however it does appear that before these errors were generated there was a WordPress plugin referenced in your access logs...

2.- Additionally during our review we did find that your error log for is 45 GB's which is excessively large and can cause problems when Apache is trying to write a such a large file.

3.- The majority of the errors being logged are:
[Wed Feb 06 12:12:31 2013] [error] [client] Options FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is off which implies that RewriteRule directive is forbidden: /var/www/vhosts/, referer: [URL]

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How Do I Change Database Owner From Beta Account To Live Account

Sep 3, 2007

In moving my site to Drupal, I have had it on a "Beta" account on the same server. I need to move the DB to the "Live" site. How do I re-assign it using the master PHPMyAdmin through WHM to change the owner of the DB from "Beta site" to "Live site"?

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"owner" ID In Ftp Client -- Security Risk

Mar 25, 2008

I just started using FileZilla Client, as a way of allowing business clients to upload to an ftp account at my website (the ftp account is a subdirectory of my public_html directory, and has its own username and password).

I noticed that, along with other information for each file listed at that subdirectory, FileZilla also posts info on "owner" and "group". It turns out that, for each of these fields, FileZilla displays the username of my entire site -- not the username specifically associated with the particular ftp account to which FileZilla had connected. Thankfully, it doesn't also display the password that goes along with it!

I'm wondering if anyone would know:

- does this constitute a significant security risk?
- is this because of actions on the part of my web host, or because of FileZilla's programming? (ie, would the same thing occur in all ftp clients?)
- if this is a significant security risk, would there be any workaround?

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Sending Info To Account Owner Of Cpanel Account

Jul 27, 2008

I noticed there is always notification to user account mail with account info but on all my servers on different networks notification comes only to server mail.How do i enable that?Do i need to install tweak to whm/cpanel?

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Time Out

Oct 25, 2009

I bought a new server ...

It had 2GB RAM, 2.8 GHz processor ,NIC fast Ethernet , 500GB HD.

Window server 2003 standard x64.

4 ip.

The ip ping but I cannot connect to server using remote desktop.

Is this problem related to firewall, or the network it self.

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What If NO Down Time For VPS

Nov 7, 2008

What if NO down time for VPS?

1. CPU (with Mainboard)

2. RAM

3. HDD


5. others

with ALL things redundant

** currently my sites (on VPS) are down since couple of hours.. and God knows when they will be live again!

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